Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The man turned 60 had to retire on that day and in that context a grand function was arranged. No doubt, people who worked with him gave extensive speeches on that occasion bringing out their earlier memories of interactions and wished him a happy retired life..

Finally the man had to speak out..

He became emotional but controlled himself and by putting up a brave smile at length, spoke about his
 past work experiences, colleagues and friends and further continued..

“No doubt, from tomorrow I may not have busy schedules of this Office but as I look at myself, suddenly I find so many works with me..

  • I should immediately register and get my Senior Citizen ID Card which gives me access to certain facilities around me.. 
  • I've to think wisely on investing thru' the best plans the huge amounts of savings received by me at this moment.. 
  • I should sit and streamline my pension payment issues bringing them to a working level.. 
  • I should re-register with our Company for the various new Medical benefits offered to me from tomorrow.. and
  • I need to look at the various job offers in front of me before deciding on when to go for the one that ideally suits me! 
Sure, no breathing time from tomorrow and don’t know how to handle all these works all of sudden from tomorrow!”

The listeners maintained pin drop silence as the man spoke and ended his talk every one in the audience and speaker unconsciously at the back of his mind clearly knowing that..

  • Getting the Senior Card was a day's job and collecting that was another day's work,
  • The plans of investment were nothing but making a few days visit to banks and the huge money was nothing in front of the regular incomes received till every month..
  • The pension issues were already sorted out by the Company in advance with nothing to do from the retired person..
  • Taking a medical insurance policy was all that one had to do to cover up exigencies of retired life.. and
  • One needed to struggle with the limited job offers in front with reduced payments, no power and importance!
The Function being over in the next one hr, he was put in the company car and was bid a permanent 'BYE!'

Next to all that noise, further there was simply silence and only silence alone in the car and continued beyond at home after a few enquiries..

Instantly the man felt that he suddenly grew older by 5 years with no immediate interest in anything..

The telephone rang up.. It's from his daughter in foreign land..

"Dad! I know your retirement is today.. How are you?"

"I'm alright, dear.. No issues!"

"I understand your feelings on this day.. I don't want to trouble you with a discussion on what to do after this day..

No doubt you will be having some offers in your professional field to continue for some more time and that truly is good for you to do and other related works of re-settlement.. But equally, I suggest you one more involvement..

Our Little boy had learnt rolling over yesterday and it's great joy to see him raise his head smile at us.. I captured his one of those poses and am forwarding it to you..

Soon in few months from now on, if he can be taken care at home by you people, I can just get back to my work with minimum leave..

What do you say here? I'm sure you can take up some task too in your professional field by working from home.. Can you tell me your decision on this soon?"

The man suddenly saw himself elated with an unknown energy with the suggestion given by his daughter..

"Yes.. Nothing I lost here.. Truly, there are great areas of involvement for me at this stage of life..

One phase of life might have been over now but that's not the end of this life.. This retired life has truly got a different meaning in my life when in a day,

  • I can remain as a true support in my own work area..
  • I can advise the youngsters around me on life aspects..
  • I can practice more silence in my life which gives greater meaning to my life.. 
  • I can become more devotional and god oriented.. and
  • Beyond the best part of my life post retirement is.. 
I can play with my little grand son and see him grow and equally help my daughter utilize her skills in her work and grow in her field!
Seen thus by doing all these, I can live a life of full dignity and meaning instead of feeling a lost person for the rest of my life..

As the thoughts of the old man ran thus, he suddenly felt 'energetic life of almost 55 years' at the back of an additional vigor in him, the gloomy feeling of '65 years old' just taken off from his mind forever!


Sunday, November 25, 2018


Thru' Verse 7, Chapter 4 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna Says..

yadayadaahi dharmsya
glanir bhavati bhaarata;
Abhyuttham adharmasya
tadaatmaanam srijaamyaham!

Whenever there is decline of righteousness, O Arjuna and rise of unrighteousness, then I Manifest Myself (on the Earth)!

No doubt, this is the Highest Message of Truth conveyed in our Sacred Book asserting on what happens ultimately when the innumerable number of societies and cultures around become violent and depraved jeopardizing certain order and integrity of their own originally imbibed into them as a particular social order..

As a very much limited personality of my times with my own desires and shortcomings constantly fighting against the odds of my life, before I talk anything on the above Message of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, a look at my contemporary life is very much required..

Daily, I need many items and services (both essentials and comforts) to make life going and to secure the same, I have to pay certain economic worth of that thru' my working and earning. If I look deep into the subject, I can very easily understand that innumerable people around me who are part of my society at large are contributing to this cause, may be infinitesimally small worth each one of them but never zero..

