Monday, February 29, 2016


'tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purusah'

'Without attachment without interruption perfectly perform prescribed actions.. By performing prescribed actions a person achieves the highest good!'

Thus says Lord Krishna in Sloka 19 Chapter III of 
Srimad Bhagavad Gita on the importance of doing one's activities in day to day life.

Coming to the field of activities with any one in the world, they are broadly classified into 2 groups Viz.,

1. Nitya karma (The Essential works)
2. Ni-nitya karma(The Pleasant works)

The very definition of Nitya Karma wrt to me is that if I don't do it, I alone will suffer.. And the concept of Ni-nitya karma is that even if I do not do that too, nothing happens to me in general! 

Again, in Sloka 5 Chapter III of Gita, the Lord says..

'Na hi kascit ksanam api jatu tisthaty akarmakrt
karyate hy avasah karma sarvah prakrti-jairgunaih'

'One cannot remain without engaging in activity at any time, even for a moment; Every one is helplessly driven by actions endowed by the qualities borne of material nature!'

So it's very clear here that all individuals would be continuously doing actions because that is their basic nature and in such a case, if they are not doing the Nitya Karma, they would definitely be doing the Ni-nitya karma alone in it's place which as the definition says is nothing but the pleasant activities of life.

Further if one gets into the Karma Structure of life, it's very much clear that asking some one to do a work sure comes under the category of pleasant work only unless it comes out as the role of a Manager or Owner towards the one who works there for the wages paid under the contract of agreement with applicable code of conduct rules.

When we thus look at all these aspect in detail, it is evident that the family with us never comes under the above category and the family members are there with us because of the existence of the sacred relationship which is well defined under the chapter of our duties.

Seen thus, the first step for any one here is to totally leave this extra thinking and get into the mode of checking one's own works involved with respect to the self and family members which are the basic and welfare works under which alone one has pledged to live with the family, get into the eternal action of all these essential works and thus sail thru' one's life..

No other view is sacred here and if at all the young ones of the family are to be taught on these lines, the elder care taker of the family is the first one that should get into these actions and continue doing them with all devotion.. Further educating the younger ones on these lines is not required beyond a limit as they invariably copy their own care taker as reference except streamlining their actions here and there!

This type of 100% living example by the elder care taker and other grown up members of every family itself forms the core of sharing the burden of the other members as well as teaching and guiding the younger ones of the family which would definitely go a long way in streamlining and setting right the thinking of those growing members towards equality and reducing the related prejudice if any existing!

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Saturday, February 27, 2016


It was the year around late fifties. Actually the exact year, month and date is not known to me this day as I was just around 8 yrs old at that point of time and was at my native village because of my summer school holidays.

At that point of time, a rumor was floating around for quite some time that the world was going to come to an end thru' rise of sea and water sweeping the entire land. And an unknown fear was lurking in me which I could never disclose and talk on that in that period..

  • "It appears that it's our doom's day!"
  • "The bad in the world has gone up beyond. Leveling takes off now!"
  • "A few went on to the Himalayas to escape flooding!"
  • "The sea is just 3 km from our home. No escape!"
  • "The max we can do is go over our roof tops. But how long can we stay there?"
  • "We can do nothing other than praying to God at this stage!"
  • "I don't know, what's all this talked of. I still have a hope that it's just a rumor only!"
  • That's one way of escape from reality. The News I read is...."
Thus were going the talks around. I was totally at a loss not knowing what would happen and out of that confusion, as I often used to look at my Mom, she out of her helplessness, just used to divert my attention.

Yes.. Finally the D-day was at the door step and the next day morning, all were having a doubt......

I wasn't knowing what others were talking among themselves and equally I could never understand their matured talk at that my tender age but my mom was totally knowing that and as she was equally tensed up, told me repeatedly, "Don't worry dear! Our God is with us forever!"

That alone was my big consolation as it is said that when one is in difficulty, the mother alone will instantly be remembered and for me too my mom alone was my 100% assurance and confidence at that point of time.

I went bed a bit late but soon whatever it was, the sleep Goddess favored me in no time and I was soon fast asleep not knowing who am I what am I going to be the next day morning.

It was midnight 12 appears to be. I suddenly woke up as I heard some one saying aloud,
  • "Yes! The day had started. Have you seen the sky? It's already full with clouds. The wind too started. I'm hearing the sound of sea waves stronger now. Some thing is coming up!"
I got up fully and my mom was telling me to sleep but could sleep no more. The prediction appeared really true.
  • "See! The rain has increased and water level around has gone up!"
  • "I am hearing the roaring sounds of sea waves nearer. Are you hearing? Yes.. The sea level is going up and the waves are coming nearer to us!"
  • "Oh, God!  Is it true?  What shall we do now? The water is entering our house.. Oh!  so much water.. We are gone.. Where can we go now?"
Others around were saying..

