Monday, October 31, 2016


A man had a very serious tiff with his friend was razing in himself for a while.. 

“Hell with this man! I don't want to interact with him any more.. Let me stop all this nonsense permanently and........ But how to get off from him? OK! This moment, I’ ll just pretend that am a little sick and needed some rest and thus be off for a while!” 

he thought.. Accordingly he kept off from him for a while quoting sickness over which the friend enquired whether he needed any help. The man quickly said, 'NO' and got off from him immediately but subsequently thought.. 

“Why this pretension? Why not just say Hello to him and be off rather than talk unnecessarily from my side?” 

And, from the next day onward he appeared improving to others and thus slowly was into the discipline which he wanted to implement.. That had its own limit in time as soon another thought came up.. 

“Why not just behave normal and be interacting as usual but not believe in anything he says? No more tensions in such a case!”

he thought and went on thus for few days.. But, that too was no exception and soon was perceived as limited only.. And the next thought was.. 

“Why should I pretend like this? Let me be natural as usual in the Group, just do the Right and but never expect anything from this friend!”

Soon he was as normal like earlier but appeared more cheerful all along.. And the final thought was Unique.. 

"Why should I limit from my side? Why not be truly a friend to him here, do a little more only for him, expect nothing in return forever keeping my secrets and my problems to myself only as ultimately I alone had to attend to all that and thus be eternally happy with 'Nil' conflict in my mind!”

That was the 
Ultimate Noble Thought 
in him and thru’ that he was truly cured of 
the disease of hatred that had its birth in the beginning 
of which 
He very much thought that he was only pretending!

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Sunday, October 30, 2016


No doubt I was giving regular sizable charity in my life for many years after fixing the percentage and thought that was all I had to do in my life as that doing sure is as per my dharma till a day prior to one of the Diwali days, the elderly well-wisher in my neighborhood had said..

"Dear! I appreciate your decision and action in this context instead of saying straight a big 'NO' to charity but let us be a little at ease too while doing this. Rigidity of anything, anywhere is not what our Great Men recommended for us.. In fact 'Ease' is sometimes the quality required here in the right sense! Please understand that charity need not be a distinct entity to be practiced; rather, living through charity is a better way there!

See, as you lead your life, you come across regularly many people who do a work or give a service or supply the essentials in life which if we do not get in time, our life would be indeed a misery.. They may be small earners directly working or people whose business turnover and profits are small. And such people generally will have fewer saving for them as well as for their families..

All these people in all fields of life can always be rewarded suitably at the right time on right occasions.. And such rewards usually should include

  • Reasonable tips for the service rendered, 
  • Incentives for quality work, 
  • An extra leave from work, 
  • An assistance to their families in times of need,
  • A support in schooling of their children, 
  • Small additional monies to compensate the rise in cost of living etc without they demanding etc.. 
And all these monies can flow from the portion you allot out of your honest earnings minus your expenses and your minimum savings required, however small the left out may be!

Thus charity with you would be rather your personality than a separate action because the show of doing many times overshadows the doing!”

No doubt I got the message and from that Diwali day, my charity got totally redefined thru' an expanded number of eligible people around me where in,

  • The fundamentals of economics were never over looked and truly respected as the payments here are covered under the category of various perks, allowances, incentives and bonuses given/paid in a regular permanent employment,
  • The monies are still seen as sacred part of my life and never handled carelessly and 
  • The calculations earlier I was into got totally stopped here with the heart straight away pouring into the activity for ever remembering the Saying that..

Charity begins at home
And equally extending that home to my neighborhood and further beyond.. And I started doing those activities from that Diwali Day and truly experienced in my life.. 
'The Joy of Giving!'

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Saturday, October 29, 2016


That evening at 4 PM, myself and grandpa went to our Park.. There were no children in the Park.. I was silent all along.. I know, grandpa noticed my silence but he couldn't help me much except his usual guiding..

"Get on to the Slide and slide down.. Stand on one foot on the.. Go round on the Merry-go-Round fast.. Go on to the See-Saw.. Climb that one and go to top.. Make a tunnel in the sand!" 

I silently did all that and sat for a while looking at the clear skies.. And the little birds on the tree too joined me stopping their chirping.. 

It was booorrring and I very much wanted to go home! 

