Saturday, February 28, 2015


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  • God forever had imposed smooth chains of constraint called Work on all men and women and a few of them forever have an attitude of getting out of those chains to free themselves blissfully forgetting that thru' that very process they are actually getting into the tight clutches of a certain pain from the other end! 
  • Where Work is active, many will quarrel…. A few openly and the rest discretely as protecting self from questioning is an art ever practiced at work from days unknown! 
  • Work…. Some talk about it, some glorify it, some preach the good of it, some mentally worship it and the rest alone actually do it! 
  • Yes! There are too many comparisons at Work…. One of them is....‘I am punished, why not the other be too?’ 
  • Work…. People should seriously be into it and should keep up a smiling face while doing it…. But some take it lightly while getting into it and put up a stern face all along while doing it! 
  • The first sirens go off five minutes before the close of the Shift for preparation to leave from the day's Work, but the mind very often prepares an hr before those sirens…. And just when the sirens go off, a few would sure break the 100 m Walking Race Record for the day starting from their Desks!
  • When the Work concept is often fine tuned leaving the basics far behind, Work looks like an activity of more of interest than that required to be performed till the moment the Boss with all Authority suddenly takes away that particular Work and drives the man into another! 
  • A few minutes of rest in between the active Work truly look like a big blessing; the same without that active Work around invariably look too scary! 
  • The harshest words at Work especially for a young man are, “I don’t want you!” from the Boss…. And in that situation, even the most lovable parent too invariably shows the way out from home when such a man enters home!
  • Work….The man at the entry level sees it as a burden, the man at mid level sees it with a pride, the man at senior level sees in it an escape from routine and the man retired invariably sees at it as a Kingdom lost!

    Thursday, February 26, 2015


    ### The man thought, "Let me do the work for work sake and relax!"
    The world cautioned, "Work is Worship.... Never take it easy there!"
    He listened and soon became a workaholic....
    The world remarked, "Breath easy.... Life is something else too!"

    ### The man thought, "Let me spend my monies and have many luxuries of life!"
    The world cautioned, "Save for a rainy day....Tomorrow, many times is not a utopia but a fact in our life!"
    He listened and started saving every Pie....
    The world remarked, "Be generous and give to others too.... After all, these monies are never ours!"

    ### The man thought, "Let me enjoy the life the best!"
    The world cautioned, "Take care of your health and safety.... These two will never be back to you easily if gone out of your hands!"
    He listened and was cautious everywhere...
    The world remarked, "Relax.... Leave that pessimistic attitude and think positively!"

    ### The man thought, "Let me expand in my life!"
    The world cautioned, "Containing your self is wisdom.... Do not to show off!"
    He listened and started living a bit unnoticed....
    The world remarked, "You should be in limelight.... Else, how do you grow in life?"

    ### The man thought, "Let me believe in God and be ever Praying to Him as He alone is the Ultimate!"
    The world cautioned, "No doubt God is the Ultimate but He expects you to do your Work first then alone approach Him!"
    He listened and began living accordingly....


    Sunday, February 22, 2015


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    It was the first Flight experience for the man of mid thirties….He had a few apprehensions about the safety of flying…. Once such fear enters an individual's mind, in no time it does its own devil’s work unless the man affected takes pains, learns as much as possible 'what is what' in the right spirit and thus becomes realistic.... Unfortunately, the man in picture never attempted anything in that direction or none around him too knew his problem.... Over and above for him, the journey had to be performed and there was no go there!

    So, when the D-day arrived the man mechanically moved to the Airport in the evening hrs, Checked-In, boarded the Aircraft and occupied his seat…. 

    Every one around him was seen happily chit-chatting among themselves and appeared quite relaxed.... 

    But before starting itself, for the man with the initial tension about his safety, the entire atmosphere simply looked strange and unfriendly!

    The Aircraft having been towed away from the Terminal Area, moved slowly on the Taxiway as the Safety Procedures were announced on the PAS and soon positioned itself on the Main Run way for take off …. 

