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The distant Relative rang up..
  • "Dear! I never thought you behave like this.. What's your problem here? I just asked you a small help, that too...."
The mind consoled, 

"There should be a limit to anything Yaar.. This man is too much.. God only will show the way.. Be cool.. He'll get his due back soon!" 

The Client shouted..
  • "My dear! Look.. You don't know me.. I take this phone and make one call to your CEO, you know what happens.. Next moment.... "
The mind consoled, 

"There should be a limit to anything Yaar.. This man is too much.. God only will show the way.. Be cool.. He'll get his due back soon!"

The Boss in rage said..

  • "Don't tell me what the Client had said.. I think you are not attentive.. He need not talk to CEO.. If you continue this, I myself...."
The mind consoled, 

"There should be a limit to anything Yaar.. This man is too much.. God only will show the way.. Be cool.. He'll get his due back soon!"

The Sub-Ordinate of a certain muscle power showed the finger..

  • "I expected you Sir, to be coming to our rescue.. but I never thought you play your game thus.. "
The mind consoled,  

"There should be a limit to anything Yaar.. This man is too much.. God only will show the way.. Be cool.. He'll get his due back soon!"

Heard in the neighborhood,

  • "Dear! What had happened to you? We expected a minimum decency here in our Community from your side.. I suddenly noticed...."
The mind consoled, 

"There should be a limit to anything Yaar.. This man is too much.. God only will show the way.. Be cool.. He'll get his due back soon!"

And on the road the Stranger pointed out,

  • "Hi! What are you saying? I thought you to be a gentleman and you are coming and questioning me here? if you talk one word...."
The mind consoled, 

"There should be a limit to anything Yaar.. This man is too much.. God only will show the way.. Be cool.. He'll get his due back soon!"

But the man firmed up..

"Let it be the distant Relative, the Customer, Boss, the Sub-Ordinate, the Neighbor or the Stranger on road, why not I lessen myself reacting here in the usual way of supporting myself in the situation and instead straight away firm up with a single thought in my heart.. 

'This moment, the so called Opponent here in my life is no way really a man to be kept away as he is my man, continuously associating with me in this life the max and is equally not angry but expressing his own difficulty or pain more verbally for which I'm indirectly responsible even if I had done my job well.. 

If seen at greater depth, all this interaction is indirectly my own need and so 

  • Let me be patient here, 
  • Let me sincerely listen to the grievance of the aggrieved party and 
  • Let me equally and readily start doing the best in that line to help him/her..'"

God smiled and instantly Blessed the man from above.. 

"You are sure with me, dear in this job as the whole Creation are my children and here you are truly helping them to redress their day to day problems!"

This is the story that ever strikes me in my life and this Single Sacred Activity of genuinely looking into my next man's need a little more than I'm asked to do exactly thus helping him/her around as much as possible.. And this one alone is the Number One Activity in my life I love to do this moment!

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I might have traveled to the distant lands a dozen times in my life where the habits, culture and behaviors of people are definitely quite different from those of my Country or especially of my Native Place..

(Actually mentioning the name of my Native Place is immaterial here and so I just leave that and proceed..)

In all these places, no doubt I very often came across everywhere smiling faces, never forgetting attitudes, always wishing for good, the best ways of saying greetings, send off etc showing off care…care….care… all the time.. A few examples being..

At Food Store..

“Hi! How do you do?”
“Did you find everything?”
“Here you go!”

At a Coffee Shop..

“Hi! How was your Day?”
“It’s 3XXX and 55YYY please!”
“There's your Coffee….Enjoy!”

At a Mall..

“The Shop is straight Right 100 yards away!”
“The Rest Rooms are to your Left….”
“You are Welcome!”

At a Public Place when encountered with a Stranger..

“Excuse Me..”
“Thank you very much..”
“It’s OK!”

At Home, when a problem was being fixed by a Service Agent..

“Hi! I am from.. There was a Complaint..”
“That’s the job done..”
“Good Bye..”

No doubt very Orderly behavior everywhere and big smiles around.. But as days moved, I distinctly could notice some special thing missing amidst all that talk, order and further the prosperity around..

As my time of visit was over to the new place I recently visited, I am again back to my own Place.. And from that day onwards I'm amidst my older interactions with my people as usual going on around..

“Hello! Sir! How are you? It’s long time I’ve seen you…. How was your visit? Sir…. Listen….There was a problem in your absence….”
“Hello Sir! Why are you coming in my way? What happened to you?”
“Where do want to go? Why are you not in the queue?”
“Hello! Please move on…. If you simply stand like that when will we reach our place?”
“Yes! You should have crossed the road a bit carefully.. It’s OK!….Leave the matter now!”
“Who will give this item for…..? Do you know the prices of these……?”
"The Place is somewhere in this area…. I was there once…. I tell you…..I think it is…..”
“Can’t you see in the front?”