Let me assume a hypothetical case wherein that small part is not contributed by these people towards my end use,

The item or service will not be in front of me in the right time and in the right way and that sure leads to my unhappiness and suffering..

Thus seen prima facie, I should ever remain thankful to the people in particular with whom I deal in my life and to my society in general for

That Great Return..

Again, my philosophy at my expression levels today including all the great messages to my people around over the discipline of sticking to Truth and Dharma with those sayings and writings too is sure at the back drop of continuously physically receiving my these requirements alone from the people around me and nothing less of it at any time..

May be, demanding the goods and services with certain authority having paid off my monies secured thru' giving my might in my field partly would exist with me provided I humbly rethink..

What am I, if these people selectively decide not to extend their worth for my requirement even if I am ready to pay? With such a scenario around me, do I have anything to say here or ready myself to listen to my people of my society at certain level where

  • Sure certain order is seen this day, if I look at it once again and never a totally hopeless lost situation,
  • Sure certain advising at broad level from my end can be given helping out many understand the change required,
  • Sure a certain correction can be brought about by myself living thru' as an example of that change,
  • Sure a certain non co-operation at a level where I am needed by them brings out a change,
  • Sure a firm getting off from the field if still no change comes thru' temporarily working on the future course of action
And finally
  • Sure keeping distance from all those on whose actions I don't have an absolute control today and joining the like minded groups supporting my thinking! 
Thus seen, these continuous actions from my end at various social interactions of mine should go on relentlessly,

Then alone I can say that I contributed my might to the cause at my own level,

Rest changes required being brought around by more elevated personalities around me. Thus this work goes on relentlessly with a firm belief that every one around me no doubt eternally are part of

That Sacred Task of Change

Knowingly or unknowingly and those contributions in total truly are keeping this day the required balance in the society making it dynamic..

Rest requirements purely are left to the Nature which has its own cycles of corrections required in infinite ways before paving way finally to what Lord Krishna continues saying thru' the next Verse of the same Chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita Viz.,

'Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam
dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge!'

'For the protection of the good and annihilation of the bad and to establish fully the righteousness, I am born again and again in a millennium!'

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Is a violent and depraved society an indicator that a new phase is just round the corner? - When I say this am I being delusional OR a hopeless optimist OR a fool who knows nothing? #TruthAboutSociety

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Saturday, November 24, 2018


"This is the right I perceived and I always do this right alone in my life. I, with all my sincerity can only tell this right to any one who asks me on that but

What If…

That man still not listen here and does something different?

I feel it's purely one's own wish and God decided the person to be destined thus. I can do nothing in such a situation except remain humble and pray for the man's good.. More than that here..

I just can't help!" 

Thus was saying a man often quoting his own perception of the right..

On a day, something went wrong with one of his acquaintances.. The man said,

"I told him to follow the right a 100 times but

What If…

He still not listen here and does something different?

God alone should take care now and I'm none here to do anything..

I just can't help!"

All others around who contributed their might to the cause and helped the acquaintance felt that

  • The best man spoke high in normal times as he had to do nothing but instantly spoke low and got off from scene the moment a crisis situation surfaced!
On another day, some thing went wrong with his neighbor.. The man said,

"You know, being my next door man, How much I advised him on the right but

What If…

He still not listen here and does something different?

I sincerely feel that God has his own Plans.. No go, all of us have to just abide by that..

I just can't help!"

All others around who contributed their might to the cause and helped the neighbor felt that

  • The best man spoke high in normal times as he had to do nothing but instantly spoke low and got off from scene the moment a crisis situation surfaced!
On one more day, some thing went wrong with his close friend.. The man said,

"See.. How can I tell here that too to my close friend, something wrong done by him and

What If…

He still not listen here and does something different?

He is my friend and I very much wish that sooner, he comes out of this bad situation. I pray for him and am ready to help him but God looks the other way here..

I just can't help!" 

All others around who contributed their might to the cause and helped the friend felt that

  • The best man spoke high in normal times as he had to do nothing but instantly spoke low and got off from scene the moment a crisis situation surfaced!
Finally on a fateful day, it was his own close member that was in trouble..

The man became panicky, looked up for solace, ran here and there and finally, silently got into the total corrective action required there leaving nothing left to chance along with an ardent Prayer to God for

Quick Betterment and Ultimate Take care!

All others around who contributed their might to the cause and helped the close member felt that

  • The best man spoke low and got off easily from doing the required in respect of the three men in a crisis situation but was forced to remain silent and had to face treble of that, the moment a similar crisis hit his own man! 

"That's why I often insist upon that

What you feel right and often speak of, you should necessarily be doing under any circumstances as

That doing alone sure lessens your burden in a tough moment, retains your confidence further elevating you in your life..

