Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I often do wish that I have a decent communication with my people when I closely interact with them.. Unfortunately most of the times, I end up either

  • Asserting myself more which would have been never required in the situation or
  • The other party taking over the situation insisting me to accept their stand
finally leading to
  • Either of us becoming unnecessarily silent for a long time thru' an inevitable hurt in the minds which is never a healthy sign or
  • Getting into subsequent heated arguments which finally lead nowhere except losing energies and involving in a certain physical hurt.. 
If these are not to happen, what's the best attitude I should adapt in active communication in day to day life in all close circles?"

"Dear! I understand what you say and there's sure a way out here to avoid all such conflicts in our active day to day communications.

Let me talk of only the active communication aspects with members in close circles or with those in circles even though not close can't get away as they have to invariably live face to face from the next moment of any tussle too..

In respect of totally outsiders, many times it's never a big problem as even if uncomfortable the man in discussion surely will smile and quickly get off from the scene as it well known that that is the best way..

Ultimately as peace of mind is the most important thing in our life, a solution in this direction is a must and that is truly possible in any active communication with a close member if all along I remember,
  • My purpose of being in discussion / communication with the member max avoiding such talks where there is no purpose to be met from my side.. 
  • The requirement of being crisp and to the point in my communication without carrying a proud feeling within or an imposing talk from my end to achieve quick results and 
  • Myself getting into the required actions from my end making way for my advising to materialize and thus close the issue unless the other party asks for further details..
In spite of myself sticking to such a discipline too the other party may still
  • Listen with all interest and try to accept it, 
  • Just listen for listening sake and never bother more than that or
  • Straight away protest feeling that as an imposition.. 
All should be equally welcome and whatever, it's better remain silent further on the issue with a smile. In such cases at any time,
  • If explanation is asked, I should just repeat what I have said, 
  • If silence prevails, I should smile and be ready to face that silence or
  • If challenged and forcibly pulled into an argument, I should just bear it remaining calm.. 
If thus done sincerely with full attention, I'm sure, most of our communications forever go smooth of course with the ultimate truth prevailing finally, 

'You may take the horse to waters, but you can't make it drink the water!'

With which I have to live thru' all my life if required!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017


invariably lead to certain unique practices, different behaviors and specific attitudes of living with a special interest created in few around whose number soon multiplies with a Core Group surfacing to spread the Great Messages far and wide..

But every such Group will have few pseudo followers too without honesty at the back, who slowly take reins in managing the issues around rather than concentrating on the practices as the unlimited monies generated around from various quarters look too alluring..

Seeing such a favorable situation again some extra procedures would strongly be advocated around the Original Practices forcibly making the whole thing look quite complex with a concept of a special sanctity added everywhere which invariably makes every one involved to stick to those practices at any cost..

Further to that, more followers would be added with the spread of a special extra awareness around those practices those numbers sooner or later increasing everywhere by leaps and bounds with time adding an additional  sanctity at the back of a cluster of shady activities of a few of the Core Group.. 

In course of time, the whole phenomenon takes totally a different shape quickly acquiring a business culture as values would clearly be defined purely in a materialistic way alone.. 

And that pick up could neither be braked nor would be questioned with the genuine followers just afraid to glance that side even once as the same soon comes under the cover of  a thick sanctity talked of everywhere.. 

Thus the Original Revelations in time get transformed in a fine way into certain inferred sayings of a few follower like people whose primary interest lies in leading a comfortable life at the back of huge monies floating around and continue thus till


Friday, June 23, 2017


I was staying far, far away removed thousands of miles from my Native Land on the other part of the Globe no doubt on my Work Mission and forever around me were..
  • The sounds of starting, water splashing, whipping, again water splashing etc for almost half an hr of the washing machine.. 
  • The sounds of starting followed by the constant rotation sound and finally the machine coming to a halt making a screeching noise after some 20 minutes of the associated dryer.. 
  • The continuous water sprinkling sounds followed by jets of water hitting the vessels and repeating the same for another half hr approx of dish washer.. 
  • A big start of motors followed by a continuous air blow sound of AC plant.. 
  • A continuous humming motor sound of the air humidifier in the vicinity.. 
  • Certain sharp conversational sounds and some Western Music oft heard on TV..

Without a single break in their working schedules..

Thus moved on my life for years no doubt it was one of the best livings talked of around which I too thought so for years but as time passed, I felt that I constantly missed something which I could never spell out as a specific entity..

