Friday, September 30, 2016


They were on a holiday tour to the most exotic place on the earth!

"Oh.. My! That distant place appears amazing.. Looks too good to me.. Those green, green fields spread over huge area with the sun light falling at an angle and with the back ground picture of........ We got to go there as I can't miss such a scenic beauty during our trip.. Appears to be just 

The Heaven on Earth!" 

exclaimed a Member.. 

"Sure.. We'll be there in about 3 hrs going round the other scenic spots on our way!" 
assured the Senior Member.. 

"That's great.. I'll get the best photograph of that distant scenery standing at this place.. It'll take some time to capture one.. And this is going to be the life time memory of my visit to this place!" 

No doubt, they were at the new planned area in about 3 hrs.. 

"My God.. What a greenery around! This Place is so nice.. I love the scenery around.. See, that landscape at distance.. So many bushy bushy green trees and the small stream of waters running in between the rocks at the backdrop of the majestic hills touching the skies.. Looks to be truly
the Heaven on Earth
not the earlier one!" 
again exclaimed the Member.. 

"You are right.. The distant scenic beauty is too good from here!"
concurred the Senior Member..

I'll get the best photograph of that distant scenery standing at this place.. It'll take some time to capture one.. And equally not the earlier one but this is going to be the ultimate life time memory of my visit to this place!

Can we go there too if possible? I shouldn't miss anything of this sort during our tour!"

"We were at that place only 3 hrs back before coming here!"

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The 8 yrs old boy all of a sudden happened to witness a sad incident. That night his sleep got disturbed with bad dreams followed by an unknown shouting while on bed out of fear and the and the next day routine sleeping activity in no time became a terror. The Mom observed that and said the next day,

  • “Dear! From today on wards, we will repeat this Sloka of Strength with us before going to bed.. Say with me now.. 

Ramaskandham hanumantham vainateyam vrkodaram 
shayane yah smarennithyam duh swapnam thasya nasyathi
  • The Mighty, Strong and Powerful Lord Hanuman, Garuda and Bheema by your side drive away your bad dreams making you sleep sound!”
And that just clicked with the boy as he believed his Mom beyond and instantly he was freed from his fear and misery simultaneously an unknown strength replacing that..

Thanks to the Mom's timely take care! 

The Mom further said,
  • "Dear! All our problems should always be resolved with good care and attention from us.. And remember God expects us do all this before we approach Him.. But in spite of doing this if the problem still troubles you, Pray to Lord Shiva with all devotion.. 

"Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya 
Hara Hara Bole Namah Shivaya!" 
  • And sure Lord Shiva Heals you from all those left out troubles!" 
Time never stopped and 4 decades passed.. The young boy was the then full responsible man of certain confidence and a very busy personality at his work, home and elsewhere too in his life..

Unfortunately on a fateful day, he was involved in an accident where everything was soon OK except his confidence and an unknown fear temporarily gripped him pushing him into continuous sleepless nights..

The man was helpless for a while but suddenly on a day he remembered the second advice given by his mother for any persistent troubles in his life..

Instantly coming to full attention that night, he bowed down in front of his mother's photo and started singing within the Sacred Song she had taught him with all devotion till he went to bed..

It was a real wonder.. What nothing else could do, his firm belief in his Mom’s Saying worked, he slept well that night and got up fresh the next day!

Further he continued doing that night after night with all devotion, soon became better and was back to his normal activities.. And no need to say that in a short time, he was sure the earlier man of unshaken confidence and thrust in all his activities..

Again, thanks to the Mom's loving take care in time!

