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The Artist cum Narrator cum Presenter.. Let's call here afterwards, the Presenter for convenience was dancing to his own tune narrating the story.. 

"Lord Krishna decorated Himself with various types of costly Golden Jewelry on His body and is dancing with Shrimati Radha in the Group and the Nature around with the rattling sounds of Yamuna waters continuously flowing in the back is awestruck with the beauty of the Divine dance and the melody of the Divine tune of His Flute!"

Those Presentations, over a period of time started collecting good Audience increasing day by day.. The Presenter was greatly thrilled.. Naturally a certain worked-out interests came up in him..

"It appears that I've something special in me which is unique to me and is my own.. That's exactly the reason, why more and more people are interested in my Show as days pass.. Let me make use of this opportunity and make my presentation more interesting to the Audience.."

Soon that single not such a good thought produced its own series of highly self interested sub-thoughts of detailed plan of presenting the Original Sacred Love Story breaking down the same into bits and pieces of interesting sub Presentations..

No doubt the audience too had grown and it sure happens for sometime without a doubt.. But along with that the pride of the Presenter too had gone up without a say..

And equally nothing else too could halt that.. The scaling continued very fast in leaps and bounds.. Additional glitter and glamour was added there continuously for improving the Presentations..

No doubt the 'UP' can never be forever, there would sure be a limit there, soon that reached and on one of the evenings on those days, the Presenter presented his famous skills in the most circuitous way with a great pride, came home and slept happily contented..

The next day in the early morning hrs, there was a knock on the front door and as he opened the same, he saw a strange man standing at the door with a huge bundle on his back.. The stranger quickly entered the house closing the door behind him and said to the Presenter,

"Sir! I am a thief by profession.. Yesterday, I happened to listen to your Presentation where in you described every detail of my interest in gold ornaments.. I went to Brindavan immediately after your Presentation, saw Lord Krishna exactly with all the those ornaments on him dancing with Shrimati Radha in the Group.. 

I'm happy that you could describe that so exact to the point to point and piece by piece.. I stole all those ornaments and as according to my professional (un)ethics I should part half it to the man who gives me the info, I carried this bundle of your share here to leave with you.. The Cops are after me.. I've got to go now.. bye!"

The man was totally taken back with what he heard and shivering all over the body said aloud, 

"Hi! What are doing? I'm an honest man.. I don't want this stolen Booty.. Take this away immediately.. I never stole anything.. You stole somewhere and you are nicely passing it on to me.. You...." 

and started screaming at the thief..

"Why shout Sir? You only wanted more and more money all these days.. Take this too and add to your ambitious dream of acquiring max wealth.. I'm off now!"

saying thus the thief vanished just like that leaving the booty there..

Suddenly the man got up from sleep sweating all over his body and it took sometime for him to understand that it was just a dream, nothing happened to him, he was very much in his home safely with all the security around..

He was totally a relieved man instantly.. But soon he came to a certain attention and firmed up his mind.. He immediately offered his heart felt Prayer in front of Lord Krishna's Idol saying within himself aloud..

"Lord! You truly opened my eyes teaching me a lesson thru' this dream.. Your Love Story is forever the Sacred Love Story truly worthy of Worship in the hearts of the masses which conveys the Sublime Character of Love between two Souls where in the two individuals 
  • continuously respect each other, 
  • work for each other, 
  • safeguard the rights of each other,
  • would be ready to sacrifice for the sake of the other
and thus live through their one life given by You with all fullness..

Such Pure Love alone should constantly be upheld in this world for the ultimate purpose of union of Prakriti and Purusha for the good of the world and never It should be tampered..

Here afterwards I promise that I ever uphold the conveyance of this Original Sacred Message alone to the masses with the special skills bestowed on me by You and I never alter this Unique Message conveyed by you for the good of the world at any time in my life for my petty selfish gains!"

The Huge Radha Krishna Framed Photo hanging on the wall in the room was seen silently smiling at the Presenter all the time bestowing Blessings on him!

(The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Challenge #loveinspiration)

* Part of this story idea is based on what I heard in my childhood whose reference is unknown to me..

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       The brother was 21 and the sister turned 18.. "Now, I can do all of my works by myself!" proclaimed the sister proudly..

"That's great of you.. All the best!" said the brother with a smile..

The next day, the sister had some urgent work to be done which was a bit difficult for her to handle all by herself.. The brother without a say was helpful to her indirectly so that she could complete her work well by herself.. When the sister thanked him, the brother smiled and said,
  • "Help to a sister from her brother is always giving out in the form of his monies, time, energies for the ultimate betterment of her!"
       Later in their life after certain settlement, on a day the brother happened to go to his bank but took certain extra time there to return.. When he returned, the sister asked, “Any hold up?” 

The brother replied,  
“Nothing..  I was withdrawing some Personal Loan money sanctioned to me.. The procedure took time and further there was a long queue at the Cash Counter..”

“I understand that.. Are you in need of money urgently?  I could have given you something..”

“No urgent need from my side..”

“Then why do you unnecessarily pay additional interests in taking the Personal Loan, withdrawing that money from your Account and keeping it with you in the house now?  You could have applied and taken that whenever you needed the same..” 

