Monday, May 30, 2016


A grown up son used to say, 

“Dad! Tell me what this means, rest I'll take care. I don’t have time now to listen to what all you say. I've so many issues in front which have to be addressed on war footing. I just want you to help me on few points where I truly need your help. Rest I can do and you can relax!”

The father used to tell a little more in detail so that the son would understand something extra and in the process would not commit serious mistakes
But the young man was impatient, 

"See, Dad! Am confident that I can do this. You are too much worried. I too know something and am sure that's enough to go thru' this situation.. Don't worry!”

And the conflict was going on thus for quite sometime and the father was worried.. 

One day, a well-wisher and a close friend to the family had come to see the father and during the discussions the father spoke of his worry. The well-wisher having understood the context, decided to advice the son. Accordingly, on another occasion he called on him and after a few enquiries straight away said, 

“Dear! I understand that you are pressurized in your activities. But, still you should never bring pressure on your father but allow him tell the way he wants to tell you when you ask him on certain issues. There's always good for you in that!"

The son quickly said, 

“Sir! I agree to that. But he is unnecessarily worried. Nothing will happen so easily and I don’t have so much time to listen to him.”

The well-wisher smiled and said, 

 “See, dear! When you visit a home as guest and if you are in urgency, will you tell your host, 

'Show me the kitchen. I'll quickly pick up what I want and finish my eating. I don’t have time to sit at the table and slowly and traditionally eat all the stuff chitchatting in between?' 

You won't!  Because that would be a rude and insensitive behavior on your behalf and if it's really a problem with your time, in the first instance itself you will not visit them!

In a scenario like this too, you can't straight away expect your father not to tell what he wants to but only what you have asked. The right way here is that you would listen to him the way he narrates and take the best of it. There may be some 'dead stops' in your action which he can foresee with his own experience of the life he lived through all these years. Bypassing all this, expecting him to answer exactly on what you want is too crude and insensitive behavior on your behalf!

In case you really don’t have time, why to ask him at all? If you feel really strong by yourself, why can't you do the whole job by yourself taking all the risk? Then your father 
won't be knowing that and your time is truly saved. What’s the problem here? See! You don't want to do that way because you really need his help!”

The son was speechless!

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Sunday, May 29, 2016


  • As the mobile alarm went off wildly that Monday morning, my hand too went over with same tempo to switch it off that threw the piece off from the desk making me get up from my bed instantly.. 
  • Totally cursing within as I brought order around and readied myself to move to my office with so much lazy feeling usually never felt on the other days, the phone rang up invariably with the Boss at other end asking the ever known question.. "Where're you?" 
  • With a loud murmur as I dashed thru' traffic, reached my Office and was about to seat myself, I don't know from where the Superman had seen me, instantly the call on the intercom was, "Come to my Cabin!"
  • With a broad smile and unable to pretend beyond as I wished him and was about take a seat, he looked at me and said, "There's a meeting with our Client at 10 AM.. I'm unable to attend as I've my meeting with GM. Go there, take the feed back and report to me" himself fuming within at the back of his own Boss driving him mad after a cool Sunday which went on so smoothly wherein he was totally a one time Hero..
  • With a 100% obedience seen outward alone, I moved to the Client's Office reaching the place in time knowing fully well what a nasty comment would go to GM if not done so and pretended to be doubly cheerful in front of the prominent man of my work life..
  • Equally driven mad by his Boss on that Monday morning after 2 holidays including Saturday, the Client soon got into heated discussions with another Powerful Group and by bad luck, the meeting ended in a tug of war between them wherein I indirectly became a mute witness..
  • Quite tensed up, on return as I wanted to brief my Boss on the outcome of the meeting, I got a stunning instruction from his Secretary that I should resolve the latest issue myself as the Boss was not interested to become a party to that conflict..
  • I felt very bad, instantly got dejected that ultimately I alone had become a testimony for the coming up of war, felt like going home immediately and accordingly left my Office..
  • At 5 PM sharp there was a call from the Big man, “How can you go away early without informing me? I'm not happy.. Am sending my vehicle your home to pick you up.. I want to discuss with you on today's meeting with GM.. OK?"
Hearing that, as I totally lost my cool and felt miserable having passed thru' such a worst Monday in my life, a Soothing Vibrant Message was instantly felt within my heart taking out all of my blues at one stroke..
  • "You just passed thru' this day too like any other fully paid working day as your Company can truly earn and pay your salary only thru' your honest and diligent contributions with full heart without giving place to an iota of laxity quoting reasons of hangover of Sunday holiday.. Cheer up now a 100% and be ready to face tomorrow's war!"
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Saturday, May 28, 2016