All of a suddenly on a day I had to travel back to my place, accordingly I did all that and reached my destination.  The  next day early morning hrs, as I was standing near my window quietly watching the outside the busy market area next to my residence, I happened to hear in place of my well accustomed sounds some feeble voices not so audible but as I paid close attention, I could distinctly hear them and quickly match them with their counter parts seen deep rooted in my heart over years back since my birth exactly resonating to the tune of what I heard outside just then..
  • “Sir! I can’t sell this for the price you asked for.. If I start doing that, what money can I take home and feed my family?” 
  • “Madam, these are the fresh items arrived just now.. You are almost the first buyer here..” 
  • “Give me 'Do Chai' today.. My friend is here.. He has come after a long time..” 
  • “Let’s have a break.. Are you not hungry a little? Let’s have our favorite Chat at..” 
  • “It’s continuous holidays for schools for 3 days.. My daughter wanted to see the Market and buy something for herself...” 
  • “Ok! Dear! I'm going now.. Please, come home tomorrow.. I‘ll show you some of the……” 
As those soothing sounds touched my ears, an instant unknown warmth felt in my heart made me dance with an explicit joy and as the pace of my dancing increased, I suddenly woke up from my deep sleep of that night with the calling bell indirectly doing that job in the early morning hrs..

I moved from my bed and as I quickly opened the door, the milk boy at the door instantly greeted me in his own accent with a broad smile, handed over the daily required milk sachets and moved on making my day begin truly with a big cheer in my heart as I recollected my dream of

  • The enchanting familiar sweet voices of my Native Land spoken far and wide in different languages, with different accents and in different tempers but all forever spoken with a close knit feeling in the hearts of people
Doubly asserting that cheer of mine!

Yes.. That is the place I love to visit again and again in all directions far and wide countless number of times and feel blessed wherever I may be living on the Globe..The very much beloved Country of mine having a unique place in my heart!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Share about any place that you would love to revisit. What makes the place special? #TimeToRevisit

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Thursday, June 22, 2017


  • A few eco-friendly vehicles moving in the well secured fenced area claiming pollution free operations with hundreds of vehicles zooming past round the compound wall causing unending air pollution.. 
  • Many gadgets and other help supporting a lot to make a day with stretching a bit here and there forgetting the fact that God had never provided food at mouth and a certain strain taken up in that direction alone completes the eating eligibility towards good health.. 
  • The Stores oft visited having all types of packed and bare foods huge in size and numbers with many things written on the package labels never knowing that so many varieties and so much quantity are not at all required for a good living.. 
  • The food quantity being enormous, filling and sumptuous to eat 3 times a day endlessly making forget the fact that all along leaving the stomach a little empty every time is truly the healthy way. 
  • Too many smiles, too many gentleman gestures and too much politeness followed oft not knowing that a behavior ripped of the unnecessary smiles, the extra gentleness and never ending politeness alone is the natural expression of a human being.. 
  • Living with a firm belief.. ‘I am in my four walls all myself with my own Freedom, my own Expansion and my very Expression!’ forgetting the ultimate truth that a little sharing with others alone is the Real ‘Me’, True Freedom, Growing and Truly Expressing in life.. 
  • Too many programs stretching max in every quality eternally searching for an unlimited happiness never seeing the fact that many times a simple living for the day alone is the real Happiness of Life.. 
  • Too many attractions and quickies around making the day go in no time totally forgetting the fact that in process the very person had become unfit to spend a day in a simple way without all those extras.. 
  • Once in way quoting Nature escaping into Wilderness where in artificiality invariably follows and stays in a different Avataar for eternal relaxation coolly forgetting the fact that it's better to live for a while, that Natural Life in front ‘As Is!’ 
  • Finally, equating God and Money all along the life, forever proclaiming the sentence, 
'Wherever I go, 2 things only interest me.. Sacred Places and Business Opportunities!'
  • All along forgetting the fact that True Divinity forever lies in delinking oneself from the unending materialism around and try living unscathed by it as much possible! 
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


“Sir! This is the Offer Letter of my new job. You can see.. For doing almost the same job when I'm getting paid more in the new Company, what's the point in me sticking to this place? Here's my resignation letter.. Please accept it and relieve me at the earliest!"

The Manager said to his Boss with all cool.

“What Mr Ganesh! you are leaving? You never hinted me even once. By the by, What's less here? The work is interesting and prospects are equally good. Where's the need for you to change the job and leave us in the middle? Please think over. We'll see what best can be done for exceptional people like you. Can you give us some time?”

Said the Boss with all seriousness.

“Sir! I agree! But, I am getting higher salary outside for the same work along with growth prospects quite attractive.. At least if I'm suitably compensated to the same level, I can rethink on this!"

“Ok! wait for few days. You've time.. I’ll talk to our Chief and see why you can’t be retained!”

Those few day passed, the Manager's resignation was accepted and in few days, he was relieved. The next day his Assistant was with the Boss..

“Sir! Every one knows that Mr Ganesh was the backbone of the present activities in our Dept. He started all this from scratch and brought to this level. His leaving is sure a big loss for all of us. Why didn’t our Management think of retaining him? For a few extra Rupees, we all feel that we lost such a good and required man in our Department!”

“Yes, Dear! I agree to your point and Our Chief also tried his best to pay the maximum here. More than that we can't compensate him in this case. If he wants more, he has to go!”

“Why so, Sir?”

