Thursday, June 21, 2012

Am I doing the right work?


"To tell you correctly….All works we do fall into two categories Viz., essential and no essential…. Spiritually, essential works are the ones for the body to exist in a healthy way including proper rest and sleep!  Since for a mortal, psychological well being is also important, certain works in this direction become essential including hobbies for mind relaxation.  Further works may be called stylish works…done basically for style and show!  These works of show may appear important for an individual but are not really required for leading a decent life.  And least effort is put in by one in doing these works….

As per Nature’s law of Inertia, we tend to do the same work i.e., repeat doing the same work continuously or continue to rest beyond!  This is where I should observe myself, discipline myself and never yield to this phenomenon happening in respect of me!

Once, I identify my works correctly in this way and start doing in that direction, no one will say a word!  Even if someone points out without seeing what I am doing, he/she himself/herself will find an answer in time and I need not specially answer him/her!  So, start doing the works in this way and still someone questions you here, either firmly tell him/her that you are doing your work and you are not obliged to do what he/she says or simply ignore that but be doing your works. You are ultimately untouched by any remarks!”

“As a final say, I would like to mention that if you start doing this way, the path may not be easy as there would be lots of non co-operation and withdrawal of support from members. You have to bear the same patiently….No go there….And that is going to be your real strength through which ultimately good will be done to everyone around!”


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Am I doing the right work?

“I live in a joint family.  Here works and responsibilities, even though well defined and  basically are done by particular members, the peripheries are not clearly defined as ultimately each will help the other mutually. The problem here is….You will be doing some important work and you may like to do the same with more time spent on it for betterment or….you need some rest, you know and you will be relaxing for a while, that's blows up!  When you simply do this....either be on your job or sit/divert yourself for a while, all eyes will be on you in no time!  “Why is he not helping us?”  Thus you are targeted without a say!  So naturally, orders from elders follow next, listing out what all is not done!  It is really pathetic.... And they will never understand beyond this, in whatever way you may try to convince them!”

“Look my dear! I understand what all you have said and such problems do exist at all places of working together in groups like work place, community development programs and to tell you even in your own home if you delink from the present joint family....Sorry to tell you....But I can straight away say that there is your mistake in this....So to say, your mistake only!  And you are repeatedly doing that....”

“Sir, I told you a real problem. I never stopped from working and I do what is required in fact more....And I love to do more because it is ultimately for my family.  Even here, if I am pointed out, there is no sense!   And if I am not allowed to rest and relax a while through some other engagement, what is the meaning? How are all these people correct?”

To be continued....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Excess enjoyment in life is a demon by the side....

A young man always used to say, “Tomorrow may not be there!  Let me live today the best and enjoy every moment in life!” Thus, he was in the habit of getting into the finest enjoyments around and spend lots of money and time there.  He somehow used to finish his works, see to his responsibilities and quickly escape into this world…. And this was never ending! 

Some elders had advised him repeatedly not be irresponsible like that by going round the enjoyments as the glitter can go in no time….but he never cared for their advice!  Further, he was saying…. “I am continuously doing everything that is required in my life….Then what is wrong if I relax a bit in my free time? You people, struggled all throughout your lives but ultimately never had seen the best. When I am doing my job well at least, please don’t question me here….” Seeing him talk like this, some elders sternly warned, “These enjoyments are the perils in one’s life. You will be in problems soon….” but he used to brush aside all that without a second thought by telling that a relaxed mind always functions the best!

As the life was moving on thus, he suddenly came across a situation where in an extreme enjoyment appeared along with a tough situation in his life!

The young man without a second thought had fallen for the attraction unable to face the stressful situation even though a few of his urgent issues were in front of him to get through the tough situation!  His will power, which he relied upon so much, had vanished in no time!  He could do nothing in front of the evil forces of enjoyment and was virtually prevented from what exactly he had to do at that moment….Thus, all that he boasted all the time capable of doing had come to an end in no time!

The morale here is….Never I should propose extreme enjoyments in life other than the moderate ones to balance myself coupled with life responsibilities awaiting and this only is the safe path in life!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fearlessness is the Key....

A Saint told a story thus…..

A man was always conscious of the uncertainties in life. He strongly believed in the philosophy that as uncertainties were a fact in life, there was no use of not recognizing them and lead a life closing the eyes….And his friend was not like him but a practical man!  He used to simply do his job well, beyond that forget and just lead a happy life without all those controversies of life at the back of his mind....

