Sunday, July 31, 2016


With honey laced words from few quarters the Preface sang it's own sweetest song..
"No great wrong.. Just a nice way of life!" 

With extras seen soon, a few more musings rolled over the Pages effortlessly extending the singing.. 
"Without these, life's really meaningless!" 

As the extras started asserting, the firmed up thoughts over a period did the work of briskly moving more Pages capturing the attention of 2 lines all along, 
"Things around move fast with glow unending.. Really great!" 

That firmed up beyond over few years, the single aim set in finished off half of the Book totally getting lost to the contents.. 
"Let me live a King's size life!" 

Continuing thus for some years and gone beyond, the then pride finished almost the Volume dancing to the tune of viciousness of every word there in.. 
"Nonsense.. How can I leave all this? Forget about wrong and all that preaching stuff.. I'm the real King here!" 

And finally when squarely cornered for all the wrongs done, the Epilogue wept copiously repenting endlessly..
“God, what'll happen now? I'm squarely caught up in this vicious circle.. Why did I at all enter this unethical path?" 
with an ultimate breakdown feeling..
"It's too late now to do anything.. Am totally a lost man in my life!" 


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Saturday, July 30, 2016


'saha yagnah prajah srstva purovaca prajapatih
anena prasvisyadhvam esa vo stv ista kama dhuk'

'In the beginning of creation, Lord Brahma after generating all beings as a result of performance of sacrifice unto the Supreme Lord proclaimed: by performance of sacrifice may you evolve and prosper; let sacrifice bestow all that desirable for you!'

Thru' Bhagad Gita Chapter III Sloka 10 Lord Krishna says thus..

confirming that sacrifice (self denial) is the way of human life and in that context for the good of the world even Lord Brahma originally did that simultaneously advising the mankind to continue doing the same..

Thus seen, negating a part of oneself allowing limited mundane interactions is very much recommended for all by our Ancient Sacred Books..

Naturally this sacrifice of self is nothing but saying no to one self and work for others and for that all our Great Books again define the others of every individual in an order that do the real good to the world..

Noting down the basic desires of man, the people eligible to receive the good works of man are defined in Certain Relations in an order so that the people in whom the man is highly interested are put in close circles with those of lesser interest in distant circles.. And thus alone all Human relationships are defined around us in the world..

As seen from any angle, this is the original life recommended for every human being on the earth and every man is advised to be very much in these limits..

With the advancement of Science and Technology, no doubt man's life has become more organized which is very much in the line of requirement of evolution but because of an equal ease there, the pride in man too had gone up indirectly with a feeling within that 

  • 'I live myself within the Fort I built and here I'm a king by myself!'

Such thoughts in time had become stronger slowly keeping away all those wider interacting circles limiting them to the bear requirement.. And all those who were thus kept away are accessed thru' various Social Networks indirectly at the back of a satisfying feeling that's all to be done in respect of the Social Life all along forgetting the fact that exactly there alone a greater mistake is going on as..

the actual Social interactions in our life are nothing but a true physical interactions with the constant winning of good over bad, giving solutions to problems and helping out weaknesses thru' strengths.. 

And when such an entire activity misses and one simply gets away from the scene by finishing off one's interactions thru' few expressions on the web like appreciating, making a witty comment or expressing sadness in a particular situation and thus close the chapter with a great feeling within..
  • 'I very much did the required.. More than this, nothing else I need to do.. Now I'm the Emperor of my vast Empire.. None has place here except myself in total!'
the ancient ever loved bond Viz., Genuine Relationship truly suffers in our lives!
This Post is written in line with the Prompt Technology is destroying relationships. Genuine relationships are subsumed by Facebook and whatsapp... #Relationship