Suddenly, two boys and a girl came running to me and quickly surrounded me.. I was too thrilled.. They started asking, 

"What's your name?" "Are you on vacation? From where you've come?" "Shall we play now?" "Come on.. Let's go there!" 

The next moment, shouting aloud we four ran towards the Play Area.. 

"Ooh.. I'm going down the Slide.. Follow me!" "See here.. standing on one foot.. Can you do?" "Oh! It's funny .. We are fast on the Merry-go-round!" 

"Hi! Come on to the See-Saw.. Let's see who'll balance!" "Can you climb and come up to the top.. See.. I'm already there!" "Look! I made a tunnel below the sand.. My hand is thru'.. Is in't it funny?" 

Our endless screams soon reverberated the surroundings and the birds too joined us happily chirping! 

I saw a fully relaxed grandpa sitting at distance gently smiling at us.. After a while any how, he had to ask and so he asked me.. 

"Dear! Shall we go home now? You got to study!" 

And you know, how happy I felt playing with my friends running here and there? So, instantly I screamed at the top my voice.. 

I donnn't want to go home.. It's booorrring!" 

That was one of the happiest days of my life.. Oh! I forgot.. Today is Diwali and it's another happy day too for me.. Okay.. Bye.. Bye..


 Happy Diwali

Friday, October 28, 2016


Zero and infinity have got a unique place in the subject Philosophy where in the lessening personal interest is seen as true elevation of course the ultimate zeroing of that can never be reached thru' finite number of actions however noble they may be and that way seen the Sacred Destination is sure at the infinite point away wrt to time..

May be a little confusing subject here, but the fact is that with my mundane body and mind in firm form and shape with its own inbuilt desires to be fulfilled, I am forever in the mortal surroundings alone may be a little off from the main stream which is again equal number of times another trap of greater self interest in me without my own knowledge..

Leaving this discussion as is for a while, let's hear what the Great Personalities of the World have said and lived thru' that life in this context..

  • A Great Saint forever living outside in open area used to say, “Earth is the floor, Sky is the roof and Hills around are the walls of my house!” 
  • Another Great Saint living permanently in burial ground used to say, “Anyhow, one day I have to come here!” 
  • As the robber chased by security men dropped his loot in the lap of a Saint on the way and fled off, the Great Man straight away claimed that he had stolen the goods when caught by the security men! 
  • The Great Philosopher attacked to an unconscious level and subsequently served by the disciples to regain consciousness when asked who was serving Him said, “The hand that hit me is serving me now!” 
  • The rowdy element who brutally attacked the Saint when produced before Him handcuffed to award punishment to him the Great Man said, “I see God in you!” and died! 
  • When the 80 yr old Saint afflicted with terminal disease was offered help by the disciples, the Master smiled and said, "When this hand moves, let this alone do the job.. When it refuses to move, you can help!" 
  • When the Great Saint’s mother asked for spending her last moments by resting on His lap, the Master immediately held her head on his lap as she breathed her last.. Subsequently, the Master proclaimed that he had nothing to do further asking His disciples to move away her body! 
  • The Great Saint proclaimed that He need not learn and need not work as he had no desires.. When asked how he'd survive without work, He smiled and said, "Some of you may feed me.. If not, I go hungry and in process if the body perishes, let it!" 
Thus the Great Men and Women of the Earth forever taught us leading the life of self sacrifice constantly lessening the predominant self interest within thru' discharge of our ordained duties and in the words of the Master the ultimate phenomenon of this self interest becoming zero of course at the infinite point of time with the Eternal Peace established is compared to..
  • A salt doll curious to know the depth of Sea slowly went down the sea, melted and merged itself with the sea waters zeroing down itself and ultimately there was one single vast infinite Sea alone; nothing else!" 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016


"We've been into the great task of completing........ successfully in time and report to our Boss. It's really thrilling to do such works, here we diligently put forward our hard work into it, brought it to the acceptable stage and got a patting from the Boss. I'm proud that I too could do something in my life!"

"Great Dear! Taking up such unique responsibilities at this stage of life and discharging the same with great confidence is truly laudable and I wish in future too you would be handling similar jobs.. But a small caution here.."

"What is that Sir?"