This week's Indispire Prompt Viz., Character(s) from movie(s) or movie(s) that have impressed or influenced you. #Movies made me think of a small story before I say something on the specific topic. The story goes thus..

An Emperor decided to build a Classic Palace in his Empire. He felt that life of an Emperor would not be worth without doing such a special task. Soon the great work was in full swing with the total participation of the Emperor in all crucial decisions where the men working there truly participated for the Specific Cause where in

  • Many designs were studied; a few selected as the best, further discussed and finalized on one of the rarest.. 
  • The materials from different corners of the world hitherto no one procured were thought of, the same ordered and got shipped with extra care.. 
  • The processes were evaluated in real time, the total Engineering skills were put into them and every step was followed to the root level.. 
  • In respect of the construction ordeals and the specific experiences of the passion expressed, the team were a category to themselves and the Emperor thought of unveiling those memories in the form of a Special Book on the Inauguration Day! 

At the back of all those, finally stood the Classic Construction Piece readied in time as planned. No doubt, the Emperor had such a Great Passion in his life!

The moment inauguration plans were heard, A few people in close circles of the Emperor started suggesting him on how to decorate the beautiful Palace to make it look as the Ultimate Piece of Gold. There alone, the Emperor believed beyond and when he just said 'Yes', a hundred and one specialists were at his doorstep to complete the decoration activity.

Praising the Emperor in bringing out such a rare Piece of Art, the so called specialists instantly started discussions and deliberations with the Court Officials without too much of the Emperor's involvement fixing the time frames, how much to spend, when and where etc, etc on the so called decoration activity.

In the midst of those hectic activities on a day, a Great Artist visited the Emperor and was shown the new Palace. The Artist from a distance had a single look at the Palace and simply said,
  • “Oh, Emperor! The Palace by itself stands here as a Unique Piece of Decoration to the surroundings complete by itself. What other more decorations are needed here for it to appear better?”
The Emperor had no answer for the Artist's comment. The Great Man continued,
  • “Your Majesty! The Artistic Quality in you had truly brought out the Original Expression to the Palace. Vested interests around you are now making a hay out of this Originality and as an Emperor, you are allowing that without saying a firm 'NO'.. Don't you want to do justice to the Original Art?”
The Emperor instantly realized the biggest mistake he was doing by being a passive on-looker in the situation and immediately issued stop orders on the decoration work simultaneously dedicating the Palace to the people of his Empire!

The story may go thus but the moral of the story says.. 
  • 'Art forever is a 'Single Piece of Expression unedited'.. Dividing the same is just impossible and attaching bits and pieces to it too is equally a mirage!'
Such Art studded Movies no doubt are/were with us and each of one of such movies is a Classic Piece by itself thru' the expression of the prime Artistic Quality of the Artists involved together in the process all the inhibitions and constraints taken out at one stroke!

Where such Original Qualities of all those great Artists together were expressed in the form of a one Unique Stage Performance, a single Master Piece Movie was out and such Movies in time truly influenced our society, it's people and the related cultural aspects in the past as well as doing in the present..

I sincerely believe that all such Great Movies coming under a single category where in the original Art is brought out as is as much as possible are truly the Movies that influenced me in the past and the names of all those Movies may not be needed here as every one around sure would be knowing about those at one point of time or the other in their life like Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje, Do Ankhen Barah Haath, Navrang, The Ten Commandments, Mecanna's Gold, The Sound of Music etc.. a few to quote.

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Friday, May 27, 2016


A young man with a major difficulty when looked for sympathy it instantly poured out in abundance 
With the problem remaining intact as is! 

When he looked for advice from the wise, no doubt it came out limited but crisp thus.. 