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A young man was travelling in a city bus. At a stop, a busy individual got into the bus with an active call on his mobile phone. He sat in front of the young man on a seat facing him and started laughing and talking aloud on his phone to the attention of every passenger in the bus. Soon the bus conductor approached him for issue of ticket and without stopping his talk, the man simply waved to him on his destination, gave the money and took his ticket.
  • The talk continued thus aloud with equal loud laughter in between for few minutes when some passengers readied themselves to remind him of the nuisance he was creating around.. 
  • But the next moment, it changed to smiles with a bit lowered intensity and continued with almost the same tempo as the party at the other end of the phone appeared to have shown a certain resistance.. And again, a few minutes passed thus.. 
  • Suddenly it became almost a smile less talk but with an audible low tone for the next few minutes as the person on the phone appeared talking tough.. 
  • Then all of a sudden, every one around heard him saying ‘Hello.. Hello.. Hello..’ and it instantly became evident that the person on the other side had abruptly disconnected the phone.. 
  • And the man still continued his talk but within himself in a further reduced intensity of tone for the next few minutes.. A careful observation revealed that he was muttering within himself and cursing the man on the phone.. 
  • Finally his stop came up, the man silently got down from the bus and slowly walked towards his destination with his head fully bent down! 
Seeing the whole incident, the young man thought, “How nice it would have been had this man proceeded with his talk in the situation clearly knowing
  • His own requirement, 
  • How much the other man was really interested and 
  • How people around him are not inconvenienced in the process 
and thus helped out eliminate the inevitable conflict if any or bring it down to simmering levels for the time being so that certain level of calmness sure would have accrued in him, in the other party as well as in the surroundings!
  • If I really want to live a happy life in this world, it's forever my first and foremost duty to see that the people with me and around me are ever cared for and least disturbed if any inevitable as I live thru' my responsibilities.. 
  • Further if possible, I can be a little more helpful too to all those with/around me, beyond my duty sacrificing something from my side.. And if done with full dedication, such a discipline alone is ideal for me in this life!"
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The Manager nearing 40s all along doing a good job was promoted to the Higher Level and was transferred from his beloved city to another distant place to take up the new responsibilities.. As his leaving date neared, the emotions ran high for the inevitable separation and a Colleague informed him,
  • "Dear! Our New Association President made it customary to physically shake hands and bid 'Good Bye' to all leaving Officers of the Company expressing 'his own emotional involvement'.. This Friday, he invited you for a small Meet in his Office!" 
No doubt, on the appointed day and time the gentleman was in the Association Office along with a few of his close friends, colleagues, a few members of the Association along with President and his Office Staff.. Some tea and snacks were served and the President started his speech,
  • "Gentlemen! Today we are here to formally give a warm send off to Mr…........ At this stage of his active Career, he's going to take up a higher responsibility........ but equally we very much miss him here afterwards......"
suddenly he paused to the surprise of all as his voice got choked with an unexpected emotion but soon continued with a broken tone.... 
  • "Having worked with him for over 15 yrs..... "
At that point of time, the land line phone rang loud, and the big man had to go out immediately for few minutes keeping other waiting.. The close friend in ruptures remarked,
  • "He too got overtaken by the pain of separation!"
As promised, the President returned in 10 minutes saying,
  • “Sorry for the interruption.. There was an urgent requirement on which I had to answer our GM.. OK.. Let's continue our Farewell Program.."
and started..
  • "Gentlemen! Today we are here to formally give a warm send off to Mr…........ At this stage of his active Career, he's going to take up a higher responsibility........ but equally we very much miss him here afterwards......"
suddenly he paused to the double surprise of all as his voice got choked with an unexpected emotion but soon continued with a broken tone.... 
  • "Having worked with him for over 15 yrs....."

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I ALWAYS WANTED TO.......... BUT.....

Long back I had a dream, very much ever loved dream of my life thru' which I always wanted to..
  • “Buy a piece of land in the prime area for building my dream home. The area around, as on date may look deserted but soon the development comes thru' with a 100 ft road in front of our home and a fleet of buses plying on this road..
  • Huge Malls, Multiplexes, a few Food Stores and Hotels sure would come up in this area making it convenient for shopping, movie seeing, guest accommodations, buying groceries and going for weekend eat-outs. And few huge Parks around would sure fit in for evening walks and children's play..
  • On home front, the interiors of the house will be laid out with various facilities and conveniences.. As an example.. Our dining table would be laid out in a corner with all facilities for class dining and all at the table can easily watch TV in distance.. 
  • The early morning breakfasts, week end lunches, and evening teas, week day dinners well prepared and served on the table so to say are sure going to be a class of their own.. 
  • A good Cook working in the kitchen would be an additional attraction here, if one has to make full use of such facilities!”
No doubt, all that ever cherished dream of mine never materialized in full and I had to settle in a moderate flat in a far off place with few home gadgets around.. But looking at the other aspects of our later life it equally was never a regret there as..
  • “Age had taken over and movements have come down, travel by bus was left out. Malls and movies.. No interest.. When children and their families visit us, distant Malls and cinema houses are no problem for them..
  • One boy is supplying all the essentials to the home direct for a small extra and so Food Stores nearness never matters. The Park nearer is not at all needed as we finish the daily walk in our compound itself. And equally the grand children are not here to take them regularly to park for play..
  • The children visit us once in a year and when they come, one will be on office job and the other will be taking us for 'Outing' and dinner.. A few times they come with plans to visit places around and so most of those days we'll be out of the town..
  • Equally, guests are rare and even if they come too, they just drop in to say only Hi as none wants to trouble us beyond at this age..
  • Knowing well that we don't eat salt, sugar, oil and spices, no cook is ready to do our job.. Instead they say, 'You don’t need a cook.. You only need a help in the kitchen.. You can employ one who'll do those jobs for you!' 
So with almost a bland diet on the plate and that too frugal in quantity, we are not much interested to spread out on the table and instead just settle in our sofa and finish off that silently watching some TV Program as there's not much to talk too between us!”