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Monday, September 26, 2016


"There's nothing great in life as change is truly a phenomenon in the world and thus there's no point in holding on to the thinking that life should go on as I wish.. Better relax here and let the reins be loosened keeping just the broader goals and controls with me.. It's worth living thus as at least I'm not surprised if something deviates from my plan and would be ready to absorb the change with a firm mind!" 
  • "Dear! You may say all that but never we should firm up on this type of philosophy for us nor recommend it to any one!"
"Sir! Many times I had seen you advising people to take cool and relax.."
  • "Yes.. I said so to few people who were suffering from certain loss.. But not in all places!"
"What's the point you don't tell this cool philosophy when everything is fine but when one is cornered with no escape you say.. Take it cool? Instead, am I not right when I constantly say thus?"
  • Dear! The Great Personalities who are truly the Dynamos of Living at an Elevated Level where in they directly perceive the Cause and Effect alone can talk on that Truth.. 
  • And remember, even those Great Men too all the time advocated living our life full with dynamic planning, working for the goals and partly enjoying the fruits of those actions equally sharing our gains with others and nothing less of it at any time!
  • Those sacred doings alone ultimately give us enough strength of sailing thru' the occasional downs of our life enabling us rise to the greater levels of understanding and thus become more useful to ourselves, the people next to us and the world at large!
Leaving this great task in front of you and never seeing the beauty of life around you as is, what's that you advocate thru' your saying that there's nothing great in life, its an empty dream etc other than becoming lethargic being neither useful to yourself nor to the society?"

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Sunday, September 25, 2016


Yes.. The classic train arrived at the prestigious station whistling all thru' and stopped. A look inside showed instantly a great wonder.. The short train with 4 compartments was totally empty.. Never seen such a train before in my life..

Initially, I thought it was not my train but in no time, I was told that I should quickly getting into it as it won't stop for a long time.. Thus I got into a totally empty train for the first time and equally it was no go for me with a silent threat looming at my back!

Thus left with no choice as I got in to the empty train, it started moving slowly and in no time picked up speed.. Soon it was passing thru some ridges and valleys making a continuous sound and I was worried seeing the speed at which the engine was pulling, it may jump off the tracks at any moment but the design of tracks and the train was so robust that nothing happened like that!

Soon my train passed through a station with great speed without stopping with few passengers waiting with luggage in their hands to board the same and continued its further onward journey..

In no time it was passing over a long bridge making a beautiful rattling sound, successfully crossed it and the next moment was into a long tunnel like thing.. At the next station, it stopped but none was waiting for the train and none got down too as it was empty!

Thus continued my travel, I was soon tired of the monotonous journey totally alone and wished that I get down soon.. And to my surprise, suddenly I was told aloud that my stop was coming up and I should be ready to get down.. I followed that instruction almost mesmerized with the whole journey experience going on smoothly and arriving safely at my destination!

As soon as I got down, I wanted to thank my driver as he truly helped me complete my journey so safely and as I moved and approached him with a small reward for helping me out thus, He just took it and gave me a broad smile feeling great within for the successful job he just completed!

The story is truly complete only when my Readers just click here to know what exactly was this strange empty train that helped complete my journey..

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It was one of the standard toy trains with all built in tracks, bridges, tunnels, stations etc which was neatly laid out successfully by my grand son and the empty train made it's journey I being the only forced passenger on it!

And thanks for visiting the link!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Yes.. I felt proud and further firmed up.. 
5 Celebrities from different walks of life will be invited to dine with me on my newly bought dining table with 6 chairs.. As such an action subsequently widely talked of would sure be 
A feather in my cap! 

The next day morning, as I moved out of my house to personally post the invitations to the Celebrities, 
I was surprised to see many eager faces at my door looking at me with an unknown expression on their faces.. And as I made my way to move, I heard those faces softly whispering into my ears.. 

"We are the Primary Contributors 
to all those raw/ready made/cooked foods you procured/are going to procure 
sure to be spread out on your table on the day of the proposed Event and consumed with so much elegance and joy.. In the process what is the return you are giving us?" 

"But I paid for all thru' my pocket and it's not less.. What can I do further? 
Unfortunately, you are at the end of this giant distribution system!" 
was my usual reply.. 

"Feel for the group working at the 
Basic end of this Essential Supply Chain as Heroes, 
remain humble and try utilizing the output only for the basic requirement of yours just extending your happiness a bit here and there if required but never to the extremes of continuous enjoyment and elation and thus be disciplined in your life!" 

"How will that really help you out in getting the standard returns for your basic contribution?" 