Both thus had passed through various phases of life….

Looking back, the first man found that he had wasted his life by being conscious of the uncertainties in life and never making an attempt to concentrate on the requirements even though he had no major difficulties in his life.

The friend had ups and downs in his life some of them being the real harsh ones but lived through all, sincerely solving the issues all the time and only leaving the ones that were beyond his care and attention!

The Master concluded, “The first man was always half-hearted in all fields he had ventured where as his friend involved totally in the fields he volunteered.   Life was a burden to the first man whereas it was a meaning to the friend!   So, living without fear feeling light all the time is the basic purpose our life and all spiritual practices in the world should 
always guide us in this direction…. And remember, any Spiritual Practice devoid of this message but laced with even an iota of fear should be first discarded whatever be the Practice!”

Friday, June 15, 2012

'Good' always has its place....

A man of understanding, used to tell people ‘What is good’; always ‘good, good and good' only….nothing else….He was not interested to tell what was not good for them at any time!  But he used to advise, ‘Do this, if you have done first your assigned job well else this is not for you!’

His advice was enthusiastic in the beginning!  Many said, ‘A True advice!’  But,  newness fades off in time....Thus he had become an old timer….and repetition was less interesting…..Familiarity breeds contempt….

Days had passed…..But truth stands!  And never Fails….

People had gone through many changes and modifications and times had changed a lot…..But, everything had a defect…..Everywhere there was pitfall….When the fall was a pain, the message from the wise man was a true solace and getting up was with a new vigor....

Thus the he reigned in the hearts of people forever!

Morale: Let me tell always what is ‘good’ for someone without a bias and let me not bother whether it is taken or not….The effect stays!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Help with a smile is always a welcome....Am I working for it?

I have a body with me! The elements of Nature in time have a powerful influence on it and thus it is subject to modifications continuously. Some of these may not be favourable and a few a pain; an inescapable process in Nature! Thus, let down sometimes is a fact and here there is no choice is for me!

I have my pre-disposed tendencies! Some are original, some are genetics related and the remaining are acquired….They force me to involve in the world, there is no escape and further, the product is a non decaying matter; it follows and never leaves me! This is another fact and no choice here too!

And, the third fact is, ‘I have an action in front of me every moment!’ But here, I have a choice reasonably, an Eternal Gift given by the Almighty to all equally!

I may sell my freedom and become slave in my actions or I may not sell and become a Master of my actions! This choice is always in front of me even though not one hundred percent….Here, I should be alert in doing actions in a realistic way by listening to my basic requirements inside but not yielding beyond and thus be available with left out time and energy ready to help the next man!

And if I start doing thus in better times, the inevitable good that accrues will bring in real help in tougher times, wherein the able bodied stay with me by the side along with their never failing smiles!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to fight out the shortages and breakdowns forever?

“I am finding everywhere shortages.   Nothing is sure. Things are consumed quickly but not produced at that rate.  Even produced, they are not of quality type and so fail repeatedly. The reason may be that people behind do not work with all that keenness.”

“You are mistaken. May be people behind the important works are not able to do their jobs with keenness as they are over burdened by sharing physically the important works of the rest. The problem basically can be resolved when as a first discipline, I somehow start doing my basic works myself and all other works up to a coarse stage at which point the product is useful and can stand competition without bothering much for a show!  All the while, certain part of time and energy is evidently spent continuously on the maintenance of issues involved.

A society which supports and encourages the above discipline in its members will definitely come up with plenty and dependability!  See this simple example….If you want census work of a big country to be done by a few, their entire span of work life would not be enough.   But when many involve, in few days the whole country can be covered!   So, the numbers matter....The change is a difficult phenomenon and if it happens, it is either a miracle or a revolution!

All other methods chosen no doubt would give a better life but only for certain time as they will not stand the test of Nature’s requirement in the long run and even if replaced with contemporary practices 
would work for a limited time as they are basically the stop gap arrangements! 

The above discipline leads to true basic development and the rest can follow if additional resources are available!   In that scenario, shortages are a myth and break downs are rare!”

Monday, June 11, 2012

An unwarranted complaint....


The Executive got offended. He straight away gave back, “Sir! Unless you sit in my seat, you do not know the difficulty....You are a wealthy man and that’s why you talk so easily!  You will never know the hard works we do because you people need not do any physical work and all your works are always done by others….”