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Friday, July 22, 2016


Two young men were in a train full of passengers.. As the train moved, one thought,
  • "All along, I believed my people and believed beyond in that context.. There alone I erred and that's it.. I'm squarely shown the way out mercilessly.. 
That way seen I'm lonely in this world and continue to be lonely through out my life!"

And the other thought..

  • "All along, I believed my people but believed with care.. No doubt, there's good and bad everywhere and it happened but I got to live with all that doing my duty correctly as long as I'm on this earth.. When this ends, I've to leave all and myself singly have to go from this world.. 
That way seen, I'm alone in this world and continue to be alone through out my life!"

Thus each felt different sitting amidst so many passengers around.. In time the train stopped, they both got off and the train continued it's further course of journey with the two young men's thoughts too continuing with them in the direction of the initial propulsion.. Soon the first one firmed up,

  • “I don't want this kind of nuisance for the rest of my life with problem people around. Better I be off from the scene and make my life in a different direction with new set of people!" 
And equally the second one asserted in himself,
  • “There's a task in front of me and the Almighty is watching how I handle it. I‘ll do the right here whatever be the resistance and stand to the Truth and thus take care of my people with full attention!” 
No doubt in both cases, a certain emptiness continued with them they being ordinary human beings on this earth but in the 2nd instance, the personality was truly tuned to rise and stand to the exigencies which demanded sure certain sacrifices in the situation and thus the 2nd young man firmed up to take care of those with him and see that none suffered in the process making the Saying..
  • 'Great Power comes with Greater Responsibility!' 
a Sure Reality! 

Seen thus, all human beings forever do need some one in their life often to enquire on their welfare and well-being but the story of that bond never ends there as in real tough times it equally demands a greater responsibility and expects the affected be well taken care of.. 

And unless I'm prepared for this level of sacrifice, the never exist in isolation bond may just exist by my side for name sake as it would forever be a weak one there never steered / prepared to meet the real toughness of life!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Human beings need someone in their life. Atleast a person to ask occasionally, how one feels now. What's your say on it?#Neverexistinisolation

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A well-to-do man was inspired by the Great Idea and soon firmed up, “From tomorrow, I'm going to lead a 'Simple Life' as advised by the Great People. No go back on this!" 

And having decided thus, the man quickly gave few fake reasons to his family and friends and soon implemented living his simple life by

Keeping off more time from the close friends' circles where the usual talks used to be on pomp and show off,
Stop moving around the places of well-to-do circles, 
Not visiting places of luxury and high ended enjoyments,
Refraining from purchase of show and luxury items and 
Disciplining himself with leading a lower life style and limiting his involvement everywhere all along pondering over Noble Thoughts! 

His family, well-wishers and close friends quickly noticed the change but couldn't say anything immediately as the man still used to join them and attend to his duties.. And life moved on thus for a while.. 

On a day during the visit of an elderly well-wisher, the man proudly narrated all that he was doing in respect of simplicity he adapted. The elderly smiled and said, "Dear! The No one discipline in adapting a simple life is not to get away from the life which you are into presently even a bit..