What If…

The man still not listen here and does something different?


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Thursday, November 22, 2018


The Little Boy of 6+ was too active..

"Grandma.. Who are Great People?"

"Dear! The Great People are those who did good to the world!"

"I too want to do good to the world. Can you tell me what to do?"

"You are too small now and you should first do good to yourself. Then when you grow up, you can do good to others also!"

"I am already doing good to myself.. See..

I get up in the morning in time, get ready, go to school, listen to my Teacher and learn, come back, play, do home work and study, then eat food and sleep in time..

If I do all this, then alone mommy says..

I'm a Good Boy!"

"Yes.. Yes.. Dear! You are already doing all this.. Great.. But you should continue doing all this, grow up and become big.. Then you can do all that good to others!"

"Then doing good to others when I grow up is..

Asking people to get up in the morning in right time, get ready, go to school.. No..No.. go to office, come back, no play but do exercise, do home work no study but read some other thing, watch TV, then eat food and sleep in time..

Is that all what Great People did?"

The grandma was totally in smiles..

"Yes.. dear! There are many more things the Great People have said and done.. All that you will understand when you grow up.. Okay?"

"No.. I can understand now.. Tell me what more did they do and tell?"

"Dear! You won't understand all that.. There are many things one can do when they grow up!"

"No you should tell!"

"Our Great Saint Swami Vivekananda went to America and told people to do many good things.

People listened to Him and promised to do good!"

"Did he say any other thing?"

"You won't understand, if I say that!"

"No I can understand.. Tell me!"

The grandma was silent for a while..

"Tell me grandma!"

"Okay.. You know what he said to every one..

'Arise.. Awake.. Stop not till the goal is reached!'

And every one promised to do that.. He is such a Great Saint of our life!"

"Oh! It's simple and I'm already doing something of that in my school holidays. But when school is open, I can't do that..

  • If am awake, how can I go to school, study and play? I'll feel sleepy!
  • If I rise early, I can play in the evening but studying in the night.. Impossible!
If I don't stop these two, when do I study and become big to do other good?"

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


  • Competitive working in high demand field thru' quality product deliveries to few rich customers or many average ones backed by constant improvements of skills alone makes me emphasize at the end of the day saying..

'I did it!'
  • As the competitive business is the core ingredient of human survival in the world, nothing is guaranteed to me beyond and my work remains endless..
  • Where the rich spend, economic activity is sure augmented and there a few times the investment needed by me to acquire a capability is just a negative situation with me and nothing more.. 
  • I can ever do my allotted task in my work area without a single doubt and there, lack of time for other activities often trims my personality beyond.. 
  • Often, the gap between ‘I'll do’ and 'what I do' is ever a fact with me and if I firm up on zeroing down that gap, sure time will be found for me beyond 24 hrs in a day bringing in the required improvements in me.. 
  • My sincerity remains sure the gateway for long time association with my work but a bit greed there sooner or later brings down the curtains permanently catapulting my hoarding in the process..
  • At work, I should ever stretch but never break and that working may not bring to me a great life at the end of the day but sure a relaxed one, no doubt..
  • The very safe investment of mine forever lies in giving out part energies for the production of essentials too in parallel to my giving away in my trained areas..
  • Willingness to work from my end sure brings its own riches to me and that good work doubly sure keeps the bad man away from me..
  • As I concentrate on my work, 'small' ever remains interesting to me with the difference between 'leisure time', 'free time' and 'working time' becoming nil backed by the 5 core facts of work constantly floating around me Viz.,
              1. It's always safer to do a little extra work, pay a little extra attention or appear a little less at work rather than stick to the exact,

              2. If Friday evenings are highly interesting, Monday mornings would be too sickening,

              3. It's a myth that a capable worker is easily available,

              4. No payment is good enough for one to satisfy the whims and fancies of one's Boss and

              5. The Novice at work ever remains conscious of own achievements where as the Professional just concentrates!

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Saturday, November 17, 2018


The young man of 25 smartly dressed and well groomed was traveling by train. The co-passenger, another youngster of his age soon befriended him through introductory talks. Subsequently, he just commented,

“I guess, you are 20 yrs old!”

The young man coolly said that he was 25.

"Dear! You look so young!”

Remarked the friend with a clear astonishment seen on his face..

The young man for the 1st time in his life, felt proud of his young looks..

7 yrs passed just like that..

The man of 32, a family man by then was at a social function with his family once again well dressed. Suddenly one of his friends said aloud,

“God! What's happening to you, dear? You just look like 25 yr old young man!”

The then not so young man for the 2nd time in his life, again felt proud of his younger looks..

Next 8 yrs rolled over without much notice..