The well-wisher smiled and said, “My Dear! Do not be angry.  What I see in you as wrong, I am telling you; that's all!  Straight away, I tell you one thing….See, you are in a Senior position in your organization. You should not complain that you cannot take up tasks and  you are made to work! You speak like this because you are not identifying yourself with the Senior Managerial Role given to you by your Organization recognizing your seniority.  Instead, you are identifying yourself with the works you are doing!  When you identify thus only with the works, you feel the drudgery of the same and complaining starts!  Feel like In-Charge of a big task in a do or die situation with a determination to get through!  That spirit alone drives out all your self pity....Rest, will follow and all around will be with you in this great

task! That way, supervise, guide and advise your assistants at various levels so that they do their works effectively and you be cool on your job….Try to see all your responsibilities at work, you will be alright!”

While departing, the well-wisher quipped, “The General Manager never shouts; He ever smiles but people know the toughness behind the smile!”


Sunday, June 10, 2012

An unwarranted complaint....

“I am not given any support at my work.   Not much help but the total task is with me!   Facilities are there but along with the facilities they demand a lot from you….That way, what they demand is more than what they give. There are perks available.   But what is the use?  There are conditions to make use of them!  For that, I have to be active in different ways.   I have to go around….More tours and more roaming around!  And these movements drain out your energy....More than the benefits of perks, the nuisance is more….Thus they give everywhere but attach a lot of work to that.    Beyond all, they say I am slow if I say 'NO' to all these and want to do normal '9 to 5'  work!  That way, all these incentives are a farce.... They make you work on the edge!   So much I have to do to get all these.  This way, I am forced to toil continuously and I see no end here....Beyond all, even if I do all these but not able to show the result, I am straight away fired….” thus complained a Senior Executive of a Company to his well-wisher on a pleasant day evening.

The well-wisher was a very prosperous and dynamic man who had come up in life through his own discipline and dedication in his work....Further, he was an open minded personality and never liked sluggishness at work!  Thus, he straight away understood what the wrong was with such a man with a complaint like that.... He decided to advice him the best and straight away said, “My Dear!  Your despair is unwarranted and your complaining has no base.  I am unhappy to say that you are not the right man on your job!  Your seniority in  the organization might have 
given you a promotion in your job but I feel they had done a mistake....”

To be continued....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It happens....

A man of deep intuition wanted to bring out certain original truth to the knowledge of everyone around….

When he started talking on this publicly, the experts group, an authority on the subject was annoyed. And a few people who were behind those experts promoting their business were equally angry with the man coming in their way….As the original truth was modified by these two groups to their advantage….

The man, thus could not move ahead as these two groups brought necessary bars on him to go public….A sad state….And he had neither money nor influence to get an approval of the expert title for himself!

He decided not to give up there and started educating people on the subject personally.

But people, already influenced through brain washing and promotion by that time, were confused and thus were hesitant to accept the man’s Original concepts.  Noticing this, the man started speaking according to their mind set but soon found himself talking partly in line with the experts and promoters of the expertise.

He sensed this and finally concluded in himself, “The only way left out for me in this scenario is to keep this understanding permanently within myself!”

Thus the man of Original Intuition was finally a dead man in himself!

Friday, June 1, 2012

In life, I am not less at any time!

A young man was at cross roads in his life. He had a great interest of getting into a decent work and thus start supporting his living!  But the path was not easy for him.

His qualification could not be improved due to lack of finances…. He was not that much smart…. His memory was bad…. He had lots of other works around him to do…. His health was so-so….

And no one understood his true difficulties and everyone expected him to be in the highest place as they were in that mad race. Further, there was no other go for the young man as the surroundings around him were like that!

His greatest worry was how he could put up with all that….For some time it was a life of total tension, total confusion and total let down!  But driven to a corner, life shows the way….That way he was lucky….

He determined himself that, in this unfriendly scenario, he could do only one thing….Simply take some time daily as little as possible when the rest of the world would not trouble him, start concentrating on the topics however confusing they may be and never leave this small time for other uses at any cost!

That way a time slot was at his disposal….He caught hold of it, filled up the same with whatever physical recapitulation he could do on his learning referring to other materials and thus kept up his steadfastness in this direction….

That way days passed, turned into months and moved towards a year….Soon he found that he had a control on the entities which used to terrorize him a year back….And there was the ‘D’ day…..Finally, he was a success in his attempt by securing a job and performing in a competitive challenging environment along with a confidence that he could perform anywhere through hard work and 
dedication ! That was the end of his agony in life….