    With roaring sounds of the huge Jet Engines followed by shaking itself under the take off speed the Aircraft beautifully smoothed into the skies with a few side ward movements and started steadily gaining height as the experienced travelers coolly sitting in their seats enjoyed the smooth lift up.... 

    But the man surrounded by immense fear and lack of any knowledge of flying instantly thought that the Aircraft somehow got into air passing through a difficult time!

    In a short time, the huge Flying Bird reached the max height and leveled off….Further as the cruising continued, certain announcements were made and a few refreshments served a midst the cheerful faces of the Passengers....

    En route, there were a series of jolts as the Aircraft passed through certain turbulent zone as a normal part of the travel…. Instantly, the seat belt signs were ‘ON’ and there was a PAS announcement in respect of that…. As the severity of jolts increased, the Cabin Crew were instructed to stop serving temporarily, go back to their seats and wait for the turbulence to pass as a normal procedure followed in such instances….

    But the man's predisposed mental state about the safety, just confirmed very much at the back of a firm conviction that the Aircraft got into a bad situation and was struggling to come out!

    The turbulent zone having crossed, the Aircraft once again began cruising smoothly…. The seat belt signs went off next to that and the Cabin Crew resumed their Service once again….

    The Level Flight continued for 2 hrs…. And finally, the last phase of the journey, Landing was announced and the landing preparations started….

    As the evening twilight slowly merged into darkness as seen through the windows, the Aircraft smoothly descended to the designated lower height and was making circles over the destination City, a number of twinkling lights seen all over the area with thick white smoke coming up from a corner….

    The Cabin Crew were asked go to their seats and the cabin lights were switched off for the planned landing….The Gear was put down and locked as the Aircraft made a turn for final decent with the usual noise and vibration of the process....

    Unfortunately, the highly tensed up man by that time thought at the back of  the sound and vibration of the operation that the Aircraft had simply cracked.... And naturally, that was the limit for him! He could no more control his anxiety in himself and with a shaking voice asked the Passenger next to him near the window, “Sir!  Are we 'IN' for trouble?”

    The Co-passenger who happily slept off for most part of the journey, just got up refreshed, looked out and instantly recognized the City below.... Seeing the thick smoke emanating from a corner,
     he suddenly recounted the Morning News he read in the News Papers of the extensive looting and arson that took place in the strife-torn City of his journey, looked at the man and said with a little worried tone, 

    “Yes Sir, it appears all is not alright at this point of time…. It is better we be prepared for any eventuality.... Really a bad time for us to travel.... I feel we should quickly get off from here at the earliest!”

    And that truly was the ultimate for the man already shivering with the morbid fear of his own safety!

    Friday, February 20, 2015


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    They were the days of Computer Chatting and E-mail Communications as the use of Video Communication was very much in the experimental stage at that point of time.... On a day, the well settled daughter living far away emotionally asked her lonely father, “Dad!  What do you like to buy for your up-coming 60th Birthday in coming month?”

    The father smiled and said, “Dear!  Actually I don’t need anything…. I am quite happy with your good wishes on that day…. Call me that day and talk to me… That’s great for me!”

    The daughter kept quiet instantly but in no time sent him a big Gift Voucher saying, “Dad! You should buy a good dress with this, wear it on your Birth day and mail the Photo to me... I will keep it in my Photo Album for my life to remember the Event!”

    The father kept himself cool and quiet….

    On the D-day, about 12 hrs earlier, the daughter received a parcel instead of the mail…

    She got surprised, quickly opened it and found a beautiful piece of Dress for her of double the value of money she sent to her father... Further, there was a brief ‘Note’ too attached therein…. It read….

    “My dear daughter!  With the Gift Voucher you sent, I thought for quite sometime on what type of Clothing to buy in the Market which would truly make me happy in my life…. I searched, searched and searched…. Forget about Clothing, I could not find any other item too for me that truly makes me happy presently.... 