  • “See.. In business, monies are precious and they are always limited. Our salaries depend not only on our 

but also on the

The annual turnover, 
The Company Orders on the hand and 
Those in the pipeline!

  • All these parameters together alone decide the salary structure in any Company and there would be almost little cushion to accommodate any changes as the worth of the business itself is at that level in the Market.
  • If a man is offered more salary elsewhere means, he is shifting to a business of higher worth where such salaries fit in correctly. So this man’s place from now onwards is in such Companies only and never with us!

  • Whatever may be this gentleman’s worth, our business monies cannot accommodate such a costly man. Instead of becoming useful to us, the next moment onwards he becomes a burden on the Company which indirectly means that 
Our Customers are not interested to pay heavily for such a talented person for their job instead they expect us deliver a quality job thru' better use of the existing talent!

  • Our aim forever is that our business prospers. If he is not there, another one in his place soon struggles and learns to do the work for the same salary or sometimes even for less too. Presently, let that alone be here and nothing else!”
While leaving the Boss smiled and said,

"Don't worry dear! I sensed this long back and already made arrangements for that thru' grooming the next man in his place.  You'll soon see those changes in our Dept!"

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


  • “You have to finish this surveying work in a day and give me the report!”

Was the strict instruction from the Big Boss. As the earlier survey reports were missing, the Company was tasked to do the re-survey of the 1 km stretch of busy road and make a new report.

  • "It's too difficult to finish this job in a day. But we can't just get off from this task and somehow have to complete it. Be prepared for a hard day boys!" 
Was the instruction from the immediate Boss. 

No go and so accordingly, the trio started their work in the cool early morning hrs on the D day at 6 AM sharp from one end of the road.
  • “Without disturb the smooth flow of traffic, let's finish off our work by the end of the day!"
The Senior reminded to his 2 Juniors. 

Soon it was 9 AM and the sun was up. The trio had their breakfast and resumed their work.
  • “It's a bit hot.. Let me remove this Apron!” 
Said the Senior and the others followed. Many vehicle users were seen observing them keenly as they moved on and it was a bit irritating to the men at Work. 

Time passed thus and it was 11 AM then. The heat slowly picked up.
  • "I can no more bear this Blazer. Let it go!”

Again said the Senior and the two simply followed. Suddenly, a Cab driver shouted at them.
  • "Hey! Move. You are blocking me!” 
That quickly irritated one of the men at Work.
  • "Hey! This is equally an important work. Unless we do this and give our report, you'll not get…….… Do you know?”
Shouted back the Senior. The Cab driver murmured aloud and moved on. 

Time too moved on to 1 PM soon and it was a blast of heat wave around.

Profusely sweating, one of the Juniors just kept his equipment partly into the road for a while preparing himself to go for lunch. In no time, the cab driver behind started honking continuously. Quite annoyed the man shouted back,

  • “Hey! Stop honking. We are working here!”
Next 15 minutes, heated exchanges were ON and finally some good Samaritans had to intervene and cool the unending tempers.

As certain time was lost, the trio decided to skip lunch, quickly grabbed some snacks from road side swallowing hot tea and once again resumed their work.

It was 3 PM and the sun turned and was straight shining on to their faces. The glare was too much, the heat was oppressive and there was no movement of wind. Fully exhausted, the trio inadvertently left one of their bags a little on to the road and a vehicle zoomed past close to the bag. That’s all..

Tempers ran high and for a while no one knew who was right. Sure for the next half an hr, it was free for all.. Time moved on, some calmness prevailed soon and the work was resumed.

It was 0600 hrs.. The Sun was seen on the horizon. A certain calmness picked up with every one steadily doing their jobs..

It was 0630 hrs.. Slowly, the sun went down the horizon with the bright colors of twilight fading off quickly. The trio closed their work for the day, picked up their blazers/aprons and slowly started walking back homewards with the heavy equipment at the back..

In few minutes, it was totally a different scene in front with the trio chit chatting among themselves with all coolness simultaneously

One singing a sweet tune, 
Another whistling aloud, 
The third breathing deep relaxing in between and 
The traffic around moving calmly in spite being hectic
As the cool breeze of the evening hrs gently touched every one without an exception in no time 
Bringing down the unending tensions of the hectic heat of the day with 
The Nature around instantly returning to it's Original Calmness!

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Monday, June 19, 2017


The very Senior Official of the Company was seen swiping his Card for registering THE attendance. The talk around went on thus..

  • “This man is all powerful and almost the highest in the hierarchy. Should he stand in queue daily and swipe ‘In’ and ‘Out?’ He has better works to do!”
  • “Not exactly so.. However higher he may be, it's better he follow the basic discipline at work and set himself truly an example. If the big man himself is indisciplined, what can you expect from the Sub-ordinates?”
  • “I don’t agree. You are saying that he is setting an example by doing this when the prime issues are pending on his table. If he loses time like this when is he going to attend to the priority issues?
  • “See! If he wants, the entire day is with him. He can easily cut down few unnecessary here and there and still attend to the urgent issues. Just because he follows this discipline, never his basic work and responsibility is diluted!”
  • “You are wrong.. Any additional time at his level forever is a big asset. Actually people of this Cadre will be in dire need of even minutes. So every moment is precious for him and he can do wonders if those moments are with him!”

