Friday, December 30, 2016


I will be constantly interacting with the world at 3 Levels..

  • Level 1: I act to satisfy my basic self interest beyond the decent existence level,
  • Level 2: I act to satisfy my elevated self interest thru' taking care of my people and
  • Level 3: I act to satisfy my sublimated self interest thru' taking care of people other than my own heard of or come in contact with me at short notice..

These 3 Levels of actions are perfectly feasible for me in my life in this world with my own understanding and the only point here is I should have a will to act amidst such a scenario with all ease..

As I cross Level 1 and start acting at Level 2 with a certain joy and perfection I'm sure I stepped into the stage of being human and when I, with all ease out of an inherent happiness within me extend my services supporting Level 3 activity, I can say that I stepped into the stage of the evolved human being with no end seen to that service level within my basic capabilities and energies..

The Great Man made it a point in His life to see that a Guest not identified as a 'single person' permanently lived with Him apart from the usual members of His Family..

  • “It's one of our duties many times to serve the so called 'Outsider' whom we usually keep off from the ‘List’ of ‘My own’.. This action no way interferes with our responsibilities towards the defined members of the family.. It is the way of fighting out the limited ‘My own’ and expand beyond and is perfectly in tune with Nature and laws of the society.. Any resistance in limiting this is only to be seen as block for one's own evolving on the lines of his/her own dharma!”
were the observations of the Great Man in this context.. As I look at the living style of my own in general, often I would be coming across..
  • A neighbor who knocks at my door at odd hrs.. 
  • A friend of mine who drops in unexpectedly.. 
  • A distant Relative of mine whom I tried to avoid all these days and who shifted to my Town recently starts visiting me every weekend.. 
  • A close Colleague of mine while moving out on transfer expects me to accommodate part of his burden.. etc instances.. 
In such circumstances, can I just look at these people as simply 'God-send' to receive my services, thus happily spend a small part of my energies, time and monies on them and genuinely meet their requirement? If truly done so, what the Great Man had said is equally done at my own level so effectively..

  • The very number one purpose of myself living on this Earth as human!
The Post is written in line with the requirement of INDISPIRE PROMPT What would be your idea of an evolved human being?#beingtrulyhuman

Being Human

Monday, December 26, 2016


On a day, a man moved to distant lands on the other part of the globe on a long vacation and from the next day to that, he was actively involved in close interactions at the new place.. In no time, he was greatly inspired by the new cultural and polite talk around him staring from his neighbor's little girl's words..

  • “Hi! This Cup we don’t need any more.. Keep it with you.. Thanks a lot.. Bye!” 
  • “How do you do?” 
  • “Did you find everything?” 
  • “You are Welcome!” 
  • “Excuse Me..Thank you very much!” 
  • “It's OK.. Good Bye!” 
“How much care these people take in their dealings with others? Every word is weighed to precision before one speaks backed by a great respect all along carrying much importance to the next man and the same is taught and insisted upon from the very young age!"

He quickly recollected the usual talk nothing great mentioning at his place starting from his neighbor’s child.. 

  • “Uncle! This item is yours.. My Mom had asked me to return it to you.. Please take it!” 
  • “Ok.. Go.. If I start selling this for the price you asked for....."
  • Hello! Move on.. We don't have so much time like you!"
  • "What are you saying? Don't you know that.....?"
  • "Yaar!.. It appears you have no other work!" 
  • "Hi! Don't you have some common sense?"
One evening, as usual the gentleman took his 3 yr old grand child for play in the Apartment Complex.. The child was too playful, was talking aloud all along and in the process just entered unknowingly the front yard of the ground floor Apartment..

  • “Hi! Silence Please.. I'm at work and getting disturbed!” 
was the curt comment from the Resident of the Apartment thru’ the window when the continuous talk of the Little One was distinctly heard.. The gentleman instantly felt shocked with such a comment but could say nothing there as.. No doubt the child had truly disturbed the man at work!