You should thus be in your own area with your own people the max time devotedly attending to all the ordained duties with you with full devotion.. 
You should never abruptly leave your circles but continue to be with them all along never carried away by the pomp and show around you with a simple attitude of smile and leave! 
As you do thus, slowly your inner intentions spread all round and the people around you get transformed to a certain extent to support you in your activities.. Having seen the change, you should try introducing new activities there where in the attention of all will divert towards higher plane of life.. 
Simultaneously, you should try to add extra members for certain activities around you and support them reasonably by obtaining suitable work from them.. 
And finally to say, you should equally try to take care of the less privileged out of your wealth through certain donations and charity.. 

Thus seen, the Philosophy of Simple Living in no time gets transformed into a Practical Life of myself being truly useful to the people around me for their betterment.. And such a well lead life alone is often advocated by the Great Personalities of the world as Simple Life and nothing less of it at any time.. And here..

What you are presently leading is not the 
'Noble Simple Life' 
but the ever interested 
'Selfish lonely life'
seen from any corner!”

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Two friends had to face a certain odd behavior of one of their Acquaintances who behaved quite strange for a while depicting his self interest crossing the limit..

One was disturbed beyond..

  • "I'm sensing a Personality in my circle of known people with whom I should be on guard here afterwards in all future dealings.. This attention is very much the needed action from my side right from this moment as long as his interactions continue with me in the coming days!
  • How can this person behave so selfishly?  He appears to be really a mean personality.. Never cares a bit for others.. I can't tolerate him any more.. It's a mistake from my side to be close with him.. I never came across a man like him.. A man of back stabbing nature..
  • God will never forgive such a person.. So nice words in front.. The next moment he back stabs if one is not careful.. Let me quickly recount all my dealings with him and close the issues one by one.. He is a specimen of his kind.. Always his interests and his topics.. Such a man is really a dangerous person around us!"

And as those thoughts continued subsequent to that, similar words flowed from his lips freely and in no time all had a certain fueling effect as the like minded people around too strengthened that in no time and the man was soon fuming with rage losing the decency required in the situation and thus lost his peace of mind totally for quite some time!

The other too, no doubt was equally affected but he remained calm and after a while met the first friend.. Seeing him cool, the first man remarked.. 

  • "Very strange! How can you leave off the man so carelessly and remain cool when he had behaved so badly with both of us.. I could never take the issue light!"
The second one smiled and said, 
  • "No, dear.. I'm not careless here.. Remember.. The first two lines of your decision as soon as the man behaved so badly with us.. In my mind.. I too firmed up on those two and have instantly come to attention there.. 
  • The only difference here is.. Subsequently, you've allowed your mind to take over you freely where as I never allowed that in spite of the same type of feelings tried to over take me and that alone made the final difference to the levels of our mental peace!"

Further to what the friend had said, from distance Sloka 1 of Bhaja Govindam was heard on the loud speakers being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

Bhajagovidam bhajagovidam govindam bhaja muudhamathe

samprapte sannihite kale nahi nahi rakshati drukun karane.

'Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda (limiting yourself to the ordained duties).. When the end approaches, the Grammar Rules (the craving for materialistic gain and recognition) will not save you!'

Sunday, July 17, 2016


It was the morning hrs of office life and the routine started in no time.. 
  • "Again late? This is the final warning.. And if you don't discipline yourself........." 
  • "You made a mess here.. Need to put in the right effort dear, with good dedication else........" 
  • "The Client Meeting starts at 1100 hrs and you are still here.. If he takes up the issue seriously......" 
  • "I see those 2 boys of your group gossiping endlessly.. Why are you allowing this in active working hrs?" 
  • "We are in the middle of tight deliveries to our Customer and you want leave now? Sorry.. I can't sanction this!" 
  • "Tomorrow may be Sunday but looking at the pending work...... Have plans of working half day tomorrow!" 
Thank God.. Finally, I was out of such an Office at 0600 PM and silently got into my cab with almost a sinking feeling in my heart for having faced such a bad day of unending preaching, indirect scoldings and pointing out every sec!