  • “Please let’s not talk of a few minutes spent in registering his attendance which very much upholds the discipline of the Company. If searched, sure you find that time!"
  • "I agree that you find that time but tell me what is that you are gaining in doing this to the root? Isn't it an indirect madness of sticking to principles? Why not relax a bit so that ease is developed in other works instead of constant tension within?"
  • "This man should simply ignore this and move on.. 

  • Let him not be an indisciplined personality in life, whatever be the gain seen the other way!"
The wise man listening to that talk mused.. "Alas! How these people have forgotten the fact that good Living is

Neither living thru' a feeling, ‘Life is not easy’
Nor feeling all along that life is rosy, 
Neither challenging and finding fault everywhere 
Nor yielding and accepting everything,
Neither attempting to make everything a success 
Nor leaving everywhere devoid of that attempt, 
Neither making too many riches
Nor leaving the very chances to make such riches, 
Neither trying to get a good name around 
Nor earning the title of 'troublesome person' the next moment!

Life has to be just to be lived through
forever balancing 

  • A man who coolly gets into his Office without bothering to register his time is forgetting the fact that..
  • And a Senior man becoming an ardent lover of the 1:1 discipline therein is again forgetting an equal message..

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Saturday, June 17, 2017


It was early morning hrs of winter.. The boy of 16 was up but yet to be out of the comfort of the bed, his dad's voice was heard in distance..

"Why are you still sleeping? Are you okay? You should not waste precious morning hrs. Of late, you are missing many tasks which I asked you to do..
  • I struggled and got.... You showed no interest.... 
  • I requested my friend.... but you never....and 
  • I enrolled you for.... but you left it in the middle! 
  • You don’t move from the house, 
  • You don’t talk to people and 
  • You don’t do your works! 
How do you expect yourself to be a man of something tomorrow? No, I'll not allow it any more.. Today...."

The boy equally murmured at the back of a spontaneous reaction in him..

“He never says at least once in my life time that I did something right. I'm trying my best everywhere but somehow it's not clicking. Beyond this what else I can do? Always saying learn, learn and learn.. Very easy to say. Better, sometimes I'm left alone!”

That evening as planned the dad and the son moved out to the Shop 3 km away from their home. There the son alone was made to
  • Bargain for the right prices, 
  • Select the good items, 
  • Check for the weights, 
  • Move all the bundles into a small open van hired, 
  • Sit in a corner at the back of the van holding two big tins of oil, a few packets of powders in both hands and thus 
  • Move homewards!
It was a journey of 20 minutes in the hazardous slow traffic, the vehicle waded thru' all that and was crossing a canal over a narrow bridge at a considerable height. As the vehicle reached the top, it suddenly swiveled, moved to the side and rested on the edge of the road tilting precariously towards the waters deep down.

The father totally taken a back of the sudden happening, instantly jumped out of the vehicle shouting aloud at his son,

"Dear! Leave everything and first get down from the vehicle!"

The boy was worried of the items he was holding and thus shrugged for a while from getting down the vehicle. Seeing that, the dad instantly pulled him down with such a great force that the items went off from the son's hands and in no time, all the oil splashed on to the road, a few powders were everywhere around and some items straight away slipped down into the waters below.

The dad hugged his son tight and holding his hand firmly said,

"Don't worry, dear! You are safe. That's enough for me. Let the rest go!"

For a while some confusion prevailed all round. The driver quickly lifted the vehicle, set it right and soon they headed home wards.

That night passed off pretty cool and calm. The son was truly elated all along. After all he was not less and was something special to his dad..

"He sure has a great concern for me.. Thank God.. one incident brought me so close to him.. I'm really lucky.. He knows me now!"

It was twilight morning hrs of the next day.. As the boy was relaxing a little extra in his bed at the back of the memories of previous day's incident, all of a sudden, the loud voice of his father was heard..

"Why are you still sleeping?......... You should not waste.... Of late, you are missing many.....
  • I struggled...... 
  • I requested..... and 
  • I enrolled you..... 
  • You don’t move...... 
  • You don’t talk.... and 
  • You don’t do..... 
How do you expect yourself to be a man of something tomorrow? No, I'll not allow it any more.. Today...."

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Friday, June 16, 2017


I am a bundle of desires ever working to satisfy them as I live thru' my life.

I basically have no control on the quantum of desires with me as well as in saying no to them except streamlining them in the line of Worldly Order around me thru' certain legal and social measures prevailing thus safe guarding my interests as well as satisfying myself at my expression level.