He was then a man of 40 yrs with quite a number of graying hairs. He started coloring them jet black and dressing up trim to his personality. One day, when he was on the road a gentleman said,

“Hi, You! Can you make a little more space for me? I'm 40 and have a problem of.........”

The man took that as compliment, smiled and disclosed his real age to the gentleman. The gentleman got astonished and exclaimed,

“Oh, dear! I thought you are just around 32-33!”

The then middle aged man for the 3rd time in his life, again felt proud of his much younger looks..

Another 8 yrs passed..

He was then a middle aged man of 48 yrs and a Senior Executive in his Company. A new General Manager had taken over his Division and in that context, the GM had a welcome meeting with his Seniors. During the session, the new GM remarked to him all of a sudden,

"What dear! You are a Senior Executive at such an early age I think around 40!”

For which the man confided with all pride,

“Sir! I've just 2 yrs to go for fifty!”

The astonished GM instantly remarked with a smile,

“Oh! I thought you are just 40 yrs. What's the secret of your younger look, my dear?”

The then man of early 50s for the 4th time in his life, felt again proud of his much younger looks..

Another 10 yrs passed thus with no look back..

It was a joyous function in the house busy with all family members and many guests around. The occasion was the birth day of his 4 yr cute grand child who came from abroad and was the centre of attraction of every one around..

The then grand father of 58 secretly wished to appear much younger to his age so that people around definitely appreciate him on that point. He dressed up trim in his attire for the function and as he looked into the huge mirror on the dressing table, he instantly felt proud of his looks and get up and was very much sure that people would talk on that. With all that confidence he walked into the hall to wish every one there..

The kid’s mom along with her boy went up stairs to open the door of the hall for some of the visitors to relax there if they wish..

‘She Turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door’.

Seeing the room not arranged orderly, she said to the little boy,

“Dear! Go and call your grandpa once. It's urgent!”

The Little One came down the stairs to take his grandpa up, got tired and sat on the last step with his fruit juice tumbler saying aloud with a cute smile,

"Grandpa! Come! Mom wants you up!"

As the man moved on towards the steps, the boy said,

"Carry me up!"

He with smiled took the boy into his arms and started moving up the stairs slowly..

The child suddenly shouted aloud to be heard by all in the hall..

“Grandpa! You are too old.. Put me down.. I'll climb faster than you!”

No need to say, hearing those sweet broken words of his dear grand child ultimately, 

The then old man nearing 60s for the 1st time in his life, felt proud of his true age!

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Friday, November 16, 2018


A story heard by me in my young age, the origin of which is unknown to me this day goes thus..

  • When king Yudhisthira asked Lord Krishna what to do if the toughest situation surfaces, the Lord gave him a small writing on a leaf and asked him to see that only when the toughest situation comes up. At one point of time, the situation was felt by the king as the toughest and when he saw the writing given to him by Lord krishna, a message was seen there Viz.. 
'This too will pass!'

In my life tense moments do come and go and there is a definite agony and confusion during that period with no meaning to the on-going pursuit of issues in front all the zeal suddenly becoming zero with no energy to move a step forward..

No doubt, I live in time and time brings in the so called problems of life and keeps in front of me. There sure, I'm expected to give a solution as well as overcome the pain associated with therein..

The proportions of these 100% depend on how much the proportionate Truth is part of my personality..

Naturally I would be seeing my problems with these colored glasses of mine alone and accordingly will be giving a solution to them with certain stability of mind as well as with certain helplessness in the situation..

Thus seen, the Saying

'This too will pass!'

Is neither a consolation in times of trouble nor is the escapist's thinking but a fact in my day to day life!

The way the Great Masters of Philosophy had lived their lives voluntarily surrendering the so called

'Many of Their Own'

100% reflect that,

This life is never a bed of roses,
I am never a owner here permanently and
The problems of life are a fact and never a fiction!

  • A Great Saint used to live outside in open area. He used to say, 
“Earth is the floor, Sky is the roof and hills around are the walls of my house!”
  • When a Master was wished the best on His birth day, He said, 
“Why don’t you wish me on the day of Realization instead of today?”
  • Once a robber chased by security men dropped his loot in the lap of a Saint on the way and fled off. When the security men questioned the Saint, the Great Man said,
"I stole the goods!"
  • A Great Philosopher was attacked and had fallen unconscious. Subsequently the disciples started serving Him and to check if he was conscious when they asked who was serving Him, the Great man said, 
“The hand that hit me is serving me now!”
  • When a Saint was attacked brutally by a rowdy element and subsequently the rowdy was caught and brought handcuffed before the Saint, the Great man simply said, 
“I see God in you!”
  • When the Great man was cautioned that the Powerful with whom he was antagonizing can do a great harm to him, he proclaimed, 
"They can either torture me or kill me; more than that can they do nothing to me!"

