Thursday, October 19, 2017


That evening, the child along with his mom and grandpa entered the Toy Shop. Soon the Little One was on his favorite toy cars there..

"I want that car!"

He said.. The daughter smiled and said,

"They won't allow it on our flight back home. For a month of our stay here the cost is too much.. Later it becomes a waste!"

"Next year I come, I'll play!"

"By that time, you become big.. You'll not play with this.. Pick up another toy!"

"No I want it.. Grandpa can we buy this?"

The grandpa remained silent.. The daughter said firmly..

"Dad.. Let's go to the next store. There he'll find something interesting!"

"Dear! We can't snub the interests of the child. As caretakers and well-wishers, we've a role to genuinely look into our boy's timely needs and help him in fulfilling them to the best of our abilities!"

The elderly man said..

"But how can we do that here? After all our monies too are precious!"

"Dear! When I say thus, I never mean saying don't care for your money.. I saw in the Mall in the Central Area having these cars rented out for children to run in their premises for a small amount.. Let's go there!"

Soon the mom and grandpa convinced the Little One on that with a promise to him that they would be going there immediately and the car would be given to the boy!

"I'll buy and bring it home.. At home I want play!"

The Little One said firmly.

In 15 minuets time, the 3 were in the Mall area where different cars in different colors were seen going round. Seeing them, the Little one's eyes brightened.

"I want that car.. Let's buy that!"

He said. The grandpa talked to the In-charge boy and requested him to help riding the child for a while. Then he looked at the Little One and said,

"Dear! You've to learn the car operation.. Don't you like to learn?"

"Yes.. I want!"

"That you can't do it yourself at home.. This uncle will help you.. So sit in the car for 10 minutes and learn all that!"

Soon the Little One was into those activities.. 10 minutes passed, the boy had to vacate the car..

"Dear! I want you learn different cars.. The next car will be with you in 5 mts when the present riding boy vacates.. We've to wait!"

5 minutes passed and the next car was with the child.. Again for the next 10 minutes the boy was in his own world..

Next, the child got into the 3rd and 4th cars successively each looking different and rode them screaming aloud.. By that time, the 1st car was again ready for him.

"Learn and practice more!"

Said the grandpa..

2 hrs passed thus and the Mall crowd started thinning out with the closing time being one hr. Just in time, the grandpa took another initiative. He approached the In-charge boy and said,

"Can you give now the first car to our boy till the Mall closes? I'll pay a fixed charge!"

The In-charge boy instantly agreed for that and soon the Little One started going round continuously in the car. By that time everyone felt hungry.. The grandpa asked,

"Dear! Do you like to have your favorite ice cream? I'll get it for you!"

The child nodded his head and the old man soon headed towards the boy's favorite Ice Cream Shop leaving him with his mom.

Just before it was the closing time for the car ride, he emerged on the scene with boy's favorite delicacy and seeing him from distance, the boy left his car and ran towards his cone..

In no time, he was all into the action of licking his tastiest piece of cone well satisfied with the extended car ride he had..

  • "Our boy is fully charged now with renewed energy. His strong wish of owning the car had melted out silently under the unending rides he had in all types of cars along with his favorite ice cream towards the end..
  • No doubt, it cost me a bit with ride rate minutes wise and fixed but those amounts together in few hundreds are well within our limits of spending towards our child's happiness and mental well-being compared to the few thousands of owning the toy car without using it much except that we almost spent 3 hrs here spreading over our energies for such a good cause.. Anyhow ultimately the Saying goes.. 
No Pains No Gains!

And sure we got our gain here..

One 100% of our boy's confidence that we take care of him well!"

Said the elderly man while alighting at home the 3 wheeler they hired on return with the Little Boy giving a pose with a beaming face at the end of the day!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


No doubt it's the answer from Lord Krishna 
Slokas 55 and 56, 
Chapter II 
Srimad Bhagavad Gita 
to a query from Prince Arjuna on who the 
Man of Steady Wisdom 

'prajahaati yadaa kaamaan
sarvaan partha manogataan;
aatmanyevaatmanaa tushtah

sthitadheer munir uchyate'

'Casting off the desires of mind
Satisfied in the Self alone, 
not shaken by adversity, 
not hankering after pleasures 
freed from attachment, fear and anger 
the sage of steady wisdom!'

That Sacred Message 
equally binds me thru'
in my life..

'Refraining max from the wild ways of living
Involve actively in your responsibilities with a
Giving attitude explicitly seen everywhere and thus
Hold the bridle firmly readying yourself to
Take whatever comes in the process!'

With the Sacred Word 
very much imprinted on it!"

Let me.. 
With no recourse straight away 
lighten up this single discipline in me 
on this 
The Festival of Lights 
Start spreading goodness everywhere!

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Monday, October 16, 2017


No doubt he was the No 1 genius of the town 
He wanted his son too to be in that line 
But the son in no time turned out to be a misfit amidst similar genius personalities.. 

The No 1 genius soon went out of ethics.
Used his clout to forcibly turn a simpleton into a genius. 
Thus remained for a while a clown amidst the genius personalities.. 

But life can never continue thus. 
A clown too has own personality of original expression 
And that personality sure prompts one to be something in life..