Left thus, I am equally a dynamo of certain thrust in me called intuition which forever propels me to find out something ever new as I live this life with a constant questioning in my surroundings thru' the 7 questioning methods available with me Viz.,

WHAT and

As I start leading my life thus on this earth,

  • My desires constantly propel me to get into a certain belief of happening good to me so that they can continuously be kept satisfied but
  • My intuition which comprises the 7 questionings mentioned above too propels me to constantly negate this believing, do the experimentation and find out what is what..

When my intuition is strong in me, this questioning is seen on the top priority of course my basic desires invariably getting satisfied at a certain level.. Here, I should understand that the lighter desires alone are kept to a side and that is exactly the time when I do not enter into any belief so easily and appear as if I am questioning everything everywhere..

But when this basic level itself comes under threat, no doubt as I at this moment have no absolute control on its existence, I will yield, get off from the scientific temper sooner and get into a firm belief of something called the superstition which will simply be adapted by me so that my basic level of existence is well protected.

Thus forever exists my belief of any thing and none can educate me or guide me to get out of this and be with scientific temper as I alone ultimately have to do that but to do that the Knot Level at which I exist has to be broken and I should be freed.

When and how it happens is never known to me at this moment and thus I continue my living on the earth alternating between pleasure and pain endlessly!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt



Going for essentials is straightaway wisdom; 
Going round luxuries is only often thought to be so! 

Caring for essentials sure saves one in time; 
Favoring luxuries double sure adds a woe in the same time! 

The essentials are what Nature wants me to work for; 
The luxuries are what my mind tells me to go for! 

Disciplining myself max on use of essentials will never fail me in my life; 
Going round luxuries indiscriminately sooner or later invites many pitfalls in the same life! 

It's ideal, I spend daily sometime in producing certain of my essentials 
Even though my job is that of producing luxuries for a life time! 

Many times essentials laced with luxuries are presented and 
If not judicious, my precious monies soon cater for the less important portion of my living! 

A man entered the market and quickly got into a sea of luxuries.. 
He soon lost himself and in no time was forced to count his monies for essentials! 

Indiscriminate running round the luxuries brought down few kingdoms too in the past; 
Going for essentials never mesmerized one that way at any time in the same past! 

A man got used to spending on luxuries proclaimed with all ease, 'It's not much.. Now-a-days, what will you get for these paltry sums?' 
Forgetting that those precious monies alone support few people around him in making a decent living for a full month! 

A luxury is the never ending comparison of bloated expectation; 
The essential is one time constraint of a life saving requirement! 

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Thursday, June 15, 2017


On a cool day, a man and his friend were walking on the road. A group of urchins followed them asking for some money. The friend was about to shout at and send them away but
  • The man stopped him from doing that, took out some cash and eatables from his bag and gave them away!
On another occasion, the two were traveling by train. A co-passenger befriended the man and after few exchanges requested him to lend him a small sum as he had fallen short of that during the travel and promised to send back the amount to his address in a week's time. The friend signaled him to ignore the passenger but
  • The man straight away took cash from his purse gave the passenger what he asked!
On a third occasion the man had planned a Pilgrimage to a Sacred Place and booked a small accommodation at the place in advance for his stay. As he was ready to go, his younger brother rang up and said, “I heard you are visiting the Pilgrimage Center. Can you in person book the VIP Facility there for our accommodation for.........?" The friend with the man listening to the conversation expected him to say some excuse there but
  • The man instantly agreed to his younger brother's request!
Not able to control his feelings any more, the friend asked, “My dear! I am observing you for a while in some of your actions.
  • At one place you encouraged alms giving, easy money and laziness,
  • At another place you simply believed and wasted your money on a cheat may be by giving a loan, 
  • And you are now going to work for your brother who never cared for your betterment but expected the best for himself!

  • Bearing the nuisance
  • Loosing and 
  • Not getting recognized but struggling
Where as you yourself could have
  • Shouted at,
  • Simply denied and 
  • Not agreed to
in the situations. What is that you are ultimately getting in your life by doing in this way?”

The man smiled and said, “My dear! The story goes..

When a Sage was meditating in a lonely area, a thief having robbed the king’s treasury came that way when the guards chased him, suddenly dropped all the gold and cash in the the Sage's lap and fled. When the guards spotted the Great Man and questioned Him, the Sage simply said,

‘Yes, I committed the theft!’

Instead of speaking out what is what. In my case, I too humbly feel that

  • I should help a person who is far less placed in society compared to me without questioning that is right or wrong, 
  • I should just help a man who requests for a small benefit without doubting him whether he would return that or not and 
  • I should help my brother to the extent possible without expecting any return! 
As doing such actions alone bring the true peace in my life!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


“It appears that God is unfair to me. Many times what I plan would happen exactly the opposite leaving me sad in my life.

I regularly pray to God,
I am all the time devotional,
Further, I do many good things in life and
I am simple and humble.

Still the Almighty is not kind to me. I don’t know why my life is like this!”

thus used to say a man of mid thirties very often!