He instantly remembered an instance of a few children making great noise in his Apartment Complex corridor at his place when someone asked them move to the playground when unknowingly one child got injured thru a fall.. That was the limit..

Many critical comments were instantly out pointing out how wrong the man was in asking heartlessly the children playing not to disturb him and go away.. Had he forgotten the presence of God around him?

The man was instantly in ruptures..

  • “How much was I carried over by the polished attention shown here outward with many times the heart truly not doing that a 100%? May be, at my place the talk is not that polished and a few times a bit curt too but compared to the day to day hard life my people lead, definitely that reaction is 100% justified and in spite of that many times I see a helpful attitude alone there.. 
  • Where ever I may live, whatever life I may copy and however different I may behave, let me ever carry the feeling that  my Values and my Culture are forever Great!”
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Saturday, December 24, 2016

As I distinctly remember, they were the days when possessing telephone was a luxury and status symbol and the use equally was a pain when I was not a owner of that.. The early morning hrs of all Railway Terminus Stations used to witness long queues wherein a man was given just 2 minutes to talk to his near and dear that he arrived with the operator dialing and giving the phone to him..

The fun part of it used to be.. Whenever a wrong number was dialed by mistake, the operator invariably was made to ask those in queue whether any one wanted that connected number stressing the fact that how difficult it was to get a connection on phone.. And invariably the short comings of those days were

  • Less opportunity utilization, 
  • No great chance for potential growth, 
  • No way to express the competitive skills and 
  • Slow pace of over all economic growth 
the time being

A period of Under Use!

Thanks to the technology advancement, this scenario in communications rapidly changed to a faster, cheaper and reliable systems that enabled people move far away from their motherland with all ease taking up the opportunities that came up in their fields all along keeping the communications with their near and dear intact as well experiencing a certain
  • Ease in work areas, 
  • Feasibility of huge data transfers, 
  • Faster money transactions and 
  • Overall closeness of the world 
the time being

A period of Right Use!

Every coin invariably has 2 sides.. And the plus and simultaneous minus of anything is a fact in this life.. Ultimately, it is the man that should discipline himself in optimizing taking the benefit part to the required extent leaving the ease part to the system itself..

When such a diligent control is not exercised by man, the attitude

'Let anything happen, my enjoyment is important!'

soon engulfs and makes him glued to his Wi-Fi connections totally disregarding the fact that man in this world has a basic purpose of

'Communicating with the next man thru' active interaction heart to heart and a certain sacrifice!'

In such a case soon there would be in man

  • No interest for hard working, 
  • Lessened close family follow up, 
  • An attitude of keeping off the diligent hobby expressions and 
  • The tendency of avoiding Intimate social interactions around 
the time being

A period of Over Use in parallel if one is not disciplined!

No need to say that few nefarious elements of the society sure had gone a step further and created an equal scenario of misuse in parallel which is equally going on actively this day with the authorities in parallel becoming vehemently active in curbing those mushrooming evils in respect of

  • Misusing the content, 
  • Invading into privacy, 
  • Breaking the walls of secrecy and 
  • Aiming at personality degradation 
with the time going to be

A period of Misuse if one does not exercise caution!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt

In this world so connected with technology,we have actually lost our real connections.Technology has actually surpassed human-interactions.Real time Conversations became texting and Feelings became status updates.What you feel ?Share your views on it #AloneInWorldOfTechnology

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

We 3 friends visited the Ashram, took blessings of the Master and one of the friends asked,

"Reverend Sir! I constantly feel that I can do something better compared to what I am doing and equally feeling sorry for not doing that.. Do you advise my future course of action here with this thrust seen in me so distinctly?"

The Master looked at him and said,

  • "Dear! Calm down and streamline your responsibilities in day to day life.. That's the only way for you to have a meaning to your life at this stage as Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita forever reiterates....!"
Next, the other friend asked,

"Reverend Sir! I constantly feel that I am ever limited in my approach all along in respect of what I am doing and equally feeling sorry for the same.. Do you advise my future course of action here with this limitation seen in me so distinctly?"