Thus, the misfit soon started excelling in his own area 
Not talked of much and never carried a big weight on it's head.
As more energies had gone in that direction forcibly living amidst genius members, he soon became a double clown there.. 

And one day some one remarked beyond 
"What a blockhead is born to a genius.. 
Sure the effect of the dad's past deeds!"
with every one talking on that very quickly as the dad was too famous..

But the Almighty's Scales ever balance. 
And here the genius and simpleton too could never crossover the effect of their live deeds in their life.. 

With the son not getting a bit hurt with that talk he remaining serene and calm with nil publicity
The dad's heart broken into pieces with sharp words thrown at him at the fag end of his life and he becoming totally a lost person with his intact name and fame ultimately turning against him alone!

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A family and friends visited a distant place of tourist importance where
  • Issues were better controlled, 
  • Systems worked the best, 
  • Order prevailed everywhere and 
  • People respected rules and regulations to core..
The younger ones of the family were soon in their own excitement..
  • “This place, I love a lot. See! Nothing fails here at any point of time. Once my car broke down in the mid of an isolated place when there was incessant snowing. I thought, I was gone for the night. In less than half hr of my SOS call, help came and shifted me to a safe place. Subsequently my car too followed!”
  • “Yeah! You are right. It works here so well. I once lost my way at midnight and just asked the help. So perfect the system works.. I close my eyes too, I would reach home. I had no trouble of getting back!”
  • “Not that alone.. I once, camped in a forest area. I was afraid that those systems around may not work there and I may be in danger. But to my surprise, everything was taken care so well and I was safe from all the angles. Where else do we get this type of safety?”
“Yes! Yes! No doubt in that. OK! Let's move on.. We are here to see the place! Now, let's get on to the high rock there which extends into the sands below.. From bottom we will have our pictures clicked. You'll never get this landscape anywhere. But let's not go beyond the safe zone marked. I am seeing the limiting fence around. It looks great! Let's climb to that point.

Such a beautiful picturesque spot in such safe surroundings!”

The elderly in the family spoke soft..

"My dear Boys!

The area around might have been well regulated through rules and regulations in force but they are all still man made only and fate sometimes will not listen to all these..

The danger may lurk in a corner as the rocks are steep and slippery..

There, sometimes all the machinery around may be of no use once the mishap of serious nature occurs and all systems around may instantly become redundant..

Thus seen, the best discipline to be followed in life at all times and in all places is..

  • Be alert, 
  • Exercise the best care and 
  • Take all precautions
At the back of a Sincere Prayer to the Almighty for Ultimate Take Care..

Om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pustivardhanam
urvarukamiva bhandhananmrtyormuksiya mamrtat!"

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Friday, October 13, 2017


Oh! My Belief.. 
My Personal Faith 
In what I observe around and what I experience forthwith..

From childhood, as I started observing/experiencing, you conveniently captured me making me compare each of my experiences with yourself.. 
You thus made me constantly oscillate between the 
'Good’ and ‘Bad’ 
and the 
‘Right’ and ‘Wrong!’

Having so coolly done that, you made me divide people saying 
‘My Person’ and ‘Not My Person’ 
and further forced me to
'Like My Person' and ‘Dislike Not Mine!’
In time, this duality with me had gone beyond ultimately making me 
'Embrace My Person to my Bosom' 
'Hate That Not Mine to the Root!'

I'm lucky I could catch you today, you 
'The Rotten Monotony'
by my side..
Thru' the dawn of certain wisdom in me that assured me see 
'The Better of Me' 
become aware to 
‘The Truth at Every Instance’ 
to the extent possible, accordingly firm up and act! 

Yes.. I understand that here alone lies 
my strength, steadfastness and a great wish to explore 
'The World of Truth’
around me rather than be caught and carried away by the glimpses of pleasures you showed to trap me eternally!

No doubt, you are not an easy enemy to tackle with as the tackling personality me, myself is part and parcel of you if not the whole, depending on the level of my own elevation in 
'The Path of Higher Understanding..' 

Still.. No problem, you continue your tricks on me I continue to be more vigilant, ready myself take some blame and attack from the world which is inevitable in the process but never leave
‘My Truthful Path’
‘The Path Laid out by The Great Personalities'
of the world.. 

It's sure no easy job for me here but this life is worth experimenting thru' this 
'Vibrant New’
rather than going round and round thru' 
'The Rotten Routine’ 
you propose every moment with no respite from carrying the burden of pleasant experiences on my back adding bits and pieces thru' my interactions with the world.. 

The glitter and glamour of which constantly mesmerizing me but 
Instantly vanishing from the scene exactly when needed!"

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


“Sir! Being a senior member at work, I'm not compensated properly by my Company in respect of my promotion/s and salary. I'm straight away put down. I feel really sad. How can my management do this so ruthlessly to me by not giving due weight-age to my seniority in the Organization?"

"Dear! I understand your problem and I too wish that your management should have taken care of you properly in giving timely promotion/s..

When we look at the importance of seniority in service, it is instantly evident that the employee at work over years of service

  • Becomes an expert in the related skills of his/her field and thus automatically would know the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ of my work.. 
  • Further to that, he/she also matures himself/herself in the general management of day to day issues at and around in the work area.. 
  • And in general, a sort of maturity in life too joins all that in the back ground..
The above 3 together is called

'The Seniority in Service' in the Employment Arena!

