Wednesday, August 31, 2016


"Sir! How could you turn out such a huge Business Venture so efficiently?"

"I had a series of ideas like
  • Why not manufacture something, sell it in the Market and thus make a living?
  • Why not improve the product to suit the ever changing customer demand for a small extra price?
  • Why not purify the product to International Standards wherein the actual benefit can nullify the increased price?
  • Why not fortify the product with the ingredients lost in the process of refinement with a price increase where in the customer would be happy to pay?
  • Why not compress the ingredients so that more is accommodated in less space and thus cut down on transport and storage costs?
Further to these, to rope in the rich and sophisticated segment, I had ideas..
  • Why not improve the product by picking up the raw material from the remote forest areas of nil pollution with a sizable increase of price in parallel continuing the low priced items of the existing standards with a moderate price increase as per market conditions?
  • In the next few years, why not concentrate on purifying, fortifying and compressing the the new product, charge more successively and thus continue?
And beyond to catch the attention of the super rich group too I thought,
  • Why not improve the quality of packing which covers the product fully and comes in contact for a longer time with the product thus widening the customer base with a substantial price rise retaining the earlier 2 levels of customers in the field?
"Is that the end?"

"No.. Never.. Further improve the packing of the super rich segment product too by procuring its raw materials from...."

"Sir! You are so plain in speaking all this.. If this is leaked out..?"

"Nothing happens.. People who use my product have no time to listen here and change their usage habit drastically!"

Sunday, August 28, 2016



'A few years back, the daughter was returning to her place with the Little One of 2 yrs.. On the way to Airport, the family members stopped at a Restaurant to have their snacks and tea.. The Little One was having his favorite Pizza with his grand mom by the side conversing..

“Dear, you are going away now.. I'm sad.. Nobody is with me hereafter!”

she said.. At that time, a man passed by in front of them busily talking on his cell phone..

The child suddenly exclaimed in his broken words, "1 Body!” And 2 minutes passed, another man passed in front of them and the boy said aloud.. “2 Body!”

The child looked around and many were seen moving around in distance.. He with a broken accent so nicely started telling.. "3 Body".."4 Body".."5 Body"......."10 Body"... and finally ended saying.."Many Body!"

Listening to his sweet broken words delivered without a stop, every one around burst into a loud laughter for a while forgetting the departure strain lurking in their minds at that point of time!'

But the Little Boy of the story now 4+ came and made me complete it thru his unexplained but truth based words and present it to Blogadda WOW Challenge thus..

'When the boy asked the grandma where her mom was, she covering up the sensitive issue of the talk said,

"Oh! Dear.. My mom had become a star up in the sky never to return, never to talk and never reachable!"

Hearing all that, the boy suddenly said, 

"Oh! Is she dead?"

Such a funny little kid too made his grand mom angry when he started showing his adamant behaviour to leave the house from few days before his departure in between crying.. Finally, the grand mom had to use her age old trick..

"Hi! This's my house.. My own house.. Pack and go away to your house.. You can't behave as you like in my house.. Understand?"

The Little One instantly spoke aloud equally asserting..

"Hi! You can't say that.. This house belongs to every body of our family.. All can live in this.. And me too.. I'm not going anywhere.. I'll tare off my ticket and my boarding pass!"

All around burst into a loud laughter 
for a while forgetting the departure strain lurking in their minds at that point of time!'

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Friday, August 26, 2016


I am the certain Intuition within 
which constantly propels me with a great zeal to investigate thru' experimentation and find out itself in Original 
in spite of the dampening effect of my past deeds acting thru' the craving for pleasantries by the side thus 
resulting in a continuous tug of war where in 
the spirit of Investigation would never stop and further push 
the level of my Intuition rise progressively 
simultaneously establishing a certain peace accrued in the process which again incessantly tries to dilute the dampening effect of the craving for pleasantries 
at the back of the never failing zeal through which process alone ultimately my Intuition (me) merges with the Original finding itself(myself) no different there 
with 100% Peace established within! 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Heard that 
God couldn't appear everywhere and so 
He created us, the children..