The Master looked at him and said,

  • "Dear! Rise and take up more responsibilities in your day to day life.. That's the only way for you to have a meaning to your life at this stage as Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita forever reiterates....!"
Lastly I asked..

"Reverend Sir! I constantly feel that I am doing something nearer to what Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita forever reiterates.... and equally feeling delighted about that.. Do you advise my future course of action here if any with this prevailing attitude seen in me so distinctly?"

The Master looked at me and said,

  • "Dear! I have nothing to advise you, even though what Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita forever reiterates.... sure does good to mankind as..
  • When a man becomes conscious that he got established there, the pride behind that feeling instantly removes him to an infinite distance from that simultaneously making him eternally immune to receive an advice from a wise man which alone can ultimately bring him back to that!"
Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on distant loud speakers being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..
'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat

Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.' 

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged.. Better is even death in one’s duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


A man of 40s had to do a particular work..
  • “It’s just 2 hrs work.. A day’s leave is a waste here and I've to go almost the northernmost part of the city and come back for this single work.. Let me wait and pool up any other work that comes up in that direction and finish both at a time!”
He was right.. After 2 days, another work came up to be completed in the same area..
  • “Yes.. This takes about another 2 hrs but for 4 hrs of work, I should take full day off as my Company has no Half day Leave Policy.. Let me just wait for one more day and if some other work adds up, I can pool up that too and finish all together.. If not, I'll go ahead and finish at least these 2!” 
It so happened that the next day itself, he got one more work to be completed..
  • “Yeah.. Now, I've enough work to complete with a single day's leave.. Tomorrow, itself I'm going for these.. I already got the permission from my Boss for a day's leave!” 
Strangely, that evening itself another requirement in the center of the city came up..
  • “Great.. Patience is ever a Virtue.. See.. Now, I’ve a full day’s work for tomorrow.. Further if part of any work is left out too which many times possible, I can again plan to pool it up with coming up works and thus forever try optimizing my precious time and energies!” 
The next day as per the plan, when he came out of his home in the early morning hrs and was walking towards the Bus Stop to move on his works, he took a wrong step and instantly his foot got twisted which became worse and made him all most static as he tried to run towards the bus..

The bus went away, soon another came, but by that time the man totally lost the hope of going round doing all that hectic work, slowly moved back home limping and recovered only after a week's rest and small movements..

There was a Flash Message..

  • All along, you have forgotten that..The 'Delightful Plus' and 'Painful Minus' in life beyond a level are ever bosom friends!
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Monday, December 19, 2016


The grandma was listening to what the younger members around were talking on technology advancements in respect of communications..

“Aunty! Now a days the communications across the world are so unique and fast that you can easily and distinctly converse face to face with your dear ones living far away and express your emotions as you do when they are near to you.. The distance simply melts out here and the bonds forever remain intact!”

The grandma nodded her head with a smile and said, 

“Yes, dear! It truly helps a lot.. In fact, these days, I'm making use of this technology development in communication making daily video calls to my loved ones staying far away.. Only on 2 recent occasions, I was a little sad and disturbed thru’ this communication which appeared to be not so much supportive compared to face to face talk..”

She paused for a while and continued..

"The other day, I happened to show my little grandson the special toy car which I bought for him to be sent by post with its special sounds and dazzling colors and the cute Little One eagerly came forward extending his tiny hands to take it from me.. I was stunned instantly for misleading him thus and it made me sad for a while even though I sent it to him by post the next day itself..

On another day.. As soon as the video call was picked up at our end, the boy instantly noticed the fruit I just finished eating and started crying for the same.. When I enquired, by bad luck I came to know that the same was not available with my daughter at her home.. The Little One cried for a while and later was consoled but I felt very bad at my heart for giving a hope in the mind of the child of having his favorite fruit but physically not able to do that..

Apart from such small setbacks in this communication, the most interesting thing here is the way the boy happily converses with me making cute gestures, correcting me once in a way, innocently speaking out certain truths 1:1, the small smile he puts up on his face whenever we start speaking on this reality cum virtual interaction and how my boy uses the Mac from his end to converse with me himself doing all that finally ending with many hugs and flying kisses..