"Dear! At work you should ever remember 2 important aspects and whatever be the situation ranging from total pressure from the Boss to own heartfelt liking, you should never take life easy here.. The 2 points are
  • At work, every responsibility you handle is unique and you alone would be answerable on that 
  • Every responsibility that is assigned to you is to be taken up only when the related power too is delegated to you 1:1! 
These 2 points forever form the core of any work culture and you should make double sure here that you are in the right direction in handling your works!"

"Sir! Here we, myself and my colleague shared and completed the work which my Boss alone asked us to do.. My colleague had more experience and thus he was truly helpful for me to complete the work.. Isn't it OK?"

"Dear! Here alone you should ever remember that 
  • Combined responsibility is no responsibility at all unless you divide the work with a clear demarcation who had to do what and with a 'Go Ahead' from the Boss.. And this doing again should be justifiable as per the basic qualification and Position of yours in your Organization.. 
  • Where the works cannot be divided, they should be handled on a rotational basis with full responsibility on a day and zero of that the next day..
Further, in respect of power assigned to you, the yardsticks forever are 
  • The designation of your job which basically defines what works you should handle.. 
  • The past history of how people earlier have handled such jobs in the Organization.. 
With such backup alone, you should rise to the occasion if a single paper does not define all that and many times sure will not.. All said and done, you should equally remember that Bosses ever corner their subordinates many times by not defining these 2 crystal clear for their advantage keeping the threat of job in front..

And finally remember that

  • By not knowing about such happenings at work, 
  • By being never ready to question on that where possible and 
  • By not bothered about the consequences of forcible involvement therein
a few times one may be caught in the unending games the Bosses play to meet their own self interests with few Senior Colleagues too joining there with an occasional 'NIL' escape from the trap!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The Democratic Ruler smiled within before taking up the reigns of Ruling.. "Broadly classified, 3 groups of people are under me..

The 1st group have 3 basic qualities with them.. 
  • Highly skilled in their own Professions, 
  • Forever hard working and 
  • Ready to protest together under a leader!
The 2nd group have 3 basic qualities with them..
  • Protest endlessly ever remaining at protest level alone with no concrete action, 
  • Never united being ready to get diverted easily and 
  • Never look at the Ruler as their savior but under a different avatar many times accept the fallen one in that role!
The 3rd group have 3 basic qualities with them..
  • Forever ready to back the Ruler, 
  • Sure bring out the ultimate required around thru' money and muscle power and 
  • Equally ready to discard own Ruler when the scales of power ready themselves to tilt! 
And I would ever be the direct or indirect Ruler here without a say because I only have the capability of managing the 3 groups to my advantage by
  • Listening/not listening to the 1st group,
  • Ignoring the 2nd group and
  • Keeping an eye on the 3rd group!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It was a splitting headache within as I couldn't find solution to the problem in front.. A situation from where, I can neither get away nor get into my routine with the usual drive.. But no go.. Life has to be lived thru' with not much choice and with a tiny hope in a corner expecting betterment, I was just pulling on from moment to moment..

Being a holiday a few friends were with me and all, after lunch decided to watch the Classic Movie on the DVD Player.. Time moved on for a while and soon as the Movie truly kept every one under its grip, I silently moved to my room to rest for a while with the agony and anguish within continuing..