I very much wanted to prove that and so 

 dressed up thus in the morning hrs of 
one of the days of Puja!

Isn't He right? What do you say?


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


On the day of his Appointment, 
the then young man of 0 yrs work experience
straight away enquired his Boss whether he could refer him his problems
totally not knowing the fact that at work, it's the other way with Boss!

On the day he decided to leave office early to catch the train, when the Boss said that the train was just scheduled at that time only to help early going people from work,
the then young man of barely 1 yrs work experience 
felt happy to hear such a supportive comment not knowing the fact that the Boss was venting out his own frustration through such a sarcastic statement! 

On the day when the big Boss had flatly written ‘Not Approved’ on his Personal Sanction Note he,
the then man of 5 yrs of work experience 
fuming in anger whispered to his close Associate, ‘I'll not leave the matter here.. I'll approach the top!’ totally not knowing that the big man wrote thus only with an order from the top!

On the day when another equal Boss who assumed indirect power on him with all sweetness made him work for him for a short time and the Official Boss fumed in anger and made GM issue Charge Sheet to him for that he, 
the then middle aged man of 12 yrs of work experience 
felt totally directionless not knowing what power games the Bosses would play! 

On the day having asked for the additional Manpower to complete the new Project, when the Boss humiliated him saying, “Dear! Don't you know that in our Company whenever extra hands are required, Seniors borrow Manpower from others on mutual basis?” he, 
the then grey haired man of 18 ys work experience, 
felt truly helpless and thought of resigning for a moment but soon realized that the problem eternally more or less is the same in any work environment! 

On the day having requested the Boss for a week’s leave to celebrate a Life Time Event and when the Boss said, "What are asking me, dear? I thought that you are smart enough to manage both without asking for leave!” he, 
the well known man with 2 year’s Service left out
was able to understand the ever played management tricks and felt sorry for asking the same! 

Finally at the back of all such valuable up and down learning alone when the Boss said, “Go ahead…. It is your day today!”on the day of his retirement from the Company he, 
the then matured man of 38 yrs work experience 
with a big smile delivered his well learnt diplomatic speech perfect non stop at the back of a thunderous clapping!

Saturday, August 20, 2016



The Little One was just a year old and the child's innocent smile, expressive eye contacts and instant friendly responses used to hold every one’s attention in the neighborhood. Where the child was, there used to be an instant aura and unusual glow all round..

Once, the parents traveled to a place of tourist importance and were at the hotel where they booked their accommodation. It took some time for the previous guest to vacate and so the family along with the Little One was made to wait in the spacious lobby there for an hr or more.

As the room was still not ready, the family moved on for some time with the child in the pram but the mother soon got tired and decided to rest for a while in the corner of the entrance of another hotel next to them in the same premises. As she sat there along with the child in pram, her husband moved away to get few eatables and milk for the child. The cramped hotel lobby of the second hotel was busy with number of guests coming in and moving out.

The second hotel Manger seeing the mom and the child in his area, instantly told the mother with all politeness,
  • “Ma'm, there are only a few seats here and our guests are in great numbers. They are a bit inconvenienced. But still have your seat and take care of your boy!” 
Thus conveying his problem in a diplomatic way. The mother felt very much sorry for troubling them but was equally helpless to move from there.

Soon the booked hotel Manager rang up to the family and said,
  • "Sorry to keep the Little One waiting in the lobby for a longer time and we offer you a 3 day free stay in our Hotel within an year's time!" 
Here alone, both the hotel Managers erred beyond and very much needed brushing up their knowledge in hospitality business as
  • At the first hotel, the child quickly made full use of his waiting by constantly observing the distance hustle and bustle and thus was in his own world of happiness which he could never have done in the limited Hotel Room facing 4 walls.. 
  • At the second hotel, he was again no less. He, with his silent expressive communications and a few unexplained sounds made in between quickly attracted many guests moving around thus indirectly promoting the brisk hospitality business in a big way as the guests in no time forgot their travel strains, became quite mused with the child’s innocent communications and responded with all cheerfulness having a unique satisfaction in their hearts! 