This seniority, has it's own value at work and continues to enjoy all the support and benefits in the work area provided..
  • The employee is honest at his/her work, exerts without hesitation and follows all the rules and regulations to core as..
Dishonesty in no time brings down the best stage performer too..
  • The employee does not suffer from any serious disabilities or health problems like 
A Senior Caterer of a Catering Service when attacked by severe cold too is forced to keep off from active serving and if the cold becomes chronic, may have to be out of catering service itself..
  • He/she is not too much out-dated in his/her's skills as in such cases the new entrants become more useful in the same job like
An old Potter having no job amidst the use of coolers..

At the backdrop of such a work life, one's seniority carries its respect and value in the Organization and will generally be compensated well in all such cases..

It's unfortunate that your Management is delinquent in this aspect in spite of you being satisfying all the above conditions at your employment but beyond a point they too are not at fault because..
  • It's the concept of free enterprise every where in the field of employment except in few services and certain specific appointments and the employer out of own freedom can still choose some one else for his/her work in your place but 
Here you too have a 100% chance to continue with your present employer or not. Your contract of appointment can just be closed with the issue of a certain notice period from either side as per the terms and conditions of your appointment and you can take up similar senior position in the contemporary organization/s at the back of your rich work experience..

Why are you not thinking on these lines if you really want to give true regard and value to your senior status?"

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Monday, October 9, 2017


On a holiday tour to the most exotic place on the earth..

"Oh! My! That place is really fantastic. Looks too good to me.
Those green fields spread over the huge area with the sun light falling at an angle over it with the back drop of fast vanishing clouds..... 
Let's go there and we shouldn't miss such a beautiful spot!"

In 2 hrs time at the new place so much praised..

"God! What a greenery! I love the scenery around. The view from here is too good.. See, that landscape at distance.. 
With so many bushy bushy green trees and a stream of waters flowing in between with the back ground of the majestic hills touching the skies.... 
Looks like my next destination.. Let's go there too!"

"Dear! We were at the same place 2 hrs back!"

It may be a piece of humor here but equally the strong message behind it is.. Whatever I may think and firm up within me, 

Forever the Nature is One, the Universe is One and the Creator of the Cosmos Phenomenon too is One!

As an individual of 'Dwanda'(duality), I'll not be able to experience this Oneness directly at this moment but Specs of that Reality sure could be felt by me if I tune up myself to a certain internal discipline in my life and work in that direction with full dedication.. That discipline basically is nothing but certain constant thoughts in me Viz.,

'The beauty of outside is ever in the eyes of the beholder..

All my achievements, gain in knowledge and experience of today are not exclusively of my own make.. 

They equally belong to those people who were with me all these years working along with me as they had just given away for my gain.. 

These people must have been compensated all these days with certain monies which in my view look 'OK' but from the broader prospective that return is sure less unless my gratitude too goes towards all those eligible receivers who are none but the present generation in front of me as 

Forever people are One and the world is One!

The best way of this return is.. As I deal with the people around me, I might have seen many of them with their own 

Inherent Ambitions,
Innate Tendencies.. 
Innovative Ideas and 
Interesting strategies.. 

Certain ‘Newness’ is ever part and parcel of such expressions around me and invariably I've to make use of this 'Newness’ for my work as well for the good of the world.. To tap that, the only way is.. Ever to motivate the man with me thru'

Genuine support when an ambition is seen,
Praise when there is an achievement, 
Gentle guidance when faced with a difficulty and 
Kindness when failure takes place! 

Instead ever ready to show off an indirect

Oppressive attitude,
Authority and 

When I start doing thus on a firm footing the dwanda (duality) with me sure becomes lighter with partiality from my end dropped down to certain extent making me experience the 

Specs of Reality of Oneness with CERTAIN NEWNESS seen in Everything, Everywhere, Every moment!

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Saturday, October 7, 2017


A young man had series failures in his life. Attempted 1, 2 and 3 and failed in succession Partly because of his carelessness and partly because he believed beyond in wrong places.

That entire episode sent a wrong Message into the mind of the young man. Soon a single thought firmed up in him..

'It's forever better to leave the worldly life and embrace Spirituality!'

Having decided thus, one fine day he met an elderly well-wisher of his family who was a man of deep wisdom and said,

“Sir! I'm getting vexed with the materialistic world around me with no peace seen anywhere. I strongly feel that I should move to a Good Monastery, take up certain activities there supporting Spirituality and thus live my further life in Peace.. Am confident that I can do this activity 100% and there I would surely become better.. 

Sir, tell me.. Isn't it a better choice for people like me? In fact, I am happy that the failures of mine had opened up my eyes to some extent to quickly move out of this confusion!”

The elderly looked at him, paused for a while and asked a question,

“Dear! By joining a Monastery what are you planning to achieve ultimately in your life?”

“In fact I can do many.. I’ll start totally a new life there.. I'll work, make a living and try to live a serene life amidst Nature and God communicating Atmosphere.. That way, am sure it's much superior life!”