    But strangely, when I searched in my heart, I could instantly locate 'This Beautiful Dress for you’  and I started an immediate search for it in the Market, located, purchased, neatly packed and herein sent to you…. If you can mail me a Photo of yours with this Dress put on  today itself, I would be the happiest on my this 60th Birth Day and I would feel that you really gifted me with the greatest Treasure of my life….

    'A happy and cheerful daughter in front'

    Even though physically thousands of miles away!  I'll print it, frame it and keep it with me for a life time.... What anything else can make a father on this earth happy at this point of time?”

    Monday, February 16, 2015


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    Friday evening around 5.30 PM.... The Manager too tired of his day's hectic work was ready to go home at the back of 2 days holidays.... The mobile phone rang up….

    “Tomorrow afternoon we have to go for the Outing.......... Hope you haven't fixed other engagements in that time...." the spouse reminded....

    "I'm totally free for the 2 days.... I' ll be with you!" he confirmed....

    "Swati wants to talk to you.... One minute!" saying that she handed over the phone to the daughter....

    “Dad! Can we go out tomorrow early morning itself and buy all that stuff required for my College Function........." the daughter demanded….

    "No problem dear!  I will.... I'm fully free in the morning!" he assured....

    "Grand Ma wants to tell you something...." the daughter quickly handed over the phone next to his mother....

    “Leave off tomorrow.... Sunday you must positively take me to the Shrine........ Don't fix up anything for Sunday!” the mother demanded….

    "Sure, Ma!  Don't worry.... I am totally free the whole Sunday!" he quickly answered with a smile and switched off the phone....

    As he got up from the seat to go, the phone rang up again... “Yaar Ganesh! How are you doing?  Do you remember.... We met last time…..... I know you will be busy on Saturday.... Sunday Evening......... ” the close friend fixed the Program himself....

    "One minute, Satish!  Let me check....Yeah! I'm free this Sunday evening.... No problem.... I'll be there positively by......"

    “Mr Ganesh! Our Association's General Body Meeting is planned this Sunday at 10 AM........." was the message from the President of the Association on the mobile phone....

    "Sir!  I'll come around 11 AM for half hr.... I'm totally free in those hrs.... Hope that would suffice...." he replied from his side.... 

    As he quickly moved from the seat a few yards away the land line telephone rang up.... He soon returned and took the call....

    “Hi, Ganesh! It's good you did not leave yet for home.... OK.... I want to tell you something very important.....Listen to me carefully.... Just now I got a call from our GM…. Tell me that you haven't fixed any important works for this Saturday and Sunday?"

    "Sir! I have a few engagements........"

    "Don't say that dear!  I very badly need your help.... Do something.... You know, this work is very important for all of us...."

    "Sir, Please tell me....."

    "Dear!  Listen….You know our Clients…......Their Chief had planned a two day Program tomorrow and day after with our GM to sort out all pending issues and take account of the advance monies paid by them adjusting the liquidated damages for late deliveries….You know, our Company's finances this year.... It's really a mess.... I tell you, these two days are really crucial for all of us and.....…."

    "You just call your Suresh and Dinesh for about 2 hrs right now.... They will be at Home.... Take their help and keep ready all the details required for tomorrow....... Are you OK, dear?  Hope you have no other issue...."

    "Sir! No problem.... Right now, I'm on the job.... I will be fully ready for the Meeting.... OK!  see you, Sir, Good Night!"

    Friday, February 13, 2015


    The day was a 'Very Special Day' for the Rich and Aristocratic family of the Town.... It was a 'Great Event' of the year as the Little One just completed two years on that day! No doubt to say, the child there was the center of attention of every one…. And the proud family decided to conduct the Event with much Pomp and Show….

    The time was 'ON', the guests started pouring in quite a good number and 'Blessings and Good Wishes' for the Child were all round…. Most of the guests vied with each other to present the Costliest Gifts for the Little Boy so that the elders of the family were truly pleased as that would be indirect blessings for them too.... Wide choices of dresses, varieties of toys and ornamental gifts costing thousands of Rupees were floating all around! The Child was praised, patted and the good wishes were conveyed with almost a big bang….