"Oh,  Come dear! We should hold on to something.. Take that wooden plank.. Sit on that.. Hold firm.. I'm with you.." my Mom was saying..

I was saying, "Amma!  Be with me. Don't go far off. Where are our brothers? Oh, my wooden plank is going away.. It's going faster.. I'm not able to stop it.. Oh.. Amma.. Where are you? I'm getting swept off.. Water is rising.. It's coming near to my nose.. Ohhhh!"

I was shouting aloud at the top of my voice..

"My dear! What had happened? Are you OK, dear?Appears you have got a bad dream.. See, nothing happened! It's 7 AM now and the sun had come up.. Everything is fine.. We are all safe.. No ending of the world.. God is kind to us.. He is fully taking care of us. There's still good in this world. That's why we are all saved. Now nothing will happen. But dear, promise me whatever be, you will always do good in the world.. Your brothers also will do the same. This good alone finally saves every one of us! Do you agree and promise?"

I was totally thrilled to know that it was just a dream, a very bad dream might be and nothing happened.. No flooding happened with sea rising.. Our God really had saved us!

Instantly I bent down in front of our Deity and said aloud.. "God.. Further too, take care of me.. I promise to you, I'll always do good in the world and never do the bad even once!" and as I said that, I saw my Mom too blessing me by gently caressing on my back!

Thus ended my doom's day moment in my life at that particular point of time never to be forgotten for a life time!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016


"You were totally silent when I was just busy with my regular work with a feeling of fullness within me 
'People are truly lovable and adorable!'

You just smiled when I happened to say once, 
'This man isn't just normal but sure a bit different!'

You nodded your head, when I repeated that saying further,
'He isn't just different but sure a real crank!' 

You looked at me with all keenness when I confirmed, 
'He isn't just a crank but sure a trouble maker!' 

You came closer to me when I cautioned myself, 
'He isn't just a small trouble maker but sure the one who creates havoc in one's life!' 

You held my hand and pressed in affirmation when I shouted at the top of my voice, 
'He isn't just a creator of havoc elsewhere but sure, in my life alone and hurt my feelings the deepest!' 

You embraced me tight when I cried aloud, 
'He isn't just the man who had hurt my feelings but sure caused the greatest damage in my life!'

And I've become one with you when I raged with an untold anger within, 
'I'll not leave him in my life and see his end!'

I wonder how nicely and slowly you captured me step by step making me completely forget the ever remembered golden words from our Sacred Books.. 
'Hate the Sin; not the Sinner,' 

Thus making me deviate from the required action of the decent Human Expression by getting the wrong doer punished and ultimately punish myself by exploding within and behave like a Savage totally taken over by you and the only.. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


  • The Servant Boy in the rich man’s house reported for duty in the early morning hours at the appointed time and immediately got in to his daily routine of folding the beds, positioning the cots and setting right the furniture in the Bed Rooms and in the Living Room.
  • Subsequently, he slowly swept the entire house with a big and clean broom, took out a wet mop, wiped the floors of all rooms and brought the entire house to a spotlessly clean condition. 
  • At the end of the morning activity, he sat in a place in the living room and started eating the breakfast given by his Master's Cook with all readiness to do the other routine activities for the day at his Master's Place. While eating, the Boy's thoughts ran thus.. 
“This entire house fully furnished with all modern gadgets and facilities spread out on a huge piece of prime land costing a few crores of Rupees never belongs to me even though I live in this house all the day for the whole of my life and equally live with all the comforts and  luxury like the Owner. I just do my work here, keep the house spotlessly clean and safe and maintain it well daily. Thus goes my life here with all fullness!” 
  • The Master too readied himself for the day, sat in his usual chair in the central place of the spacious living room reading something. 
  • Along with the reading, he was equally supervising the Boy's activities and instructing him on the works he missed in his routine..
  • Subsequently, he was served breakfast at his place by his Cook, he finished the same in a short time and was further waiting for the Boy too finish his and take up the other pending works for the day. While waiting, the Master's thoughts ran thus.. 
"This place of work for the Boy was existing in Nature well before I became the Master here and was selected by him as a place of his work. Accordingly, he is working here with all devotion, daily keeping it clean and thus maintaining it. In a similar way, rest of the people in the house are here on their own as their right of existence. I am neither a Owner nor a Giver in this context except that I do my job of the overall supervision and general take care all along. Thus goes my life here with all fullness!"