“I agree but it's not for that..  See.. You may suddenly ask me some money due to certain expenses which you may not like to tell me in advance.. That way seen, I may be able to plan my own but yours is truly unknown to me..  At that time, you may not have enough and I too may not have with me that much..  And it certainly takes some time to get the loan sanctioned.. That's why I applied in advance and keeping the money ready with me!” 

The sister was truly astonished with such a caring reply from her brother.. But she had her own questioning in spite of that care shown by the brother.. She asked,  
"You said.. It's a Personal Loan.. How is this a Personal Reason?" 

The bother smiled and said, 
"Why not? You are my person in my heart..  So, it's always a Personal Loan!"

Further he smiled and said,
  • "Help to a sister from a brother is not only giving out his limited monies, time, energies but some of the possessions too beyond for the ultimate betterment of her!"
       It was the Marriage Function from the brother's side.. Guests were pouring in.. The other side guests were out numbering and some of them were the VIPs of the Town.. The sister with her family had a hectic job for the day to help out in the function.. Her husband could not come to function due to certain urgent work.. 

Having finished helping out her brother in the function, the sister took some time to relax for a while and sat to a side as the children were playing leaving the center seats to the VIP guests..

The brother busy at the function in the Pandal noticed this from distance, after a few minutes got down and straight came to the sister and said.. "You are the number one guest of ours, the VVIP family guest to be in this grand function.. Come and sit in the centre of first row in front of me, grace the Event till the end and be with us!"

Further, he said to the sister in softer tone,

  • "Help to a sister from a brother is not only giving out his limited monies, time, energies and some of the possessions beyond but further bringing down his own level too for the ultimate betterment of her!"
      After a few days one evening, as the brother and sister were walking towards home on a side of narrow road, suddenly an important item of the sister which was in her hand fell into the dirty waters by the side.. 

The sister felt instantly that an important thing was lost but could not put her hand into waters and search for the same as the waters were too dirty and was thus in all tears.. The brother simply kept his hand into the waters, waded through, got the item, carried home, washed it as well as his hands with soap and water and gave it back to his sister saying with a smile, 
  • "Help to a sister from a brother is not only giving out his limited monies, time, energies, some of the possessions beyond and further bringing down his own level too but if required cross all these and voluntarily get into a lesser state of living for the ultimate betterment of her!"

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The Aircraft soon touched its max height and leveled off.. The gentleman unfastened his seat belt and stretched out a bit in his seat.. As he was doing that, he noticed that the Passenger next to him was not at much ease with a certain tension seen on his face.. He just smiled at him for which the Co-passenger responded and asked him in mild tone, 

“Sir! How much time does it take to reach our place?”
“It's a two and half hr travel, Sir!  Are you traveling for the first time by Air?” asked the gentleman..
“Yes! Actually, I thought of going by train.. But there was no time and my people said it's better I reach in time by Flight..”
“Are you feeling comfortable?”
“No…Not like that.. It’s a bit scary to sit here like this!”

By that time, the gentleman understood that the man was tensed up over the safety in flying.. Being an Expert in Flight aspects and a Frequent Traveller, having travelled widely to the Corners of the World and enjoyed flying, he wanted to infuse a certain confidence and positive attitude in his Co-passenger.. He smiled and said, 

“Sir! All the Aircraft we regularly travel are quite safe.. So much care is taken in building, maintaining and flying the Aircraft that I can, with a 100% confidence say that Air Transport is a safe way of traveling!”

The Co-passenger appeared showing some interest in his talk….

The gentleman continued his talk 
on the Flight Safety Aspects for some time all along munching a few snacks served to him, as the Co-passenger listened with all attention.. 

"Many safety procedures are followed and many safety precautions....... 

Equally certain stand-bys too are kept ready for any rare failures while in operation.......

Again, if you actually go by statics available with us and look into the world Records on Reliability of Flying……… 

All this info should make us ultimately feel that Air Travel is the very safe of mode of transport compared to any other Transport available with us!”

Having thus concluded his talk with an air of pride on his face, the gentleman suddenly looked at his watch and said, 

“Oh! Its nice that we spent almost the journey time talking on Air Safety.. It’s time to land now.. See, the Aircraft already started descending.. We have to fasten our seat belts and make ourselves ready for landing.. This is one of the safety requirements during take off, landing and in times of turbulence.. Anyhow, I hope you feel better now with all what I told during our travel.. That’s where one’s confidence really goes up……..”

“Now you can see.. it's coming closer to the ground.. Yeah.. Count down follows.. 4..3..2..1.....Thud.. See.. So smoothly, it touched the ground! Here too the speeds are still quite high.. That's why the Safety Rule says that we should have the seat belt put on till the Aircraft comes to complete halt and the glowing sign is switched off.. Ok.. Now.. It's over.. We have reached our place.. We are 100% safe now.. And here, all this you yourself have seen now with your own eyes.. Are you now fully satisfied, Sir?" 

saying thus the gentleman looked at the Co Passenger with a big smile on his face!

The Aircraft further slowed down, left the main Runway but as it entered the Taxi way came to a quick halt all of a sudden.. There was a certain silence in the Cabin for few minutes and the seat belt signs continued to glow.. The Cabin Crew Members moving around started saying to the Passengers, 

"Please keep your seat belts fastened and stay in your seats till further announcement!"