Thus went on and are going on till date the immediate dialogues, push and pulls, irritated voices, enquries with no proper reply, some sarcastic remarks and even a few scoldings etc etc..

But as I re-look into all these again and again,  I could sense that 

  • There's some unique warmth in all these interactions, 
  • The irritated and angry remarks even though are hurting a bit, otherwise are quite normal as problems in front are too many for many and struggle is much much harder, 
  • The questioning looks quite well justified as unless one picks up the Pace, living would be coming to a halt in no time and 
  • And behind all what they say or what not they say, people live through humble life at the back of ever-limited resources with them but never with a let down feeling!

And in this context, I could very clearly see my inner feelings forever firming up with a Single Message from deep within that.. 

“Wherever I may go, I have to come back to this my Sweet Home Town ultimately one day.. It's my Dearest and Ever Remembered Place on the Earth! 

I love my Place more than anything else on the Globe.. Whatever my level be, ultimately I am always a King here; nothing less of that at any time! In whatever fashion all these my people may interact with me for the whole day at the end of the day, they are always my People and forever are Unique to me in this Entire World!"
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The Telephone rang up..

"Hello, dear! I'm....... Speaking.. How are you doing? The reason I rang up to you is..... See! Here, we need to necessarily spend some monies and not spending the same at this point of time is never going to be the right way.. I suggest, tomorrow we both will go to the bank........"

A few minutes of silence and again there was a call..

"Hi! Prakash! This is..... Speaking.. See, Yaar! unless we make our efforts, how can the present problem will get resolved? Listen to me.. I advise you to come with me day after tomorrow when I'm planning to go that side and let's put in our own efforts for a while............. Don't keep quite here, dear! we have to do this much atleast for the present!"

Again silence ruled for a while and there was a third call soon..

"Is it Prakash? Hello dear, how are you doing? The reason I rang up to you is........Yaar... I'm not absolutely finding any time to do that job..... It's a must that this is done before.... Can you do one thing? For a day, take some time off and go that place... I'll give you the address.... You must do it........ Don't delay here.. It's never good for all of us!"

The man in no time was in full tension not knowing what to do in the situation in front!

Many times, such situations will be with all of us and not knowing what to do, we'll be feeling utterly helpless running here and there for a while..

And that should never be the way, I should have my own life in the right way and equally there I should not be having a even an iota of doubt in my action as finally in that alone lies my true safety..

And if this safety is seen as the prime requirement of my life at any time, an advance care on my behalf alone truly solves all the issues in front of me..

A little introspection in this context..

  • The 3 Entities with us viz; Time, Money and Energy are forever in shortage in our life and God has never given to any one at any time these 3 in plenty..
  • And the associated point is, whatever be that limited given to me, unless they go on the right cause which is the requirement of the moment, it forever results in certain pain in me in my life from whose influence I can never escape..
  • And the last point is that there are my own doubts here as well as there are equally some tainted people around me who out of their self interests would try to influence my actions thus leading me to the wrong conclusions in all such cases which seemingly look right for the moment..
Once the job is done, all will leave, the repercussions forever are mine alone and none would either be ready to take up the coming pains or would be able to do so for rest of my life..

So forever, the number One discipline with me should be.. Let me ever be careful.. Very very careful.. Whenever I need to spend my these precious Time, Money and Energies with me, with a firm belief that..

  • Never they should be wasted and
  • Never they should go on the wrong cause but
  • Never they should be less for the right cause..
And I here, neither should yield nor surrender at any time to all those influences and indirect threats brought on to me and thus rise in my life as a True Personality..

The Ever Safe Personality in this One Life in front!

Where in alone, I ultimately would be able to answer the Almighty Who forever expects me in my life to Ration, Utilize and Save these 3 Precious Entities of my life as per His Ultimate Order alone!

Thus the Words Viz; Time, Money and Energy forever form my favorite 3 Words equally with the connected 3 Words Viz; Ration, Utilize and Save simultaneously existing behind these 3 Original!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