    A few toy gifts were opened up then and there both by some of the guests and the hosts to show to the Little One the amusing items indirectly assessing the worth of those and the worth of the people behind those gifts.... The drama no doubt was invariably ON within the minds of hosts if not in all but cheerfulness and smiles were on outward faces.... A few guests too were no less there and their talk a bit distinct and louder was simultaneously heard around....

    • "This toy we specially selected for the cute boy when we were on our tour abroad visiting the Places.........."
    • "We roamed the entire Market Place and finally picked up this unique gift.... Here the specialty is..................... and can you guess what the shop man quoted as the price? It's..........."
    • "This piece of yellow metal was specially selected abroad near the famous........ when we had gone there on our half yearly............"
    • "Last summer we had been to this beautiful Scenic Spot....... My God! You should see the Place at least once in your life time.....There, we selected this piece in a Corner Shop famous for the very famous Items to gift on Special Occasions, of course keeping in mind the Little One's.........."

    Subsequent to all that talk, certain Event Programs were conducted a midst loud clapping and chorus singing….

    All the while, the Working men and women around were strictly instructed to clean up the area continuously keeping all the rubbish discorded to a corner two rooms away and the Orders no doubt were implemented in toto!

    For a while, the family members were busy talking to the guests a few carefully weighing their words and seeing the reactions from them and some guests too invariably being in the same tempo …. The atmosphere was totally filled with extra attention, careful movements, over politeness and constant comparisons.....

    Suddenly a member of the family noticed that the child moved from the Central Hall without none of their knowledge…. No doubt, it was a small tension for a while…. The guests too noticed the same and in no time all together started searching for the boy…. But the tension just lasted a few minutes only when someone noticing the child two rooms away shouted from there…."No Worries please...He is safe here!”

    Instantly every one rushed to the point …. Yes! The Little One there was happily sitting in a corner to the relief of all blissfully playing a 'Unique Game' of his own not bothered to notice the people that came in….

    With a bright colored discarded Carton of one of the cheapest toys in one hand and a thrown away Color Paper used to wrap the costliest jewelry gift in the other moving them rapidly in air followed by rubbing on ground and noticing with inexplicable smile on his face as the Carton and the Color Paper glittered in the semi darkness making a crackling sound in air!

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015


    The Young Mom in the big joint family was taking care of the Little One of two and half yrs old..... And she was tired beyond as the child attention was no less.... It happens, when one is loaded beyond and some of the routine works had to be put off temporarily....

    Here too it happened.... The Mom in picture had no time even to think of the day to day routine issues except take care of her basic daily Work and pay attention to the child....

    A few people of the joint family were supportive but that type of support in taking care of a Little Kid can never be total compared to what the Mom was doing....

    But the same people never understood that in the right way.... And so naturally there were few mild comments on the Young Mom as part of routine....

    • "She should be a little talking to her people around...."
    • "We too are caring for the Little One.... It's nice if she reciprocates on that!"
    • "She many times, goes on looking at her child constantly conversing with him totally unaware of the fact that others too are doing some thing in that direction...."
    • "When something is needed for the Little One, she instantly demands it but it would be nice if she remains there with a thankful gesture!"
    • "I understand that she is burdened with the child care but why should she forget that we too are here with her to help out?"
    • "You said it.... If you really ask me, I was the one many times went out of way......."
    • 'She should never forget all that so easily... In fact, she should take at least a little time and look at those who were with her all these days...."
    • "OK! Leave all that... We have done our job.... Let her decide what she should do.... At least, if not now, let her remember this and acknowledge at a later time...."
    • "I am no one to comment on her.... But I tell you, she should change a bit...."
    • "This discussion is a waste.... Whatever we say, she forgets all the next moment and would be back to her track.....Let us leave it.... We have other works to do...."
    The elderly gentleman of the family, a man of true wisdom who was listening to all that talk intervened and said, "Dear All! What is it you are talking here? Have you totally forgotten that a young Little One who has to go thru' a long process of total Personality Development at the back of good health, safety and various skills of life which work goes for the next 15 to 20 yrs is totally under the care of his Mom you are referring who is determined to do the best in that direction whatever be the odds in life and see that the Little One grows up....