The gentleman for a while couldn't understand what had happened.. He noticed in front of him, when one of the Passengers unlocked his belt and made an attempt to stand up, the Hostess quickly said to him, 

"Sir! Please sit down in your seat and keep the seat belt fastened!"

For few minutes, none was knowing what was going on.. Absolute silence alone ruled the Cabin for those minutes.. The Co-Passenger nervously asked the gentleman,

"Sir! You said the journey is over.. Then, why are we still sitting like this?  Why no one is moving? What's happening?"

For a moment, an unknown fear suddenly gripped the gentleman.. It was the usual practice after landing, the Aircraft to move towards the Terminal in few minutes and all busy themselves to move out of the Aircraft with the seat belt signs switched off.. But anything like that did not happen in that Scenario.. Instead all were made to wait just like that in the mid way without any information.. 

His tension mounted and in no time, the greatest fear gripped him.. 

"Is the Aircraft hijacked? Is it getting diverted to the unknown lands?  What is the fate of the Passengers if that happens now? Else for no reason why the Aircraft had stopped abruptly after landing and all were asked to be in their seats? Why no one is talking????"

For a minute, totally forgetting about his Co-passenger, the gentleman himself started perspiring imagining the worst going to happen..

Soon, the door at the back was opened contrary to the usual front but still none were allowed to get up from their seats..

As the gentleman started shivering in the tense moments that followed, next moment the suspense drama totally unfolded when suddenly a Team of Health Professionals rushed in with a stretcher, went round an ailing Passenger some distance away, slowly moved him on to the stretcher and quickly took him out for further Medical Care as all the orderly sitting Passengers never hampered their way!

Subsequently, the seat belt signs were off and the Passengers too were asked to disembark at that point itself and all were further transported to the Arrival Terminal by the Airline buses slowly and safely!

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Are you a Boon or Curse in our lives?
People say that you ease a man's life a lot but 
The same people again say that too much of you brings in lots of contempt.. 
Where exactly do you stand in this scenario? 

You mean to say..

'Have nothing of me in your life, you'll soon be nothing in your life but again have excess of me, you'll soon be nothing in no time, 
Keep off from me, you'll be desperate in your life but again love me beyond and embrace me, you'll soon be desperate in no time.. 
Stop giving importance to me, you'll be off from your well-wishers in your life but again give me too much of importance, you'll soon be away from your well-wishers in no time.. 
Try to venture making me zero by your side, you'll never become a real Hero in your life but again make me a mad Hero in your life you'll be made zero in no time..' 

What exactly is your stand here?  Ok.. Ok! I got it.. You are saying.. 

'Respect me, I give you many things in life such as.. 

Ease of living 
Quick acting 
Saving of time, money and energies, 
Being independent in living, 
Ease in fighting for your Rights, 
Bringing people close 
Finally certain peace of mind! 

But beware.. Try coming too close to me, 

Your histories will be out in no time 
Your popularity will be downgraded 
Your relationships become sour, 
Your peace of mind will get off from you 
Your personality will become nothing.. 
You will be made a laughing stock in front of all! 

Live in Peace dear.. 
Nothing is lost in your life if certain portion of me is kept untouched and the remaining alone is used.. 
And further remember 
Neither treat me as your bosom friend nor look at me as your enemy 
Treat me just 'As Is' to the level required 
through a judicious decision and leave me beyond 
I too like my freedom 
And I never want to be chained by you in the name of closeness!' 

OK, got it.. I'll follow that here afterwards.. 

Thank you familiarity! 
You are truly under my hold now 
You are too familiar to me!

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A funny story of modern times heard by me a few years back and retold here..

"A middle aged man got fed up and could never adjust with the mixed tastes of foods of local and foreign origin served outside in the City to satisfy the taste buds of the modern younger generation acquired thru' their wide travel across the Globe.. His own kith and kin were also part of that group and beyond in a short time, developed a craving for such tastes too..

In such times, suddenly the news spread like a wild fire that a new Eatery that came up in the City was serving one of the best delicacies with a special taste and aroma developed thru' years of experimentation! The result.. Young people thronged the place in large numbers, there were long queues in front of the Eatery for a tasty bite and smelling the aroma of food served followed by lots of talk, praise etc..etc..

The gentleman too visited the place one cool evening with his children and their families rather to say was made to accompany them.. Soon they were at the Special Table with many varieties of foods spread out all round.. 

The food was served fresh and hot in sumptuous quantity, of course at relatively a high price but while eating, all praised the taste and aroma of the same saying, 

'Hmm.. Excellent, Wonderful, so tasty!' 

etc.. etc! For the first time, the gentleman too liked the food and unknowingly he said aloud to the surprise of others by his side, 'Oh! This food is really good!'

In that small Eatery, the kitchen was just a few steps away from the Dining Area with 2 Serving Personal at the counter and the Cook working behind seen well by all..

Suddenly the gentleman had a strange wish.. He was happy beyond and decided to thank the Cook for doing a good job there.. 

Accordingly, he moved to the Place while others were busy in eating, met the Cook inside and said.. 

'Thank you dear!  Even in these modern times, you could make a few of the dishes where an old timer like me too could link something to my taste buds.. This is the first time after many many days, I could relate something to my liking.. I feel really happy today!"  