On one of the week-ends, 2 friends with their families decided to go out to a distant place on a 2 day Picnic.. In the morning hrs, one of the friends who offered to drive the SUV, sat in the driver’s seat with seat belt on, adjusted the mirrors for rear view and set his position..
  • “During driving one should constantly keep looking into the mirrors.. There lies the safety!” 
He remarked.. The families behind smiled at him and the vehicle moved on.. On the way the gentleman filled the Fuel tank full and checked for the Tyre pressures..
  • “It's safe to have full tank on long drives with the right Tyre pressures including for the Stepney!"
He said.. The members nodded their heads and the vehicle continued moving..
  • “Regular maintenance of the vehicle at an extra cost ensures safety all along!” 
He proclaimed in between the journey.. The members were silent..
  • But soon, the man's driving was rough, too much braking and pulling along with murmuring and shouting at other road users.. 
  • The members were tight lipped all the time.. There were certain beautiful Spots on the way, but seeing the man’s mood they kept quiet and the journey continued thus endless except for the usual breaks in between.. After 5 hours of almost tense travel finally they reached the destination.. 
  • The man while reversing to park the vehicle touched the left mirror with an adjacent wall projection and the same broke into two pieces..
The day and the next day were spent at the new place and the families started back home at around 9 PM after their dinner..
  • "It's dark.. Night driving is really a tough job as you need to be in total attention.. This car now does not have the left mirror too.. I'm tired.. I can no more concentrate on driving for today!" 
Proclaimed the earlier driver friend much before the journey beginning.. No doubt, the other friend offered to drive for the return journey..
  • As he sat in the driver's seat, he quickly checked all the essentials at one stroke without uttering a single word and moved the vehicle so smoothly with no shocks, bumps and no sudden braking, the families instantly felt quite comfortable..
  • On the way initially, the relaxed man in the driver’s seat kept his passengers further at ease, briefly interacted with them at certain times all the while keeping a watch on the road..
  • In the initial one hr travel, the friend as he continued his driving, was seen giving preference to a few difficult people on the road with all politeness leaving out his turn and got a ‘Thank You’ from them.. 
  • Towards mid night the weather became a bit rough with incessant drizzles hitting the road and the visibility getting quite impaired..
  • "Be careful with the opposite vehicles.. You are not able to see much because of the darkness, rain and the associated mist around!" 
warned the morning driver who was sitting by his side..
  • The friend took extra care, reduced the speed of the vehicle, was careful while the opposite head lights were striking at him with the visibility around quite reduced in the shutters up condition..
The treacherous environment continued thus and soon they encountered a huge pool of rain waters thru' which the vehicle has to pass..
  • "We are gone.. How to pull thru' these waters? If we are bit slack in hitting the accelerator, the vehicle comes to a dead stop in the middle with waters entering the exhaust.. God only should save us now!" 
remarked the first friend..
  • The driver signaled to his friend to keep cool and with a firm footing keeping the gear in I st position steadily pulled thru' the deep waters with the raise of accelerator and simultaneous brake control all along the engine running in an excellent condition..
The first friend was almost breathless..
  • As they further traveled, the driver made it a point to explain to the family members the importance of the 3 places on the way which they missed while coming even though he could not stop for them there as it was past midnight..
  • And finally the families reached their homes around 4 AM indirectly quite relaxed even though they missed part of their sleep.. 
When they thanked the friend for driving well all the way, he smiled and said
  • "I love driving and while doing that job I am happy and keep others too happy!"
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Monday, October 19, 2015


A man was reminded of his habit of forgetfulness with which he very much concurred..

"Yes! It's true that I forget in few minutes what I decided to remember.. It happens..

The other day, I was carrying some important documents in a packet with me as I traveled.. I decided that I should be careful there in not leaving the packet anywhere and for a while I was in my utmost attention.. But still it happened.. Not once but 11 times I simply forgot that I'm carrying an important packet and recollected in a matter of 2 hrs.. It's really funny!"

"Yes!  It's really funny with our memories.. 11 times you forgot in a span of 2 hrs!"

"Yeah! I remember even now, it's exactly 11 times and with the 11th time I was at home!"

"Are you sure exactly 11 times or.......?"

"What do you mean? My memory is not that bad.. I still remember all those 11 times, I forgot about the packet in my hand and was back to senses in a short time!"

That's how the man's talk went on!

It's a joke and looks funny here but the question is am I not too equally doing those funny pretensions in my life when it comes to speak out the Truth.. i.e when I have to call a Spade a Spade?

Yes.. I'll never do that in the right way.. Meaning.. I'll not call a Spade a Spade so easily..

  • I very quickly change the color of the Spade according to my liking, 
  • I change the shape of the Spade according to my wish, 
  • I change the size of the Spade according to my ego, 
  • I talk on the use of the Spade according to my own interests, 
  • I express concern over the danger of the Spade out of my fears, 
  • I try to glorify the Spade as I see its worth and 
  • I condemn it's presence when I dislike something about the Spade!
This drama in me eternally goes on and what comes out in the process I continuously believe as the right.. Sure doubly right! Not only leaving the matters there, my people too should concur with me, thus I should be on the throne in the eyes of every body and those who oppose heroically will almost be seen as the life time enemies thus dividing the entire Humanity eternally.. 

The truly sad part of my life!

No doubt, a 100% deviation from this behavior, is truly not possible for me to get off as the enchanting colors and fragrance smell of my doings never leave me so easily but equally why not I try doing my bit here with all sincerity and rise with a firm conviction that..

This Spade will never be called as any other except only the Spade to uphold the dignity of Humanity around me whereby all around me live and express with their own freedom in their life and never I surrender here and in the process whatever smaller life that would come to me from the world point of view will be accepted by me with all Grace as the Gift of God for the one life on this Earth known to me this moment!