Slowly my eyes became heavier, certain sleep had almost descended on me with the conversations and talk of my friends in the hall hitting my ears in a low tone..
  • “I almost cry whenever I SEE this movie.. It's really touching even though we know that it's just a fiction!” 
  • “PAUSE here for a while.. Don't want to miss the continuation.. Am back in 5 mts!” 
  • “No, just can’t see this.. Please FORWARD!” 
  • “Want to see the earlier sequence of events.. Can you just TAKE IT BACK?’” 
  • “Can you REDUCE THE VOLUME a little? Too loud!” 
  • "‘Hello! Who's speaking? One minute..’ Can you please keep SILENCE and MUTE the program for a while? I got a call!"
  • “Shall we SWITCH OFF the TV for the day? It's time for….”
Suddenly I noticed the wise man of our area whom I used to approach for advice in my day to day problems heard saying something and seen walking slowly towards me as his voice became distinct and clear.. 
  • “Why don't you too SEE the Truth often where it's not you always that's right but the other man also and thus cleanse your consciousness?” 
  • “Why are you too not PAUSING in your life once in a way to Meditate on the Reality?” 
  • “Why not you too equally FAST FORWARD all such memories which really serve no purpose in your life except giving you self satisfaction of dominating others?” 
  • “Can you too TAKE BACK your thoughts to ponder over for a while on the many wrongs done by you (invariably) under the influence of a flood of emotions with a promise not to repeat that again?” 
  • “Can you too equally start SPEAKING LESS and doing more from now as those actions alone ultimately do wonders compared all that you are into presently?” 
  • “Why not you too equally rise to the occasion forgetting many of the earlier usual wrongs done by others thru' SILENCE for a while?” 
  • “Why not you too equally SWITCH OFF all that conflict in you, sleep peacefully and get up tomorrow morning fresh with an open mind to an entirely new life in front?” 
The dream suddenly ended with a loud laughter from my group and happy clapping.. It appeared the movie ended with every one feeling quite happy and contented.. As I got up rubbing my eyes and stepped into the hall, one of the members remarked, "Were you sleeping?  Oh! You missed the best part of the movie.. The end is truly Classic.. We thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Instantly, I with all warmth at the back of a great renewed energy smiled at them saying within myself softly..

"No dear! Like you I too could watch, not the usual movie but the eternal movie (drama) of my mind crystal clear and I can say now with all firmness that the end here is not just a feeling of watching a Classic Master Piece.. Sure a million times worth that experience! 


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Monday, October 24, 2016


I worked hard, produced the End Product and thought coolly, 
“Now I can get my Salary in a Royal Way!”
But my consciousness cautioned.. 
“Here a Quality Product is needed from you!”

I shook off myself, produced the Quality Product and thought coolly..

“Now I can get my Salary in a Royal Way!”
But my consciousness cautioned..
“You should bring out such a Product in time!”

I became attentive, produced the Quality Product in time and thought coolly..
“Now I can get my Salary in a Royal Way!”
But my consciousness cautioned.. 
“Your Employer should be able to sell your Product in the Market!”

I stuck to the full discipline needed, waited patiently for the sale to materialize and thought coolly..
“Now I can get my Salary in a Royal Way!”
But my consciousness cautioned.. 
“The Competitor should not come in the way of your Employer's Future Business!”

I worked smartest and partly helped my Employer succeed over the Competitor in getting the Orders and thought coolly..
“Now I can get my Salary in a Royal Way!”
But my consciousness cautioned.. 
"Now the Customer should continue patronizing your Product!”

I improved my skills, grasped the knowledge in the related fields, worked efficiently to produce the improved End Product meeting the changing needs of the Customer and then thought coolly,
“Now I can get my Salary in a Royal Way!”
But my consciousness cautioned.. 
"True Customer Satisfaction required all the time can just become zero with a single mishandling of the situation!”

Sure at the back of 

I started working diligently with 100% care and alertness from my side and from then onwards

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Sunday, October 23, 2016


  • Under youthful compulsions having got involved in certain activities which He was sure His father never approved, He firmed up, wrote on a piece of paper the wrongs He had done and silently handed over it to his ailing father asking him to pardon him promising never to repeat that in his life!
  • When came to know that a close acquaintance was plotting to kill Him, one night He straight away went to his house and as the acquaintance opened the door, smiled and said, "I'm here at your doorstep right now and here's the knife.. You can complete your job you planned.. I never informed about this to any one!"
  • When the Judge acquitted Him of not guilty and freed Him, He said with all firmness, "I don't want to go from here with the issue in front unresolved!"
  • When came to know that His roommate was into certain unethical activities, He straight headed to his room and having caught the roommate red handed, instantly asked him to leave His room.. When that man threatened to defame Him too there, He said with all firmness, "I don't care.. You just leave the place and go from here!"
  • Whenever someone used to praise Him, feeling highly uncomfortable He vehemently used to search for the defects in Him and as soon as found one used to declare, "I'm not that great.. I too have a defect!"
  • Seen as their Right with tenants of his houses continue staying in the premises, he quickly made them owners of the respective houses by straight away surrendering His ownership to them!
  • Having understood that the basic purpose of marriage is continuation of the progeny as per the Nature's requirement, at one stage with full concurrence from his spouse, he took a Vow to practice Brahmacharya for the rest of his life and accordingly lived thru' that!
  • Misunderstanding His principles of non violence, as the inmates of Ashram passively kept quite when the place was attacked in His absence, on return knowing fully what happened, He remarked, "Instead of surrendering thus, I would have been truly happy had you fought courageously against the wrong doers!"
  • In His Ashram amidst many reptiles, a few times with the dangerous ones too moving freely, His ever instruction there was, "Unless they are in an attacking mode, we will not disturb their living as much as possible!"
  • When someone cautioned Him saying that the enemy was too powerful, He smiled and said, "They may torture me or kill me and nothing more they can do.. I'm prepared for both!" 