“My dear, let me tell you clearly one thing here.. All those experiences presently you passed thru' are very firmly in your mind and that one is corrupted beyond. If you join a Monastery with such a sick mind, I'm sure you'll soon spoil the Serene Atmosphere there.. And am equally sure, no Head of a Monastery will admit a personality like you with this back up!"


“Yes, dear! The Sacred Path required to embrace Spirituality is forever filled with the Vibrant qualities like Courage, Service, Sacrifice, Patience and nothing less. Out of vexation and an escape mentality no one can become Philosophical in their lives as such a mind can never see the 'Good' existing in the people around and further can never appreciate the 'Beauty' of living this 'One' life happily with people.

Take care here because as I see your mind having misguided you so far on the utopia of achievements in life, is now misguiding you to get off from the more important activities you have to do in your life at this stage by suggesting you the easy path of constantly blaming yourself/people around thus escaping into a life of Pseudo Philosophy..

And still if you are not convinced, try continue thinking a life on the lines of Philosophical Discipline and follow that, let me say with a 100% assertion that

An ordinary individual totally engrossed in his/her hard work at the busiest cross roads unmindful of the dust, dirt and noise around not knowing an iota of what is Philosophical Living is sure a better Philosopher in his/her life compared to you at any point of time!”

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Friday, October 6, 2017


As the aircraft started rolling on the runway, the gentleman in the middle seat in rear closed his eyes for a while in prayerful mode and further to that sat in an upright position in his seat. The plane picked up speed in no time with a roaring sound and was soon into skies at the back of a few side ward movements and certain ups and downs.

The jolts were a bit nauseating but all in no time smoothed into the level flight. The engines were at their full thrust and in the rear seating compartment the audible levels had dropped down instantly amidst the increased sound of the engines.

The flight planned time was about 2 hrs..

The gentleman discretely noticed the 2 passengers on left and right to him sitting in a bit tense mood. Soon all smiled at one another and in the process he casually asked the man in the window seat..

“Sir! You seem to be not feeling well?”

  • “Yeah! Even though I travelled few times, I never felt comfortable sitting in the aircraft.. A bit worried!”
Replied the widow seated man. The other co-passenger heard that and immediately said,
  • "I'm traveling for the first time.. The whole thing looks a bit scary!”
The gentleman smiled and said,

“Sir! If you listen to me, many of your wrong beliefs of flying will sure vanish and you can be freed from your fears. Let me try my bit, with your permission!”

Both the co-passengers instantly nodded their heads in affirmation. Meanwhile, few drinks were served to them and they quickly finished that. The gentleman started,

“Sir! The aircraft we regularly travel are very safe. So much of care is taken in building, maintaining and flying the aircraft that with all confidence I can easily say flying is the safe way of traveling!”

The co-passengers were instantly seen showing interest in his talk. The gentleman continued..

”See! We many times think that travel on ground is quite safe as we get a feeling there that whatever might happen, we are ultimately on a firm base. And while flying, this feeling is shaken up a bit as we feel that we are hanging all the way. Do you agree?”

Both the men's faces appeared brightened up..

  • ”You exactly sensed our inner thoughts..” 
They said together. The gentleman felt a bit proud in his heart.. At that point of time a few refreshments were served to them. The gentleman thanked the Hostess and said..

"See! They are serving tasty food too during our lengthy travel.. It’s time to relax and enjoy this travel!”

The co-passengers, nodded their heads in silence.. Having finished eating the food, the gentleman continued his talk on flight safety aspects for a while. At length he concluded saying,

“See, Sir.. Going by by statics with us, I can 100% assertively say that air travel is the very safe mode of transport anywhere in the world and...........”

Looked at his watch and said,

“Oh! It's nice we spent almost the full journey time talking on flight safety. It’s time to land now.. See, the aircraft had already started descending.. We've to fasten our seat belts now and be ready for landing.."

and having done that before the regular announcement, the gentleman said,

"This is one of the safety requirements to be followed during take off, landing and in times of turbulence.. Hope you both feel better now with what all I told!"

The 2 men smiled and nodded there heads.. Soon the aircraft landed and the trio walked out of the Airport together.  Finally the gentleman bid bye to his 2 new friends and moved on..

The 2 looked at each other for a while with a smile on their faces and suddenly one said in a low tone..
  • “I'm not that much influenced by what all he said but invariably his talk for one and half hrs almost the full length of journey kept me off from my nauseating fear. Whatever.. For me truly 
It was a blessing in disguise!"

Hearing that the other confided in a soft tone,

  • "Me too not bothered about what he said and it was boring beyond but one thing I noticed him doing before takeoff.. Closing eyes for a while praying to God.. It suddenly struck me that that is the best confidence booster in such situations and here afterwards I'm going to depend on that alone.. Truly
It was a blessing in disguise!”

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Thursday, October 5, 2017


The elderly man and the young man were out on a day together..