And many more..

I am this day is sure far, far away from this Strength depicted by the Great Men and Women of the earth but not totally helpless too.. Seen thus,

Prima facie in the first instance and at this moment, the way of reducing the intensity and the frequency of occurrence of problems of life as well as developing certain strength of mind to face them when occurred is to lead a life of the 10 disciplines as much possible Viz.,

  • Caring for good health and basic physical safety..
  • Building good character over time and truly living there up to the mark..
  • Making monies to a certain extent which no doubt give a decent life that is very much required..
  • Identifying the rights and responsibilities more and more clearly..
  • Never getting into promises and agreements without getting into details..
  • Caring more for responsibilities everywhere voluntarily surrendering my right to the best possible where the more weak next to me are benefited..
  • Where the right is forcibly taken away, never giving up the task of getting it but all along remaining on guard not to lose further right as well as not getting damaged in the process..
  • Protecting the existing rights in more a concrete way thru' better management and taking group support of like minded people..
  • Caring for lesser and lesser pleasures of life to the extent the mind allows..
And finally,
  • Having a certain Belief in God as the ultimate mental support in times of bigger crises of life!
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire prompt 'This too will pass.' Do you think this is good consolation in times of trouble? Or is it escapist thinking? #ThisTooWillPass


Wednesday, November 14, 2018


“Be good and do good around you as you continue discharging your day to day activities of life and thus cross over the state of unrest in you!”

Saying thus, a Great Saint concluded His speech. The large audience who were listening all the while to the speech, soon left the place with a deep satisfaction feeling and clarity in their hearts except some..

“What's new in this? From childhood our schools have taught all these morals and we are following them.. There should be a deeper meaning to what the Great Saint had said!"

They thought thus with simmering doubts in their minds.. Soon that gathered momentum and on a day, they together visited the Great Man, bowed down and queried on that..

“Start spreading my message among more people and guide them clearing their doubts to the extent you understand beyond what I told you to do earlier and thus cross over the state of unrest in you!”

Saying thus, the Great Man sent them back..

No need to say, many of them returned with a certain clarity in their minds except a few who thought further..

“What's new in this? This is just advising around on the good aspects of life and we were repeatedly educated on these lines in our life.. There should be a deeper meaning to what the Great Saint had said!"

They thought thus with simmering doubts in their hearts.. Soon that gathered momentum and on a day, they together visited the Great Man, bowed down and queried on that..

"Start working for a cause and thus become more helpful to people around beyond what I told you to do earlier and thus cross over the state of unrest in you!”

Very few of them got another doubt there..

“What's new in this? This is only like doing a Social Service and we were repeatedly educated on these lines.. There should be a deeper meaning to what the Great Saint had said!"

And those few again approached the Master to clarify their further doubt..

"Take lesser benefit for yourself and leave the same for the other man in all your actions from now onwards beyond what I told you to do earlier and thus cross over the state of unrest in you!”

Said the Great Personality..

They returned with no further doubts in their hearts except one.. And that man straight away approached the Great Man the next day and questioned,

“Master! I don’t see a total solution for freedom from this unrest thru' all the actions you have mentioned even though I very much understand that through these actions alone I can rise. More than this, is there still a way for me here?”

The Master smiled and said,

Start Meditating on Truth from today beyond what I told you to do earlier.. Through that alone your further doubts would get cleared and in the process you yourself

Naturally embrace the innocent psychology of a child, eternally investigate, try finding out the cause, and thus cross over the state of unrest in you as the Little Ones around us constantly do!”

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Monday, November 12, 2018


  • “Which of these is the right selection here? Let me find out all the details and keep a record. Later I can sort out these and work out the required. Worth doing this one time exercise at this point of time!” 
  • “What had gone wrong with the original plan? I was confident that everything was under control. Let me not leave these issues loose. Am sure I'll find a way out for the present confusion!” 
  • “Where did it go wrong? So strange.. I thought that everything was taken care.. No, I should find the end of this. I'll make a thorough search and get the required!” 
  • “When did this take place? I thought, everything was under control. God! It’s really a mess now.. No, I can't leave these matters like this. Let me find out the root cause here and set right matters once for all!” 
  • “Who might have done this? Any guess? I should never leave these matters as such. I've planned a meticulous way of locating the mischief monger in this case and I am straight into it!” 
  • “Why should it happen to me? I can’t understand the reason here. May be because there was too much delay in getting those 3 items. Any how, let me go into all the details here meticulously and work out a recovery plan.. I don’t want to leave this matter at this stage and relax!” 
  • “How much is this one important in life? This moment we may not know but soon it would be found out. I am planning to go there for a thorough search to find out each and everything. Let me do that and get back to you!” 
Thus go often around us the ways of Serious Quest and Investigations in life to know the ‘Exact!’