An elderly well-wisher happened to be a man of wisdom observed him for quiet sometime and at length decided to correct the man. Accordingly, one evening he met him and started enquiring about his well-being. Soon the man started talking in his own way. The elderly simply said,

“Look my dear! For a minute, I wish to ask you some questions which you have to answer me honestly directly. Are you OK with this?”

“Yes, Sir.. Sure I will!”

  • “Have you not got your birth as descendent in the family tree of yours of which you are proud today?”
"Yes Sir! Why this question now? I love my ancestry like anything!”
  • “Don’t you like your parents?”
“What like them? I just worship them. What's that they haven't given me in my life?”
  • “How do you like your siblings?”
“They are the dearest to me; I work a lot for them and ready to give them the best always!”
  • “Do you love your Mother tongue?”
“Sir, my Mother tongue is the sweetest language ever known to me in the world!”
  • "Don't you like your Native Town?"
"I'am proud to call my self one born in my Town!"
  • “Are you not a proud man of this great Country?”
“I Salute here!”
  • “Are you not happy of your own ‘Self’ comprising your physique, mental capabilities, well-being etc?”
"Yes, I love myself without a doubt!”

"Now tell me.. Whether God had truly given you all the above in your favor or just given them and you yourself are feeling happy with all that?"


“Then why are you stopping there alone? Why don't you start taking further to that the situations too favorable or unfavorable that come to you as His Gift to you, live thru' them in the right way and just remain happy and contented instead of craving only for the favorable ones?


“Dear, let us forget all this type of grumbling, get up and first thank the Almighty for all that He had given/ready to give us without asking..

A sincere Daily Prayer and living our life with all humility forever being ready to return to Him through a Service to His Creation around 
covers this without a second word. 

This Act of Gratitude is always required from me who is really much better off in life on this earth one way or the other compared to the many have nots around.

Don't you feel that leaving this, continuing living your life through the unending murmurs and asking for extras forever is really a sin?”

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Sunday, June 11, 2017


“I sincerely do the jobs given to me at my work and that way there is no complaint from any quarter. But of late, I'm noticing that many works are pouring out on my table thru' the Boss and thru' the Hierarchy above him either directly or indirectly and because of this happening, I am constantly under pressure with volumes of works pending with me at any point of time.

Of course they too see my difficulty and allow sufficient time for me to do all the works. In that way, today I am in good rapport with all and my job is stable. But many times they too can't help as the jobs need to be done in a specified time and delivered whatever consideration the Bosses may have towards their Sub-ordinates.

Finally, I am tired beyond by the time I go home with no relaxation.. Thus seen, I feel I'm a totally a lost person in such a scenario and at times equally feel helpless!”

“Dear! I understand your predicament and I know how much sincere you are at your work. And I feel very much for you in this context. But still I can say that all this is solely invited by you alone and none else are responsible here for your burden of today!”

“Sir! I am confused!”

“I'll explain! A desire in us sometimes not to get a bad name will bring this type of situation. Truly speaking, you are

  • Simple in living,
  • Master of your Speciality,
  • Artistic in your expression and
  • Rule-bound in all the activities.. 
The best qualities which any Employer would love to have with his/her Employee. But along with these another quality is required which is very much missing in you. That is to say.. You are not
  • Tough..
As you interact and start doing your work. When this toughness lacks in an individual, all the 'Plus' of him/her in no time is made use by others and some times beyond. And if this is not rectified in time, soon it leads to situation you experience.

In case, without the necessary toughness in you from the beginning, if you suddenly refuse to do the job you are asked to you, the other party can never digest that opposition and they naturally get into the usual way of mending people to their line
  • Initially they try to lure you.. 
  • Next step, they question you mildly.. 
  • The next, no doubt they do that with authority.. 
  • And finally they threaten you and beyond may abuse too! 
And with one of the above, they expect you to listen to them. If you refuse even then,

Permanent enmities do surface and none knows in which direction finally it goes..

I say, rise yourself and start being tough where required. The problem is only simmering now and this pull back is very much required in your case..

You may be thinking that you are 'SMART' at your work but please remember.. As of now you are only 'SMAR' all along and unless 'T' joins here, it never makes you the complete man at work!"

Keyword: 'SMART'

Saturday, June 10, 2017


“When you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it - clap your hands!” 

I might have taught the Little One that Rhyme myself reciting it aloud along with firm clapping and 
the Little Boy seeing me doing that might have repeated the same out of a natural happiness within.. 
But when I looked at myself, it appeared I was not truly blessed with such happiness the Little One possessed as my endless worries constantly were seen eating me out..

I was helpless that way for some time when on a day by the Grace of God my mind all of sudden advocated..

'Why not follow
The 8 Golden Principles 
in life to the best of abilities and be done away with this unhappiness?' 

As the Message slowly percolated into my personality, I found myself not so helpless and hopeless with a deep understanding in my heart that 

true happiness sure follows if I stick to that discipline with those 
8 Precepts of Life
forever going thus.. 