"Yes.. It helps us ultimately.. 
When you thus value our production, carry a feeling of sanctity in consuming and you along with others try diverting your attention from the unwanted excess, soon sure all of you would see the cause and effect directly of all this happening each one of you thus becoming a 
Dynamo of a Silent Revolution 
thru' which alone we, 
The Prime Contributors 
are ultimately benefited!" 

The strange dream suddenly ended taking me off my sleep and as I slowly got up and started looking back into my dream.. 

Instantly I bowed down to all those 
Basic Contributors of my Food Supply Chain 
with an ultimate promise in my heart that.. 

"I forever worship these 
Sacred Contributions of my Essential Supply 
and see that all these supplies are consumed with a 
Thanks Giving Feeling 
spreading similar message around me to the max extent as such a thoughtful living alone would ultimately be 
The Right feather in my cap!" 

..And the party with my Celebrities was temporarily dropped! 

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Friday, September 23, 2016


The time was 0730 AM.. It was the first out going call from home..

"Mr Suresh! Ganesh here.. Hope you would be at Office by 0830 and start doing the work we discussed yesterday.. Don't disturb me on this further as

I got to prepare for tomorrow's meeting and I'm already running short of time.. Okay?"

At 0800 hrs, the same phone was again in liberal use..

"Mr Vignesh! I'll finish checking our Suresh's work by 0930 hrs and by then you should be ready to brief me. Remember, no more postponing here as

I got to prepare for tomorrow's meeting and I'm already running short of time.. Okay?"

Further to that, it was another out going call at 0930 hrs..

"Hello.. Dinesh.. How are you dear? Yaar! I'll finish my Morning Meeting by 12 Noon. Let's have our lunch at 1230. It's so many days we haven't truly met.. Got another Meeting at 0130.. Sorry to say.. Please don't delay as

I got to prepare for tomorrow's meeting and I'm already running short of time.. Okay?"

The next out going call was at 0300 PM.. 

"Hi Veeresh! How are you? Do you remember? Today, we have to meet at 0330 PM.. I got to say something to you quickly on our next week's Program. Don't delay dear.. My man is sitting on my head.. Subsequent to this,

I got to prepare for tomorrow's meeting and I'm already running short of time.. Okay?"

The time was 5 PM.. One more out going call..

"Hello, Ritesh...... Sorry, Am very busy with my work.. Almost running minute to minute.. Today impossible.. OK.. OK.. Come at 0530 dot.. Come prepared so that you can brief me quickly.. No delays allowed please as you know,

I got to prepare for tomorrow's meeting and I'm already running short of time.. Okay?"

At 0630 PM, the last out going loud call..

"Hello.. Hi! Ramesh! Don't call me so many times.. I'm not here freely avaialable...... What? You are waiting since.........? Dear! For you hrs may not matter but for me every sec matters.. OK.. Listen now.. Tomorrow morning at 0800 sharp see me in my chamber.. A minute late.. Don't blame me.. I can't help.. OK.. Have to go now as..

I got to prepare for tomorrow's meeting and I'm already running short of time.. Okay?"

The next day early morning, it was again the first out going call from home..

"Sir..Good Morning.. Ganesh speaking.. Morning, in a hurry as I was having my coffee, the cup slipped from my lip, fell to ground and broke into pieces..

As I was cleaning up the mess, a sharp porcelain piece got into my foot and......... I was advised not to move..........."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"I'm straight forward and firm. I always speak out what's the right known to me without hesitation and further doing the right known to me well within the frame work of law and approved social behavior.. But still I'm criticized and often targeted..

Whenever this is done, I never yield to all that and try to explain that no mistake is done from my side.. Instantly people give a big sermon saying I should be more social, amicable and of adjusting type.. I get fed up, many times just keep off from all interactions and become silent in my life! Am I doing anything wrong here?"

"Dear! Our Scriptures very much ascertain that we always live at the level of truth known to us in this world and never deviate from this on both sides except a little here and there..While living thus, I'm sure we all need to associate with people around us at various levels and in various situations continuously in our life.