  • "Can you just wait for me a moment? I'll exchange this item in this store and come back!"
the elderly said.
  • "Sir! Do you have the receipt with you?"
the young man asked.
  • "No.. I misplaced it somewhere!"
"Then these people won't take your item back.. It happened to me once.. The Stores Manager is very strict!"
  • "Is it so? Anyhow, having come so much distance, let me try!"
Saying thus, the man went into store and in 10 minutes returned with a replacement item..The young man was surprised..
  • "The Manger just allowed me to do this!"
The elderly said.. They next hired a taxi to reach a point..
  • "I need to divert the taxi. I've to complete a small work here!"
  • "Sir! These Taxi Services can't do that. They are monitored by their Company on GPS!"
  • "Let me try.."
Saying thus, the elderly turned to driver, explained his problem and requested him to help.
  • "No problem, Sir! I 'll take you there!"
Saying thus the driver diverted the route. The young man again was surprised as he recollected how many times the drivers flatly refused to help him out on such occasions.

The elderly soon finished his work and they both alighted the taxi at an Office. There were 2 routes into the Office. One straight route with 'No Admission' board and another a long 'Way In' path.

The young man followed the 'Way In' path but the elderly cut short there and entered thru' 'No Admission' gate. The man at the gate did not object for the same and allowed him freely. The young man was at his wit's end.
  • "Sir! You are truly privileged!"
he said..
  • "No dear! I'm supported as Senior Citizen indirectly at all these places as I have less energies with me at the back of all grey hair!"
said the elderly..
  • "I understand the need to help the Senior Citizens but how grey hair matters here?"
  • "Dear! The grey hair at my age shows that I should have been mostly a disciplined, law bound citizen and a man of intact character all along with my social and family responsibilities well discharged over years and today all that background alone makes people believe and help me beyond the usual proofs required in routine issues of day to day life!" 
They finally were about to enter a Mall.. The young man and the elderly stood in the queue to pass thru' security check..
  • "Sir! You are privileged as a senior person with full of grey hair. At the back of all that indirect proof, Why don't you by-pass this routine simple security check and enter the Mall?"
The young man casually said. The elderly smiled and said,
  • "Dear! Any security check at whatever level be is for the safety of all of us and even though the young guard at the gate at times may not question me beyond, I never skip the procedure I got to follow here and help out the Authorities.. 
  • Having passed thru' so many years of life experiences all tightly packed into my memory with the grey hair staying over it as a symbol of that store, how can I ever show laxity here?" 
  • "Done, Sir.. Your grey hair truly speaks!"
Remarked the young man with great reverence for the elderly!

Keyword: GREY HAIR

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


A man with endless problems of life in front mused..

  • "I see no charm in life!"
Another man with streamlined life in front mused..
  • "Life has become routine!"
The wise man advised the first man..
  • "See the twilight in east and observe how the colors of sky change as the sun rises..
  • Listen to the chirrup of early birds and feel how the sounds sooth the ears as the birds start their day..
  • Feel the coolness of fresh air around touching you before getting heated up by the sun.. 
  • Smell the fragrance of early morning flowers and feel relaxed for a while..
The Nature around you wakes you up daily with these rejuvenating gifts plenty. Make use of them in abundance, you would soon conquer your weaknesses and take possession of your inner strengths with your life becoming truly interesting and worth living!”

He turned to the other man and said,

"In your daily life, let there be
  • Adventure not repetition with no new happening,
  • Investigation not repetition with no new finding out, 
  • Experimentation not repetition with no probing and 
  • Contemplation not repetition with no vibrations felt! 
The life with you gives enough chances daily to express thru' these rejuvenating gifts. Make use of them in abundance, you would soon conquer your weaknesses and take possession of your inner strengths with your life becoming truly interesting and worth living!”

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


At 12, when some one lured him saying,

  • 'You look smart.. Do you know.. You can double the 10 P with you?' 
that made him instantly agree and soon the cheat duped him with 2 counterfeit coins taking away his precious 10 P coin for which in the evening he got a life a time lesson from his dad on how to care of his money and not fall a prey to such talks..

But that had no such a long lasting effect when at 23 he, in a Fest conducted in his college was again lured towards the the 'Wheel of Fortune' where he had surrendered a 10 Rs note and in no time it got multiplied to Rs 40 with some one around saying..

  • 'He is a smart fellow!'
That thrill did not let him stop there, the game continued, in no time 40 became 20, 20 became 10 and 10 became zero he being left totally red faced amidst his onlooking friends and decided to be ever careful with his money!

But that continuous care too out-witted him on a day at 35 when he was travelling in a bus to his bank to deposit his hard earned savings of Rs 500, some one said,

  • 'You look too smart for your age!'
diverted his attention and picked his purse leaving him feel so bad with savings of hard earned money lost in a moment and he once for all decided how to handle monies with utmost care and safety..

And that discipline again could not be authenticated when at 42 as some one promised him to get a certain job done amidst his hectic activities saying,

  • 'Leave these jobs for people like us who are not as smart as you are!'
he without much checking handed over him a 1000 note for the total activity and soon found himself permanently relieved of 1000 worth as the man whose address was not noted never turned up the second time!

All that care thru' vast experience had its own final twist when at 53 at the instance of a well-wisher as he dared to invest in a certain land purchase with the all smiling real estate agent promising them moon saying,
  • 'Smart people make riches in life!'
straight away took 5000 Rs as the money for the deal which a detailed receipt no doubt was given on a glossy paper with the emblem of the agency beautifully printed on the top which as time passed just remained a paper alone with the money taken away not from him alone but from the so called well-wisher and many others too as the tales of their woes came out later!