As I worship Mahishashur Mardhini with all Devotion during these Puja Days, let me Pray to the Goddess with an ardent feeling in me to liberate me by slaying this very Demon of Ignorance in me as much as possible and thus Bestow Her Eternal Blessings on me! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


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The man of 30 yrs was loaded with full family and the associated responsibilities.. Exactly at that point of time, the Philosophical Quest in him prompted, 
  • "It needs bundles of energy and concentration for an enquiry into this line which will do the ultimate good to you.. You really have a 100% of all that.. Why not make a beginning now?"
  • "If I start doing that now for sure, my young family would suffer a lot.. Let all things in front be streamlined and stabilized first.. And that alone would be the right time for this activity!" 
He reciprocated with all coolness.. Life moved on.. He was soon a man of 40 yrs.. The Quest in him again reminded him of doing something at that stage..
  • "You are already a quarter less of your energies.. Why not make a beginning now at least?"
  • "If I start doing that now, what happens to my family and the associated responsibilities? Let first the crucial things be streamlined and stabilized.. Then, sure that would be the right time for this activity!" 
He reciprocated with all confidence.. Again life moved on and he was then the man of 50 yrs.. The Quest reminded him of at least doing something at that stage..
  • "You are already a half less of your energies.. Can you do something now?"
  • "If I start doing that, what happens to my expanded family and the associated responsibilities? Let first things be streamlined and stabilized.. Then, that would be the right time for this activity!" 
He reciprocated with an assured feeling.. That too happened and in no time, he was a man of 60.. The Quest again reminded him of doing at least something at that stage..
  • "You've just only a quarter of your earlier energies now.. Why not make a beginning now at least?"
  • "If I do that, what happens to my friends, my activities, the engagements and the hectic movements? Things are now getting streamlined and stabilized.. Let all that happen and that alone would be the right time for this activity!" 
He reciprocated firmly with all fullness.. That way, life never stopped and he was finally a man 75 yrs..
"My people appear to be no more my people.. They have their own interests and they are not caring for me.. I feel sorry for not listening to your advice.. Can I do something at least now?" he was pleading..
"How's that possible now? You've not sown the seed for it in the right time.. I'm weak now and I can't do much except streamline your day to day issues.. Pleading is of no use now!" said the Philosophical Quest in him with a weak smile..

"I don't understand what you say!" enquired the man..

"See! Philosophical Living for you never lied in separately living leaving off the ordained responsibilities with you in your life.. And that Philosophical Living forever is 

  • Nothing but caring for the other man too next to you in your life as life moved on without reducing a bit of care towards your own family and your people! 
That way done earlier, there would have been a greater meaning to your life at this stage.. But here, all along you believed in the fundamental wrong Viz.;
  • 'My own man is dear to me; never the other!' 
Without correcting that thinking in you at any time with the right Viz.;
  • 'My own man no doubt is dear to me but never at the cost of hating the other man!' 
And the very error accrued in your living over a long period time completely misguided you and left you sure a man of certain pain today.. I'm sorry, I can just do nothing for you at this stage!"

Thursday, October 15, 2015


The daughter residing in the distant place visited her parents' home after a long time with her 3-1/2 yr old son..  As soon as she arrived, the scene at her parent's home had a dramatic change..

The grand child became too noisy in no time and the grand father too was equally making great hung-ma in taking care of the boy.. The next day, the gentleman took his daughter and the Little One to the Toy Shop..

"He will be too fussy when he selects his favorite toy and later we don't buy for him.. Better avoid taking him towards the area where costly toys are kept!" 

Cautioned the daughter.. The grand Pa smiled and just took the boy to the same place where many costly colorful toys were on the display.. The boy in no time pulled out with great difficulty a very big Model Toy Car costing nothing less and said, 

"I want this!"

The Grand Pa without a murmur took him to the Cash Counter with the piece, got it billed and packed and handed over to the boy..

"Dad! He is pampered.. If you do like this, I can't manage him tomorrow.. And our precious monies are going on unimportant issues!" 

Protested the daughter..

"Dear! I already planned to cut down certain of my spending elsewhere and am saving those monies.. So we are well in control from finance point of view.." 

Assured the old man with a smile.. They came back home and opened up the package.. Soon the toy was the total attention of the boy and he was too inquisitive in experimenting with the same.. 

No doubt it was very interesting but the same interest in no time had its ultimate effect on the piece of show.. Soon a wheel was out, the steering wheel got jammed, a few scratches on the otherwise shining outer skin and a big dent at the back.. The car that way took a different Avatar in a short time..

"This's too much.. He just spoiled the costly one!" 

Complained the elderly lady..

"It's alright.. No problem.. But here, you really don't know the great learning that had gone into our boy's mind in the process!" 

Clarified the gentleman..