And the right words here to carry on this Sacred Task are

  • Confirming to the Social Order around!
Thus sticking to the right social behaviour becomes part and parcel of our life and that sure itself is a science of understanding with us comprising of
  • Routine exchange of warm greetings, 
  • Living thru' the known mannerisms and 
  • Actively involving in give and take!
With such an attitude from your side when you approach others, I'm sure you would straight away be accepted as their man and people very much come forward to co-operate with you..

Once this channel of communication is successfully established, it ever becomes easy for you to tell your point of understanding the right and do subsequently in that line and all such messages/doings sure slowly percolate into the hearts of people towards ultimate acceptance, I've no doubt!


  • Even the Hermit too though totally left the world and embraced seclusion ever full within Himself all the time would once in a way smile and join people at His own level to meet the requirement of longing coming up in Him now and then due to traces of ignorance left out .. Then how can we, the normal humans at any time keep off from actively interacting with people at our levels just because we get into a few confrontations here and there?" 

Sunday, September 18, 2016


The daughter was traveling abroad for settlement joining her family at the new place.. The dad neatly packed 4 big bags and kept them ready for her travel..

"4 big bags, dad? They allow only 2 on my Flight!”

“On extra payment they allow more number of bags, dear!”

"Dad! I can't travel with so much luggage.. It's a problem when I check In and when I go out at my destination.. And the usual Taxis there can’t take 4 big bags!”

"No worry, dear! you can hire 'Instant Help' at both the points and the special bigger Taxi when you come out!”

"But we have to pay heavily for all these extras!"

"I've loaded your card account with the necessary money.. And I kept extra cash in your wallet for these on the spot payments!"

"Ok.. Tell me what's all that stuff inside these bags!"

"Dear! The 1st bag has all that you gave me to pack as your essentials.. The 2nd has the gifts given to you by the near and dear!"

"That's quite right.. I need to keep all these with me!"

"The 3rd one has those items you love to have with you as I know. You alone bought all of them and stored safely all these days!"

"But that stuff is not much of use now.. I can as well leave that here!"

"Once upon a time you only bought these with so much love and care.. It's my duty to send all this to your new home!"

"Okay agreed, But why a 4th one here?"

"That's specially from my side!"

"From your side? What else is due to me from your side? You have done so much for me all these years!"

“Dear! At a certain point of time in the coming days I, under the influence of forgetfulness or any other usual emotions with me may do some 'Less' for you. Such happenings in spite of being rare, that 'Less done' would sure produce a never ending pain in the heart of a father which he had to live thru' all his later life with no escape..

Here, I'm doing little more in advance now itself so that in future there would be a lesser chance for such a pain take over me in my life!

And keep a blank notebook with you to note down any doubts you wish to clarify with me subsequently when you travel!"

Tears rolled down the daughter's cheeks as she murmured within..

"Yes, dad! You said the last point very much right.. A blank notebook sure helps me note down the most important query I want to clarify with you.. And right now I'm noting down that here!"

Saying thus she opened a blank notebook next to her and scribbling something in it as she left the place, a gust of wind thru' the window in no time turned over the papers exposing the single query written by the beloved daughter in bold letters which could be read by every one around..


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Saturday, September 17, 2016


Bhajagovidam bhajagovidam
govindam bhaja muudhamathe
samprapte sannihite kale
nahi nahi rakshati drukrun karane.

'Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda (limiting yourself to the ordained duties).. When the end approaches, the Grammar Rules (the craving for materialistic gain and recognition) will not save you!'

Sloka 1 of Bhaja Govindam 
forever stressing the futile attempts of materialistic pursuits in this world beyond a limit!

To say rightly, I'm ever running after that
'Drukrun Karane'
indirectly confirming the ever going on activity of mine Viz.,
'Craving for the worldly recognition of myself'
to the max all along identifying myself with various
'Roles I play around'
getting back a constant praise!

As the Sloka says
that any activity of this type is a futile attempt in life leading me nowhere ultimately, it's the right time that now itself
I step back,
rise constantly and try responding myself a bit more 
to the truth known to me thru'
a definite sacrifice from my end
where in alone I can truly communicate with
the Nature around,
the Family with me and 
the rest of the Society at large!