 I can never forget all those nice interactions with my boy and I kept with me the photo sent by my daughter showing how the tech-savvy little boy handles the Mac during our active conversation..

Whenever I see this photograph, it instantly brings a great joy in me and further makes me eagerly wait for my Little One's call on the appointed days at the appointed time!"

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

FROM 20s TO 70s..

At 25, the then young man was saying..

  • "I'm off for the whole day tomorrow to complete all my works planned as I'm on my hectic 2 week vacation tour from day after tomorrow.. I stuffed all that required in this my huge back pack, shoulder bag and carry bag.. I'll start around 7 AM and will return home late only by 10 PM!" 
At 38, the same man was saying..
  • "I'm off for the whole day tomorrow to complete some of my works planned.. Rest, I'll try to finish the day after as I planned my 10 day vacation tour from the ensuing day.. I stuffed the required in this my medium sized back pack and the shoulder bag.. I'll start around 8 AM and will return home around 8 PM!"
At 50, the then middle aged man was saying..
  • "I'm off for the whole day tomorrow to complete some of my works planned.. Rest, I'll try to finish the day after and the next week.. My outing for a week, I'll plan subsequently.. I stuffed the required in this my small back pack and the shoulder bag.. I'll start around 9 AM and will return home by 6 PM!"
At 58 the then would be retiring man was saying..
  • "I'm off for the day tomorrow to complete few of my works planned.. Rest, I'll not plan at this stage and wait for appropriate time.. My outing, let me plan for a couple of days if every thing goes smooth.. I stuffed the required in this my shoulder bag and the carry bag.. I'll start around 10 AM and will return home by 4 PM!"
At 65 the then Senior Citizen was saying..
  • "I'm off for half day tomorrow for my 3 of my works to be done.. There is further nothing to be done presently.. Outing? There's no energy to go round all that now.. Let me do something local if possible! I stuffed the required in my this small shoulder bag.. I'll start around 11 AM and will return home by 2 PM!"
At 70 the then Senior Citizen of advanced age was saying..
  • "I'm off for some time tomorrow for 2 of my works to be done.. There is further nothing to be done presently and I'll take rest.. I stuffed the required in my this small shoulder bag to move slowly with all ease.. I'll start around 12 Noon and will return home in an hr!"
At 74 the then feeble old man was saying..
  • "Tomorrow, I'll try to finish that single work to be done in my neighborhood.. I carry that required one paper in my hand and go there.. It's just 15 to 20 mts movement and is indirectly good for my health!" 
At 77 the would be very Senior Citizen said nothing..
  • As he stopped doing all that except going out for a short walk in the park in the neighborhood and spend some time there!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

  • The tiny and the weakest worm on the ground is seen sincerely digging thru' soil continuously out of an unknown happiness maximum searching for it's basic food and the activity goes on thus endlessly till the worm gets tired and needs rest for the day with other creatures around too doing similar basic search progressively expanding into the other activities based on their gradation of evolution.. 
  • The strong and energetic man somewhere else goes on with his plans of achievement continuously out of an unknown happiness maximum searching for that in store for him beyond his basic living requirement and the activity goes on thus endlessly till the man gets tired and needs rest for the day with others around him too doing similar activities as per their capabilities and requirements.. 
  • I'm no exception here and my search too continues thus in my life establishing a basic living for me and beyond trying to find out that in store for me till I get tired and need rest for the day.. 
Seen in distant perspective, all these actions en mass converge towards one single ultimate activity beyond basic living..