The young Cook heard his praise, smiled and said, 

'Sir! Thank you very much for the praise.. But all this should go to our old Chef my Grand Father who actually is the Master Expert behind all this.. You can just meet him and convey your happiness.. Please do come with me!'  

Saying thus, the young Cook took the gentleman in where he was introduced to the aged Owner of the Eatery.. The gentleman thanked the elderly man and said, 

'It's nice to meet you! You seem to belong to my earlier generation.. Great.. I got a similar taste of delicacies of our times..'

The Old Chef smiled and said, 

'What you had eaten are the same delicacies of my younger times.. I did nothing to them except giving new names and a change to the presentation style! 

In my younger days, I used to cook these delicacies in my hotel where I was employed.. Slowly, the coming up younger generation i.e., your generation stopped liking my food and my hotel had to be closed.. Thus, I lost my value and my job.. But, I could not change myself and adapt to the new cooking.. I continued the same cooking in various small places and somehow survived.. Thus my life went on..

No doubt, subsequently my son actively got into the new cooking styles but he too became outdated in time and thus our family had a low profile for many years.. After all those years, by luck we got some money released due to a court settlement.. At once, we decided to open this small Eatery which any how was our family tradition of living and give modern youth these my old famous recipes only; that's all.. But, it just clicked! 

Today, I'm the famous Cook here, my son is the Owner and my grand son is the young Cook..  As you see now my Eatery is very special in this city with the secret actually known to our family alone!'

The gentleman thanked him again and while moving just asked, 

'You told the Truth as is.. How do you say that it's still a secret? If people come to know about this......'

The elderly Chef smiled and quipped, 

'No one goes beyond here and even if few people get doubt, they too don't bother.. They just want my food not the back ground.. That way seen it's going to be an Open Secret all the time!'"

The Post is written for the Indivine Contest as Food Tales with TinyOwl under Android and iOS links reference.

(I don't have the TinyOwl App on my phone as on date but after reading about it I'd love to have that seeing the many conveniences of it in ordering food!)

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“We miss each other dear!  The college days were so interesting.. Can never forget all those precious moments when our group was into various adventures.. We may be parting today but our friendship ever stays and will grow stronger in the days coming.. I promise this for a life time.. I can never look at you less than this at any time in my life.. Keep in touch, my friend.. I too would be doing that!” 

saying thus the young man hugged and said bye to his friend tears rolling down.. The friend too having become emotional could not talk and waved bye to his friend!

Days passed.. The friend got into a Company whose Management in a short time deputed him for higher studies.. The young man too joined another Company.. 

“Dear! You are lucky.. Your Company Bosses appear to be highly encouraging.. Best of luck!” 

thus he wished his friend on the the eve of his deputation.. 

A few years passed.. The friend had finished his higher studies and was back in his Company.. And soon he had grown to the Manager's Level in the same Company..  The young man, not so young by then continued to be at the Working Level only.. 

“Congrats on your Promotion dear! You should tell me how to be smart in life.. Your Company seems to be quite good..  Here, I find no such encouragement!” 

were his comments on the day of the friend's Promotion.. Some more years passed..

The friend had shot up to the Senior Position in his Organization.. 

“Congrats on your achievement.. Best of luck! I am OK!” 

were the few words from the then man as by then he looked at himself only as a Manager.. Soon, a day was there..

“You know! Mr______ has been appointed as Deputy Chief of our Company!  He is the first outsider directly coming to the Higher Post.. Seems to be very smart guy..  Graduated only in the year.. But quickly had grown to this Position!” 

was the talk around.. And the man already knew that it was about his friend only..  He subsequently met him on an occasion and just congratulated him.. By that time he was only a Deputy Chief in his Dept..

“They both were Classmates, it seems!” 

some one was commenting..

Just in a year, the friend became the General Manager of the Company and the man could become max The Head of his Dept.. One fine day, some one heard him talking softly into the ears of one of his Colleagues..

“Dear! You know.. Our new GM.. Difficult to deal with him, Yaar.. You see, I'm working here for the past 15 years and he calls me and says that I should improve as my Dept is under performing!
I'm totally upset with his comments..

We might have been Class mates in our College but never were really close friends.. To become a friend, certain culture and qualification are really required..  These people, when they come to power quickly forget that long ago...........”

From distance, the famous Epic Story was heard being narrated loud on the distant Loud Speakers by a Scholar to a congregation of devoted Audience..

"Sage Narada once asked Lord Krishna at Sea shore, 

'What is the so called 'Illusion' in this world?'

The Lord smiled and said, 

'I will tell you about that.. I am a bit thirsty..  Can you get me some water from one of the houses seen in distance?'

The Sage immediately went to that Colony to fetch the waters.. An attraction in the area soon held Him there and further involvement led Him to another and so on.. He was thus permanently into a series of Circles of Activities with Him there itself forever doing all that and feeling highly satisfied for the life time..

But strangely, one day there was a certain disaster in His life, subsequently the down in His life followed and He was squarely cornered..  He thus became utterly helpless and miserable in no time and was all in tears..

Suddenly a kind hand touched Him..  As He looked up, He saw Lord Krishna by His side smilingly saying to Him, 

'Dear! Where is the water I asked for?'"