    It's a Sacred of Work of 15-20 yrs bestowed on her by the Almighty and He forever expects all of us forgetting our ages, petty differences and small requirements be ready to help her out in the Great Task!"

    To the people who became instantly silent with the unique revelation, the elderly smiled and said, "It's a job here which forever a Mom can definitely do in full and even if one of you readily take up the whole, it would always be incomplete unless you are ready to do many sacrifices ahead coming up in future life foregoing often your own personal comforts!"

    Monday, February 9, 2015


    The man was too tired with the incessant Works pouring in at the back of a few sleepless nights. He had to constantly monitor certain movements around, keep a continuous watch on the likelihood hold ups and see that the many loose ends were tied up in time till

    The PLANNED FUNCTION became truly a SUCCESS!

    Not at all a less work at all.. Then how could he sleep as a wink too can distract and make things go quickly out of control?

    That night around 2 AM, he penned down a few of the next day's activities and slept for a while. Those activities were there in his mind till he dozed off..
    Morning go to ATM, withdraw cash required for the day and bring it home..

    • Later in the day,deposit the Loan Check received into his account.. 
    • From there go to the Real Estate Office and initiate the sale of the Site for clearing the Loan and meet the other expenses.. and 
    • To monitor the activities of all people around! 
    It was early morning hrs. The milkman was too early and rang up the bell. The man got up and came out to take the milk. To his surprise, his friend was at the door..
    • "Dear! some bad news for us. Just now, I went to our ATM to draw some money. There was already a big queue in front of it. It appears, the Finance Company in which we invested our monies had run into deeper debt problems and....."
    The man instantly became motionless..
    • "Means, our monies invested......... Oh! That's not a small amount. One fourth of my Savings are......."
    • "One more thing, I just read in the News Paper now. The Real Estate Office of our Builder where we paid off the advance is closed for the past 7 days. It appears the man had just vanished......."
    • "What are you saying.. Oh, God! That advance of.......?"
    Hearing the commotion, the neighbor opened his door.
    • "Sir! Yesterday only, I came to know about one issue. Our this Apartment Complex, it seems had not complied with certain Regulations and the Authorities....... I don't know what will happen to our......."
    He said his voice very much shaking.
    • "Hi! I want to tell you.. Last night, few of our cars from the Parking Area were lifted off by some unknown men. I checked just now.. My car is there, but your Vehicle......... "
    The other neighbor who just came up from the Parking Lot said. Totally lost the man came in, the telephone rang,
    • "Hello, Suresh Uncle! My dad is not doing well. You are immediately required at Native Place by at least......."
    That was the limit.. The man became wild..
    • "God! What's happening?"
    He cried out aloud.

    "What happened, son? Seems, you had a bad dream. Don'y worry.. Relax for a while.. We are all ready for the Event.. You need not run for anything. Everything is taken care of!"

    The Elderly Mom near by instantly comforted him.

    The time was 5 30 AM. The early morning bird chirrups were heard out side with the morning twilight seen in distance. It took 5 minutes for the man to understand that it was just a dream and as he looked around, he instantly noticed that

    Everything was intact..
    Nothing lost.. and
    All the activities were on the Right Track!

    In no time, he moved on with full energy totally relieved of all that earlier tension in the dream but for him sure..

    That (fictitious) day (in his dream) before sunrise was the darkest part of his life!

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    darkest, day

    Saturday, February 7, 2015


    The story that very much reminds me of the above message goes thus..

    A man of mid thirties was doing well in his life with a good family, a decent job, by God’s Grace reasonable good health and handful of finances by the side. He was thus a happy and contented man in the situation and days were passing thus.