These are sure the certain Noble Acts of
  • Self Surrender,
  • Self Restraint,
  • Self Denial and 
  • Self Sacrifice
which the Great Man had preached, practiced and lived thru' His life ultimately becoming the True Hero in the eyes of even the powerful enemy too against whom He put up passive resistance thru' the Nonviolent Movement and got us our Sacred Independence..

He is none other than 
Our Father of Nation 
Sri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 
and forever being
The Great Personality of Yesteryears 
sure remains as 
The Silent Supreme Hero
in hearts of many of us for the 
Exemplary Truthful Life
He lead on this earth ever trying to establish
Peace and Harmony in Human Life!

And the best thing about my country is that such a Great Personality was born in this country,

Worked with a never ending dedication thru' continuous sacrifice,
Fought against the Mighty Empire thru' the Principle of Non-violence alone 
Secured total freedom for millions of its citizens! 

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Friday, October 21, 2016


"Sir! I understand that I'm a bundle of beliefs and follower of rituals.. No doubt, with proper rationalization and firmness of mind, I can say 'No' to many of these and some of them I can manage not to influence my living but with respect to a few, I doubt whether I can say 'No' to them at this point of time in my life.. Can you share your thoughts on this?"
  • "Dear! No doubt, rationalization and scientific enquiry are the basis for questioning anything in this life but you should remember that there's a limit to this when the issues become too personal..
  • There as I would be more identifying myself with those beliefs and rituals, straight away saying 'No' to that my 'self' is truly a herculean task and equally never advised by the Great Personalities of the world..
  • Instead, a medium path of living with them by the side is advised simultaneously never leaving the spirit of questioning with me all along remembering the fundamental law of Nature Viz.,

Any tiny movement of mine in respect of
Expanding as well as Asserting myself 
in my life sure leads to 
A certain inevitable 'Less' around 
without a single exception 
As long as my body and mind are a reality with me..
With such a reality around me 
I should constantly try my best to lessen this 'Less' I cause around 
wherein my discipline in general starts with 
A Rule Bound Attitude from me without an exception! 
  • And that doing alone makes me see directly the interference of my beliefs and rituals to the sacred task I have taken up instantly making me drop them off and go ahead with a renewed energy within me.. 
  • As I thus move in my life, I soon would hit a 'dead stop' beyond which I may not be able to drop off my beliefs and rituals and the only way there is continue living that life 'As Is' but ever remembering what the Great Men had said towards the Ultimate Perfection Viz., 
'It's not important what type of life I lead in this world but 
With what state of mind I leave this world!'
'If all the Creatures of the Universe queue up 
in the descending order of their capabilities, 
I would like to be behind the last One!'"

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


As a student wished for few Rupees on hand and the dad agreed to give that saying..
  • "I'm giving you here the max.. No more murmurs.. Be disciplined and study well!" 
  • "YES!"
Saying thus promised the dad instantly jumping within with an unknown joy.. Few years passed and the same pocket monies were soon less interesting.. Right in time got the job as per the qualification..
  • "He gets a 4 figure salary!"
Was the then talk in his friends' circles..
  • "Finally got what I wanted!"