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For a while, it was the very strange behavior of 4 fingers of the right hand suddenly rising unnecessarily and feeling proud of their own limited capacities..
  • "If I simply show myself towards a man, it just means that he is nothing in life.. I've this unlimited power of straight away bringing down the dignity of a man in front of others.. To look at me straight, he is ever afraid.. You might have heard many times, people under rage saying to their opponents, 'If you again show your finger at me...........' There, he is just referring to me alone as he is so much conscious of the damage I can do in that context.. My importance forever is great!" 
thus was saying the so called index finger at the back of a vicious smile and untold pride..
  • "Yeah!  You are right.. But, you know.. Here.. I'm too not less.. I've my own unique power with me.. Whenever a man of power decides to punish the other, he just moves me a few times towards himself.. That's enough.. It straight away creates terror in the mind of the other.. Means the man opposite is simply gone.. I help such powerful people just with such a little movement.. My use thus forever stays with the rich and Powerful!" 
were the immediate reactive Comments from the middle finger..
  • "I was listening to both of you.. Yes.. All of us have a unique role here.. I may not terrorize a man but myself forever is in different Role because of my unique nature.. Any ring to be worn in Ceremonies and in day to day matters goes over me alone.. That's why I'm specially called the ring finger.. Further in some ceremonies, a type of leaf is always tied to me.. It's a unique status for me.. I'm all by myself! What do you say?" 
were the next assertions of the so called the ring finger..
  • "OK!  I too have my point here.. Don't expect me to be small and insignificant.. You don't know my importance.. Even a child makes use of me for rest room requirements and none can say 'NO' there.. And, whenever a man starts counting, I'm always in number one position.. If more counting is on hand, one counts up to first 3 on me and then only looks at you all.. My importance stays here, forever thus!" 
were the assertions of the so called even the little finger at the back of its own pride..
  • "Now.. Look at our lazy friend here by our side.. We have our own special powers but he himself has nothing but laziness with him.. Further, he proclaims forever that we are always here to do good and nothing else.. Great preachings as usual.. 
  • But worthless by himself.. Only whenever some one works hard and wins, he simply shows up to say that the best is done.. The other man struggles and this guy simply does nothing all the time except to say in the end.. 'You did it!' What's the greatness here? Any one can say that.. Really, a waste personality by our side!"
The thumb was silently listening to all that talk but was equally silent all the time and thus was humble..

The day passed care free but the next day was the day of certain activity so to say too much activity wherein the man was straight way getting attacked as the enemy laughing at him was readying to do the max damage..

"Come on!  We should not allow this any more.. Enough is enough.. The enemy is rising.. We should put him down with one firm blow.. We have to save ourselves.. OK, now listen.. All of you curl up together and be ready.." 

were the orders of the middle finger..

"Yeah! We are all ready.. Already curled up together.. But......" 

saying thus others paused for a while looking at the thumb..

"We doubt.. We can't do anything here, unless our thumb too is with us in this.. And instead of doing that if he exists as is as we curl up.. Oh!.. No.. What message is conveyed in this process? Nothing but, straight away thumbs up to the attacker.. My God! We are gone.. We have no go here.. We've got to request our friend.. Without him......"

Just then the calm looking thumb all along, coolly embraced all of them extending itself over to them with unexplained love thus firming up their single aim conveyed thru' the message.. 

"OK! Now.. Fight, End the Evil and Establish the Right!"

The Number One Sacred Message conveyed by the Great Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita from the centuries unknown! 

Monday, August 24, 2015


The Engineer working in the Aircraft Manufacturing Company had his own problems and was unhappy for a while.. 

He was not given the very much expected Promotion that year and more than that there his own Colleague got it without much difficulty.. The Bosses too could not help him much in that Scenario, as they had to follow the Promotion Policy laid out by the Management based on certain specific factors..

“Relax for a while and don't take it too serious.. 

  • We'll try to give you an opportunity to visit one of the best Aircraft Companies in the world to have a first hand experience of what they are doing.........”
  • “We'll recommend you for the Award of 'The most Experienced Aircraft Engineer' with the Cash Prize based on the earlier Contributions you made.......”
  • “We'll send you for the latest Training in the prestigious Institute.......... and get you a Life Time Certificate.......” 
were the immediate consolation assurances from his Manager..

But none of those offers and suggestions could truly comfort him at that point of time.. Whatever be, a Promotion in time had its own dignity and no other provision could supplement that..

"My this Colleague will be drawing more salary and additional Perks of the new Grade given to him from next month onwards.. And equally he will be In-charge of......... I should simply be seeing all this for another year at the back of the unwanted sympathies from others hurting me in parallel!" 

was his constant pain at that point of time..

Having seen his Engineer unhappy thus the Manager rose to 
the occasion, advised him to take leave for a fortnight, go on a Holiday away from the known Environment and thus be off from his blues.. Soon, the Engineer too felt that as the ideal solution in the situation and decided to visit his distance Native Place which anyhow was pending since long time and thus forget the pestering issue for a while..

Accordingly, soon he took a fortnight leave and visited his distant native town in the remote area where his parents and the eldest brother stayed.. 

The very next day, he decided to venture out into the town on his brother's motor bike but the same needed some immediate repairs.. His brother advised him to take the vehicle to the nearest Garage in the same street where the Owner knew him well and the boys working there would be doing an excellent repair work.. Accordingly the Engineer took the vehicle there..