As my mind was thus going thru' a certain disturbance, my inner voice was seen softly reminding me within.. 
  • The driver of your morning taxi was in time to pick you up even though you were not ready, transported you faster and thus helped you out begin your work..
  • The Boy kept your favorite hot cup of morning tea on your table ready the moment you arrived so that you could invigorate yourself by sipping it and start your work.. 
  • The Lift Attendant kept the door open seeing you running to reach the Client's Office on 10th Floor in time.. 
  • The Serving Personnel served you hot delicacies for your lunch appeasing your taste buds making you well satisfied which indirectly helped you to do the afternoon work better.. 
  • The Courier Boy delivered in time all that important mail you were eagerly awaiting for thus keeping you very much at ease at your work.. 
How come you coolly sideline all such 'Superheroes In Disguise' around you who truly helped you with such an elegance and dedication for the whole day yourself not doing your bit at your work with dedication and instead start pitying yourself?

Suddenly the cab driver was heard answering a phone call.. 
  • "Yes.. I'm into my work from 6 AM..... Here overtime is inevitable and sometimes holidays too are not exempted as my Passengers ever need my Service........" 
Instantly there was a great calmness in me and the next moment a very cheerful smile appeared on my face..

"Thank you My 'Superheroes In Disguise'.. You truly opened my I eyes and I now understand that you truly made my day here.. 

I promise that from now on wards, I'll do my job with total sincerity and truly contribute at my work the max thru' the right value addition without a single remorse expression coming out from my side!" 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Yes.. All of a sudden there was a great urge in me go back to my childhood to relive those cherished moments of innocence and readiness to learn everything with me along with the then my little friends.. 

With such a UNIQUE NOSTALGIA, as I was in the process traveling to my childhood days, a few fresh memories gently reminded me to pause for a while and look into them and evaluate myself whether they can do an equal job.. Immediately, I recollected one such memory and the reminiscences of that for a while had gone thus.. 

'In that tender age, my grandson had learnt to say the word 'AGAIN' whenever he was fascinated by someone doing a funny thing with broken accent asking for repetition of that.. And that he never used to stop till the other party would do what he wanted..

A few times it used to end up in the child crying too.. Most of the times seeing his happiness, the family members used to leave their busy schedules for a while and repeat what he wanted!

That evening, the child was with me in the quiet swimming pool area relaxing in an inclined chair.. The pool area was truly quiet except for the rhythmic swimming sounds with the people around talking softly all along.. The child was looking at the sky, half moon and few clouds above and was talking in himself amused with the Nature around..

Suddenly a man having seen his friend coming in for a swim felt excited and wished him from a distance.. The friend responded instantly and had cracked a joke on his day’s tiresome work..

As the joke appeared too much for the other man, he sarcastically laughed quite aloud breaking the silence around for a minute..The laughter was felt a bit unusual for every one there and all instantly looked at the man with a contempt feeling clearly seen on their faces for disturbing the quietness of the area.. Seeing others looking at him, the man felt a bit uncomfortable and subsequent to that an absolute silence followed..

In that pin drop silence to the surprise of all, a feeble soft voice was distinctly heard which looked quite interesting and very much soothing on the ears as..

The cute Little One in my lap looking at the open skies said aloud, ‘AGAIN’ so innocently with a charming smile on his face totally unmindful of his own unrealistic demand for repetition of the 'LOUD LAUGHTER' from a stranger!'

That's how the little grand child reacted to the laughter and subsequent to that as the child grew up..

he continuously started interacting and expressing his innocence, deep faith, readiness to learn and a never ending questioning and keen observation thru' many such similar doings for ever sticking to only 3 activities with him Viz.,

  • Cry aloud when help is needed and smile when comforted,
  • Stop not questioning till an answer is found for everything and 
  • Believe heart and soul the one next who truly responds to him! 
As I started recollecting all those sweet memories of the boy's innocent questioning and doing the related actions.. 

It instantly struck me that I really needn't travel to my childhood to satisfy the unique nostalgia of mine as that was instantly satisfied thru' remembrance of all that 'HEART WARMING MAGIC' the boy had done continuously for the past 4 yrs!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt "You will find more happiness growing down than up". Do you wish to relive your childhood? #nostalgia

Friday, July 15, 2016


A young man of late twenties had max rational explanation for every happening around and often used to say..
  • “This life is what we make.. As you sow, so you reap.. Such a simple equation is our life.. 
Have healthy habits, work hard, create a safe environment, be smart and equally do good to people.. And beyond this, you really needn't to do anything.. Thus lived, you sure make your life; I've no doubt here!"