  • Search.. Search.. Search.. 
  • Search endlessly beyond the Basics.. 
  • Search for Stability and Permanency.. 
  • Search for the ever lasting Peace and Happiness.. 
  • Search for the Truth!
As days moved into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, that journey of my life amidst such hectic activities all along laced with pleasures and comforts, health and safety issues and personal problems moved on till date and further continues similar to a long road journey undertaken where,
  • The pleasures and comforts of my life like the in-between stops under shade on my way keep me eternally glued in there but I have to optimize quickly, leave each stop as per plan and the journey has to be continued..
  • The health failures and safety threats like the break-down stops on my way cripple my journey where in, the repairs have to be necessarily attended to on the spot and the journey has to be continued..
  • The problems of life like the rough paths, steep climbs, down slopes and sharp turns that come up on my way which slow down my pace where in they have to be addressed with all attention and care and the journey has to be continued..
Finally, in spite of the above care and discipline, as God’s Grace alone truly makes me complete the journey safely and reach my destination, the Universal Prayer..

Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niramayah
Sarve bhadrani pasyantu
Ma kashchit duhkha bhagbhavet
Om shantih shantih shantih!

May all be prosperous and happy
May all be free from illness
May all see what is spiritual uplifting
May no one suffer
Om peace, peace, peace!

Offered to the Almighty at the end of each day completes my activities for the day..

Thus goes my life this day in the Eternal Soul Search and Self Discovery endlessly!

The Post is written in line with the Indispire Prompt Life is a journey of self discovery. Describe your journey till now or a part of your journey which brought to closer to a truth about life or closer to your soul and self-discovery.#SelfDiscovery

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


A doubt was expressed in respect of consuming certain food even though kept under cold conditions..

The glutton thought..

"It’s a valuable food.. Very much required for us and we need a lot of it all the time.. If I forego this in the name of freshness and all that nonsense, I only have to buy it again.. Heard it was in fridge and low temps do preserve anything.. I can’t simply throw such stuff which is straight in front me!”

The Man of too many tastes thought..

“It’s my tastiest food.. We hardly get a chance to eat such foods.. How can I waste this one? It’s only a doubt expressed here, other wise everything seems to be alright.. Let me heat it up, add some more spices to it and make my best Lunch out of this.. Such foods should never be thrown!”

The greedy man thought..

“I already spent my precious money on this food and I can't throw it now.. Money doesn't grow on trees.. It’s only a small doubt here that the food was kept a little beyond.. No problem.. Many times, I consumed such foods and nothing happened.. Can’t waste monies in the name of all that freshness and the related talk.. Let me use it whatever others say!”

The principled man thought..

“We can't waste any food.. And, I say, it’s very much a sin to do so! Many around us are starving.. Let me see if I can make use of this in some fashion for consumption in smoother form and thus help in overall!”

The man of True Wisdom thought..

“I agree that we should never waste our food.. Yes! It is forever sacred and precious.. And our monies too are precious.. But seen the other side, my health and immediate safety too are much more precious.. So, let me not use it.. It’s better to allow to rot it outside naturally rather than inside my body.. Beyond, this body is like a Temple with me and the daily food with which I feed myself is like an Offering made to God.. Here forever,

  • Cleanliness, 
  • Freshness, 
  • Heat and 
  • Aroma 
are the required qualities of this Offering to God of this Temple with me..

Let me ever remember this, extend a similar discipline too outside, thus take care of safeguarding my future food, as well as the other life supporting elements and thus truly live a realistic life!”

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016



The Experienced know; 
The Immature think that they know! 

The Experienced forever take up welfare activities all along talking little;
The Immature relax the earliest talking a lot all along! 

The Experienced make the original foundations;
The Immature invariably living on such foundations, plan their own! 

The Experienced always function in the well known areas;
The Immature too appear to do so but only functioning in the shadows of the Experienced!

The Experienced ever carry an umbrella for Sun and Rain;
The Immature too carry such a one which squarely fails to open when needed! 

The Experienced first test and then believe;
The Immature straight away believe and of course sure will be tested in no time! 

The Experienced take every care before their footing;
No doubt, the Immature too are bothered there but in the style of their footing alone! 

The Experienced many a time drive through exigencies;
The Immature invariably driven into exigencies every time get caught there straight neck deep! 

The Experienced plan for a life time and live for the day;
The Immature plan for a day and expect the support last for a life time! 