The Owner happened to be a pleasant man, he enquired about the Engineer and immediately assigned the repair job to one of his boys of 15-16 yrs of age.. The boy looking almost black all over due to the environment dirt on him instantly smiled showing his bright white teeth for a while and immediately started attending to the work in front..

It took about an hr, the boy completed the required repairs and handed over the vehicle to the Engineer in a neat condition saying, 

"Sir!  It's done in full.. You'll never face this problem here afterwards!" 

As the man was about to move from there making the payment of charges of repair, the young boy with a beaming face asked him, 

“Sir! I don't know exactly.. I'm asking you.. Are you the brother working in Planes Making Company in the city?"

When the Engineer nodded his head in affirmative with a smile, the boy instantly exclaimed, 

  • "Sir! How nice to see you here!  I'm really very happy.. You make such big, big Planes which fly so much high in the sky.. So wonderful to see them fly with no support.. I see daily one Plane flying above us.. I heard that some of them travel very fast.. 
  • Also we heard that in the sky they give food, play music and show pictures too.. And all these you only make.. A wonderful Personality you are.. Special by yourself!  You are Great for our Country.. I'm proud of you, Sir!”
The Engineer was suddenly up in spirits when he heard the great respect the boy carried for him in his heart.. He bid bye to the boy, finished his work and was soon back home but totally was in a different mood whistling aloud without his own knowledge..

Seeing his jovial mood, his brother who was knowing his earlier tension got surprised and asked him, 

"What happened to you suddenly, dear? You look so look different.."

The Engineer smiled and kept silence further..

But his mind was never silent but was on continuous run within.. So to say on the Right Run..

  • "Each Work carried out by the various Professionals around forever carries laurels in the eyes of my Country men and women who directly or indirectly are the beneficiaries of those Services as well directly or indirectly make their own small contributions put together towards the so called salaries and perks of all such Professionals..
  • In this context, whatever be the internal problems and petty politics of each Organization leaving all that at one stage, it becomes the primary duty of all these Professionals to look at themselves for a while and sincerely ascertain whether they have truly delivered what their country men and women from end to end expected of them to do so.. 
  • All the rest of the Achievements and Recognitions at Work however Great they may appear outward, always stay one step behind this Certain Contribution made with all sincerity meeting this Expectation at any point of time in our active life! And if I'm ready to do this to the best feasible, where are then my blues in the situation?"

Sunday, August 23, 2015


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Let my Family be taken care out of the expression of inbuilt self interest within me but let the rights of the Family Members be always honored through a dispassionate selfless attitude..

Let my Profession be pursued out of a deep self interested drive within me to express in a unique way but the related hard Work done in connection with that be purely on the basis of a selfless attitude alone..

Let my Personal Take-care be definitely out of a self preserving attitude in me but taking caring of the next man to me to a level my status expects me to do in the situation be at the back of selflessness alone..

Let me indulge minimum in Worldly Enjoyments as the thrust within me will not keep quite otherwise, but let me streamline this self beyond bringing out a selfless service in its place..

Let the Artistic Quality in me be definitely out of a deep rooted self expression but anything beyond that be avoided through a selfless attitude for greater good..

Let the Environment be modified to the minimum extent for the self expression of mine with all ease but beyond that for all other luxuries, let me say no to this self interest and look at the aspects of Environment Preservation more selflessly in the greater interests of all..

Let me Pray to God out of the deep self expression within me which is part of my own culture and brought up but when it comes to the Worship carried out by a man next to me, let me honor the same equally through a selfless behavior..

Let this balance in my life be ever maintained thus between the 
Self Expressive Tendency 
(which I naturally love to do) 
Selfless Behavior 
(which in general is good for me)
allowing the life go on AS IS
what is being Truly Selfless is
totally unknown to me at this moment
when that moment dawns on me too
can never be equally predicted.. 
May be the next moment 
May be after countless births on this earth 
but till that time,
the only safe way here to sail thru' my life is..


(This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Posting requirement #Poetryonopposites)

Saturday, August 22, 2015


  • “My job is unending.. 
  • The people are constantly on my back.. 
  • The schedules are too tight.. 
  • I get up in the morning, I'm on my toes.. 
  • The phone rings continuously non stop.. 
  • Now a days, I'm closing the activities around 6 PM only.. 
  • Here sometimes, even Saturdays are not spared.. 
  • One task gets completed, the next one takes over.. 
  • It appears, two hands are not enough to do this.. 
  • And I have to plan a lot just to take some leave or time off.. 
If this continues like this, when do I do 'my own work?' I'm totally lost here.. I just forgot to discover myself in this process!”

were the constant murmurs from a young man..

Many friends and well-wishers gave various solutions..