“Instead of craving for peanuts of sympathy, start acting and stop from now on wards indiscriminately 

Committing on any major decisions, 
Handing over the greater responsibilities to any one, 
Promising any one beyond and 
Giving away your rights to any one at a 'Click!' 

as the present unsettled mind of yours is ready to do so out of vexation if let go which actions in no time throw you into 
'Razing fire' 
from the present 
'Relatively cool hot pan'.. 

If done so, such a 
'Rise of yours' 
alone will sure guide you further on 
'The Right'.. 

Wish you all the best in this 
'New Venture’ 
That God Bestowed on you with all His Grace!"

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Monday, May 23, 2016


is just a small part of this Sacred Activity called Meditation in me..

As in other times, these thoughts alone without an exception forcibly get their work done through my words and deeds before I realize what had happened. And this game or ploy goes on and on indefinitely in me even though I may be feeling all along that I'm doing my best in the given situation..

Of course, there's no problem if these thoughts are limited around and are on the lines of Truth in Nature. But for an ordinary man like me with the normal understanding of life it's surely a Herculean Task to check them as they basically originate from the primitive concept in me that 'The self is all!'

But I'm not all that helpless here and can still bridle the unwanted thoughts with me in a fine way. If we imagine these stream of thoughts likened to a ferocious tiger moving in our surroundings.. No problem.. We can do a similar job as initially man had done to ensure safety in our surroundings with the tiger by our side..

  • Here the man initially studied every quality of the 'King of the Forest' himself physically keeping away from the proximity of the animal thru' metal barriers and thus ultimately became indirectly the Master of the animal allowing the quality 'Majesty' as is but gently controlling the damaging part of His 'Ferociousness' in the nearby areas for the ultimate good and safety of the surroundings! 
Thus, I too should initially start watching the tiger like my mind through a protected enclosure which is ultimately nothing but myself straightaway embracing a disciplined life and with such a care as I start watching this tiger like my mind, I can distinctly see 2 qualities of me there in Viz.,
  • Like the tiger's Majestic expression, a Heroic quality in me ready to help the people around and 
  • Like the tiger's ruthless attitude of attacking and harming, the parallel hidden attitude of mine ready to overrule/suppress the same people.. 
Here, the 1st quality of mine is to be freely allowed all the time with the 2nd one kept well under constant check.. If done this way, my mind soon becomes highly dynamic by
  • Retaining the original Heroic qualities of man simultaneously 
  • Discarding the associated ruthless and overruling attitudes 
and maintains a true balance in me.. And the constant attention needed from my side to retain this ultimate balance alone is the 'True Meditation' in my life!

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Sunday, May 22, 2016


It was the greatest Magic Show organised where in the famous magician initially started show playing few tricks making the audience laugh aloud for a while..

Soon, the audience were thrilled beyond when the famous old tricks hitherto read and heard earlier were performed in front of them 1:1..

And in further no time the tempo picked up beyond when the magician group started their show in full swing with certain new tricks never heard till then..

Next to that were some more tricks involving the audience where in not the stage the active area but the the audience place as they congregated around in numbers to participate with a heartfelt feeling..

Finally, the last piece of the show became truly classic with the audience getting mesmerized beyond when the magician on stage holding the right hand up and palm facing forward signaled his assistants and the audience do the same and move palms
slowly/rhythmically forward/back/right/left 
along with him all saying together....
(Leave this to Readers to guess)!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


  • The Great Saint during His Penance when experienced weakness thru' starvation stopped His Meditation for a while and accepted milk/some food to restore His energies instantly.. Subsequently alone He continued His Meditation and attained Enlightenment through which ultimately the entire World had got immensely benefited! 
  • The Great Man when cornered by a mob initially took shelter in a Police Station and subsequently with the help of Police escaped from there in front of the mob in the guise of a policeman. The same Great Personality after a few years said in all affirmation that should a similar situation come up in His life again, He would face all that threat and in the process may end Himself if needed rather than escape there in disguise! 
  • When the greedy man at the fag end of his life expressed the idea of carrying his own accumulated gold, silver and cash along with him the Wise Man next to him smiled and remarked, "No use, Dear! The metals melt and the papers burn!” 
These are the real instances in the lives of the Great Men of the Earth and their related actions in the 3 instances stated above clearly indicating that we have a body with us that has to be properly taken care and we have a mind which has to be satisfied and reasonably relaxed in our lives with the immediate peace restored..