There was a Flash..

"These are the Ideal Attitudes of Reference for a human being let the person be a Master or Servant and nothing less of it at any point of time. Those who constantly remember this and try to balance themselves here the best alone are living the right life in this World and there's no doubt here!"

Concurring with the same, Sloka 38, Chapter II of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard being recited on distant loud speakers melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'sukhaduhkhe same krtva labhalabhau jayajayau
tatoyuddhaya yujyasva naivam papam avapsyasi'

'Being equipoised in happiness and unhappiness, profit and loss, victory and defeat, prepare for battle (meet the challenges of life) and in this way you will not incur sin.'

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


### A seller was charged of selling a small product at high price as he wrote that clearly on the board in front of his shop. He refuted the charges saying that it was only a simple mistake of misplacing the digits in writing the price and the same was quickly corrected as soon as it was noticed. He said, 

“See! What we have written on the board. 'Rs 901/- earlier is now Rs 109/-.' That's it!"

### An Advertisement Company was asked by the Sales Dept of a Business Group to write a special caption for their Mega Sales Event coming up before an important festival. 

“The customer should be surprised through disbelief with every aspect of our Sales!” the Sales Head conveyed his message with a firm tone. And the Advertising Company too in no time had sincerely done its job. The caption everywhere read,

'Unbelievable varieties
At unbelievable prices
From suppliers whom you can never believe!'

### The watermelon purchased from a shop smelt bad when cut. The customer rang up the shop and asked for exchange of the item. 

The shop keeper said, “Will you please bring the cut pieces?” 

The customer replied, “If I bring these pieces to your shop, your other customers in the premises will vanish in no time. Do you want that?” 

### A luxurious product manufacturing company supplying a 'special new product' for use by their customers at high price, had offered a 'novel way' of promoting the sale of their new item.

“You can return any one of these items at anytime within a year and we refund you the full money. But we need the specific reason for return of the item as we are constantly focusing on improving our product through the customer feedback!” 

Many customers soon returned the said item after a few days of use all saying, 

“By mistake, I spent my precious earnings on this item and now I'm finding shortage of money for essentials. Here, I'm getting back my monies!”

### A customer was unhappy with the mangoes sold to him at a Food Store in his neighborhood. He took them back to the shop saying, “Why did you sell these rotten stuff to me? They started smelling in a day. I want the replacement right now!”

The Owner of the store checked the mangoes and said politely, “Sir! They are good. Seems no problem!”

“What are you talking? Can you at least allow me to select the different ones?”

“Yes, Sir! No problem. But there're only a few pieces left out. You can select out of them and take!”

“Ok! I take these as replacement. Seem to be the better ones. At one look you can tell the difference! By the way, what had happened to the whole lot that were there yesterday? Were they all sold out?”

“Yes, Sir! All were sold out. These're the only few pieces returned by the other Customers today morning saying that they are rotten!”

### A layman went to buy some food items from a store in late hrs at the new place. As he was busy selecting his items from a corner of the store, by bad luck the owner missed him, closed the shop locking him up inside with a light left ON. The man instantly sought the ‘Help.' thru' dialing a number. Soon from the other end of the phone, he was guided to come out thru' the emergency door but the man totally failed in that mission. After a while, he was assured, 

"Hi! Don’t worry. We'll inform your people on phone. You relax there, make use of the lights and AC of the stores, eat and drink whatever you feel like from the store shelves, make use of the Rest Rooms in the Corner and sleep there to night in the employees' room. The owner will come back tomorrow morning at 0900 hrs and when he opens the shop, you can come out. We'll reimburse your total food bill and the other charges for the night as that's much cheaper for us than coming all the way to free you at this point of time.  And again if a real emergency comes up, dial us and we'll be there in no time!"

### An absent minded genius went to his favorite huge computer shop at noon for shopping various computer hardware items and as he continued to be busy in going thru’ the various products available there beyond 9 PM, by bad luck the shop was closed locking him up inside with minimum lights left ON. 

Unmindful of his surroundings, the genius continued his selections the whole night and the next day morning till the shop opened at 8 AM with none noticing that he was inside all the night, finalized his selections, purchased the items, came outside and seeing the sun in the east, remarked 

“Oh, it’s strange! Today, the sun is setting in the east!”