    On a fateful day, suddenly a very threatening thought entered his mind.

    'What would happen to me if I am suddenly cornered in my life and due to that my present comfort and happiness are put to stake?' 

    And unfortunately, he was caught by the force of that thought beyond a point where an 'unknown fear' gripped him in a short time. That 'fear' soon compounded within and started constantly reminding him,

    'Be careful and watchful. Something going wrong may squarely create a havoc in your life!'

    And that had just gone so deep into his personality that he constantly feared venturing even normal day to day activities and started praying to God the max!

    That day morning he took out the car and started moving towards his office..

    • On the road done 2-3 mistakes.. Got enough banging and warnings..
    • At Office.. Got a few mobile calls from unknown numbers but was too much afraid to take the calls from unidentified people..
    • At lunch hr, few personal papers were signed in haste but soon a big worry followed for the correctness of the activity done..
    • Later, some amount of cash had to be handled in the Office.. The inside tension almost brought the process to a halt which attitude brought out enough preachings from the Boss.. 
    Soon it was 3 PM Tea Break and by that time the man was almost half dead!

    Exactly, at that point of time alone a 'Unique Question' came up in him and it was really 'A Miracle' of his life.

    'Is living like this, worth for a man of my stature?'

    And that truly was a 'Turning Point' in his life at that point of time and the same sure had done its own immense good. Instantly, there was totally a 'New Energy' in him which straight away asserted,

    'Don’t run away here. Simply face it!'

    That's all..

    • The further money handling issues were closed smoothly.. 
    • The personal papers were checked and signed; that means 'everything is OK!' was the firm conviction that followed.. 
    • The pestering mobile calls were straight away taken and answered with such a firmness that the callers at the other end might have decided to think twice before calling on any number in future.. 
    • Evening.. Coming back home was truly pleasant followed by perfect driving pushing through the dense traffic like a hero at the back of giving out a few advices on driving.. 
    And when he entered home, to his surprise he found himself 'Whistling' aloud without his own knowledge. And suddenly there was a question in him, 

    'Why have I missed this 'Whistling' all these days?' 

    The Almighty smiled from Above..

    “This Inner Strength is a Gift from Me to everyone on the Earth. Those who, the earliest see it in themselves truly live a life 'Full of Worth' and who do not see that and plead for Consideration and Support from Me sure do it in vain; doubtless to Say!”

    And my understanding here is..

    'I've to live this life to the best of abilities known to me.. I'll try to live by upholding the Truth as much possible and where my senses take over me thru' their powerful hold on me, I just live thru' that situation and the earliest moment a certain stability comes back, once again I take shelter under Truth and thus live thru' this one life with all firmness!'

    I strongly feel that whatever be the situation, my secret super power is going to be ultimately sticking to such discipline in my life instead of escaping at the earliest opportunity!

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    Friday, February 6, 2015


    The neighborhood family just returned home in their newly bought Red Lamborghini Car…. As they were alighting from the Car along with their 4 yr old, the next door family along with their 3 yr Little One just came out of their house on certain errand.... Instantly, the Little One was attracted by the Red Car in front....

    “This One, today only we got it from the Show Room…. How is it looking?" asked the owner of the Car….

    “Oh! Congrats.... It really looks fantastic! How much did it cost you?  Was it all down payment or you had gone for Loan?”

    “Oh!  It costed a lot!  And, almost I paid off all of it except a few lakhs for which I had gone for a loan....” said the man with a pride distinctly seen on his face….

    The 3 yr old had never turned off his eyes from the new Car…. He with all softness, touched it a few times and was looking himself in the shine of the side door….

    The Lady asked with a smile, “Dear! Do you like our new Car? Actually, we all can go to your Park in this…. There Aaakash and you can play for sometime time…. Shall we go tomorrow? You will like it….”