Here, the hold is never slackened till the issues are reasonably addressed and the aim is met. There alone lies a meaning to the life in front..

Let that Questioning/Investigation from Humans, Creatures and Plants around me be freely continued nonstop and let that be supported by me, in whatever way feasible..


The sum total of such Quests of living beings at any point of time on the earth is the requirement in the Universe at that moment


The Ultimate of each of such a Quest ever Zeroes down to the Exact!

The Great Man Proclaimed,

'If all Living Beings of the Universe stand in a queue as per their strengths, I forever wish to stand behind the last Tiniest One therein!'

Here comes my problem as I'm not that great to accept the last or zero position of non existence since I am an individual of certain worldly interest wherein such expressions around me come in the way my self gratification..

As such, these expressions around me necessarily need a control and that control broadly as much should be limited to

The minimum law bound attitude required in the situation


The point where my basic living and expressions are take care of..

Beyond that, control from my end is ever questioning the Divine Expressions around me only and never, never my one thousand and one hundred interpretations of mine therein..

Thus Respecting, Supporting and Safeguarding such a Quest around me along with my Questioning by the side alone ultimately lead me to Find and Establish..

'The Original Truth in the Universe!'


Friday, November 9, 2018



Of late, I'm constantly reminded of the basic Truth in Nature Viz.,

  • 'The results are never in my hands as anything can happen at anytime!' 
That way seen, I find totally meaningless the ultimate of all my hectic running round in my day to day life. Here, if the day goes well, that's good enough for me; nothing more.. 

In line with this reality alone these days, I just do my works constantly Praying to God thus..


Help me solve the day to day issues of mine at the back of a certain mental balance, 
Help me protect my resources to lead this life reasonably happy,
Help me divert my mind from the uncertainty feeling constantly retaining my cheerfulness and
Let there be reasonable balanced life with me all through!'

What else I can do when such a Truth is revealed to me at this stage of my life? How can I with such a revelation, involve in the world activities as if nothing would happen? I feel.. That ignorant stage is gone for me in this life!"

Thus was speaking a man of mid thirties one evening to his elderly well-wisher of certain deep wisdom.. The elderly looked at him, smiled and said, 

“Dear! If you don't mind, I can say with 100% surety that no Truth has dawn on you presently, instead a deeper ignorance alone caught you here forcing you believe..
  • 'The results are never in my hands as anything can happen at anytime!'
Having been given the weapons of a sound body and sound mind with you, where is the right action from you here making use of these in the best way and thus face the realistic life in front of you?

Dear! The Almighty is ever happy only if I live thru' a basic discipline from our side comprising of, 
  • 'I've completed the required actions of the day well to the best of my knowledge and belief without giving place to any laziness, complacence or coercion from my side.. 
  • Having done my day's work well, I just wait for Your Directive for executing my tomorrow’s program as per Your Plan!' 
With the backdrop of these 2 disciplines alone, let there be the Right Prayer from me to the Lord thus..


'Lead me from the unreal to the real
Lead me from the darkness to the light
Lead me from death to the immortality
Let there be peace, peace, peace.'

And nothing less of that at any point of time in my lives!"

Exactly at that moment alone, the Sacred Pavamana Mantra of Brahadaranyaka Upanishad was heard on the distant loud speakers being recited melodiously thus..

'asato ma sad gamaya, 
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya,
mrtyor mamrtam gamaya,
om shanti shanti shanti.'

Confirming what the elderly gentleman of wisdom had said just then!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Strangely that evening, 
my thoughts were running wild thus..
“If at all a meaning is to be there to my life, let me straight away remain supportive for a cause around me..

Why not set up a trust fund to help the poor? 
Why not open a counseling center and extend free advice and guidance for people in need?
Why not with donations from the well-to-do, open facilities to serve people in difficulty?”

Suddenly, my consciousness smiled and said, 
“Suppose that situation is not available to you at this point of time?”

I was amused and instantly retorted..
“What are you saying? 
The suffering in the world is a fact!”

And my consciousness just revealed then the never thought of fact with me.. 
“Don’t you try to search for this suffering in case this is not found around and in extreme case, may try to create something similar to extend your service and thus satisfy yourself?”

I was dumb stuck instantly at that the never thought revelation and my consciousness continued..
“Your energies are great in this age. Few times, this great energy will be misused by a few unscrupulous elements around you for their advantage if you are not attentive..