Sunday, February 21, 2016


The man of forties who had brief interaction with a few on the spot acquaintances at a Function later in the evening confided to a close well-wisher who too was with him during that time.
  • “Sir! It's funny. That thin man we met in the morning. He, talks too much. You must have seen... Begin any topic, this man soon takes over....... 
  • And the tall man who sat next to him, is another specimen. You might have noticed... He has a peculiar dirt phobia. He doesn't so easily believe anything as clean. I didn't ask which job he is doing but surely, they must be having a tough time with him! 
  • And the guy who was in the middle, you know, is a procedural addict. It seems, he can never bypass a single procedure. What's the use of it finally? He's short of time everywhere and would forever be running around.......... 
  • And the man sitting next to him is of another type. He seems to be forever a quick acting type making all the people around him run eternally. He just mentioned that he is a Manager somewhere. I forgot to ask. What management he does, God only knows! 
  • And the short man next to the last guy too seems to be no less as he appears to be too messy around creating so much disorder. He never mentioned what job he does. 
  • Of course, the last man spoke nothing and appears to be totally a silent man in his life. In my half hr talk, he hardly spoke few words, that's all! I wonder how he manages at his work. 
The elderly well-wisher of deep wisdom and thinking listening to the man's talk smiled and said, "Dear! Do you like to know the amazing backdrop of these gentlemen of whom you spoke so less?
  • The man you said who talks more is a Fantastico man in conducting own Tutorials and is able to do the best there because of these specialized talking skills alone!
  • And the man whom you referred as the one constantly worried about cleanliness is a Fantastico man in his job of Housekeeping and people love him for the extra care he takes in maintaining the surroundings clean!
  • Again, you know? The man whom you called a procedural addict is a Fantastico man of being one of the best Organizers of the Town and people are just after him!
  • Further to tell you the fact, I personally know the quick acting man. He is a Fantastico man of result at his Work as this is personally conveyed to me by his own Boss, a friend of mine.
  • The messy man you referred is a Fantastico man of being a Specialist which Profession ever needs a concentrated effort and that's really possible only if one leaves the rest as they are and......
  • About the last man, you referred, dear... The silent man... Recently, I came to know that is a Fantastico man in his profession of writing beautiful Fictional Tales for kids which children love a lot and which are in high demand as on date!

Dear! Seen thus, all individuals and for that matter, all Living Entities around us have their own roles to play in this world and to fulfill those unique roles, they eternally express their inherent skills and abilities gifted by the Almighty and in the process certain benefits accrue to the world thru' their singular efforts where none else can contribute..

Knowing this, I should ever carry a respect to all these Sacred Contributions around me as truly Divine in Nature and further, I too should contribute my best using my own God given skills instead of getting into the petty habit of criticizing these very Contributors around me!"

Confirming on what the wise man said, Sloka 7, Chapter 10 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on the distant loud speakers being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Aham sarvasya prabhavo
mattah sarvam pravartate;
Iti matwaa bhajante maam
budhaa bhaavasamanvitaah.'

'I am the source of all (in this Universe); from me (alone) everything evolves; understanding thus, the wise endowed with meditation (ever) worship me (without a single doubt)!'

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Saturday, February 20, 2016


  • Truth is the most powerful driving force in the world and sticking to Truth is the ultimate aim of every one. It's depth is infinite, we as mortals are ever limited in It's perception and the more we perceive It, the greater is the Peace and Tranquility with us and around. 
  • For this reason alone, all Sacred Books of ours forever reveal this Truth at various levels to suit to the individuals of different temperaments and different elevated levels.. This when boils down to the base level of ordinary humans comes out as a number of moral stories and incidents that happened once upon a time which educate the masses on the Right Actions in their life for peace and happiness. 
The Audio and Visual Media which can very much do this job efficiently capturing the attention of many listeners/viewers have their own importance here..

And such a communication when reaches homes of well knit relations and established peace, in the form of the TV Shows, the same sure will have much greater role in entertaining and educating the masses without a say..