And this immediate peace is required in our life to do anything concrete on the earth as otherwise the whole purpose of our living itself becomes meaningless at our own level..

The same applies to our children too in respect their peace and happiness in their coming up life and for that the 3 most important Values of life that support a sound and lighter mind and a safe and healthy body have to be taught to them from their childhood Viz.,
  • The discipline of following healthy habits and learning and acquiring a specific skill and subsequently getting into work making use of that skill to secure certain basic well being in their life.. 
  • The discipline of respecting the cultural values of the society around ever abiding to the good part of it to secure certain basic physical safety in their life.. 
  • The discipline of caring for and giving to the needy around thus making them less self oriented to secure certain basic mental peace and satisfaction in their life.. 
I'm sure once these 3 basic Values of life are imparted to our children from the beginning, the right job is done on the behalf of the parents as that well balanced life alone ultimately leads one to truly find out the purpose of one's life on this earth!

(The Post is written in line with IndiSpire Prompt #Values)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016



"Dear! Here is a surprise gift (Really a surprise) for you which I purchased when I was on my tour last month. I specially went round the place (more interested in getting the right gift) and selected this special one (a good useful item) I know how much you like it! (my heart alone says that..) It's here! (I'm the happiest!)"

"Oh! Dear! Thank you very much for your love and care. It's really a priceless gift!" (Even though it has a cost within the Giver's limits.)

"Come, I arranged a small Lunch for you!" (Truly a good Lunch comprising of the other man's choicest dishes specially prepared!)

"Oh.. Thank you! It's a marvelous and lavish Lunch!" (Cost wise not much and items were not many..)

"I can never forget you and our association. Keep in touch!" (Even though each would be fully busy with their own schedules..)

"Oh! I am a small man in your life.." (The man was one of the countable persons on his friend's list..)


"Dear! Here is a surprise gift (Already known) for you which I purchased when I was on my tour last month. I specially went round the place (stressing more on his visit to the place) and selected this special one (a sale item kept in a corner) I know how much you like it! (Actually I'm not bothered) It's here! (I want to close this issue as quickly as possible.)"

"Oh! Dear! Thank you very much for your love and care. It's really a priceless gift!" (You could have found a better one..)

"Come, I arranged a small Lunch for you!" (Nothing great..)

"Oh.. Thank you! It's a marvelous and lavish Lunch!" (such a dry and tasteless stuff..)

"I can never forget you and our association. Keep in touch!" (Thank God.. I'm getting off here!)

"Oh! I am a small man in your life.." (Of course, finally that's the 1:1 reality spoken as is!)

Monday, May 16, 2016


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Saturday, May 14, 2016


When his services were sought after an earlier plumber spoiled the connections to the washing machine, the man arrived on the scene, set right everything, successfully connected the washing machine to overhead tank and made it 100% functional.. While leaving, when thanked for the good job done, the dedicated plumber smiled and said, 
  • "I can't show any less attention to my job.. I promise for the next 10 yrs not a drop of water would leak from these connections!"
No need to say that the services of the same plumber soon were hired for a new Apartment Complex that came up in the neighborhood and he joined there. The Estate Manager was finally happy that he had with him the best plumber for an average pay and perks to resolve all the intricate problems of water supply to the flats..

Soon the best plumber of the town was into his job with all dedication and there too in no time came up a situation when heavy sand blocks developed in few of the water pipes of the 12 storied Apartment Complex bringing down the force of water supply to the Residents in their homes.

  • That day as usual the plumber opened the door on ground to the column of space thru' which all the water pipes were laid out and carefully climbed to the 5th floor level holding on to a few metallic steps all along asking his Assistant to stay on ground itself with his belongings. Sitting there, he opened up the blocked pipes, slowly and physically cleared them of all sand and after a tedious work of an hr and half finally brought them to a fit condition for reuse.
  • Having thus finished his work with all success above, he straight away headed down to the underground where the water main pipes were running and soon got lost himself replacing a few of the older pipes there..
  • In the process, a powerful jet of water let lose for a minute drenched him fully but he never deterred from that and in that wet condition alone finished all the connections and finally opened up the in-let connection to mains the next moment making all the flat Residents smile heart felt as the water started gushing thru' their pipes with great force and he too with a broad smile emerged out victorious at the end of a tedious 2 and half hrs physical work in total with water profusely dripping all over his body!
The Estate Manager who all along kept his fingers crossed on how to answer the angry calls of residents was totally relieved as his plumber finally emerged from the sump area victorious with thumbs up!