Seen thus
My Song of Life
forever goes..

'I'll ever be firmly doing the Right
all along not disturbing the other man thru'
a sure minimum sacrifice from my end 
'chipped in'
as adding this 
'delta to my life'
surely cheers me up in a big way paving for definite peace in normal times and 
equally in the God given tough situations too
where in place of despair,
a Sincere Prayer
alone takes over leaving a
sure embedded message 
with me that 
the Almighty has all such Greater Plans only
for securing my 
Ultimate Peace in Eternity!'

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Friday, September 16, 2016


"God is not kind to me. I'm constantly loaded with problems and problems alone and forever feeling short of time, monies and energies. I don't know why I'm a lost person in my life. I think, it's my fate!"

started the man his usual lamenting that Sunday morning.. The friend said,

"Let's go for jogging for a while in our Park to feel better!"
  • "You know the News? Our neighborhood man is a real brave fellow.. Yesterday, there was a serious problem and he simply...... I went to his place, personally congratulated him and we spent some time......!" said the man with a distinct excitement as they moved on.. 
  • "Hello.. Oh, dear! How are you? What are you saying? No problem at all. Please drop in. I'm waiting for you!" he quickly answered a call on the way.. 
  • "You please keep off from our personal matters.. It's none of your business here!" shouted a man at him at the Park as he tried to intervene to pacify a quarreling group.. 
  • "I can't run further!" saying thus the man sat on a bench before the last round which the friend completed and sat by his side.. 
"God is not kind to me. I'm constantly loaded with problems and problems alone and forever feeling short of time, monies and energies. I don't know why I'm a lost person in my life. I think, it's my fate!"

again started the man his usual lamenting.. The friend looked at him and suddenly said, 

“Dear! I sure now know the reason for your suffering!"

As the man looked at him totally astonished, the friend continued..
  • "Yesterday you reacted beyond, went out of way and thus spent your precious time and energies which are indirectly monies with a distant neighbor where as others just took that in the right spirit and felt good about him at their own places.. 
  • On the way today, you invited home your friend leaving the whole choice to him without informing at Home and planning properly ready to spend your precious time and energies which are indirectly monies beyond.. 
  • At the Park, you unnecessarily intervened in the argument which would have come down by itself thus again wasting your precious time and energies which are indirectly monies equally getting back a rebuke. 
  • While jogging, you unknowingly chose the outer border of the circular path, got exhausted earlier to me and felt bad in spite of running approximately the same distance with me in total thus never claiming your precious time and energies which are indirectly monies spent in the right way! 
Dear, remember! In life at anytime, if you are vigilant and disciplined without too much
  • Looking out, 
  • Looseness and 
  • Inattentive attitude 
from your side, you sure will have plenty of your precious
  • Time, 
  • Money and 
  • Energy 
for the required!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

IT APPEARS TO BE ONE OF THE................"

The Manager was totally cool in his seat with his two Assistants..

“Boys! Do you know.. This morning when I was here.. My mind was in total confusion and tension. I was almost sure that there's going to be a big remark in my Career. The Customer was totally unhappy. You are still young and you don't know all that but as most of the times I work close with him, I know the problem. But you know, finally what he said as a compliment..... What else anyone wants to hear from their Customer at any time? 
  • It appears to be one of the Best Days of my life!”
The telephone rang up..
  • “Yess, Sir! Just an hr back only, I brought the whole thing to a close and handed over the Documents........." 
  • "------------" 
  • "What are you saying, Sir? Something missing in that? Noo…. It can't happen….I checked so thoroughly and then only...." 
  • "------------" 
  • “Yeah! I did that too. I knew I shouldn't miss it. Sir, for that alone, yesterday I took the papers home, sat through almost till mid night and…....” 
  • "------------" 
  • “But Sir! You only said........” 
  • "------------" 
  • “I'm not quoting you Sir! I asked you thrice before…….” 
  • "------------" 
  • “Sir! I didn’t mean that…..I just said…..” 
  • "------------" 
  • “OK! Sir! I’ll look into that and….” 
  • "------------" 
  • “No.. No! I'm straight away into this now. Am sorry, since I worked so hard, I was a little upset..... No problem.. Our Rajesh and Umesh are with me.. Right now, the job will be done.. Okay Sir, Good Night!” 
The next moment,