Soon the young man, the then man of late thirties with a well paid job and many responsibilities had a different understanding of life with partial rationalization and most of the times used to say..
  • “The uncertainties are a fact in life but the chances of fighting and winning or settling at a lower level are more than totally loosing.. Total loosing, no doubt can happen but generally a rare phenomena as per statistics.. 
Have healthy habits, work hard, create a safe environment, be smart and equally do good to people.. And beyond this, have a simple Faith in the Almighty for the ultimate good.. Thus lived, you sure make your life; I've no doubt here!"

In a decade, the then middle aged Personality of late forties thru' a Positive Understanding of life was on his works with full vigor at the back of a limited rationalization and all the time used to say..
  • "There's really nothing one can do in a difficult situation and it's never the wisdom to depend on the mundane issues for solace and relief there.. All these sure show their glitter and glory in good and manageable times but can't truly withstand when the destiny strikes the other way.. When that strikes really hard, I sure will not be the same person again as I'm this day.. 
  • Seen thus, the right way in life is to be ever prepared to face such situations too in life by understanding this Truth in depth which is indirectly nothing but discharging my responsibilities in front to the core all along sincerely contemplating on that single Faith in God which stays with me beyond the toughest happening too feasible and thus live this life with a certain fullness..
Have healthy habits, work hard, create a safe environment, be smart and equally do good to people.. And beyond this, thru' a Surrender to Him with all Humility as the Sacred Books often reiterate become cognizant of the True Peace within.. Thus lived, you sure make your life; I've no doubt here!"

And finally that faith alone remained with him for rest of his life!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


"Of late, man has become too artificial.. 

Simply lost touch with Nature.. And here alone, we resolved to bring back Nature to your door step and help you out in your well being..

For that we've chalked out this great program putting in our unique skills together.. Forever reverberating to the tune of Nature merging into the unending Universe!

Coming Sunday in the early morning hrs sharp at 0530 hrs our great Program takes off making a big dent in the history of man's development with Nature's Say remaining on the forefront..

Advise all of you join us for a small fee in large numbers and make this program really a grand success!"

The next Sunday early morning hrs the program started in the planned area with a great impetus the banners 
'Let Nature Vibrate As Is!' 
seen everywhere!

And as the unique sound emerging from a high pitched recorded voice suddenly spread into 
The Surrounding Environment, 
'The Early Cockoo' 
instantly stopped it's singing and flew off from the spot 
'In search of a temporary Habitat!'

Monday, July 11, 2016


  • The Great Saint too while in the Sacred Task of 'Realizing the Self' soon found that starving the body through severe Penance is not the right way there as such an activity undoubtedly would become nothing but a self oriented one and a weakened body in such a scenario would not help any man in his great mission of Realization.. 
  • Knowing thus and having starved His body for such a long time and thus weakened it, the next moment, He stopped His Meditation, accepted some milk and food and instantly restored His energies.. 
  • Further to that, subsequently he sat again in Meditation and vowed never to arise until He found the Truth that time the concept of starvation being not in fore front of His mind.. And thru' such a Unique Meditation alone, the Master ultimately attained Enlightenment through which no doubt, the entire world is immensely benefited! 
Thus to say, the food with us plays a great role in our life, of course with the right quality and quantity of it.. 

Further, it is said in Chapter III Verse 14 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita..

'Annad bhavanti Bhutani' meaning 'Beings are produced out of food' which indirectly asserts that what we eat we become that!

Again, in Ashtanga Yoga it is said

'Annam Bramha raso Vishnu 
pakto devo maheshvarah
evamjnaktva tu yo bhunkte 
anna dosho na lipyate!'


'The creative energy in food is Brahman 
The nourishing energy in body is Vishnu
The transformation of food to pure consciousness is Shiva
If this is known, then the impurities of food do not affect you!'

Seen thus, this body is like a Temple with us and the daily food with which we feed ourselves is like an Offering made to God.. Here forever, Cleanliness, Freshness, Nutrition, Heat and Aroma are the required qualities of this Offering to the God of this Temple within and never a sacrifice of these qualities of food is attempted out of greed or carelessness on our behalf!

So it is very much right that we need such an essence of food for us to lead a healthy and happy life out of which alone we will be able to do what we can in our life and thus help the world at large..

Coming to the case of growing children, it becomes more important in their life growing at a fast rate in respect of their height, weight, physical, mental and psychological capabilities that they need much more the right, nutritious and clean food in sufficient quantities for the overall development of their capabilities..