    The Little One, with eyes wide open immediately said, “Yes!” and after a while again said in broken words with a distinct excitement seen on his face, "I too have a Red Lamborghini Car…. Also, I have a red Audi Car and a blue BMW Car….. Three cars I have.... 
    Mummy keeps all the Cars in my Cup Board and gives me daily one for Play after my School…. Do you want to see my Red Car?   I just now finished my Play with it.... It's inside....Wait, don't go, I'll go and get it for you!" 

    The Innocence has its own Charisma!

    Thursday, February 5, 2015


    It was the usual busy morning hrs of the day….

    The mother of the 5 year old kid completed her early morning house works, prepared the child for school and as the child needed some writing materials for the day’s Class on the way to school, she just left the child to the care of another grown up School girl with her and crossed the road to get the writing materials as the school was on the same side of the road where the child was left….

    Having bought the items as she looked back, she suddenly saw her child coming a bit on to the road, the girl with him looking in some other direction but still holding the child's hand!

    That's all.... The Mom was instantly taken over by a feeling of safety of the child and in no time ran across the road to stop him coming on to the road….

    In the process, a cyclist coming down squarely hit her and the next moment, the mother and the cyclist fell on to the road…. The Mom quickly got up, ran further and took care of her kid who in no time started crying seeing his Mom fall down on the road.... The cyclist too got up and having found himself not hurt much, picked up his bicycle and silently peddled away from there…. The passers-by who were just witnessing the incident,  moved on seeing every one safe and OK....

    Time never waited.... The small child soon grew to a handsome young man well educated with a good job on hand….

    The grown up son clearly remembered that one incident of his mother running to him risking her own life to safeguard him and he firmly decided to gift her the best out of his earnings.... 

    Accordingly on a day, he purchased a 'Special Gift' to his mother and presented it to her on an occasion…. The Mom said with a smile, “Dear! I don't need this item in my life…. I will keep it safely for your future!”

    Not satisfied, next time the son bought her a 'Costly Item' on another occasion…. She again said with a smile, “I don't want you waste your monies on these Gifts for me…. Give it back and buy something useful to you!”

    Not satisfied, the third time he purchased, a costly gold jewelry for her as a  gift on an important Festival day thinking that the money was not wasted there…. 
    She straight away said, “This is not for me.... Keep it in the Locker for your future family!”

    As a last resort to please her, the son booked her Flight Tickets to visit a Pilgrimage Center….

    The mother looked at him and said, “Dear! We have come up on our hard work…. God never asks me to spend your monies in an expensive way and visit the Sacred Places…. Please book normal train tickets for me to go to…….. and come back…. My own monies are there with me to meet that travel cost....”

    The grown up son was puzzled beyond.... He was at his wits end to know how he could make his mother happy with his earnings.....

    The Mom in no time sensed his anguish, smiled and said, "Don't worry, dear!  I am sure, I want nothing from you at this stage or at anytime in future.... But, I would be the happiest if you, out of your Health, Knowledge, Earnings and Good Behavior with you today, further do the BEST in your life, FLOURISH  and be the RIGHT PERSONALITY of your life.... I just ask you only this 'SPECIAL GIFT' from you at this point of time and do promise me that you will sure deliver it to me in your life at any cost!"

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015


    “Sir! You should help me out in this pestering problem of mine.... I know, you are the right person here to seek a Good Advice.... The issue is.... You know, that friend of mine, the great Mr........... My God! What trouble this man is giving me these days! Am sure, he will soon be punished for all this…. I tell you, what happened is...............”

    “Don't worry dear! You should definitely end all this nonsense and I can sure help you out here.... In my life so far, I advised many people with such personal problems .... And I am sure you too will soon come out of all this turmoil.... I just tell you basically what you should do here..... ”

    “Yes, Sir! That's why I came to you…. Before that, please tell me one thing.... I want to be simple in life and move along as smoothly as possible.... My Philosophy of living is not to interfere with people.... But still if this man is forever ready to attack me, what else I can do?  Sooner or later I should show him his place….”