At 65 as the the matured retired man relaxing at home in his chair at the back of a few praises like
  • 'Sir.. Your smartness in handling your monies is truly commendable.. We've to learn a lot from you!'
on one side and continuous phone calls, messages, and emails on the other side saying...
  • 'Money will be into your bank account the moment...!'
  • 'Just click on the link for you to see the well secured plans of ours...!'
  • 'A single call on this phone number will turn...!'
  • 'A big proposal for expansion of the existing...!'
  • 'Your monies are our concern and care... Invest in...!'
  • 'Why do you lock your monies in... with low returns? Our 'Grow your wealth under the Professional Care of....!'
  • 'Have you ever heard of Mr... who in spite of being retired is able to earn..... sitting at home? Contact...!'
  • 'Don't want to surprise your dear ones with what you can do sitting at home? Call on.....!'
  • 'The golden opportunity especially for the retired community to have a fixed income beyond their pensions.....!"
mused within..

"My Company had given a fixed retirement money to survive at a decent level for me and my family for the rest of my life with extended care on medical front for the exigencies of life at the back of a small pension for day to day minimal expenditure..

These limited monies are truly precious for me and they for ever remain in those schemes alone where in the returns may not be alluring and at times just enough for leading a basic life but secure and safe..

And all this talk around.. I just listen and leave at this stage of my life because I truly understood that today I may be the smartest person in my life in respect of taking care of my monies..

The unseen cheat around me is ever more than that and I can never equate to that man at the back of even a life time experience with me!!!"

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Monday, October 2, 2017


  • The child continuously explores and never takes that around for granted.. 
Generally, what all I would be presenting to my child would be a cluster of activities of repetition because that is the easiest way for me to do.. Something like a package! But the child has no interest to repeat beyond a limit as the interests there shift quickly to explore further. I should continuously try and present various live activities to my child that would address all along the Little One’s interest.

Here, Mother Nature around presents this in the best way and thus a constant communication with Nature truly help the child in growing up to good personality!

  • The child does not want an orderly life around..
Any order with laid out practices and systems is a monotony for the child. Certain order around is acceptable and interesting for the Little One and it may be a prime requirement too. Anything beyond this is sure unwelcome..The disorder comprises of varied things in the vicinity in respect of size, shape, color and their associated movements and sounds.

Again to say, these variations are in abundance and are part and parcel of our Mother Nature and it's ever worth I make use of all that for the betterment of my child!

  • The child accepts what comes in front easily without many reservations..
This is because there is a definite characteristic in the child which expresses the best with what is available in front. Many times what is worthless for a man is interesting and the dearest for a child! It is wisdom to see this special quality of the child and care for all the items the Little One loves to keep with. In turn, The child equally sees this care from the parent and thus grows into a true caring personality in future life!

Finally to say, Mother Nature gives such precious gifts to a child in abundance equally caring for their retention with time and it's worth the parent tries best and remains in tune with that rhythm around!


Sunday, October 1, 2017


'If I give, my monies sure come down and 
If I save, my savings will be quite a lot.. 
Anyhow there is no life without money.. 
All spent away this way or that way, it sure 
goes from my hand and the life soon becomes no easy.. 

Then why concentrate too much on 
Spending on a decent life, 
Helping the other man to the best and finally 
Save the left out not so huge sums for future? 

Instead why not 
Spend minimum on living 
Let others fend all themselves and thus 
Save max for future? 

Because when a rain day strikes 

My saved monies sure will come to my rescue, 
I can buy all that help and material required in such exigencies 
and thus make my life comfortable!' 

Thus were going on my thoughts when on a good day the wise-man in my dream clarified.. 

'Yes.. Sure there is a rain day in one's life and 
No doubt monies are required in that time to buy the required minimum material and help but not huge 

More important is 

Certain satisfaction too is required at that time that a life was well lived and 
Certain mental strength is required in the situation 
to live thru' the tough moment 

which can be secured in one's life 

Only when one is ready to let off a certain hold on what is designated as his/her own as in such a context, the difficulty too would be owned light and makes the man face the same with all firmness! 

And Remember.. 

You can never build such a 
Pain Lessened Empire 
By trying to own everywhere, everything!' 


Friday, September 29, 2017


No doubt a name is the unique identity to an individual and whenever it is mentioned with an applause the man instantly reacts with a certain confidence and self worth but when the same is used for a different purpose indirectly bringing down the highly held self esteem of the man...

A short story in this scenario in line with this week's IndiSpire prompt

The parents and well-wishers had their own beliefs and faith and there they could not cross their mental barriers. The child was born in the family after many years of waiting and when it came to naming him with all reverence to their Faith,

It was decided unanimously to name the boy 'XXXXXXXX!'

Truly speaking, the name itself had no problem but unfortunately there was a short cut to it and that started creating problems later which the parents and well-wishers were neither knowing nor having known too not bothered to think in that direction as they had no go but to name him in the way they finalized!

But as the boy grew up into a full fledged man in his later years, through out his life his constant worry was..

"When such a nice name in full can be pronounced so easily, why the hell people are after calling me by the short cut name ridiculing me all along?"