“OK! listen, Mr Rajesh and you Umesh..There's a problem here. The Boss is not happy.. I gave what all they wanted but it seems the Customer's Boss wants now........We are straight away targeted.. OK.. No escape.. Got to do all this.. Prepare yourself to stay up to beyond...... and let's close the issue..... Tell at home that you'll be late... My God.. I forgot... I've my appointment today with... How can I go there now? I can't send some one and I only have to do all that.. Can't change anything now.. Ok.. Let me rush and finish off....... Just
 got caught in the right time.......
  • It appears to be one of the Worst Days of my life!”

Monday, September 12, 2016


A King of 40s was childless for some time and equally had no major issues in his day to day Ruling and both the situations indirectly made him complacent as well as dull for a while.. 

The wise Minister noticed that and on a day proposed for the King a long vacation of two months accompanied by himself to a distant forest area where the King could come in direct communication with Nature and thus could feel better.

  • “We'll have daily updates about the happenings in our Kingdom during our absence and Your Majesty can truly relax in this period of vacation!”

said the Minister. The King wasn't totally happy with the proposal but equally as he was dull what the Minister proposed for him looked to be appropriate at that point of time.

Accordingly, on a particular day they both moved on to their vacation. Thus passed a month and at that point of time the news came up that a few bad 'Elements' in the Kingdom joined hands together to create certain unrest in the Kingdom taking advantage of their King's long absence.

  • “Sir! No problem. I've already made arrangements for all safety measures!”
confided the Minister.. The King admonished him and said..
  • “But you only unnecessarily brought the situation to this level. Now these people know that I've become careless. Because of this I should forever be on extra guard!”
The Minister smiled and said,
  • “You are right, your Majesty and that forever will engage your Highness with plans and programs. At last some work for all of us and no time to brood over and become complacent as well as dull!"
The King was astonished with Minister's Plan but equally had a doubt.. He said,
  • "My dear! Have you planned all this with a surety that it would happen this way alone? Nothing too could have happened!"
The Minister smiled and said,
  • "A few black sheep will always be there in every Group and here absence of your Highness had made them come out openly!"
The King had his last doubt,
  • "Suppose, no one in my Kingdom had such intentions of causing disturbance to my Ruling?"
he asked. The Minister smiled and said,
  • "Yes! In such rare cases, it equally doesn't matter whether the Ruler is there or not!"
The King had no words to say further at the back of the Minister's Wisdom!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


I thought that
I was the No 1 leading man in my life 
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process
volunteered following me without much protest..

I thought that
I was very strong man in my life
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
were indirectly made weak..

I thought that 
I was really the brave man in my life 
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
happened to have their own legitimate fears..

I thought that
I was one of the intelligent men in my life 
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
were not blessed to be so.. 

I thought that
I was the truly learned man in my life 
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
had no such great chances with them.. 

I thought that 
I was the best man in my life 
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
were simply not allowed to express so..

I thought that 
I was one of the wisest men in my life
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
happened to be of more adjusting type..

I thought that 
I was very useful man in my life 
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
were just unable to utilize their skills max..

I thought that 
I was too smart man in my life 
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process 
happened to be simply straightforward..

I thought that
I am highly acclaimed successful man in my life
but flowers were never at my door because many around me in the process
were simply deprived of those very Opportunities..

Feeling helpless not knowing who am I, I firmed up..
'Let me have consideration for the ‘Less’ of the other man in all above and sincerely ‘Work’ for his/her Improvement there!' 
the next moment flowers of course the artificial ones were at my door with the 
Blessings of Almighty written over 

'You are sure the humble man of my Creation all by yourself!'

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Friday, September 9, 2016


It is said that the first school of the child is the lap the mother and my mom sincerely fulfilled that basic Role there by being my very beginning Teacher of my life, patiently answered my eternal questioning and taught me the basics of life thus making me enter my endless learning field.. Subsequent to that, my dad too played his Role and taught me some more of my these basics.. 