In this context..
  • Entertaining is one aspect here and educating is the other and these two forever go hand in hand and can never be separated.. 
  • The minds of individuals are ever tuned to receive the Truth in life and they never say no to It but it all depends on who and with what intention conveys this and brings out such a Truth.. 
  • If a person precedes with a motive of exploiting a weakness of an individual thru' this Media and thus tries to make riches, flourish and become popular, no doubt many educated and disciplined people will not fall a prey to that game and equally the State Rules stringently control that 
  • When the same is indirectly done thru' discrete and hidden messages covering up broadly in intervals of time thru' a good message, sizable number of people may be attracted to it, calling it interesting but sure here the true quality suffers without an exception Unless
  • The same conveyance is done out of an original inherent expression wherein it becomes a master piece and the presentation becomes truly classic with the original Artistic expression as is doing its wonders around in particular and to the world at large! 
Again to say..
  • To be truly active in any field, we should feel for the cause and for that the mind should be healthy and strong. Sick and weak minds cannot do a job here. To make one’s mind strong and healthy, positive feelings have to be induced everywhere creating an atmosphere of hope, success and achievement. 
  • By depicting too much of evil or showing off violence or dehumanizing certain values of life, many ordinary personalities instantly will be surely immobilized not able to overcome their own feelings. Some may even develop disgust in these matters and may permanently keep off from the topic itself. All these people ultimately will not be useful in the movement or crusade against the evil and thus we lose a greater part of our fighting community. 
Considering well all the above points, in case I have a chance of making a TV Show, I'll definitely do that bringing out such a Show depicting Truth alone there as much as possible and thus truly become a party to the cause of promoting good and spreading love around to the max, of course with the returns on such Shows being ever limited alone!

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Friday, February 19, 2016


  • While walking on the road with family when certain alms were sought, he gave a fixed sum and sent off the person. And seeing that when one of the family members commented that the wrong was encouraged, he said with a smile, "Presently, I'm much better than that person and what I parted with will sure be useful to him for an immediate decent expression to make himself better tomorrow!"
  • When enquired on why he withdrew a certain money from his permanent savings A/c with no big expenditure in front, he smiled and said, "One of you brothers may suddenly need some money and may not have with you. I'm just keeping this with me to give you at that point of time!"
  • While conducting the mother's Ceremony, as giving an Offering had come up, he called forth one of his Assistants present there who was punished earlier by him only for indiscipline in Office and said, "I wish to give this Offering to you at this point of time. Please take this and bless me!"
  • During one of the important family functions, when the VIPs were pouring in and his brothers felt a bit hesitant to be in front of the dias, he personally got off from the dias, walked towards them and said, "Please all of you come sit in the front row and witness the function. You are my No1 VIPs for this function!"
  • When it was the time of taking care of certain important house hold items of the then joint family after the demise of the mother he said, "You rest take whatever you like and leave me the left out of approx equivalent value. I'm not particular with what you give me. But with your permission, I' wish to take these 18 Volumes of Mahabharata which our mother had kept with her all these years safely!"
  • And finally out of a firm faith as the father nominated him for some of his financial dealings, after the parents' demise, he honestly followed the right way of distribution of all of that among all his brothers without generating a single remorse feeling in any one of them! 
That was my eldest brother ever loved by one and all in his life and such a loved brother breathed his last in the year 2000. Hearing that bad news, no doubt instantly generated in me a sad and depressed feeling of a big loss of my life but the next moment itself as I remembered Sloka 40, Chapter VI of Srimad Bhagavad Gita which says, 

'Partha naiveha namutra vinsas tasya vidyate
na hi kalyana krt kascid durgatim tata gachhati'

'O Arjuna, there never exists destruction for that one (engaged in good activities) in this life nor in the next life;(And) who is engaged in virtuous acts never comes to evil (will never have a fall)!'

I instantly became calm with a satisfying feeling within that one never stops here and continues this journey eternally and it's ever my duty in the scenario to remember the message left behind by the person thru' his good deeds, follow the same to the best of my abilities and thus sail thru my life!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The young man of early 20s was full of energies in his first job.
  • “I’ll put in my best effort, contribute max and shine well in my job!” 
And the Boss was the first man to make a note of that eyeing on his capabilities for his advantage.

“I’ll recommend you for the Special Training and see that you are promoted at the earliest!” was the quick promise there.

5 yrs passed. No doubt the young man contributed the best but the promised Special Training was put off and the Promotion was given a year later.

The Boss again said, “Here are the new responsibilities for which you are In-charge now. Do a good job, your next promotion will be just in 3 years!”

The man of the then 30 just nodded his head at the back of a 25% of maturity based on the earlier experience. Soon a group of freshers were with him. 
  • “My Boss might have taken some work advantage with me but as a Group In-Charge here, I’ll not do that to my Assistants and instead I will truly support there all those who do a good work!” 
he firmed up.

Again the tempo of work picked up of course, for the next 4 yrs instead of the promised 3 with every one under him putting up their whole and soul into their portion of work.

Soon they were all rewarded reasonably and the man too with his promotion but along with an indirect caution. "You are too open with your Sub-ordinates!”

Taken a back with the extra comment, he resigned the next day itself, got another job and was posted in the new Company as Group Leader. By then the man was a 50% matured personality with few of his young Managers matured at their own levels.

The next 5 yrs period was again a hectic activity.