  • In school as a young boy, he invariably heard around being called by that short cut name which used to create a few ripples of laughter among his friends.. 
  • In youth with his college friends, the issue became much more sensitive and once in a way causing a few moments of tension when he was addressed thus.. 
  • As a young man in his job, when the Boss just tried that name, he protested a bit seriously and the Boss having understood his psychology, instantly refrained from doing that but secretly conveyed to all the Seniors of the Organization how sensitive the young man was there.. 
  • As a Manger at work no doubt, he had some footing in that context as all by then having understood his temper, refrained from using the short cut but few times when he was away or they were a bit angry with him, invariably it was used.. 
  • A few years later, as a Chief at Work as well as as a responsible family man in the society he had more authority and say everywhere and thus could control the situation very well but a few indirect unpleasant experiences where in he was referred by his short name were quite active in his memory for a long time.. 
  • Soon as the GM in his Company and as an elderly parent, he ever carried the respect of being called by his original name, that too with 'Sir' added invariably and none could talk anything less than that beyond..
  • And finally, when he touched sixty and retired, his vast experience and wisdom sure carried a lot of value for almost all people around who were younger to him and all used to refer him exclusively 'Sir' alone most of the times! 
That was the very special day of an event in his house. The Little One of two and half years who arrived to his grand parents' house from abroad for the first time had become truly the center of attraction and every one around was mesmerized by his movements and interactions..

Amidst those busy activities, the grand child playing with his toys till then suddenly ran to his grand father shouting aloud in his broken words..
  • "'XXX' Grand Pa! You come and play with me.. We'll play the game of.......!"
The ever conscious man for a lifetime at being addressed by that 'single short-cut word' no doubt reacted again but 

With a broad smile never seen on his face earlier when called thus as the gentleman straight away felt an unexplained joy in his heart for his life when his dear grand son called him thus!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017


Sage Narada once asked Lord Krishna at a Sea shore, 
"What is the Power of Illusion in this world?"

The Lord smiled and said, 
“I will tell you.. Before that, can you fetch me some water from one of the houses seen in distance as I am thirsty?”

The Sage immediately went to the near by Colony to fetch the water. An attraction in the area soon held Him there, further one involvement led to the another and soon He was permanently into the series of circles of activities settled in the new place! 

Every ‘Up’ in life will have a ‘Down’ sooner or later, here, the Great Sage too had no escape and when the ‘Down’ followed in his life, he was left alone feeling utterly helpless and instantly Prayed to the Lord.. 

The next moment, Lord Krishna softly whispered into the Sage's ear..
"Dear! Where is my water?”

Such an Illusion otherwise called Ignorance in me is a powerful entity with me which constantly hovers around continuously deluding me in my life.To get out of its influence is an infinite task and whenever I say that I'm freed there means I'm just under its grip in a different way; that’s all!

In fact, there is no total getting out of its hold with the mundane body with me. That's the exact reason why the Great Saints and Masters of Spiritual Life too even at the back of their Great Understanding surrounded by the traces of Ignorance, just allowed it work through them sincerely undergoing the related suffering!

The Ignorance in me makes me believe strongly that everything is rosy around when the background is really not so. If I start doubting it in a discrete way, it immediately senses the same and instantly shows me either an alluring life that would be lost if I deviate from its path or in case I am firm on foregoing the same, terrorizes me with the consequences of myself getting off from the life it laid out for me through severe punishments ahead leading to ultimate extinction!

Naturally I, as an ordinary human being is always limited in facing these extremes and sooner or later will listen to this strong force in me.Thus this powerful but treacherous one forever gets its work done thru' me i.e.,

Shows a rosy life in front covering up the Truth in Nature and when met with a failure, makes me get up with another promise and thus playing it's game endlessly!

And the other name given for such an Ignorance in me is my Self Interest!

In such a scenario, for an ordinary individual like me, the only path of living the life minimizing the effect of this Self Interest is to just to discipline myself 

Sticking to my own laid out duties to the core,

Not going after the surrounding attractions and enjoyments beyond even if the social and legal systems permit and

Develop for ever an attitude of caring for the next man in difficulty

Thus changing the raw name of my Basic Self Interest to my Quality Self Expression!

If I lead such a disciplined life with an ultimate Faith that

'He alone moves the world and I am an infinitesimal part of that Greater Movement!'

That my Quality Self Expression is bound to precipitate with the revelations of 'Specks of Truth' that bring in truly certain Joy and Peace in my life!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


"Sir, What exactly is the meaning of the oft repeated Saying.. 

'Take care of your next man!'

And what's wrong if I live my life all along doing my job without interfering with my next man unless required and equally leave his/her matters to the individual alone? Why should I do more here as the other person ultimately had to lead his/her life by himself/herself alone? Can you clarify on this?"

"Dear! It's right time that you raised a very important question on dealing with people around us as we live thru' our life. No doubt when you say that you'll do your job without interfering with the your next man unnecessarily, such type of social behavior is sure highly welcome.

But equally, let's look into this discipline a bit deeper.

When I live my life at a particular standard which even though legally and socially is approved, it definitely means that in a world of tight competition, some people in the queue down the line of my living have given up their bit there which together had become mine with a stamp of legal and social approval. The question with me now is..

Can I rise myself here as a human being?