He quickly patted him on his back saying.. 
  • "Well done, my boy.. Now take this money, go and have your favorite tea along with your Assistant in our Tea Shop and soon come back!"
and thus greedily offered peanuts for the extraordinary skills exhibited by the dedicated plumber!

Exactly at that point of time alone when everything finished smooth, the plumber's mobile phone gone out loud..'Tring, Tring!'

  • "Who else is having the water problem now? We had set right the entire system for the complex.. Any how, take the call.." 
instantly said the Estate Manager a little fed up with the earlier calls of the day..
  • "It's not from our Resident!" 
said the plumber in a softer tone.. 
  • "The call is from the Company I applied for the Post of 'Water Works Supervisor.' They say that I'm thru' their Interview and got selected.. They are eager to know when I can get relieved from the present job and join them the earliest!"

(The story is in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Just when everything started looking fine, the phone rings.. [Build a story] #TringTring)

Friday, May 13, 2016


As a Learner he was in the driver’s seat of his prestigious brand new car for the first time and the experienced driver was next to him with his own piece of advice.. 

“Your car is fully automated. You should handle its operations as smooth as possible!”

  • “Yes! Please  advise me on every mistake I do. Presently, I'm totally depending on you.. In fact, you alone are driving now indirectly!”
were his instant words of surrender at that point of time..

Soon on a day, he was on road by himself as a Permanent License Holder with the friend by his side. Suddenly the engine stopped on a up-hill slope. A few trials were made but it was impossible to pull out the vehicle.

  • “Please help me out. The up-coming route has few more slopes like this. I don't want to be held up in traffic” 
were his instant words of lack of confidence at that point of time..

There was a day, he was dropping a garage driver home.. 
The car had to pass through a narrow road with thick traffic around..

  • “Do help me in this stretch. I ‘ll take the wider road when I return..” 
were his instant words of request at that point of time..

The vehicle had to be parked on to the side of the road and the traffic on the road was too dense. 

  • "Sir! please get down.  I‘ll park the car for you!” 

were the instant words of the savoir parking boy at that point of time.

The car had a small breakdown in a certain Parking Area. The '24hr Help' was sought. The ‘Help’ arrived, rectified the problem and he was told that he could drive back home.

  • “Oh! Again, if it stops on the road, I’ll have a hell of a problem. I don’t believe that it will not happen again. Please drive me back home for today!”
were the instant words of fear of failure at that point of time..

Soon many, many years rolled by..

'Go for valet parking.. They take off the burden of finding the parking spot, parking the vehicle, walking from there and all that trouble. More over, it's free.. And I feel you should employ a full time driver to drive our car and relax!” 

were the instant words of advice from spouse at that point of time at a Shopping Mall..

  • “No! I may drive limited and may drive with more care because of my age but I don’t allow someone to take away driving from me. These young boys don’t know how to handle my vehicle and try to learn out of it as well as use it in a wrong way. Let me do all myself. Further having driven all these years, I ultimately know my car and none else would be knowing this vehicle better than me.. I like driving my car, I'm proud of driving it and I continue to do till mine or my vehicle's eligibility to go on road ceases!” 
were his the instant words of the ultimate built-in confidence at that point of time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


On a pleasant day..
  • “Hi Mahesh! I need a helping hand. Can you just look into this and give me a feed back?” 
  • “Sir! I already have the imp task of.... assigned to me by you alone. I can only be supportive for a short time for your problem.. Can I know that?"
  • “Thank you dear! You have to spend just only an hr here………” 
  • "OK, Sir.. I'll get back to you by afternoon!"
The next day..