Else the growth in respect of these capabilities is likely to be seriously affected and such children when they grow up are bound to suffer more in their studies, performing job, or handling various family and social responsibilities..

As a healthy child is nation's pride, every aspect of the child's growth and development becomes important as the parents take care of their children and here alone food comes as number one in the list..

In this context, the right quantities and right qualities of food required for the development of the child as per scientific and nutritional evaluation alone forever stand as the reference for us with minor adjustments here and there to cater for individual needs and that nutritious and healthy food should for ever be made available for their children by every responsible parent thereby helping promote a healthy future population of our Societies!

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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Two little brothers had a small fight. The dad separated them and said to the younger,
  • "You both are from me. I'm dearer to you, so promise me that you'll always respect and listen to your elder brother!”
The younger retorted,
  • “What should I do when he doesn't care for me?”
The dad smiled and said,
  • “I’ll take care of that!”
And further turning to the elder, said,
  • “You both are from me. I'm dearer to you, so promise me that you'll always help and care for your younger brother!”
The elder retorted,
  • “What should I do when he doesn't listen to me?”
The dad smiled and said,
  • “I’ve already taken care of that!”
Both brothers had grew up, the dad was no more but his unique message was ever there and the brothers were tied by the two lines of limits drawn by their father whatever was the situation.. 

One day, a third man befriended the younger brother and said,
  • “We together can show our strength to your elder brother for our safety!”
The younger promptly passed on the message to the elder. The elder asked him to convey a message back to the third man,
  • “We are One in all ups and downs. Whatever happens between us, we only address that and resolve our issues and we need no extra support from an outsider in that!”
The younger promptly conveyed the message to the third man..

On another day, the third man befriended the elder brother and said,
  • “We together can rule your younger brother for our benefit!”
The elder promptly conveyed a message back to the third man,
  • “We are One in all ups and downs. Whatever happens between us, we only address that and resolve our issues and we need no extra support from an outsider in that!”
Subsequently, none else could disrupt their Peace at anytime in their life!

All along, God was smiling from above..
  • “A similar Message is there for my Children too on the Earth from Me in respect of..
The Third Party..
  • The Dividing Force that took over the world many times in the Past and is taking over in the present too, leaving it bleeding causing untold misery and damage..
  • Heal that world thru' a permanent solution by not listening to that Third Force ever remembering the Original Oneness I Taught all along and

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Friday, July 8, 2016


No doubt for me the life in front may appear

Perfect when the issues around support,
Interesting when there is success,
Wonderful when prosperity shows up,
Worthy when appreciated and
Fulfilling when cared..

The Great Masters of Philosophy
seeing similar life in front as limited and not alluring,
Preached self negation living thru' exemplary actions like..

A Great Saint living outside in open area saying, 
“Earth is the floor, Sky is the roof and hills around are the walls of my home!”,
The 80 yr old Saint when offered help by the disciples saying,
"As long as this hand moves, let this alone do the job!",
The Great Philosopher after recovery from attack saying 
“The hand that hit me is serving me!”,
when the serving disciple asked him who was helping him and
"They either torture or kill me; nothing more they can do to me!" 
thus saying the Great Man when cautioned about his opponents!

Lives of the Great Masters are the True Examples for me,
let me too for a moment see this life as limited with its
Occasional Downfalls at the back of a Paralyzing Fear within
and the day my mind firms up 
To fight out this Monster Fear within me
thus partially getting off the influence of glamorous life around,
Is truly the day in my life I've dedicated for a Worthy Cause
and further celebrate the same as the right beginning
Thru' a certain Self Sacrifice and Realistic Living
to the max extent feasible!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016


The child was into a sort of Play+Pre School..

"A for Apple B for Biscuit.." he started repeating..

"What else do you do in your school?" his grand mom asked..

"He is taught alphabets, numbers and identifying pictures.." said his mom.. "Further, he is made to sleep for while, eat his lunch and learn proper toilet habits.. Beyond he plays with others for more time and thus completes about.... hrs/per week!"

A year passed thus.. The Little One got the Best Progress Report.. And no need to say, with more hrs per week, the boy got into the Higher Class..

The schooling continued with more learning and more friendly interactions.. And that year too completed, he got a Big Star and again a Good Progress Report..