Were the then his thoughts.. Again few years passed..
  • "This Salary should go up.. How long to take these small amounts and continue the same life style!"
Was the constant murmur from him.. Soon became the Manager at a very young age with monies in hand gone up quite a bit..
  • "Now I can adapt to a decent life style!"
Were his instant joyous thoughts.. But quickly noticed that larger monies sure were needed to meet the aspirations aimed at in bringing up the family to the best level.. And every moment the then thought was,
  • "Money, Money and Money!" 
In time it was a very Senior Post.. The Boss said,
  • "I am paying the highest salary here!"
Yes.. Truly that could afford buying a decent flat in prime location.. But the aspiration was no less..
  • "Nothing less than owning a Bungalow!" 
And that found its own way in 2 yrs when the Chamber carried the Board ‘The General Manager’ with his salary and bonuses together running in 6 figures..
  • "This is life!" 
Was almost firmed up the then thought of him.. But that satisfaction having lived short time, the provoking thought took over…
  • "This job soon wishes 'Goodbye' to me thru' retirement putting all my capabilities to a corner.. Right time to start own business where the returns are going to be phenomenal!"
The Next 10 years had gone unnoticed making the best out of the situation..
  • "A very successful man in his life!" 
Were the comments around.. But was heard on an evening while chatting with a close friend..
  • "Dear! Am now 65 and people say that I earned lot.. But I know my bank balances.. These monies are nothing compared to the assets of the bigwigs around me in the field and………."
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Monday, October 17, 2016


The Great Saint humorously said in a congregation of His Devotees..

“If Spirituality is like an object of certain material, shape and size, I would have been surely robbed of that by this time!” 

The Great Man thus conveyed two vital aspects of Spiritual Life in this context that.. 

Spirituality is totally a different Entity from the usual earthly benefits available around us and can never be compared to any of these worldly gains or achievements obtainable through a process of dedicated working and disciplining oneself! 
Spirituality being such an Entity, no one can ever get that to himself/herself with help any Master or Great Man in the Spiritual field however highly evolved that Soul may be! 

The Great Saint truly educates us at the 2nd point saying,

With such a keen interest to embrace the Spiritual Life, one may be fascinated easily by a few advantage seekers in the Field who themselves are neither Spiritual nor perfect and thus finally end up nowhere.. Instead..
Embracing the usual family/social life with various responsibilities attached is ideal for most of the people!" 

The Master truly clarified the same point through His advice once given to a humble man who was finding it difficult to concentrate on God saying, 

“As you love your own goat kid very much, imagine the picture of your little goat in place of your Deity and thus continue your Spiritual Practice.. You are truly blessed!” 

The Great Men in the Spiritual Field for ever stressed the point..

”This is what I am experiencing presently in my life..
See it yourself, 
Confirm within yourself and thus 
Steer your life accordingly.. 
All aspirations are good.. 
All paths are welcome.. 
All methods are recommended.. 
Provided the doing would sure bring in an improvement to the status of the man next to you and to the quality of life around you in general!" 

Unless this materializes, any doing on my behalf in the direction of Spirituality is neither Great nor Truly Spiritual!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


How are you doing? Hope you are in great spirits but all along I wish to narrate here some of my findings of life which will be helpful to you at this stage of life.. Pay due attention to this..

1. I know, you are soon going to get into your Professional College.. There, you would be learning your basic skills and would be receiving in the end a Degree Certificate and a Conduct Certificate. Make sure that you pick up your skills properly and your Principal writes ‘good’ in the Conduct column before signing both of which alone ultimately get you into your Employment.. And never neglect these life long assets of yours else sure you'll in no time prove that