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Friday, August 19, 2016


The Devotees of the Great Philosopher decided to form an Association with the Great Man heading the same. The moment the Great Man assumed the position he proclaimed, 
"As the Head here, I instantly dissolve the Association!"

Thus conveying 
His Ever Green Message embedded there in 

True love forever embraces freedom alone and authority in it's place will only curtail that very free expression imposing a silent restriction in the name of discipline!

Thus seen, as the self acts progressively in Planes of Elevation, the attitude of the true lover rises progressively to the Higher Planes of Action 

Initially starting from
'Always giving out in the form of own monies, time, energies for the ultimate betterment of the loved!' 

Subsequently rising to
'Not only giving out own limited monies, time, energies but some of the possessions too beyond for the ultimate betterment of the loved!'

Further rising beyond that to
'Not only giving out own limited monies, time, energies and some of the possessions beyond but further bringing down own level too for the ultimate betterment of the loved!' 

Thus finally moving towards
'Not only giving out own limited monies, time, energies, some of the possessions beyond and further bringing down own level too, cross all these and voluntarily get into a lesser state of living for the ultimate betterment of the loved!' 

And thus go beyond
'Limitless eternally liberating the loved one from the own folders enabling him/her express freely endlessly!'

This being the situation in life, 
The IndiSpire Prompt 
necessarily needs a modification
as true love and freedom of expression 
ever go together and 
accordingly alone this Post speaks!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It was the cool weekend evening..

  • Somewhere in certain part of the world where civic discipline and cleanliness in public are practiced to the core, a family of 4 were casually moving around a busy Mall area munching a few evening snacks as they walked bought in their own takeaways. 

  • Suddenly, the plastic cover of one of the glasses which a member was carrying fell off to the ground in the mid of the clean path. Even though noticed instantly, the member pretended as if he had not seen it to avoid picking it and disposing off and thus walked ahead continuing his chit chatting. 
A few people passed by..
  • Some crossed the spot unmindful of that even though they noticed it, 
  • A few had not seen the item as they were too busy and 
  • Others who had seen it and expected it to be disposed felt that it be picked by the right person, the Janitor of that area!

Just then a family walking around passed that way. . The parents with 2 smart kids..
  • The baby in the pram was totally blissful in communication with the Nature around seeing the colors of evening twilight and passing clouds in the sky, feeling the cool breeze and listening to the chirruping of the birds thus feeling the Oneness with his own grasping power and tiny movements in the pram. 

  • And the elder, a little smart girl was happily pushing the pram along with her mother as the parents busily discussed the future plans of the 2 kids. 
Suddenly, the small girl noticed the scrap piece in her path!
  • Instantly she picked it up with one hand, leaving the pram for a moment quickly walked to the side and coolly dropped the item in the garbage bin and majestically walked back once again to the pram simultaneously observing around with her own unexplained happiness! 

  • The parents continued their busy talk as they walked ahead totally not knowing the momentary happening. In no time, the place looked clean and neat of course, radiating with an extra cleanliness right through the actions of the little girl! 
God Smiled from above..
  • "The Noblest Job on this Earth.. My Little Angel could do it just in time with such an ease!”
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Monday, August 15, 2016


When the Master was not pleased with the rose given by his Servant in the morning hrs, the Servant had only one worry with him.."Which rose type makes my Master happy?" without a question, "Where's the need to give him the rose daily?"

When the Great Statesman freed slaves eternally saying, "Now, you are free to do whatever you feel like doing!" a few replied, "We know only working for our Masters and we'd like to continue that!"

When every one in the village worshiped the cave nearby with a belief of pleasing the demon inside, a young man at the back of great interest to investigate that, went inside, observed nothing but spider webs and stuffy air, came out and declared to the villagers that and from then on forever lived free from fear!