The boy was again active.. So to say too active.. He had many paints with him and he was soon into a Great Painting Session with the encouraging Grand Pa by the side.. 

As he was too playful and the Grand Pa was too supportive, that had its own ultimate effect once again.. In the form of the boy splashing the paints with him on the floor and on to the walls quite liberally.. 

The daughter was just too angry.. 

"Oh, God! He just spoiled the newly painted walls and the costly floor.. What a mess? Dear! Now, your Grandpa has to get the entire area cleaned / repainted.. What a work you had given him?" 

She shouted at the boy..

"Dear! Just leave him.. I know what he had done.. I'may clean a bit here but am not removing the marks in full.. They are going to be the remembrances of my Little One having visited this house once and played with his loving Grand Pa!" 

Said the man with a smile..

"Dad!  You may tell all this but at the back you are actually pampering the boy beyond.. Tomorrow, he will quote this and will not listen to me.. What good are we doing here to our child ultimately?"

The daughter asked.. The dad smiled and said, 

"Dear! Just tell me one thing.. What are you young people doing in the Weekends after a Week's hard work?  Are you not unwinding totally during that time?  And by doing all that, your minds are becoming fresh to take up all that stress and strain of the coming Week.. 

Here, our boy too once in a way needs to get himself off on a bigger scale from the monotonous discipline you parents are continuously imposing on him.. That way, when he comes to me, he too is unwinding himself thru' this pampering for a short period and goes back with a total happiness within himself.. It's all part of a Great Learning here.. Tell me.. Should we not allow him too like you all to do this for his own ultimate good?"

Sunday, October 11, 2015


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"How many times I told you all to be disciplined and take care well in advance.. You never listen to me.. I'm truly the man sitting here with tons of experience in life, having read in and out of life and forever knowing the right and wrong.. You here never care for my suggestions in spite myself knowing totally what is what but are taking your own decisions.. What else I can say here? As stated in our Great Epics, all can't get the depth of this understanding and foolishness in the world prevails forever!"

"We understand that we are less experienced and are not able to get in and out of everything as you could do.. But we too have our ambitions and expressions.. Why don't you see this point while you talk like this? After all, can't you be sympathetic to our wrong doings too along with your teaching?"

"What dear, Are you telling an old man that too seasoned one on how to cough? Don't tell me how I should behave.. Better you all streamline your talking first!"

"Yeah! What all you say here, is to just listen to every bit of yours and sincerely follow that.. Then what is called our life? Don't we too have our own ambitions?" 

"Enough.. I don't want to listen to anything further in this..Your behaviors are beyond..."

"That's not fair.. You take all reigns into your hands and talk..."

"I say, don't point out me.. I did so much for all of you.."

"And you have no patience here... We just wanted... But you go on talking......"

"Hello! I say.. You are exceeding the limits.. I don't want to talk any more on this.. I'm going!"

Saying thus, the man totally in a fit of rage left the place angrily murmuring within himself cursing almost aloud the Opponents all along as he drove his car fast till he noticed the fuel at the Reserve Level.. Still raging in anger, he speed-ed up to the nearest Gas Station, positioned the car and as the Service Boy came up in front of him, said aloud without looking at him..

"Premium Petrol Tankful!"

The Service Boy was still standing there.. The man's anger shot up.. He madly shouted, 

"Hi! I already said Tankful Premium Petrol.. What else do you want?  Can't you do the job told to you?"

Saying thus, as he turned towards the boy for the delay and looked at him, he had instantly seen the Service Boy with a cheerful smile and with great obedience signaling to him thru' his hand movements confirming the tank to be filled full simultaneously showing the Petrol Outlet and further saw him getting into his job..

There was an instant Message from the Almighty from Above..

"These Precious Gifts like Talking,Hearing, Grasping and Understanding etc are specially given to you by Me to enable you listen patiently to others who are not up to your level, understand them and advise them with compassion on what is possible for them for their good.. 

Leaving all that Sacred Task that is in front of you, why are you here taking the reigns into your hands out of a proud feeling and ruling the people by your side though these very Gifted Capacities of yours?"

Saturday, October 10, 2015


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### That day, I was at my friend's house in the early morning hrs after my usual morning walk.. His Little daughter studying First Grade who was already up by that time and active suddenly brought all her School Certificates she got till then and was showing to me.. I carefully counted the Certificates one by one, smiled at her patting on her back and said, “Oh! You already have 6 Certificates of your own.. Great!”

The Little One, wide eyed exclaimed, “No, I've one more Certificate of mine!” 

I asked with all curiousness, “What's that?” 

The child replied with a cute smile showing up all her innocence, “It's my Birth Certificate!  But dad always keeps it with himself and never gives me!”

### After a while, his 3 yr old son too joined us for a while.. Suddenly a mouse ran fast in front of us and escaped into a hole in the wall.. The boy with all curiosity was looking at the hole.. I smiled and said, "Do you know? It's a mouse!" 