As usual the Management talked ‘GREAT’ but the then man of early 40s believed half of that alone as true. Life continued thus and it was again the promotional time. There, a third time in his career he was told that the coming yr would be sure for that.

By then he became almost a 75% matured man at work as well as in life and quickly understood the eternal games played by all the Bosses but firmed up within.
  • "Whatever be, I'll never stoop down myself to these levels and instead I would be fair to all my people under me playing minimum diplomacy required in the situations!" 
Soon a time came up, when he was promoted as the Departmental Head with many Group Leaders reporting to him whose level of maturity on the average prevailed at 50%.

There they too discretely tried to manage their Head for their advantage which the man had to stop in the interest of all keeping an open eye on some of their dealings with their own Sub-ordinates forever keeping a faith in himself,
  • “I‘ll manage my Bosses, my smart Managers but ever encourage the Working Community with me in the best way!” 
He was soon a 90% percent matured man and was straight away made the Divisional Head.

No doubt that ‘SACRED TASK’ continued with him but his straight forward actions were never accepted at that Level as a greater diplomacy was needed to please the Bosses and the man never cared, Truthful actions too never got off from him and thus he could truly pull up many under him for their betterment in spite of at times earning the wrath of some of his top people.

Thus ended his career, he being almost a 100% matured man both at work and in life and it was the D-DAY of his RETIREMENT.

When many of the top Bosses started pouring in the usual speeches of capabilities, achievements etc etc equally at the back of certain discrete criticism, the elderly RETIRING PEPPY GENTLEMAN politely and softly set all that praise to a side and said with a smile,
  • “At work, I followed a SINGLE KNOWN PATH alone till date which I believed as the RIGHT WAY and in that context, this day I think I need not talk much about me as the ultimate taste of pudding is ever in……....” 
And there, as his voiced suddenly got chocked with an untold emotion from within, the gentle man was instantly backed by a thunderous clapping by one and all who assembled there in hundreds to SEE OFF their 'BELOVED PEPPY BOSS’ in whom each one of them could see a 'REAL PEPPY FRIEND' too for themselves on the ‘D-DAY' of his 'EXIT!’

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The cute little boy got 4 interesting toys as gift from his grand father..

"Thank you, Grand Pa!"
he told the elderly man as they arrived home with the packets.. Soon the packets were opened and the toys were spread out on the floor.. 

The Little One's joy was unlimited.. The Mom interrupted and said, 

"Dear! Don't you like to share one of your toys with your friend...... and you both play together?"

said the boy holding firmly all of the toys with his extended hands..

"But he shared his toy with you last Sunday!" 
the Mom said..

"No..No.. I don't want to share!" the child started crying.. And the Mom kept her silence..

The Grand Pa soon intervened and said to the boy, "Yes, dear! You need not share your toys with your friend...... You only will play with them and keep them with you safely!"

"Dad! That boy feels bad if he sees these.. He takes care of our boy in many things and helps him out almost like a big brother!" the daughter said..

"Dear! Be cool for a while.. I understand your feelings.. But there's a way of teaching every thing.. And sure, forcing is never the right here!" said the the elderly man with all firmness and further continued..

  • "See! No doubt, sharing is a great quality with all of us but we should not forget that equally possession too is no less characteristic of ours.. And when there is a close conflict between sharing and possession, the individual alone is the right person to decide on that at any time and never the other person next to him/her however elevated or close that personality may be..
  • In case of the young one we, as Caretakers should well know about this and totally listen to our child first on what he feels like doing here and should whole heartedly help him out in doing that a 100%..
  • At the back of this total support and love of ours alone tomorrow as as our boy grows up, he equally learns to give back similar love to others with a feeling of full confidence and understanding and the requirement of your sharing quality will sure be met a 100% then!" 
Saying thus, the Grandpa, lifted the mood of the child declaring with a big smile,

"Dear! Take your toys and come with me.. We'll go to your Park, there you'll play with them and then we'll go to your Favorite Eatery........ where you will have........ and we come back.. Then we'll keep your toys safely in the cup-board and we'll take care of them when you sleep and when go to school.. Is that OK, dear?"

No doubt.... The boy's spirits were instantly high and equally as all that said was followed subsequently,

The boy returned home with double happiness and soon slept off with a great confidence within himself which the Grandpa could fully restore in no time!