These may be true incidents or moral stories but they bring out the fact that my urge for freedom lies in 3 stages of elevation Viz.;

Instead of continuing the same life with an additional feeling ‘How best I can repeat this?’,
feel a bit for own freedom of expression in the given situation,

Instead of continuing ‘As Is’ at the back of lethargy,
 search for other ways of free living in the given situation and

Instead of relaxing through a belief and follow a ritual,
take risk, question the belief, further investigate and thus be free in the given situation!

And my freedom is mine as long as I don't lose my track (of these 3 disciplines in my life) to the best of my abilities!


Friday, August 12, 2016


Originally, there was the WHOLE. A Symbol of PURE LOVE and nothing else. From the WHOLE, the PART is generated filled with 6 earthly qualities Viz.,
along with the ORIGINAL LOVE continuing..

The LOVE with the PART Searches for the ORIGINAL PEACE which is PURE LOVE but consistently ends up in confusion and sorrow as the 6 enemies by the side continuously dampen the spirit thru' a force of self interest. But this Search never stops as the WHOLE propels and the PART Searches. And the turmoil too continues which truly looks endless..

  • If the man gets up in the morning, keeps the self fit and safe, does the 8 hrs work and rests for the day.. 
the life of man would sure go on smoothly but within, he/she will not be happy and forever wants to do something more to make his/her life meaningful and useful under the propelling force of the ORIGINAL LOVE behind..

To do this, the man is equipped with 7 tools of investigation with him/her Viz.,

and he/she eternally uses them to find a meaning to the life in front. This search results in,
  • At base level, finding out a meaning to his/her existence thru' taking up family and other social responsibilities,
  • At a higher level, making scientific investigation and finding out the truths of the universe thru' experimentation and 
  • At the highest level going beyond the body and mind trying to find the ULTIMATE TRUTH in the Universe! 
When not satisfied, the Search continues and rises to Higher Plane of Action where in the love for that particular action includes more selfless activities and more people in one's folder..

Thus continues one's life eternally when ultimately the Grace of Almighty descends, the very Search ends in the PART merging with the WHOLE and the ETERNAL PEACE alone prevailing thereafter with a certain feeling of ‘ONENESS' which is nothing but '#Loveall!'

Leaving this for a while, it can easily seen that the known bridle to rise in this direction is always with the individual and that bridle is nothing but
  • 'How honest an individual is in his/her day to day dealings in the world!'
This Post is written in line with the Prompt 'Define True love, If not .....LOVE! #LoveAll

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The man went for shopping with his family..

"We are going on a month long vacation abroad. We need clothes of top brands for the family for travel. There'll be many functions we have to attend, many invitations are there for us and special personalities would be meeting us during our trip. None should feel that we look shabby.. Please show us the best available in your shop!"

In no time the costliest brands were displayed in front of the members, they selected some of the best ones out of that and the lady at the desk packed and handed over the items with a smile.

When they came out, the driver said, 

"Sir, the car developed a problem.. I'll call a taxi for you.. I'll bring the car after the repair!"

Soon the family hired a taxi on bargain and the driver asked a little extra for the trip. The man flatly refused and paid exactly what he was supposed to pay to the point of drop.

Later in a small home, the family was discussing and the man was saying, 

"I wanted to earn a little extra in every trip so that with the pooled up money I can buy mom a good sweater and a woolen blanket. But today, one customer refused to pay me that extra other than the exact.. May be mom has to wait for some more days in this winter before I pool up..

  • Hope tomorrow would be a better day for us!"
The spouse was saying, 

"There was a family to our shop, I showed them a lot of material and thus helped in getting a big order for my owner.. I expected my owner to pay some extra tips for me so that for the coming academic year we can pool up that for the cost of school uniforms for our 2 boys.. But by bad luck, my owner paid me the normal min tips only..

  • Hope tomorrow would be a better day for us!" 
An adolescent boy was asking his dad in the neighborhood,

"Dad! There's Saying here.. 'The nakedness of the world can be clad with the trimmings of the rich!' What exactly is the meaning of this?"

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


In a certain Kingdom, the King who was a benevolent Ruler all of a sudden got a good idea..
  • "Why not the landless of my Kingdom be given some land?" 
And the same had a lot of support from his Court Officials. Accordingly the King arranged a Function and announced the allotted numbers of the pieces of land to the really landless poor!