  • “Mr Mahesh! One more small help..” 
  • "Sir! I supported my best here. Further I doubt I can do anything extra.. I'm sorry!”  
  • “Dear! Am your Boss and you are forgetting that.. Is everything OK?" 
  • “Sir, I agree to that but this moment am sitting tight with OT to complete all this imp work.. Really I can't do beyond!"
The third day..
  • “Hi! Suresh! I need a helping hand. Can you just look into this and give me a feed back?” 
  • "Sir! My main work is pending and...... OK, tell me what to do.." 
  • “Thank you dear! You have to spend just an hr here………” 
  • “Done! I’ll give my feed back by afternoon!” 
A week later..
  • “Mr Suresh! One more small help..” 
  • “Sir! Already my main work has got delayed.. OK.. Leave it.. I'll get this by tomorrow evening!” 
One month later..
  • “Hi! Suresh! One moment...” 
  • “Sir! am sorry.. Right now, I got to be on my Job and....” 
  • “Dear! Am your Boss and you are forgetting that.. Is everything OK?" 
  • "Sir...."
  • "Please don't get into argument.. Go and find out…. I want to know….. “ 
A few months later..
  • “Mr Suresh! Where were you all this time? Your Main Work has not progressed much and…..” 
  • “Sir! I was doing your other work till this time and now only I'm free to take up my regular task...” 
  • “Dear! Giving reasons to Boss? Don’t say that time was not there. You had 24 hrs daily in front all these days.. You could have straight away planned completion of both the Tasks.. This year’s Promotions are due and I got to fill your Appraisal now with such a mess in front.. I don't know what to write.. Try doing something concrete dear!” 
  • "?????" 
The next day, heard from the Chambers of the same Boss in low tone..
  • “Hello Mahesh.. Thank you very much, dear! You've just done the job in time and our Client is happy.. He personally told me this yesterday.. Really good planning and dedication.. Am straight away recommending for your Promotion this year.......” 
  • "Thank you, Sir!"

Monday, May 9, 2016


    "Stay near to the class room when your brother is inside and bring him back in 2 hrs requesting the Teacher. That would be enough for him on the first day!"

    were the words she told my elder brother who accompanied me on my first day Schooling, 1:1 knowing my helpless state in that situation.

    “Dear! Whenever you are afraid of bad dreams coming to you, repeat the following Sloka of Strength..

    'Ramaskandham hanumantham vainateyam vrkodaram
    shayane yah smarennithyam duh swapnam thasya nasyathi'

    When you thus remember Lord Hanuman, Garuda and Bheema before going to sleep who are forever the Mighty, Strong and Powerful by our side, bad dreams can never occur to you and you will sleep well!” 

    was the firm assurance she planted in me at 9 when certain unknown fears were haunting me all along..

    “Dear! Our Epic Story says that the Devas’ King Indra, the Lord of Rain God as he travels in the Sky in his Chariot, the constant rubbing with the clouds produces the lightening and thunders. So if you 
    praise Prince Arjuna Indra's son, Indra is pleased with you and instructs the Rain God to go soft without making such a blinding lightening and loud thunders. Say..

    Arjunah Palghunah Paarthah Kireethih Swethavahanah
    Bheebhastuh Vijayah Krishnah Savyasaachih Dhananjayah!

    you are safe and lightening and thunders can do nothing to you!”

    was another firm assurance she planted in me at 12 when my fears of lightening and thunders were ruling me and she had to leave me alone to travel to native place..

    "Dear! We will do all this work ourselves independently and rise to the occasion!"

    were the words of confidence she implanted in me at 16 on an occasion of relocating home to another town when my father could not accompany us..

    'My mother's confident good advice with a list of dos and don'ts in the new place 2000 km away and with home made Pickles and Recipes by my side' 

    made me feel my first time Hostel life at 22 almost like another Home!

    And thus having left me on my own with subsequent job and family responsibilities in due course, my mother eternally too left me in the year 1985 when she breathed her last!

    Thus seen in total...