  • “Try to adjust the Schedules through a process of optimization.." 
  • "Plan your activities well in advance.." 
  • "Cut down the time wastage everywhere.." 
  • "Buy physical help where it becomes essential.." 
  • "Delegate a few activities to your well-wishers.." 
  • "Try using the latest Gadgets available in the Market.." 
  • "Try to be smart.. Don’t aim at completing everything to the last point.." 
  • "Be firm.. Say 'No' when you have to say so.." 
  • "Relax.. Forget about all this for a while.." 
  • "Be realistic.. What do you do if some major thing slips from your hands? Take cool for a while.." 
The Wise Man asked.. 
  • “Dear! What happens, if you simply shut down all your activities for a day?” 
“What are you talking, Sir? How can I do that to my people?” 
  • “Can you straight away tell all your people that you are tight and you can find no more time for them?” 
“I can never do the so called half hearted Service here.. Instead, I don't mind struggling like this..”
  • “Can you in time shift over to some lower key activities in the field so that monies still flow in may be slightly at a lower level?” 
"The whole job is mine and I only developed this out of my great interest in this field.. How can I leave part of it now?"
  • "Can you plan a way of doing your work so that reading between the lines is done lightly?" 
“I don't want to be a novice in my Profession....” 
  • “Do you really love your present work?” 
"What are you saying? Long back, when 5 choices were in my front, I just ticked this Profession all the 5 times.. I am proud that am.....!”

The wise man smiled and said, 
  • “Dear! This Work is the Whole and Soul of your life, your Second Life and your's the Dearest.. For doing which 'Other Great Work' or 'Hobby' other than the routine, the essential and family involvement jobs, you need more time now? And what is that so called ‘Your Dear Work’ which you were missing very much all these days?”


I've some thing to say here in respect of the Airtel 4G connection at my home taken about 8 months ago..

I am a Retired Professional and after retirement, I have my own activities mostly at Home only and all these are totally connected to the usage of active Internet Connection..

No doubt I'm an old timer, may not be familiar with the usage of many of the latest Terminologies and Gadgets in this context but I can sure speak on the basic use and express my satisfaction over the Service Uniqueness and Dependability..
  • I have 2 of my children staying abroad (US and UK) with whom I needed almost daily interaction thru' a dependable Video Connection..
  • I'm an active Blogger with IndiBlogger and I am very much interested to bring out a number of Blog Posts through Indivine for the benefit of my Co-Bloggers expressing my personal views on life aspects and living this life happily.. 
  • I'll do actively many of  my financial transactions online on a regular basis to keep up all my requirements updated..
These 3 activities occupy almost my full day extending beyond the day a few times and to do all that, I needed an active Internet Connection at Home..

As I checked with many Service Providers around and my own requirements in this context, I found the recently launched Airtel 4G to be totally satisfying to the dot requirement..

  • In respect of the Video Talk we use at Home thru' Face Time App on I Pad, I Phone and Mac this activity very much needed it's own speed.. As the children from abroad communicated on FT, the most important requirements of the occasion were clarity of the picture, high resolution, high speed downloading and the continuity of communication.. These are very important in a good communication especially with close members of the family staying far off where this close personal communication of ours with them becomes a very important part of life at this stage for me and for my wife..
  • As for as my Blogging activity is concerned, a dependable Internet Service was very much on the look out so that the spirit of active Blogging is never hampered and further speed becomes more important here when I have to read other Blog Posts where down loading is quite heavy.. Here I found that the support of Airtel 4G is highly welcome as the speed of this Internet Connection is really amazing..
  • Regarding other financial transactions, continuity is the most important factor as well as the speed else many transactions short close as waiting is not allowed beyond.. So again speed of the Internet Connection and dependability becomes the number one factor here, I found for this too Airtel 4G appeared to be the right choice..
Apart from these, other family members use continuously Whatsapp and here large data in the form of photos and files have to be transferred continuously.. They too found Airtel 4G as ideal for this purpose..

And equally too, getting the connection was the simplest matter in this case.. 

As it was newly launched, we just walked into a Franchise Outlet Office next to our home and met an Airtel Rep.. He instantly sent home two of his Assistants with the instruments to demonstrate the Speed and functioning.. When we have satisfied with all that, the Rep just asked us to fill up an Application Form for the Post-paid Connection, we paid off the necessary initial amounts, received the Router, again a Rep visited our home and made it functional with their own Official SIM.. 

As the house is big and as it is a wireless connection, the Rep advised and located the Router very near to window of one of our bed rooms, suggested that we purchase an extra Wireless Repeater and locate it at such a point in the middle of the house so that the signal comes easily anywhere in the house..

All these settled in a day and we with our active connection were soon on our job with all ease..

As far as the monthly payments are concerned for the usage it's a simple matter, just pay off the bill on the Airtel Website online and get the instant Receipt..

There are many Plans to offer, Initially we chose a higher Plan but the next month decided to go the next lower one as the usage was found to be less.. The matter was simple, we walked to the Office again and it was changed by the Person sitting at the Desk in a minute and with a big smile..

The Rep suggested us to switch off the Router when not in use for a longer time in a day and invariably in the night as then we will be saving on the unnecessary traffic visiting the Net work..

I may not be familiar with the later developments and availability of other Products in the Market, I just wrote here my personal experience with the Service Provider and I'm fully satisfied with the speed and dependability of this 4G Network offered by Airtel in our country as on date and till date, this Facility with us never failed on a single occasion!

Friday, August 21, 2015


3 friends had a Get-together in one of their places to spend a Saturday Evening..

"I don't believe in the name of Get-togethers consuming all unhealthy foods and drinks.. These are the most unsafe practices of our life..

For a while let us care for our health and long life..

I've decided something for all of us.. Hope you agree for a day to be with me here.. Later, you yourself see the good in it, you only like this.. What do you say?" 

said the first friend..