Lawful attitude forever is the true safety net. 'The dead End' of unlawful living is sure the welcome gate to the 'Hell!' 

A sincere and hard work makes one a wonderful human. A second thought here in no time brings down that great title! 

Discharge of family responsibilities to the core brings in the true joys of life. A neglect here is definitely a life time regret! 

Money truly gives a feeling of safety and security and helps one all along the life. A craving for and a wrong use of this one entity surely leaves the individual with a single choice between the 'Devil and Deep Sea!' 

Challenges are definitely the opportunities in front of to grow and expand. Devoid of the challenges invariably is the inevitable rotten routine left out! 

Charity as part of one's life makes the individual a certain sure worth. Devoid of charity, what else can be the plan of one's leaving the world? 

Preservation of Nature forever is a healthy way of living. Destruction of the same is the waiting chance for disease and disaster! 

A sincere Prayer to God is the sure outlet of many tensions of life and conflicts around. No such Prayers; who else can rescue from the Eternal 'Fear of Unknown?' 

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, 
an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017


"The Great Man never used to eat His food unless He strained Himself physically in that direction for a fixed time for the day in spite of His Nature of Work being totally different!"

Two devotees of a Great Saint were living near to the Ashram as neighbors as well as friends and both together were working in the Ashram serving the Master daily. 
All around were really happy with the discipline and devotion with which the two friends worked in the Ashram for its upkeep.

  • Daily they used to get up very early in the morning at 4 AM, finish their morning chores and important home activities and straight head to the Ashram sharp by 0530 AM. 
  • From that time, they both used to welcome and look into the needs of the visitors to the Ashram for the morning session up to 0700 AM. 
  • Subsequent to that, they used to be back home attending to the family needs and leave for their work around 9 AM. 
  • And on holidays and Sundays, invariably they used to extend their stay at Ashram up to 0900 AM attending to the special discourses offered on those days!
Thus they were tiring themselves between Home, Ashram and Office endlessly doing all that is required never doing anything less anywhere. The Friends and Colleagues were all praise for both of them for doing such a yeoman service amidst their busy life and used to have their regard for the two.

No doubt, the two friends were close to the Saint and all the time the Master too used to praise their services offered.

But some of the Ashram Disciples over a time, noticed that the Master was a little more closer to one devotee than the other.. They were a little astonished at the Master's attitude as all along He preached, 

Service to Humanity is next to Service to God

And in that context, the two friends were truly doing the best in their lives.. Somehow they could not control their feelings for long and one evening asked the Master for that difference in His attitude.

The Saint smiled and said,

“Dear, I know that one day, you will ask similar question. No problem, I 'll explain to you.

No doubt, both the friends are well disciplined and contribute a lot from their side for maintenance of the Ashram out of their precious limited available with them beyond their normal duties at home and Office. But as one observes them carefully doing these activities at Ashram, he/she sure will not miss noticing the difference that..
  • One will always be taking up and doing only such works which are of more pleasing and eye catching type and which involve less physical labor in doing all invariably in a clean environment..
Where as
  • The other always takes up jobs that are basically essential from health and cleanliness point of view of the inmates of and visitors to the Ashram, jobs of real physical exertion and eventually all those jobs behind the screen which most of the time go unrecognized! 
Thus seen,
  • The first one is attending to the activities of the Ashram but in a fine way is keeping off from the tough, rough and not recognized jobs. In fact he is taking life easy but at the same time is trying to get a better name and recognition for himself..
  • The second man is truly straining himself through these activities, helping all of us at the core but is never coming into the limelight so easily! 
That way the second friend is really nearer to God in doing his duties and no doubt is ever dearer to me in this context!”

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Forever filled with certain strange facts.. 

My negligent faster movements of life in no time lead to accidents/failures with
The extra careful movements often creating the over protection syndrome..
And the controlled faster movements of mine forever support my sport/exercise/fitness/limited business activities at the back of 
Careful movements alone making my normal living! 

A man who says the right thing all the time and in all places is a Leader, 
Who says the right thing only in the right time or in the right place is a man of Diplomacy,
Who says the right thing in the wrong time or in the wrong place may be a Stupid but sure
Who says the right thing here and the wrong thing there is a man of Politics! 

Too many calculations or too little outlook will forever cause stress taking off happiness in life but
 Accommodation and moderation alone sure can do the reverse!

Abundance and shortage exchange places in no time because every lac has only 1000 hundreds and not a single one more to that. But no regrets..
 I spend, I enjoy and I remain.. 
Sure long, minus of all those petty hundreds! 

Whenever I talk on my expertise I needn't worry as  most of the times, the listener would be either not an expert in my field or an expert of my type and
Sure birds of the same feather forever have to flock together!

A 100% Capitalist Rule in the world is ever an utopia as 
'Might alway is Right!'
And equally a 100% Socialist Rule too is a myth  because 
'Laziness is forever the Universal Phenomenon!' 
In between alone, anything works!