With the parents thus becoming the initial Teachers of my life, I carry all my respects and regards for them for truly doing such a noble work but meeting them at this stage of life stands an Utopian wish alone with me today as they left me long back never to return! 

Subsequently, my basic Schooling started with Class I of mine with many Teachers who truly taught me at various levels various Subjects, made me successfully complete my Schooling satisfying my basic quest of Knowledge and learn the required.. 

No doubt a few eminent Teachers were there by my side in this period who really kindled my interest to learn Mathematics and Science thus paving my way to get into the Technical field of Higher Education.. 

My Reverences forever remain for these Stalwarts who taught me the basics here but meeting them too at this stage of life is impossible for reasons well known!

My Higher Education continued again with few Stalwarts teaching me the core Subjects who truly imbibed the Knowledge into my personality and

Those Teachers too deserve true respects and regards even though meeting them is not feasible at this stage!

With the Degree secured thus, I entered my Career, spent 38 yrs there continuously learning in and out of my field of Specialization where in the Bosses, Colleagues and Subordinates around me truly formed a chain of indirect Faculty thru' whose interactions I learned the valuable Work Practices which none else could have taught me and 

My Reverence and Thanks this day equally go for all these Eminent men and women in the field and meeting them too is not an easy process!

Retired from active Service, the retired Community around me too had taught me and is teaching me for a couple of years equally the final meaning to my life and the importance of carrying out certain activities at this stage of life and

My Regards for them ever remain in my memory!

Thus I put on Record the Teachings of the dedicated Team of Eminent Teachers of my life who continuously made me wade thru' the Ocean of Knowledge in front enabling me take the required and assimilate within me making me sail thru' my life successfully!

Incidentally to say..

There's one more Teacher cum Pupil with me today.. i.e., my grandson next to me incessantly making me again learn to teach him the right equally giving witty answers to my questioning thereby enabling me learn totally new hitherto never imagined!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016


That evening after a day's out, the Little One of 4+ was seen turning very fast the huge Globe purchased by his grandpa as his birthday gift.. Seeing that, the grandpa instantly decided to teach his boy an important lesson along with the play.. He said,

"Dear, it's a model of our mother earth! Do you know our days and nights'll become shorter if our mother earth too goes faster?"

"Oh! That'll be really fun!"

said the boy looking at his grandpa with a distinct amusement seen on his face.

"No, dear! We should have only 24 hrs a day.. Else, our bodies and minds'll be confused and we become sick!"

"Oh! Then our mom earth should always go exactly at the same speed?"

"Yes.. Our inclined mom earth again goes round the sun at one speed only.. Because of that we get rains, water and all green around. Don't you want all that?"

"I like playing in rain with paper boats in the puddles!"

"Yes.. You can always do that.. So we shouldn't like faster speeds.. OK?"


"Our mom earth, our sun god and our dear stars in the sky never like super speeds and faster life!"

"OK.. Can I move my globe slow?"

"No.. Even that's also not good.. Then we won't have all our things in time and our life becomes difficult!"

"So.. We all should move at the speed our mom earth asks!"

"Not exactly.. Our mom earth allows us going faster also for our happiness but not too much.. And she is asking..

'I'm moving with my speeds round me and round the sun no more no less and so you have green plants, many animals, lots of fish, plenty of rain and water.. You want all these, Isn't it?'"

"Yes.. I love playing with my pet, I like plants in my garden and I want to see fish jumping in waters!"

"She is again asking,

'Your favorite coconut water too which you had in the afternoon today?'"

"Yes.. I love my coconut water.. It's yummy!"

"Then our mom earth is saying,

'Follow what I do and if you want, do more bit by bit only not too much anywhere!'

Shall we follow her? Then our mom earth will be very happy and we'll sure have all these with us!"

"Yes.. Yes.. I'm going to listen to all what my mom says and what my mom earth says!"

The grandpa instantly felt too happy to listen to those sweet words from his boy.. He gently patted the Little One and wished him all the best in his life!