One such poor man who had become eligible to his piece of land had gone the next day to the King's Court to receive the necessary Documents. There, the ‘physical giver’ while giving the same silently said in the ears of the man, 

  • "Remember, 1/3 of this is mine and the rest alone is yours!"
The man knew that it would happen but was still satisfied with the 2/3 of the left out, took the documents and moved on to see his piece of land. On the way, the 'rowdy element' had a viscous look at him and said, 
  • “If you want to live there, hand over to me 1/3 of your allotment!”
He had no energy to raise his voice and thus was happy even with the left out. But when he physically reached the place, he noticed the 'rule enforcer' already there on the left out piece of land!

Afraid and fed up of all this, the next day itself the man decided to move to the neighborhood town hoping for a better treatment and luck there in the next allotment. On the way, as he was passing in front of the land that was taken away from him, he found all the 3 men sitting there and relaxing. They saw the man and casually asked, 

  • “Where are you going?” 
When he said that he was moving out in search of a better livelihood, they smiled and said, 
  • "My dear! Don’t go anywhere. A mile away there's ours, one more piece of land of dispute. That portion of the land, we'd like to give to you for rent. 
  • We understand that our King has plans of some more land distribution in this area. At that time we would like to include you again as landless and no one can question here because we 4 are together and none of us will complain. There's no problem. But you should start paying your rent regularly to show that you are landless and equally earn something for us too, OK?”

Friday, August 5, 2016


I was tired beyond. I had to struggle day and night for maintaining the minimum required in the situation in front. I had to arrange for many things. The Function had to go on well without a single setback.
  • Next day morning at 0530 hrs I got up, got ready and kept the required cash, a few valuables and important documents in a small brief case and moved on to the near by Market to buy a few left out items. The plan was to buy the final items quickly, move on to the Function Spot reaching there by 10 AM sharp.
  • As I was buying the requirements, I found too many people and a lot of push and pull around.
  • Suddenly I noticed that the brief case in my hand was snatched away at one stroke. Got stunned, I instantly stood there motionless and a few noticed my uneasiness but as the crowd was swelling, they couldn't help much. 
  • I instantly reached for my phone but found that too lost and further my wallet with driving license, car registration, cash in purse, a few checks etc too taken away. The trickster very quickly played the most cruel game on me.
  • I had no phone to talk, all phone contacts lost, documents gone and thus not able to do anything quickly moved towards my car. And when I reached the place to my dismay, I found my car removed from the area.
  • Some one was commenting, “You parked the Car in a wrong place. They removed the vehicle. You have to go to…………”
  • I was totally at my wits end. Nothing could be done instantly. The 'Whole Life' appeared lost once for all. I started weeping within out of total desperation!
Suddenly I woke up from my deep sleep and in few minutes found myself on my bed intact with nothing happened. Oh.. Yes.. It was just a bad dream only and the Function could go on with all vigor as planned.. But that seemed to be not the end to my the then thought stream..
  • Yes..The dream had truly made me think beyond for a while.. What's the point in feeling that all this I myself will do to perfection when anything can happen at any moment? Truly speaking, I'm not at all the doer here.. There's just a duty in front of me, I'm doing that job to the core and more than that I needn't and shouldn't own anything here..
  • No doubt, it's not easy and many times not all that easy.. Sure, I'll be taken over by the feeling of ownership unknowingly even though I determine 100% today to do that way..
  • But still seen from any angle, trying my best in this line as much as possible and further be doing that as much as possible alone appeared to be the right way of living in my life!
With that firmness in my mind, I instantly became light in my mind and moved on for further works with full vigor!

That being the life with me, I've my own single assertion here.. 
If I were the writer of my own story - My Life.. 

It'll forever be the same God had given so far and will continue to be that He kept in store for me all along myself trying to accommodate everywhere and be doing the required to the best of my knowledge and abilities! 
This Post is written in line with the Prompt If you were the writer of your own story - Your Life. How would you have altered it? #choice

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