The boy in no time exclaimed with a big smile.. "That's not the mouse.. The mouse is on the table near the Comp in my dad's room!"

### I was soon back home.. There was a need to buy some items and I had to catch 10 AM bus to go the Shopping Point located in the near by Mall for the purchase.. Accordingly I traveled, got down the bus and as I was walking into the Mall Area, a Scooterist who appeared to be working in the Mall but already late for his work was seen coming very fast on his vehicle to park his scooter in the parking zone.. In the process, he had to pass through the same Security Barrier put up for the Customers' vehicles coming in.. 

As I was observing the young man on the two-wheeler, he waved from distance to his friend at the gate indicating that he was already late and dashed through without coming down in speed across the barrier and in seconds crossed the metal pole just in time raised for him by his friend, the young gate keeper with few centimeters of clearance above the helmet, went to the Parking Area and parked his vehicle.. The next moment he was out of sight from there as he must have gone to his work spot but my heart beating heard louder continued with me as I imagined the 'perfect balanced act' performed by the 2 young men never leaving exchange of smiles between them and equally smiling at me in the process..

### I finished my work and was returning home..The bus was not crowded and I had my seat.. At the next stop, a young lady with her kid of 3 years in her arms and his school bag at the back got into the bus and simply stood in front side of the bus holding the bar next to her politely refusing a seat offered by a person saying that it was just a 2 stop travel.. 

She in the process took out her purse from her hand bag, appeared giving the exact change for the ticket, kept the ticket back in her purse, folded the same and kept it in her hand bag all the time holding the bar firmly around one arm with the child in the other.. Further, she was continuously listening and talking softly to her child who was communicating to her his own school experiences of the day in between praising the boy for the 'Great Little Work' done for the day.. The journey continued thus for about 10 minutes, her stop came up and she, with all elegance and care, got down the bus and headed homewards.. So much Complex Work handled so well without a single complaint outward or a remorse feeling within all along with a smile on her face..

As I got down the bus at my next stop and moved towards my destination, a beautiful feeling had overtaken me in no time with cheers filled in my heart when I remembered the day's Events one by one at the back of 

The Ever Blossoming Unique Smile

seen around..

And whenever I happen to see such a smile by my side let that be either from an innocent Child or an active young Personality, the next moment I simply forget all of my own problems that were pestering me till then for a while and respond with an equal smile at the back of an unknown happiness within me!"

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Challenge #YouMakeMeSmile)

Thursday, October 8, 2015


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An elderly gentleman was living in a joint family of his children along with their families.. It was really a big and happy family.. Every one was educated and industrious and the children were well disciplined..

But unfortunately, the elderly man was not a happy man all the while.. He was often complaining that the younger members of the family all the time were not so friendly with him, always busy in their own works, not paying attention to him many times, sometimes feeling a little uncomfortable with his nearness etc..etc..

He was thus sad..

As he met his old friend in a Park one evening, he could no longer control and keep the problem to himself and vented out the anarchy at home including the sad part of it.. How he was sidelined!

His friend happened to be a great introvert.. He was truly a problem solver and was a great success in life.. He understood his friend’s problem and wanted to give him a piece of advice.. He said..

“See my dear, we are aged and we have gone thru’ the many turmoil of life, a mixture of pleasures and pains.. Please tell me, did we not have tough life in our younger responsible days? In those days, we too were desperate and equal number of times we too were showing our disgust and used to vent out our feelings.. So, this is a very much natural happening in these instances..” 

Saying thus, he paused for a while.. The elderly man was looking at his friend keenly.. The friend further continued..

“The youngsters of your family are well educated, have steady jobs, work hard and thus are truly the responsible people.. Here, they have to take care of their children’s up bringing and all are totally involved in their duties thus.. In fact the reality is that the situation in your family needs lots of attention, energies, strengths and finances and beyond this many sleepless nights added too.. 
All your people have determined to do this unique task together for the welfare of the family and in this context only, everyone is running round with no time to breath.. 

Their journeys in life are like sailing ships on seas with sails unfurled... Their directions depend on winds blowing, they are in the middle of waters and they have to constantly steer the ships to reach ultimately the shore safely.. This is the present great task with these busy young men and women around you.. 

Compared to all this bustle, our lives are now simply devoid of all this turmoil except our age related health ailments.. We have safely traveled, almost are near to shores, in calm waters, almost furled our sails and thus are free from the direction of winds and peaceful on home front issues.. 

In such a situation, by being free and by staying at home, we can definitely help these coming up families in general with our small energies such as taking care of the young kids in time, being helpful with saved finances where required but not in a wasteful way and as a head in general for advising and guiding on trivial issues.. This task is very much in front of us at this point of time in which we can actively involve.. 