The Experienced continuously drive people around following up their works;
The Immature no doubt are ever driven by few smart ones in the field forcing them complete their self interested works!

Experienced, Immature

Sunday, December 11, 2016


The senior members of the joint family famous for their quarreling nature were all in tears in front of the photo frames of their recently departed elders..

“How we wish you were all here on this joyous occasion!” 
“We miss you all very much on this day!” 
“This is the occasion, I know you loved the max.. Had you been here with us on this day……..” 
“We are very unfortunate.. The Function would have been much more grand with your…….!” 
“A great success in front.. How nice would it have been with your wishes in person on this day!” 

The smart youngest man of the family quipped, 

“Dear, Elders! Never do the mistake of coming back.. If by chance you do so, these wailing people only will indirectly send you back safely into the very photo frames again without fail!” 

It just appears as joke for the fun part of it but the quick lesson I can learn here is that without my own knowledge, many times whenever I interact with my groups at any place, I would be indirectly happy as well as insisting upon them to 
Concur with me, 
Take orders from me and 
Show results to me 
forever, which sure comes in the way of their 
‘Original Free Expression!’ 

Instead why not my people with me all along 
Express themselves the best 
Myself diligently overseeing the happenings, 
Work with full freedom under their own intuition 
Myself guiding them gently where required
Never wait to have a formal approval at every stage 
Myself truly delegating the responsibilities at appropriate stages of certain confident levels? 

As I pondered over deep into the life aspects, 
the above three Attitudes as well as the Wishes 
with me have appeared to be the fundamental requirement from my end for any meaningful life to be lead by me on this earth and thus they became the 
Three strong Wishes of mine today in my life 
partly fulfilled and partly being not
as the profound self interest of mine 
is ever instigating me to put a brake to these attitudes and rule the those under with 
full authority curbing their expressions
all along myself appearing under the guise of their 
Beloved Benefactor and Well Wisher! 

‘This post is a part of 
an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

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Friday, December 9, 2016


That evening, as I made the routine visit to the Temple to offer my Prayers and was returning, a New Message was in my ears all along..

'I positioned my entire World next to you for your active interactions after this Prayer.. I expect you let your 'self' sublimate thru' continuous interactions with my beloved live world thru' a Sacred Living comprising of more works of sacrifice with the self stressed forever as secondary..

Such selfless work very much feasible for you in your day to day life has 12 distinct qualities and if you open up your mind, you can easily get that to your heart Viz..

  • It is neither a drudgery work nor a work of great interest forever benefiting the doer, the person attended to and the world around equally.., 
  • It demands zero work experience but equally can never be purchased for any price a man is interested to pay.., 
  • There are no theories and experimentation around It as It is always done through a process of constant negation.., 
  • It is impossible to quantify or qualify this 'Great Work' at any point of time in one's life.., 
  • It never divides the Universe but always works through a Unification Process alone..,
  • One who does this Work to whatever extent is once for all freed from the burden of the mundane life to that extent..,
  • The ultimate fruits of this Work are the everlasting Peace and nothing less of it at any time..,
  • It forever is predominant when one interacts in this world with a feeling at heart for his/her next man..,
  • It sure comes into picture when the mind is cleansed of all those ideas, dogmas and theories and truly becomes open..,
  • It is sure part of all Worships provided one carries equal value in one's heart for similar Worships done around thru' individuals' own faith..,
  • It 100% exists next to you without yourself learning anything in the field, moving to any place in the world or coming in contact with prominent personalizes talked of around.. You alone need to see and recognize that and none else can do it for you.. 
Yes.. I sure got my 11 lessons of learning as I finished my walk and reached home.. I was thinking where I missed my 12th lesson when I suddenly saw in front of me, my little grandson totally engrossed in his painting and art work..

Seeing the Little one with a cheerful face busily engrossed in his work, the 12th lesson instantly was in front of me.. Yes..

  • It exists wherever the Artistic Expression is 100% out with the person totally lost himself/herself to that and invariably with all the Little Ones around us all the time who involuntarily do that without a say thru' their such Unique Expressions! 
The Post is written in line with the 
Indispire Prompt 

The 12 lessons, Indispire

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


A King visited the distant prosperous Kingdom on a request call..