Monday, February 15, 2016


"This is my Educational Institution. I can freely express here the way I want, study my courses and get my valuable Degree!" proclaimed the young man.
  • "No doubt its the Peppy Freedom with you but all that is yours only if you diligently follow the Rules and Regulations laid out by your Institute. Then alone the Degree is yours else there can be a brake there. And any ignorance is no excuse here!" instantly reminded the 'wise' man next to him. 
"This is my vehicle. I'll drive my vehicle at my own wish and will in the way I want and and take it wherever I want to" he thought aloud.
  • "No doubt its the Peppy Freedom with you but all that is yours only if you remember forever that the vehicle is registered and you are a licence holder as you drive thru' and you can do all that within the laid out Rules and Regulations only. And any ignorance is no excuse here!" instantly reminded the 'wise' man next to him. 
"I'm into my job.. At least I can do something here out of my own expression and bring out something useful" he asserted.
  • "No doubt that Peppy Freedom with you is yours only if you remember that the employment is governed by an Agreement you entered into at the time of joining covered by certain Rules and Regulations and all along you stick to that discipline and conduct. And any ignorance is no excuse here!" instantly reminded the 'wise' man next to him. 
"This is my own constructed house. I can do what I like with it!" he confided.
  • "No doubt that Peppy Freedom with you is yours only if you know that your house comes under certain Governing Limitations and you pay the taxes on the house. You can do the changes etc there only within the laid out Rules and Regulations. And any ignorance is no excuse here!" instantly reminded the 'wise' man next to him. 
"Hope I'm free to open my own Business Venture and prosper!" he murmured aloud.
  • "No doubt that Peppy Freedom with you is yours only if you understand that a Free Enterprise is broadly covered by the Rules and Regulations of the State. Within that alone, you are permitted to venture, produce and make profits.. And any ignorance is no excuse here!" instantly reminded the 'wise' man next to him.
"This's my Family and it's my total freedom here. Can I at least express myself the way I like here?" he asked firmly.
  • "No doubt that Peppy Freedom with you is yours only if you work in the interest and welfare of the Family Members and take care of those under your care a hundred percent. Not a bit lesser is allowed here. And any ignorance is no excuse here!" instantly reminded the 'wise' man next to him. 
"I'm on my Outing. At least, I can freely move all around and do what I wish." he burst out finally..
  • "No doubt that Peppy Freedom with you is yours only as long as you know fully well that your freedom ends where my nose begins. And any ignorance is no excuse here!" instantly reminded the 'very' man next to him. 
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Sunday, February 14, 2016


Rationality may be the true scientific temper with us and it should ever prevail in us thru' questioning around with the God's Gifted Tools Viz, Why, When, Where, What, Who, Which and How but for me that appears not the end, as something more too is in store for a Human Being to experience and thus live thru' his/her life..

A great joke heard in the beginning of Computer Era with the credit of the joke going 100% to the owner of the joke that when the computer was asked a question giving out a decision on which clock is more useful to man.. 

  • The one that loses few secs in a day but corrected and keyed in daily or a clock which had totally stopped? 
Pat came the answer from the cyber machine, 
  • 'The one that had stopped!'
With the reason given by the computer that 
  • The clock that loses few secs daily, never shows right time at any point of time in a day but that one which stopped shows at least twice the exact time!
Thus seen, myself leading a life purely with a 100% rational behavior seems limiting my growth in my life where in I may indirectly have a satisfaction that I could get answers for every thing but that never streamlines and satisfies an ever existing craving with me for Peace and Happiness to whatever depth I may be bent upon to probe the matters around..

Here alone, I need to be in touch with the emotional part of mine too in addition.. And this emotional part of me is to be tuned in the right direction ultimately for my own good and for the good of the world too in general..

This emotion when expressed in the direction my own satisfaction within becomes nothing but the true music in my life.. This emotion can never be a bunch of pure prose words where the Grammar Rules are more checked for their correctness but goes beyond and often comes out as an unknown impulse from within expressing joyously in the known language overruling those very Grammar Rules here and there simultaneously getting into the concept of tones and tunes with an extended feeling from within..

This emotion can be anything varying from..

  • A Parent's love towards his/her Child..
  • A Brother's/sister’s love towards his/her Sibling..
  • A Spouse’s love towards the Partner..
  • A Lover's love towards the Lover..
  • A Friend’s love towards his/her Friend etc..
Rising further to the fields like..
  • An Artist's love towards Nature..
  • A Soldier's love towards Motherland..
  • A Great Man's love towards Fellow Beings etc..
Finally culminating towards..
  • An Ardent Devotee's Love towards God!
And such a love is ever Unique and Original in life, can forever be expressed thru' Poetical and Musical Extensions alone totally forgetting the rational approach attitude there thus getting into a field ultimately wherein I identify my own Existence with the Nature around and express myself in full!

Wish you all Blogger Friends and FB Friends a Happy Valentine's Day!