  • Neglect is the fore runner of regret!
2. The next.. Safeguard your health and practice safety to the core all along by simply keeping off from the wrong practices and wrong habits as it's often said that
  • Health is wealth and Mishaps do happen single!
3. As you start living thru' your life thus, simultaneously get soon a reasonable stamped approved social behavior as by joining the majority of the Society who are bound by orderly behavior and thus feel safe first rather than stand single and feel threatened.. No doubt, the wrong is to be questioned everywhere, but forever thru' proper channels alone and never singly without a support.. And here..
  • Patience is truly the virtue, no doubt!
4. The next.. Have ever a feeling of being watched by the Law Keepers because it may look easy to break the barriers there but forever the long arm of law is powerful and it never leaves one who deviates.. Remember..
  • Delinquency is no doubt a sin in this case!
5. The 5th point I want to stress max is.. Start working to the core in your Employment as all the potential future Employers never will pay and buy a head ache.. As one's basic survival is connected to his/her working on this earth, why think of anything else here? That's why.. It's very rightly said..
  • No pains; no gains!
6. Next to this activity, involve deep into the family life which would be with you in time as it's forever a Great Responsibility of ours being watched by all around both in tough and good times.. And equally this Sacred Activity with you alone is the sure way of yourself growing up within and you know very well that..
  • East or West, Home is the best!
7. All along handle your money well..  Money isn't to be worshiped but is ever precious as it's very much used throughout our life. On a rainy day, one cannot earn but consumes.. Have a discipline in spending and safeguard all your precious monies in different investments.. And remember here that..
  • A lakh has one hundred thousands only; not a single more than that!
8. Further to this always have a hobby as..It's a must that one expresses through one of the famous Arts broadly defined in books.. That Expression alone is the gist of life and none should ever kill it within themselves and become rotten because
  • Art is forever long; life is short!
9. The 9th equally important point here I want to stress is.. Be simple in your life by going to the core and trying to do all basic works by yourself even if some one else can easily help in those like feeding the body, washing, waste disposals and arranging all round for the body’s requirement.. These activities you must continue doing even if you are placed at the highest in society.. As ultimately you know that..
  • God helps those who help themselves!
10. And the final and the most important aspect in one's life.. is involving in the works for community around and be supportive to the needy.. As this attitude however small it may be when it dawns in you, it gives enough strength to face difficulties with a smile, get up again and continue your activities..The Eternal Calmness.. Truly Worth the millions of worldly possessions.. And this Message all along you learnt in your schooling too Viz.,
  • Service to Humanity is Service to God!
Best Wishes


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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Yes..The ten headed Ravan within me sure need to be killed on this Festival Day thru' a sincere attempt from my end by having a thorough look into the 10 wrong thoughts and the related attitudes discretely embedded within me simultaneously replacing them with the corresponding right ones thus..

'I have all of my possessions intact with me and all of the so called my people too are very much around me..' 
A contempt attitude towards people..
'I may have all of my possessions intact with me but more important is that all my people are very much around me..'
A loving attitude towards people!

'I am fully the owner of these possessions as they were inherited by me from my ancestors and further developed through my hard work..'
Strong attachment for possessions.. 
'I am only just a Trustee to these possessions even though these were inherited by me from my ancestors and further developed through my hard work..'
Lessened attachment for possessions!

'I have an absolute right here to use my possessions and thus lead a life of fulfillment nothing less..'
Superficial understanding of one's rights and responsibilities..' 
'I may have an absolute Right here to use my possessions but that is just to lead a decent life alone nothing more..'
Deeper understanding of one's rights and responsibilities!

'When I thus live through this luxury, that alone is my happiness and there alone lies a meaning to my life..'
More enjoyment conscious.. 
'When I thus live through this decency, that alone is my happiness and there alone lies a meaning to my life..'
Lessened enjoyment!

'All along in my life, people will be coming to and going away from me..' 
A certain hatred for people's normal behavior.. 
'All along in my life, people will naturally be coming to me and equally be going away from me..'
Understanding the reality of life! 

'They may be smiling at me but they have their own interests.. And meeting their interests alone is their sole aim and in the process they would be trying to get their works done through me..'
An indignation feeling towards others.. 
'They may be smiling at me but they have their own priorities.. And meeting that is naturally their interest and in the process they would be trying to get their works done through me..'
A True Caring Attitude for others!

'Pretending to be on my side, they would do their own jobs for max time and would fend themselves in total..' 
A condemning attitude everywhere.. 
'Being on my side alone, they can do their jobs in time and thus can take care of themselves well..'
Supportive for the Cause!

'I wish they be with me too for a good amount of time and further be helpful to me the maximum..' 
Maximum expectation.. 
'I wish they do this well as much as possible and beyond alone be helpful to me if needed..'
Minimum expectation!

'If I stress on that a bit firmly, no one is really prepared to be with me so easily including people in my close circles..' 
An ever doubting nature of people.. 
'Here, I should never stress on my requirement, as all are really prepared to be with me including people in my close circles..
Believing beyond with care! 

'And that way seen, no one is really with me especially in times of crisis.. I feel sad that I am really lonely with so many of the so called my people around..' 
A desperate lost feeling.. 
'And that way seen, every one is really with me all the time.. I feel happy that I am never lonely in my life with so many of my people around..'
A contented and happy feeling!

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