If I look at the morals and ethics of our living, sacrifice occupies one of the roles of human being for own betterment in life and this sacrifice sure is chipped in when I voluntarily give up my right not out of fear but out of an unknown happiness in me for the benefit of those who can sure improve their lives with what I relinquish..

This noble attitude in man is the fundamental concept of caring for his/her next man and our morals and ethics forever insist one on donating a certain percentage of his/her earnings beyond own decent existence as well as own wish equally well within the limits

  • The lower one forever checking one's own greed and hoarding attitude and

  • The higher one forever limiting one's own spendthrift attitude and show-off tendency..
Even though the show off tendency and spendthrift attitude are well checked, our morals and ethics still limit this sacrifice above the higher limit because as a human too
  • I have a body which I can't negate its existence at this stage of my life and 
  • Some basic desires are attached to it spreading into the mental level of certain minimum gratification..
These no doubt have to be taken care well at a decent level all along my life as well as to be ensured to those too who would be the beneficiaries of this wealth after me..

Further, the Spiritual Aspects of our life forever assert doing this minimum sacrifice not as a relinquishing ritual but sure at the psychological level when I voluntarily stop comparing with my next man both on the higher as well lower ends..

  • On the higher end not feeling elated and 

  • On the lower end not feeling low
And thus continue my life calm and serene for the max part of life!"

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Monday, September 25, 2017


The Great man’s son had become an alcoholic and often was commenting on the father’s actions.. To a question, whether the Great man would accept his son or desert him as the son was not on the lines what He was Preaching and Practicing, the Great Personality smiled and said,

“As long as he doesn't leave his habit and talks against Truthful Living, I've nothing to do with him as a father. But the moment, he leaves his habit and comes to me truly repenting on what had happened, he is once again my son and I'll start doing what I am supposed to do towards him!” 

Two friends had to wait at a place in a Mall Area where few chairs were provided for sitting. Their families had gone for extended Shopping of about 3 hrs and the Mall area was fully crowded as it was a holiday. All the chairs were occupied all the time and it was almost impossible to get the seating there.

One said,

  • “We have come here to finish a few important works when our families are on shopping. Let's finish them first and subsequently try get a seat here!"
The other said,
  • “There are hardly 5 chairs here with so many people moving around. And those who are occupying the chairs too are not vacating the same faster. If we get off from here, we can never get our seats. We’ll wait and try our best here first rather than go round on our works get exhausted and again wait for our seats.. An hr before our families return, we can move from here, finish our works and straight go to our homes.. That way we are less tired at the end of the day!”
The first one was not interested in doing that, so left his friend and moved on to complete his works..

Approximately an hr had elapsed and he returned finishing his works.. As soon as he reached the seating place, 2 people vacated 2 chairs nearest to him away from the waiting friend..

He instantly occupied one keeping his bag in the other for his waiting friend.The second friend ran and occupied that seat kept for him!

There was a Message..

Your ‘Aimed Work’ is your 'Own Make’ and may never be ‘What is to be Done’ in a given situation.. The best discipline here is forever

  • Make a note of all the works to be done as per your responsibilities in the descending order of priorities not set by you but as built in the system, 
  • Be doing those works to the best of your abilities, 
  • Take the final result whatever comes thru' in the process and 
  • Be happy with that!
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Sunday, September 24, 2017


The Great Saint had said humorously once, 
"God ever laughs on the occasion whenever 2 brothers divide their inherited property saying 
'This is mine and that is yours!'”

Two gentlemen with two distinct problems of theirs in their life visited the Head of an Ashram on the same day at the same time seeking a solution for the peculiar problems they faced. The Head welcomed both and listened to their problems together with their permission. After hearing, He said to them,

"Be disciplined in your life for about 3 months on the lines of truth best known to you and come back to me!"

The 2 gentlemen soon took permission and left the place.

On the day the Saint mentioned, the two re-visited Him at His Place. One was seen happy and cheerful; the other as usual sad. When asked by the Saint how their disciplined life was going on, the sad looking man said,

“Sir, I've done my best here.. I don't know, still my problem persists!”

The cheerful man said,

“Sir! You opened up my eyes. I could clearly see my mistake here. Now, there's no problem!”

The Saint blessed them both further advising to continue the disciplined life. After they left, a disciple observing all that urged his Master to tell him what would have happened in the 2 cases. The Head smiled and said,

“Dear! The basic indiscipline of man along with a tendency to expand in life beyond is the root cause of all evils of life and the problems related to day to day dealings in life take birth from not able to see the correction required here from one's end.

Here the happy man with my advice could see instantly this indiscipline and expanding tendency in him as his real problem. Having understood that firmly, without much brooding over his troubling problem he sincerely started doing that whatever required in the situation with a smile and new vigor.

In that way, he automatically became disciplined both inward as well as outward..

The other man could not grasp this in depth and is continuously seeing his problem and his indiscipline as two different issues with him even today. Thus, for him, the problem continued at his psychological level even though he became a 100% disciplined but only at the physical level.

In that way he is totally untouched at the psychological level wherein the original craving for a superior feeling still continues! 

Of course here in both cases, I only told them to continue this living further, that's all.

The cheerful man is lucky but the sad one has no go other than wait patiently for the dawn of this Unique Understanding in him!"

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