Whenever a person gets power or position in life, some of his wrong doings through force of habit which no doubt will have sizable effect on the administration are neatly buried for sometime knowingly or unknowingly.. 
Sure, a typical summer looks cool for a while thru' shaded glasses!

In young age, the ideas are out of certain unique innovations at the back of a great zeal of expression.. Through maturity, they forever are out of influence from surroundings at the back of vested self interests as
All flourishing lies when one reads between the lines and just stays there!

Who says.. The deficiencies in the world are unwelcome? 
A deficiency in man ever 
Creates few jobs for some around who are smart enough to express in that line!

In life, there is sure cushion to accommodate even an astronomical change because 
Any adjustment becomes easy when cornered which in an easy going style would have been resisted tooth and nail!

Life, strange facts

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


"This Group Head of mine doesn't specify a single activity to be done to the point. He forever talks loose picking up something here and something there and expects us, the Juniors infer in between and take up necessary action. That way, many of us are often confused on what exactly he expects us to do and by mistake if any one of us asks back, this man straight away humiliates him saying,

  • 'You are now a Manager.. Can't you just infer what I meant? If you can't read some one, how do you manage so many trivial issues at your work where the head and tail are never specified and your Client ever expects you to meet the requirement therein to the best of your abilities.
  • Rise to the occasion, dear! Work life can never be so cool as you think. You have to solely perform here else no go. There's no via media of existing at an average level and take salaries!'
Many times, we are fed up with such constant condemnation. Some times I wonder, why at all I got this promotion. Mondays mean forever a dreaded life!

Compared to this, earlier life was so much cool!"

thus was pouring out a young Manger his inner tensions at work to his well-wisher on a Sunday Morning..

The well-wisher listened in full to the young man's saying, paused for a while, smiled and said,

"Dear! I understand what you say. You were given a promotion as Manager and your Company wants to see you as a performing Manager bidding bye to the old style of your working where you were given a specific task and asked to just do that..

No doubt, this is the beginning of such tensions at work and as you move up further the ladder of elevation, this questioning becomes much more tough and you are expected to grasp many things from one single line, take timely decisions and act.

But no worries, that's how a typical work life is defined as the individual goes up the ladder of promotions taking up the ever increasing responsibilities. You may be feeling this strange and odd because earlier as a working/supervising personality, you were never tasked with such jobs by your Management.

But no despair here as that is how our life on the earth too is defined if you take a close look at it.

The Almighty had provided a certain environment around us which if rightly made use of would better our lives but if neglected or misused sooner or later, the results sure will be bad.

To tell you the most interesting fact of our life..

  • The Lord no doubt provided all that for a man to exist at a decent level thru' his/her own effort but never specified what exactly to do in the scenario and how to progress in that context and further never made it clear to man what happens the next moment totally leaving everything to the individual's understanding, planning and the execution.
When you are managing such vibrant life issues so well at the back of a great enthusiasm all along ascertaining yourself within..
  • 'This is my life. I'll make the best out of it and express in the way I want!'
Why are you so much afraid to take up just man made challenges posed to you at your work and instead straight away take with all cool, address and be done away with them?"

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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Once, 3 Great Democratic Leaders of the world met at a Summit for certain economic deliberations. After the Program they had their own personal talk. One of them said,
  • “In our system, almost all people follow the rules with a very few on finger tips only breaking them. That never affects the main stream because the little damage done by these few rule breakers is well compensated through the hefty fines levied on them and the timely contributions made by the rule followers. Here all are happy and our monies are never in short supply.. 
Thus seen, we have an 'Ever Balanced Democracy' with us!”
  • “It's little different in our case. We have some countable number of rule breakers around us however vigilant and active our questioning mechanism may be. Of these, approximately half are caught and are made to compensate moderately for the rule breaking thru' good fine collections and the rule followers compensate for the balance of the losses encountered. Thus in our system too the main activities are smooth, all are happy and the monies are mostly never in short supply.. 
Thus seen, we have a 'Reasonably Practical Democracy' with us!”

said the 2nd Leader.. The 3rd one smiled and said,

  • “Ours is totally a different system. Here, the rule followers more than half of our population forever just follow the rules without a say. Out of the remaining, some will not follow majority of rules but all the damage done in that context is smartly put on the remaining who can do nothing in opposing there and equally cannot compensate for the losses encountered as they cannot be levied hefty fines with their individual contributions being not high.
  • Thus in our system, the rule followers alone forever struggle to compensate for all that wrong done in the system but none would protest at any time as many attribute it that to their fate and thus leave it. A few who do that, are ever under supervision of the ruler and thus they do it in vain as they sure in time fail in their attempt. Thus in our system the major wrong done is never questioned and all are happy in spite of the money being in short supply with max of that remaining intact with the rulers.. 
Thus seen, we have a 'Never Answerable Democracy' with us!”

Keyword: Democracy