The Post is written in line with Indispire Prompt #MusicBringsLife

Saturday, February 13, 2016


A popular man was being interviewed.. 

“Sir! Can you please explain how you've become popular in your field?” 
the interviewers asked..

"That’s a big story by itself!” said 
the well established man with a big smile.. 

“Can you be a little more clear?” 
the interviewers asked.. 

“See! It's like this.. As you move up the ladder, there are always forces around you that try to bring you down eternally.. And you've to continuously fight these forces making their impact felt lesser and lesser on you as you progress in your area..”

“OK! Can we know how your failure rate had come down as you progressed in your area?” 

“It was quite high initially.. As I systematically worked in those times, it started coming down and that way my success soon took over my failures and my growth was steadily up..” 

“We hear that there's no other man equivalent to you in your area.. It means that you bravely fought all your failures to the end and became almost one hundred percent popular.. That way, you are really great!” 
they echoed..

“Please don't praise me that much.. I should admit that I've my own weaknesses too in this direction..” 

The interviewers did not understand what he meant.. The man smiled and said, 

“Dear all! I agree that to gain certain popularity in my area initially, I worked hard and faced the toughness of life taking up bravely all my failures in that context with a positive outlook.. But above that level, the failures started having lesser and lesser impact on my growth.. That way seen, my continuous success soon took over without a look back!” 

“How did it happen?” 

“When failures did take place in the later part of my growth in the field I, by then had gained enough popularity and power to modify my those failures myself, partly redefine my success definition itself and steer my own progress.. That way as the success percentage increased, this task had become more and more easier and the real impact of my failures started coming down drastically.. That’s how I'm one hundred percent popular today with the failure ever afraid to visit me even once!” 

The interviewers were truly stunned with the revelations made.. They took leave from the man and while departing, one of them said, 

“Sir! The last doubt..”

“What's that?” 

“You've told us the actual facts behind your success.. Are you not worried that we may leak out this info outside at any point of time?”

“Not at all!” 
said the popular man in the field with a confident smile..

"Why, Sir?" 

“This had happened many times earlier too but that could do nothing to me.. Whatever you may talk and whichever way you may impress at your level, no one believes your story beyond as the impact of my present popularity in my field negates all that within seconds and equally none around too can rise more than my level.. That way seen today, I continue to enjoy my status eternally without a single hurdle!"

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Friday, February 12, 2016


That day morning when I entered my neighborhood Food Stores, as usual the familiar face greeted me with her simple smile..

I know the girl working there for many days and she equally knows me too.. Almost daily I go there for purchase of few of my grocery requirements and she invariably greets me without fail.. 

Subsequently, as I pick up my stuff she welcomes me to her Counter for billing, quickly bills the items by scanning, packs them in the carry bag, takes my card, goes to the Main Counter for swiping, comes back to me for input of the PIN, much faster takes out my copy of payment done and the Bill and handovers the bag with a never failing smile on her ever cheerful face saying,

'Thank you Sir..Bye!'

Never I saw her missing her routine and evidently I almost daily go to her counter alone for my billing!

When I had gone at different times on few days for my additional needs, those times I found her either arranging the groceries neatly and orderly in the racks or sitting and eating a few snacks as lunch that she could bring from home out of her small salary but never on a single occasion she failed to greet me with her beautiful smile..

Such a smart, young, thin and teenage girl ever ready to welcome the customer, on that day too greeted me when I was on the usual errand of my morning purchases and quickly became busy with my billing work..

As she finished doing that, loading the items in my bag and about smile and say bye to me, a young one ran towards her calling her aloud saying, "Mummy!"

I got stunned for a while, could not believe myself for a while as I never thought the girl in front of me could be a young mother of 4 yrs kid whom she brought to her spot on that day and which fact she subsequently confirmed to me thru' another smile..

I instantly complimented the newly discovered mother in front of me who all these days appeared to me just an young girl in her teens for her graceful appearance and told her to answer for a while what her little daughter wanted to tell as I could pack my items into my bag.. Subsequently, I collected my receipt, bid bye to both the young Mom and her cute child and as I was walking out of the Stores suddenly, a strange feeling took over me for a while..

Yes! The Almighty never lets down any one who sincerely surrenders to His Ever Existing Order in Nature..

Here, the young Mom whom I met a few minutes back is able to maintain her good health and smart personality with her limited resources all along as she totally got into a discipline of 
  • doing hard physical work,
  • Eating the simple and limited and
  • feeling happy and contented.. 
In her day to day life, leaving the rest totally to His Own Plans kept in store for her in her up-coming life!