Strangely leaving all this, how can we find fault with our own people for not showing attention and asking for the same?  Do we really need anything like this?" 

While parting, the friend smiled and whispered in his ears..

"More or less, we have lived our lives the best, dear; But the young are going thru' this process presently.. Tell me, should we not help these youngsters now at this stage?  In fact, the real Peace is with us  only when we sincerely do this job totally with all honesty but nothing less of it any time!" 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


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The young man was too proud of his achievement.. He secured the best and the highest paid job in his city.. The happiness for him was really unlimited.. Days rolled by.. 
The phone rang up continuously.. 
  • “We understand your financial needs.. Availability of sufficient money on hand is the starting point of all that graceful living!  Please do visit our Website for various schemes and facilities in this regard..”
  • “You need a fast, speedy and elegant transport to reach your work place daily in time with least strain.. Please do visit our show room to see the latest Models and have your Classic choice….”
  • “Sir! We feel that you should rise to the occasion and present yourself the best as you move constantly with High Profile Groups of your Area.. And we got exactly what suits you in this context…Please do visit us once at....”
  • “Your well being is of our primary concern.. Accordingly we worked out a Program for your patterns of sedentary life at work.. In our Center, you will be guided in the latest time tested ways, well trained in the related areas and will be offered......... for the good of your health..  Please make use of this one life time opportunity..” 
  • “All matters settle finally in a place called Home where you stay and relax..  We, with extreme care backed by our experience in the field, carefully go through your requirements and accordingly cater for..... Call us at your convenience....” 
Fate some times will have its own way and every one is bound to accept what comes through in that context.. The young man too was no exception there.. Suddenly, he found himself in the area where the demand for the competitive skills had come down quite a bit.. There were threats to jobs, the salaries were drastically cut and naturally the economical living was the aim of the day.. There was no way other than either change the job or wait patiently for fresh demand to pick up.. 

And strangely, all phone calls too stopped in no time and direct action was on the Anvil..

At Office Lounge.. 
  • “On scrutiny, we found that you are likely to exceed your credit limit as the pending amounts were not regularly paid off.. Please pay off all the balances immediately.. Your credit worthiness is being reviewed..” 
On Road.. 
  • “The vehicle loan is pending and this vehicle need to be handed over to us right now on the spot..  Public transport stops a little away.. Leave the vehicle and take the bus….” 
At the  Mall.. 
  • “These items are not for you and those expenses cannot be borne by you any more. Please move on….” 
In the Evening..
  • “There is a cheaper place of 'Eat Out' 2 km away from here and a walk to that place is good for health and fitness....” 
At Home..
  • “The installment of your loan on your Accommodation is not paid for the last 2 months.. Please pay off the dues immediately and keep the records update.. For your information, we may have to auction the Property for the recovery of your full loan, if required..  Be prepared to vacate the place at any time in the coming days and........”

Saturday, October 3, 2015


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Friday, October 2, 2015


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Happy Gandhi Jayanthi.. 
A Fictional Post written on the Eve of Gandhi Jayanthi!

A King was more happy with his Authority rather than be considerate to the Expressions of his people.. When asked, he used to reiterate, 

"I am the King here and a King is supposed to Rule and do good to all through his Authority.. As fear is ever the key, if you do not instill some fear in people, every one talks and takes things easy.. Then how can you take firm decisions in your Ruling? Let me Rule this way only, whatever be the result.. Let my people too realize that ultimately I mean only good for them!”

The Wise Minister who was observing and listening to all that talk for some time, decided at one stage to educate the King and was waiting for a right opportunity..

On one of the days, when the Minister was with the King in the Palace to discuss some urgent issues, the young Prince aged 14 years entered the Palace and conveyed an information to his father privately.. The King immediately became very angry and shouted at the Prince.. The boy became sad and left.. 

The Minister was about to continue the discussions but noticed that the King was in no mood and thus kept quite for a while.. A few minutes later, the King sent for his son and when the Prince arrived, asked him to sit with him, comforted him for a while, promised him something and sent him off happily..

Having done that, the King was back to his mood and was about to begin the active discussions..

At that point of time, the Minister with all obedience looked at the King and asked, 

“Your Majesty! If you kindly permit me, Shall I say something here?" 

The King looked at him with astonishment and asked him to go ahead.. The Minister continued..

"Sir! As a father, you might have shouted at the Prince a bit harsh but soon you took care of him, comforted him and cared for him too.. Unless we are capable of doing this total activity truly from our hearts, we don’t have the right to be Authoritative by ourselves on any one in the world except to the level that is written in our Code of Ethics and Duties for their own good.. 

Here as a Ruler, if your Highness imposes anything beyond on some one without this love at the back, it just amounts to a type of highhandedness alone but never a welfare activity for them!"