If you look at this point of action once again,
you sure find 
In your own close knit as well as extended families, 
At your workplace working with you and working around you and 
In the neighborhood next to your door and in your street.. 

Difficult people, 
People of disadvantage and 
People who can do better in their life if helped out a bit.. 

Are you sensitive to 
The legitimate needs of these people not met in their life forcing them adjust with what is given and thus are leading their life doing your daily chores? 

Why not on this Festive Day of Lights, 
In the hearts of these people ever next to you and be blessed?”


Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Some Might Say That It’s Wrong To…"

"The PRIDE in me is the constant enemy with me. It sure brings ultimately an untold misery in my life even though presently it's doings may look very attractive..

Having seen it's tricks many times, I firmed on a discipline with me Viz., 
  • Remain ever cheerful and soft spoken whatever be the inside turmoil,
  • Keep constant attention on myself of talking harsh with others at any time
  • Instantly correct myself there the moment I become aware of that 
And thus remain humble in all life situations..

Some might say that it’s wrong to...

Discipline one's mind so harsh but I feel that's the only way to gain control over this fickle mind and it's associate the so called PRIDE in my life!"

Thus I shared my thoughts with my friend on a Sunday morning..

"Dear! This PRIDE with me often

  • Appears totally not there at all, 

  • Makes me do a winning work without an exception and 
  • Affirms it's presence next moment and continues thus..
That way seen, this entity never leaves me so easily or rightly to say will not leave me for a life time..

Having seen it's tricks many times, I firmed on a discipline with me Viz., 

To see the spade as spade, start doing my duties with me as first priority, sincerely divert all of my energies go into these actions alone as much as possible..

And thus remain humble in all life situations..

Some might say that it’s wrong to...

Ignore the presence of this PRIDE in us as then it may rule us eternally but I feel that when it can't be taken out from me, leave the issue for the time, concentrate on the required and thus move on in life!"

Said my friend with a certain firmness seen on his face..

"I'm sorry I can't agree with you on this issue.. 

  • Keeping off this evil PRIDE in me is my first duty at any time in this life, 
  • I can't accept an half-hearted attempt here which is nothing but the biggest weakness in an individual and 
  • If I firm up I can sure see the end of this PRIDE in me!"
I asserted with double firmness.. My friend smiled and kept silence..

That evening as usual when I was on stroll in my park,

Verses 6 and 7, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita were heard on the park loud speakers being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel conveying the Sacred Message of Lord Krishna to Prince Arjuna..

'Karmendriyani samyam ya aste manasa smaran
Indriyaarthan vimudhatma mithyacarah sa ucyate

yas tv indriyani manasa niyamyarabhate rjuna
Karmendriyaih karma-yogam asaktah sa visisyate'

'Any one who having controlled the five working sense organs remains still thinking within about sense objects only, is called a hypocrite (in life).

But one who regulates the senses by the mind O Arjuna, begins the process of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness thru' the actions of the working sense organs without desire for the results is truly the Superior!'

Instantly confirming how PROUDLY I asserted that morning on my discipline of surely overcoming my PRIDE in time in front of my friend myself being totally unaware that, that PRIDE of me alone made me speak thus!

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Friday, November 2, 2018


### After the Kurukshetra war, when Pandava brothers accompanied by Lord Sri Krishna visited the blind king Dhritarashtra, the king wanted to embrace and bless them one by one. When Bhima’s turn came up, Lord Krishna signaled to the security personnel to move the pre made steel statue of Bhima already kept there into the arms of Dhritarashtra..

The blind King embraced the statue and to the astonishment of all, with a one time great strength given to him through an earlier boon crushed the same into pieces..

Lord Krishna said,

"All along, the King carried a hidden revenge towards Bhima as he killed his beloved son, Duryodhana. That's the reason I arranged the statue in place of Bhima!"

Whenever certain harm is done to me by my opponent, no doubt such a revenge attitude surfaces in me but subsequently
  • It would either be covered up by my own requirements of behaving to the tune of my social life around or
  • Myself unable to challenge the opponent would keep silence trying to forget that or
  • I may be inclined to follow the path of lawful actions in the situation and hence it is answered the other way.. 
All along, our Sacred Books of course, very much affirm that definitely I do not give back instantly in such situations with a revenge feeling as
  • I too occupy and live on the same base as the other man and thus I too can commit similar mistakes and
  • Every one should be given a fair chance of correcting one self thru' the lawful actions in force around and move on.. 
Equally, it becomes my duty here to see that the important issues are never lost track of through the easy path of forgiving out of a fear in me as seen thru' the words of the Great Man when..

Misunderstanding His principles of non violence, the inmates of Ashram passively kept quite during an attack of the place in His absence on return, He remarked,

"Instead of surrendering thus, I would have been truly happy had you fought courageously against the wrong doers!"