    “Yes, dear! I too feel that that's the only right way here.... Postponing issues will only worsen the situation.... I tell you, straight away go to him and.... ”

    “I'll tell you one Incident…. That day, I was very busy with my work….You know my work and how it pushes on …… I was very busy struggling and breaking my head with those problems.... At that moment only, he came to me and said............... I was simply taken a back, with his words…. I don't understand, what he thinks of himself...."

    “Yes! You said it and every time it happens like that only…. You should just meet him and say...........”

    "I controlled myself and tried not to show my anger because after all, I' m a gentleman and given a chance I can't do like him…. So I coolly said……”

    “OK! You have done it that way.... Leave that there only…. But you should never yield here.... It's going to be a big mistake if you do it.... I tell you, the right action here is....”

    “One minute, Sir! Let me tell you the rest of the story.... He was not leaving me there…. From one issue to another…. He soon pulled me into the net of his issues and I could not cut him off…. That way he manages so well to please the other man….”
    “I am saying dear, here alone you should be careful…. You should not be trapped like this anymore…. Take my this wise advice and you will be once for all freed from all this….”

    “So…. He started like that and soon he looked like a close person…. I had no go there but to allow him tell his issue…. Then he started narrating his problems…. Of course, he has certain issues with him but who is not free from problems in life?”

    "Yes, you said it! Who is not free from problems? And if you yield here, you will have these problems again and again…. You should end this once for all.... That's why, I tell you…….”

    “When I see a little deeper, I sometimes feel that he has more problems in life than me…. That’s why he is behaving like this…. If I imagine myself in his place....Oh! I cannot even think of it.... By God’s Grace, at least I am free there….”

    “That’s how you become weaker…. I tell you, don't yield here and hit at the problem straight away.... The man causing the issue is to be once for all made alright.... The best way here is...."

    “OK! Sir! Let me forget all these things…. After all, he too is a human being like me and how can I find fault with my next man so easily that too a close friend and one who is loaded with problems from every side…. If I really do that, God will never forgive me in this life…. Let me forget all this and be only a friend of him here… Why all this hatred in this short life? We don't know, what is in store for us the next moment …. Anyhow, Sir! Thanks a lot…. I had a good talk with you…. Sorry. I've to go now…. My boy will be waiting for me….. See you, Sir.... Bye!”


    Monday, February 2, 2015


    ### The Little One was too naughty....

    Very often, he used to play with his Grand Mom falling on her repeatedly almost stamping her out of her energies....

    The other day, he just jumped on her with all his might with a creaking sound on the bed and the Grand Mom instantly shouted, "Oh! I'm gone!"

    The next moment, the child got away from her, looked at her keenly for a few seconds and with a big smile on his face shouted back, "You are there!"

    ###  As the child's activities were going beyond the safe level, The Grand Pa decided on a concrete plan of keeping his mischievous activities under check for a while....

    Whenever the Little Boy standing on the huge bed started jumping continuously precariously going to the edges or started rolling over the bed violently thus invariably going to the edge, the elderly man showing his favorite toy used to warn him saying.... "Dear! If you are on the edge, I 'll throw this out of the house!"

    The Little One instantly used to shout back.... "No No No.... Don't do that....I'll be in the Center!'

    The Grand Pa was jubilant that he could control the boy in no time.... And whenever the boy appeared to be on the edge of the cot, that one Mantra alone worked instantly....

    That day morning the old man was sitting on the edge of the bed talking to the boy....

    Suddenly, the Cute Boy shouting aloud, "You are on the edge.... Now, I 'll throw the toy out!" instantly took out the same favorite toy and threw out of the house to the great amusement of every one around!

    ###  On another day, the boy was given a quiz.... The Grand Pa asked, "Dear! what is 2+3?"

    The boy was not knowing the reply.... The Grand Ma took him near and whispered in his ears..."It's 5!"

    The next moment, the child looked at his Grand Pa and said with a big smile, "It's 5!" in a very low whispering tone!