He spent a few days there and the King of the prosperous Kingdom quickly showed him all those extra ordinary facilities he provided for his people in their routine life..

The King got very much inspired with all that and on return, decided to provide the same for his people too.. The friendly King of prosperous Kingdom in no time offered the expertise help required there with no cost at some places and with a small cost at other places and promised to continue giving that support..

The wise Minister raised his objection for the implementation of the new schemes saying that it was not a feasible idea for his people.. The King snubbed him off in no time as enough finances were there in the Treasury for the support.. The ambitious scheme was soon through..

In few weeks, the specific facilities were with people at every corner.. The King felt..
  • 'Where there's a will there's a way!' 
After all it was not a difficult job.. His ambition was to go ahead with the next program that was lurking in his mind..

But there was an issue.. A serious one indeed..

The facilities at various points in the kingdom in short time started giving problems of maintenance and upkeep.. An attempt was made to address the same but found that it was a Herculean job to do that as..
  • Expertise was not available around to look into the problems which had to be subsequently purchased continuously from the prosperous Kingdom at high cost, 
  • Spares were not available to the number required, 
  • A few available had prohibitive price as the quality had to be maintained and 
  • Spurious spares which were in no time in the market started giving problems the next day of their fitment.. 
In no time, the precious life saving finances, energies and time had to be diverted to maintain the ambitious Project going on which was impossible to do..

Thus, soon the facilities at all points in the kingdom were closed and people were back to their own ingenious ways of living their life without them.. The king was a just a mute watcher in front the whole Project being shelved through..

The wise Minister was right,
  • 'What you can't maintain through out the life, you should never have in the beginning itself!' 
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


A man of mid thirties was an expert in communication.. He often used to make convincing justifications and finally used to make listeners agree to what he had said.. Known people rated him as the best speaker and a convincing personality and thus carried a high respect for him!
An elderly well-wisher who observed his activities for quite some time, said one day..
  • “Dear! I've a question.. When you interact with people thru' an argument, what exactly is your aim there?”
"Sir! It's simple.. I always try to convince a person making him/her change and understand the Right!”
  • "Dear! It's not that easy to bring a change.. I may understand what a Great Man says but when I start living my life, my perception alone leads me there as my ignorance invariably controls me.. Still I carry my respect for the Great Man, listen to Him, and equally feel that I did the best as per His advice.. Don't you agree?” 
“Sir! Do you mean to say that all my talk here is truly a waste?”
  • “I don’t say that a 100%.. It's always one of our duties to bring out the ‘Right’ in front of people.. But the question forever is.. When, where and to what extent as all times, all moods and all situations are not ripe for that..
  • When people themselves are interested to know, you can tell them to the extent they show interest and wait patiently for them to question back.. Ultimately 'they getting convinced by themselves' alone is the best option with them.. 
  • May be you are not able to keep quite and so forcing your argument on the man next you.. Through this act, are you really helping the person or feeling 'great' in winning over him/her? If so, am I not doing the most cruel act in my life thru' this the so called dreaded habit once in a way?”
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Monday, December 5, 2016


Long ago, a man migrated to a distant village in search of livelihood due to continued dry spell.. On the day he entered the new village, it rained heavily.. The villagers welcomed the new entrant with an initial belief,
  • "The Lady Luck sure had sent him to us!” 
The man felt a little pride in that recognition.. Days moved on..

The rains continued and soon the villagers had a bumper crop in their fields and good finances in their chests.. They celebrated the event with a firmed up belief,
  • "The Angel Fortune sure had sent him to us!"
The man got further elated with the praise and recognition.. More days passed..

Soon the villagers used to take blessings of the man and find solutions to their trivial problems.. Where they could not do so, they ascribed those few to their own fate without losing faith in their benefactor with an ultimate belief..
  • "The Village Goddess had sure sent him to us!"
The man was totally at ease and comfort in that status given to him.. Days never stopped moving..