No doubt, the bad around me is a fact in life. But instead of doubting everywhere with an expected harm to myself, I should believe to a certain extent everywhere and start living a normal life simultaneously adding the required care to my belief without fail..

This dual work forever becomes the duty with me in this life appropriately adjusting the quantum of beliefs and pre-care in right proportions depending on my position and the situation as the epic stories roll out in front of me conveying the messages like..

### King Shishupala, the hater of Lord Krishna inspite of constantly insulting the Lord was pardoned by the Lord 99 times as the Lord had promised his mother not harm him till he completed 100 mistakes..

But as the hundredth mistake through an insult at Lord at a Great Function arranged by King Yudhisthira was made, Lord Krishna ended him to restore peace and happiness in the world!

### After completing 12+1 yrs of exile life, the Pandava King Dharmaraja sent Lord Krishna as the Ambassador to the then Kaurava Court conveying the Message..

'If Duryodhana could give back at least 5 Towns, he would happily accept that peace deal there by conveying his deep feeling of readiness to forgive his brother's all the earlier evil deeds!'

When refused, King Dharmaraja firmed up on waging the righteous war and secure peace!

### A dacoit repenting over the crimes he committed requested the Lord to accept him as his disciple, the Master said,

'Go back and surrender to the same people whom you caused untold agony and misery and take the punishment they decide to give you for the wrong done by you!'

The dacoit turned disciple did that and in the process was beaten to death by the angry villagers. He somehow reached the Ashram, explained to the Master what he had done and died..

The Master proclaimed,

‘He is my closest Disciple!’

Such a care of forgiving and at the same time acting tough is 100% required from my side in my life and that attitude alone with revenge kept as much away is ever the best for me as

The true purpose of one's life is forever to see as much as possible the Oneness alone in Humanity and remain at Peace and the level to which this Oneness can be seen in life goes thus thru' the famous story of ours..

### A Saint beaten by a rowdy element on the road to unconsciousness, subsequently served by a disciple and brought back to consciousness, when asked by the disciple whether He can recognize the man serving Him, smiled and said,

"The hand that hit me is serving me!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire prompt hould one take revenge? Or forgive and move on? Or tolerate and stay? Share a story. #ActionTime


Thursday, November 1, 2018


God originally created man on the Earth and said,

“You will live your life in the Lap of Mother Nature through hard work and simple living alone!”

And man sincerely took the Orders and followed the same for a while. But soon, a wild thought entered therein and it sure happens to one when one gets fed up with the routine..

The thought said,

  • “It's not that much wrong if you work here for gaining a little 'More' for yourself!”
Stressing the word 'More!'

Man no doubt, yielded to the thought as it prompted within repeatedly ever proving the power of even a single wrong thought with us. Thus in no time, the 'Gaining for self' had gained momentum and man started making use of the surroundings extensively for that purpose. Such an activity always alters the very 'Face' of the 'Environment' and there too it started happening without an exception and certain unhappiness too followed..

At this point of time, God appeared and warned the man,

“You are unsafe now. Better, you control this down fall in you. Find out a way of limiting this at any cost!”

Man, through own pride and prejudice tried the best to find out that which would control the downfall and get back the safety. In the process, certain theories of improving were invented and soon they propelled man work towards implementation of various 'Schemes' in that line..

But in no time, it was noticed that if there were improvements in one direction/field, there were equal downfalls/damages in other directions/fields. That's ever remains a fact in the world as the world always appears of that color of the glass alone through which it is seen with Truth forever remaining different. And the only way here is just to throw away those very 'Glasses' as much possible..

But as man never cared there, God again appeared and reminded,

“Unless you start doing part of all your destined works exclusively for the betterment of that man who is in no way related to your

  • Ideologies, 
  • Theories,
  • Views, 
  • Dogmas, 
  • Concepts and your
  • Own Groups 
Except that the individual in front is a Human Being along with you in your life, the situation would never improve..

Better you start such an activity at the earliest!”

Man filled in with a certain ego established by that time questioned back,
  • "What connection is there between that type of activity and the problems around?"
God smiled and said,

"Make a note.. As long as you work for yourself it's the
  • Comfort, 
  • Luxury, 
  • Show off, 
  • Superior feeling,
  • Making quick monies,
  • Breaking Nature's Laws and
  • Disregard to welfare, growth and basic safety
That come into picture everywhere.. But as you start working for others around, it's forever the
  • Struggle,
  • Simplicity,
  • Containing,
  • Feeling equality, 
  • Earning the right monies,
  • Respecting Nature's Laws and 
  • Regard for welfare, growth and basic safety 
Every moment that matter most!"

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