"Your boy is a fast learner, mingles well with his friends and his classmates like him a lot!" the Report said..

Finally it was the Event of celebrating the Graduation Day..

The boy was awarded Gold and Silver Medals, had a smart click with his Graduation Dress and was bid good bye by the Lower School.. And again no need to say, the boy quickly got enrolled into the next Best Higher School!

That evening, the family took the child out in appreciation of doing the Best at his School and as they settled in the boy's favorite Restaurant waiting for their ordered food items, the grandpa took the kid nearer and asked.. "Dear! Do you love your school?"

"I like a lot but I always love my holidays.. Because I can be at home, play at home, eat mamma's food, go out with mamma and buy my favorite.... I love home!"

said the boy wide eyed with a greater excitement distinctly seen on his face!

 School, graduation day, home, Progress Report

Sunday, July 3, 2016


On the face of it, it may be just a 
piece of paper 
but in reality the money with us is a store of deep faith we kept which quickly evaluates the 
relative values of goods and services around us 
keeping us away from the monotonous calculations of
primitive barter exchange! 

If the same 
money disappeared
 in front of our eyes, the grip on this deep faith kept in the Ruling too will disappear simultaneously leading to the case of a similar faith lost in the
then Ruling of the Historical Times of Hyperinflation
where the Notes in abundance might have been there but the faith just got lost with 
People buying bread for the entire month on the first day of the month carrying their bloated number of Notes to the shops in wheel borrows
The price of a cup of coffee varying very much from the moment one would enter the Restaurant to the point the final bill was paid making people drink their coffee faster to get a lower bill! 

In a similar scenario, there would be a 
scramble for essentials 
non essentials lying on the road
and the scramble leads to stampedes and violence with the might ruling instantly and continuously till a certain min order is restored thru'
the promises of people in seat of power 
which again may not work so easily in such a scenario with all other modern gadgetry or mechanisms hitherto done a great job becoming equally redundant as the 
basic economic equations of 
production and consumption of 
goods and services 
totally go off the records without an exception! 

Thus seen the 
Sacred Money in Circulation around

with the deep faith of every one of us written down on a special piece of paper equally along with our strengths and weakness in work environment too truly recorded and kept in safe store,
is None but 
Our Ever Worshiped Goddess Lakshmi 
who truly Blesses us with a hassle free smooth living for a life time!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

'All along I believed that the world was against me till the day forgiving the man in conflict instantly made me realize that I alone was against the world in not performing a duty of mine there!'

King Shishupala, the permanent hater of Lord Krishna constantly used to insult the Lord but Lord Krishna all along was conveying..

“I had promised his mother that he can do 100 mistakes in respect of me. The 100th mistake is not yet complete and still he has a chance of improving himself thru' a correction. Till then, let there be no place for anything other than forgiveness alone from my side!"

As King Shishupala completed the 100th mistake, the Lord ended him and restored peace again conveying the Message that..

Our Timely Actions should never be by-passed at the back of overflowing sympathy towards the wrong doer!

After completing 12+1 yrs of exile life, the Pandava King Dharmaraja sent Lord Krishna as the Ambassador to the then Kaurava Court asking their share in the kingdom which the Kurava Chief Duryodhana instantly refused. Lord Krishna conveyed the further Message of King Dharmaraja that..

If Duryodhana could give back at least 5 Towns, he would happily accept that peace deal there by conveying his deep feeling of readiness to forgive his brother's all the earlier evil deeds!

The Great Man disowned his son in front of his followers when he came to know that his son voluntarily embraced a path opposite to what the Great man followed but said,

"In case my son comes back and repents for the mistakes done by him, I would forgive him wholeheartedly and call him my son once again!"

Through these Stories, a message is conveyed that definitely it is a duty with me not to give back instantly when actions of people become unacceptable to me and at times causing a little hindrance too to my personal life. This quality of forgiving has a true support in all walks of life because of 2 reasons Viz.,

Every one should be given a fair chance of correcting for the mistakes he/she has done..

I too may commit/be committing similar mistakes unconsciously which may be covered up by certain influences I exert around or by my clever management..

Of course, simultaneously never sidelining the important issues through the easy path of forgiving out of fear or laxity and equally taking care of them from being influenced by the coming up possible mistakes from the person being forgiven!