"But in such a case, how can I Rule properly when I have to be considerate too simultaneously for the wrong doers?" 

asked the King with a doubt on his face..  The Wise Minister smiled and said, 

"Yes, Sir!  You definitely need to be properly Authoritative while Ruling else you will never be able to do justice to the affected people at any point of time.. And here for sure, all that Authority required to Rule thus is clearly mentioned in the Age Old Books with us written by the Great Men and Women of world detailing the Duties and Responsibilities of a True Ruler.. These Men and Women were truly capable of Experiencing / Exhibiting the Universal Love for Masses and thus what all they said there is only out of this Eternal Compassion for every one on this Earth..

And here as a Ruler, following those very guidelines alone is ever the safest way for your Majesty and not anything less/more of it at any point of time in such Ruling!" 


  • Democracy invariably, is the Selective Dictatorship.... It begins at the Top where a few earlier Dictators elected in the present Scenario coolly wear a Mask and start Ruling.... Down the Level, many dictator-minded Self Rulers get empowered indirectly and eternally Rule the less Powerful Ones without a brake! 
  • Contrary to what often spoken of, here my freedom may routinely end where the other man's nose begins, but sure ends at the point where the Powerful man around 'Wishes' something for own self! 
  • It is beyond doubt to say that in a Democratic Set Up, the language of the Wise is severely limited... They are never allowed to be open all by themselves but invariably forced to operate at the level of the man by the side who is indirectly Powerful! 
  • A Democratic Set Up, no doubt is 'Free for all' but too many Rulers and Sub Rulers around will systematically and ultimately put the implementation of the actual Rules under Carpet all along playing their assigned Roles too perfectly well with none able to question them easily! 
  • The Weak may be united in Democratic Rule to Voice their grievances but the Powerful are 'One' indirectly to divide them through Money and Muscle Power and thus invariably ready to suppress them or not allow their progress beyond a point! 
  • Lastly to say.... The Existing Systems around truly have their active presence because of a basic requirement in proper functioning of day to day life and not because a Democratic Leader in Power proposes those Systems but that very Powerful Man in picture invariably makes his people believe so!
More or less often, this is going to be the situation in any Democratic set up around without much deviation.. 

Any Established Newspaper Publication in such a System which forever carries the great responsibility of bringing out the major wrongs done by those in Power should be bold enough to withstand the direct and indirect attacks thru' similar influences/happenings mentioned above and thus constantly uphold the 'Right of the Common Man' in general!

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I may be thinking many times.. Especially on Monday mornings.. That my Work is demanding more than what I am sincerely contributing and the process seems never ending..
  • The Boss looks like a friend outside.. But at Work he simply takes totally a new Avatar and instantly becomes tough demanding positive results.. 
  • All Colleagues and friends may be helping everywhere but at Work, they really look helpless ever concentrating on their own.. 
  • The family may understand this and extend their support but invariably there are sure going to be exigencies wherein extra time, money and energies need necessarily to be found..
  • Finally in my heart too, I want my own time, relax for a while and do something on my own but that seems never happening.. 
Thus, there are instances where we find we are fixed and cannot escape but want to run away at the earliest chance from the 'Tight Rope Walk in Life' called 'The Work!' And this very attitude is often termed as ‘Flight from Work!'

All of us, once in a way experience this situation and thus feel chained and helpless.. Unfortunately for some, it may continue for a longer time.. But if I make a sincere attempt thru' right introspection, soon that will bring out in front the reason behind all this turmoil and tension..

Daily from morning to evening, I consume many items and make use of many services in the world, which I neither produce nor am capable of producing and that is called my life! And precisely to say, all these items/services are made and kept in the market by the other people.. So the individual, who produced and made them available for me, naturally expects me to give what exactly he/she wants and I have to necessarily do that.. And sure here, no other way works..

Many times, I may not have the skill to produce what exactly is expected from me but I can always exchange my skill in the market for that exact requirement.. The place where I do this exchange is called 'The Business House' and only when this is done in total, I surely get what I want!

This whole process of going round and myself struggling till I get what I want is called 'My Work!'

If I truly understand this background, my attitude in no time changes and I would never be running away from my Work as 

  • Through my Work alone I exist, 
  • Continue doing the best at my Work today alone guarantees my Work of tomorrow and 
  • Never denouncing my Work alone secures my right place in the world! 
Further to this, I can ever remember the Great Saint's words on the Fundamental Necessity of this Work..

The Great Saint said once, 

“I need not do any Work.. I need not learn anything.."

When asked how He can live without Working, the Great Philosopher replied, 

“I do not have any desires to satisfy.."

When pointed out how He can get his basic necessities like food in life to sustain, the Master said, 

“Some of you may feed me.. If not, I'll go hungry and in that process if the body perishes, let it go!”

And that was truly possible for the Great Personality to say so as He was just the same within.. 
But as I'm far away from this Great Strength, Working is the 'Safest Way' for me here as that alone ultimately makes me a 'Total Personality' in my life!