Suddenly there was a devastating Epidemic in the village.. The villagers with great faith approached the man to help them out.. The man caught neck tight with their strong belief couldn't tell them that he could do nothing in the situation.. Feeling helpless, he used to pray God to save him from the situation..

The epidemic of course was never kind to the villagers and did its max damage.. People had to slowly recover from the disease and for while life was a hell for them with continued weakness and loss of wages.. In that period, one affected man shouted out,

“The new entrant had wished for all this so that he could take over us to rule.. I saw him praying to God many times during this period..
  • Sure the village Goddess had not sent him to us!"
Another sufferer said aloud,

"Had he not come to our village, we wouldn't have lost our health and finances like this..
  • Sure the Angel Fortune had not sent him to us!"
The third one cried thru'

"He had brought us the ill luck and ruined our life..
  • Sure the Lady Luck had not sent him to us!” 
And that new thinking invariably had its own support from many as they were in serious difficulty.. And there the man ultimately had to face the wrath of villagers without an exception!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


My first hr:
  • No doubt many papers were in front to sign, the whole appeared to be totally Greek and Latin, there was no time to go thru' all and even doing that would not have educated me there to a great level at that point of time so, the immediate decision as well as the instruction was.. 'Simply sign all papers at one go!'
My first day:
  • It was very interesting and enthralling.. With everything looking so supportive and friendly, I decided that I would maintain a diary and note down all the happenings as record which subsequently I just did for few days and left.. That evening as I was out of my office with Rs 18 (1972 level) earned for the day which was a big money of those days, I had a great pride in me that finally I became something with some thing in bank account to do many things in life!
My first Boss:
  • He looked so co-operative and friendly that I straight away asked my Boss, "If I've a problem, can I refer to you?" not at all knowing that invariably it is the Boss that would ultimately do that at every stage of my work..
My first salary:
  • It was a big amount into my bank account as I never imagined such a huge money suddenly becoming mine coolly forgetting for a while that to reach that 30 days end, my dad had spent on me an equal amount or more of his salary for the month in advance.. I quickly kept half of it to be sent to my dad with a great pride of helping him again never knowing the endless monies, time and energies my parents had spent on me making me a man out of nothing..
My first leave:
  • It was a great feeling that I was travelling home.. Got leave sanctioned with a smile from Boss, booked my ticket and on the day of leaving as I asked the Boss permission to go early from work to catch my train, he smilingly said, "Yes.. Dear.. Sure.. The train is leaving at 3 pm only for people like you to catch it in time!" not knowing that he made that sarcastic comment venting out his anger at his piled up work..
My first Office travel:
  • That just looked like a fun travel.. I was not knowing why I am going except for the broad guidelines heard from the mouth of my Boss.. No doubt I was never there alone, a Senior at the new place took over me under an indirect request from my Boss and he made me do the rest and complete my travel purpose at the new place!
My first Office Colleague:
  • He is a great friend of me of today.. We became friends on that auspicious day of joining and continued all my years of service keeping contact wherever and whatever we were and thus remained forever as close friends of a life time!
My first travel home:
  • It was a great a feeling.. I was going home town as a proud earning member of my family.. I carefully purchased many dresses and gifts for near and dear at my home and carried all that stuff, reached home, with a great joy distributed all those gifts in person to every one and could see an unknown happiness on their faces as a response to that my doing.. That feeling was unique and ever remembered in my life! 
My first assignment:
  • It was a big pride of my life.. I was nothing in the beginning.. Became something thru' my schooling.. Became some thing special thru' my degree/specialization.. And finally became something unique thru' my first job where in years of experience that added volumes to that.. Today, it's a great pride to be identified as that specialist..
My first bye-bye to the routine financial dependence:
  • That was a great boon in my life.. Looking out for some one's approval to get a thing in the world is the number one pain in one's life and that inevitability of suffering had permanently gone with my start of working hard on my first job and continued beyond thus turning an entirely a new leaf in my life! 

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