"It's time to relax.. Why again some discipline here?  Let's eat what we like and enjoy our food.." 

murmured the second one..

"Occasional indulgence in anything is no great threat to health and safety.. Any how, we are in limits only! Why an extra discipline, once again here?" 

asked the third..

"I know you will not agree.. But bear with me for a day.. I've something for you.. One minute..

Yeah!  I'm back.. Listen.. You don’t know the good health effects of this one particular Herbal Element as part of our daily food.. This is a recent find.. It does its own Miracles where none of the other Elements of our daily consumption do the equivalent..

It's the best practice to make a habit of eating our daily food boiled with a few leaves of this Herb.. And it's a wonderful Element around compared to many of our daily consumed Products.."

"But there are equally, known foods too which are very good and highly nutritious..."

"No.. The recent find is...... This is the best item....... Many of our Elders knew this.. If you refer to History, you can find about the use of this Element.......

The saying goes, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away..’ I’d very much like to replace the Apple with this Element..

Leave all that.. Some time back, I had a problem and I was helpless for a while.. I tried some of the known remedies, but they all were not of much use.. At that point of time, some one told me about this Element and I decided to give a wild try..

Do you know? I could never believe myself and after the use of this one for 3 days, I found the real difference in me.. 

Anyhow, what Nature gives is forever the best.. This is so natural.. 
I wonder, why many of us don't use this Element liberally in our foods.. We all should make the habit of….....

The leaf may taste a bit bitter, but that should never put us off if we consider the immense good it does.. 

"But, we need some taste too in our foods....."

"Oh, Come On!  Don't worry about all those things for a day.. OK! The food is ready now.. My Cook has prepared the Special Soup for you with this herb.. ”

The friends soon were at the Dining Table spread out with various dishes with the Special Soup prepared out of the Wonder Herb kept separately in the Centre.. And soon, the same was served to all in shining white Porcelain Cups quite hot..

“Let’s just take it like a beverage, relax for a while and start our usual food subsequently as the wonderful Element starts working in us in parallel!”

As the weak looking friend took one single gulp of the specially prepared liquid, the next moment he looked frozen and coughed violently a few times.. Every one got panicked instantly and as they looked at him they were totally.........

Please click the Link below to know what happened further.. It's just only to keep up the suspense.. And equally very much sorry for the inconvenience!! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015


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Once there was a certain misunderstanding between the right hand and the left hand.. It happens a few times when we are too close and familiar.. The right hand soon openly started boasting itself on it's worth..

  • “I have my own Value here and there's no single doubt in this.. Many people are right handed with an exception of only a handful.. Means, I am the most skilled One by the side of man and here, the left is nowhere comparable to me!" 
The next day by bad luck, the left hand got hurt.. The doctor attending the man advised a total rest for the hand for 2 to 3 days..

Immediately, some of the works to be done at that point of time were postponed and some were forcibly done by the right hand alone with lot of strain.. It was a Herculean Task for the right hand and in no time it got tired beyond.. Thus, the right became really helpless for the moment.. 

  • “How much I was wrong here? I thought that I could do everything by myself.. I now, know the importance of my friend the left hand.. I can never do the best in life without the left by my side.. It's silent contribution is always there behind my every success!” 
Seeing the repentance of the right hand, the man thought,
  • “In this life, I can never do my job well without the sincere contributions however small they may be, of my people around and it's ever my duty to straight away acknowledge that fact and be thankful to all these Personalities without a say!” 
Everything rots in time and there even the best discipline of a man is no exception! And the same thing happened here too.. Soon, the right hand had some of the best times non-stop..
  • People held it and said ‘Please, excuse me!’ 
  • They took it, kept on their head and said, ‘Bless me!’ 
  • They holding it said, ‘Thank you’ when the right gave them gifts and the like.. 
  • And the same People wished thru' a shake hand making use of the right.. 
  • Further in front of God, it was just preferred without a say! 
And the right hand felt that all the praise was for it alone..
  • "Here the left hand no where comes into picture.. I'm all by my self.. 100% of this credit is my own and by claiming this I'm never disrespecting my friend the left!" 
Thought the right.. Thus, the pride had over taken the right in no time!

But life is strange and moves totally in a different direction contrary to one’s expectations.. It happened here too and it was then the time for the right hand to get hurt! The pain was a little more with swelling seen around.. The attending doctor advised certain treatment and rest for a week.. All the well-wishers of the man visited, held the right hand and wished for speedy recovery but they had to leave, leaving the pain at the back..The right, thus was helpless all of a sudden!

Just then it felt, the cool touch of left hand by the side doing a service through gentle stroking when the man started comforting himself as advised by the doctor.. The left hand sincerely attended to it's job and cooled it's friend by relieving the physical pain to some extent.. And, the right soon started relaxing under that care!

The right hand thought,

  • “I can't imagine how much my friend, the left hand cared for me in this situation.. Here, nothing else would have truly comforted me in a better way!” 
Seeing this, the man further thought,
  • “All that glitters is not gold! My people may laugh with me but they should equally be ready to weep with me in my difficulties.. Here, a true friend alone will do that and such friends are always few in numbers.. May be such true friends are next to me silently doing their work unnoticed by me in all these good times! The right way of living here is never fail to recognize the worth of such dear Ones by my side and thus live safely in my life!”