    • I was the weakest at that point of time but never felt so..
    • My knowing and emotionally identifying was totally the work of hers the beginning of which is never known to me even today..
    • I was fully into the interacting activity from the day one as my mom with me started responding instantly there the beginning of which is simply unknown to me for a life time..
    • I speak fluently this day in that one language of my mother and truly speaking I don't know how I picked it up..
    • Call it singly, 'growing up' may be just a 9 lettered word but go by the substance part of it, it's a vast learning imparted to me by my mother from scratch to almost 22-25 yrs who all those years never left a single stone unturned in the process!
    Mom, I have truly stood as the right man in this world eternally ready to do good around at the back of world praising you indirectly every time I did a good act and thus truly honoring you for the noblest job done by you.. 

    And Mom I promise.. This would sure continue for the rest of my life having you made me totally an up-right man in my life out of almost nothing in the beginning!

    (This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda).

    Sunday, May 8, 2016


    It was the Saturday cool Evening hrs. The family visited a cafe for a bite.

    As they were waiting for their Order, the Little One of the family started tossing with the blue balloon he brought with him but suddenly left the light gas filled one which in no time flew away into the sky.

    The boy was in total tears.

    The grandpa immediately consoled the child saying, “Don't cry.. I’ll get you now itself another big dark blue balloon!", went to the nearest stores, brought a bigger sized one such balloon for the boy.. He gave it to the boy saying smilingly, “Dear! This one has a large clip at the bottom and will never fly away. You Play now!”

    No sooner had he said that than a gust of wind of came up, the weight attached to the balloon became nothing in front of the wind force and the next moment the most loved dark blue balloon too flew off into air moving far away but still seen at distance.

    That was the limit.. The child made a loud cry.. “No.. No.. No.. My balloon!"

    The family was speechless for a while, but the mom seeing all that instantly swung into action saying firmly to her child, “Dear! Don’t cry. I am going to get it for you!”,

    • She steadily ran, carefully crossed and went to the other side of the road and by that time a kind elderly lady nearer to the baloon firmly caught hold of it, waited for the young lady coming from a distance, handed over the same to her saying, "Please take it back to your kid. I know how much kids love balloons!" 
    • The mom thanked her, catching the balloon in her hand crossed the road and came back to the child and gave it to him saying, "Have it dear! I brought it for you. It’s with you now!” 
    One of the family members instantly tied a heavy weight to the balloon and kept it steady but simultaneously scolded the lady, “Where's the need for you to run like that? We could have bought another balloon for him!”

    The elderly grand father interrupted the member, patted the daughter with affection and said,

    • "Our boy was already sad in losing the 1st balloon and losing the 2nd really made him desperate. But truly speaking as we really don't have the ultimate control on such happenings in life except taking proper care, controlling the damage and working for recovery, here too, his mom had done exactly that totally with an unexplained emotion for her boy, restored his confidence and finally made him happy.. 
    • Of course in this case, it so happened that the lady could get back the balloon for her boy but I'm sure had she missed that one too, the child would have been 100% satisfied unconsciously within with what his mom had done for him out of so much love!" 
    That’s the Power of Mother’s Love in Nature and having grown at the back of such Sacred Love alone, we are all today the fully grown men and women around ever keen to do our 'BEST' to the world at large in return!


    Saturday, May 7, 2016


    The young man of 20s totally new to the place located miles away from his place was traveling back by train that night after finishing the purpose of his visit to there. 

    Never he expected the night to be very cold. The train was packed with passengers, most of them being local villagers comprising of small farmers / laborers. When the train started, the compartment was quite warm with all windows down. As the journey continued, the chillness of the night slowly increased. Past mid night it became really chill and the young man's usual sweaters from his place were of no use to withstand those low temps. He was totally new to that extreme cold experience and thought he was gone!

    The old farmer sitting next to him quickly noticed the young man's suffering and helplessness beyond. He immediately opened out his huge thick blanket over to the young man signaling him to come inside. And without a second thought, the youngster quickly got in and fully made use of that. Thank God.. He was fully protected for the rest of the night!

    Morning as he was getting down the train, the young man thanked the elderly man and the man reciprocated that with a broad smile!

    After a few days, the young man happened to travel to another place in connection with an important work.. After completion of the job, he was returning in the night train with many people around him.. 

    In no time, he had gone into sleep as he was fully tired with the hectic work of past few days. Suddenly as he got up from his sleep, it was early morning hrs with light seen outside. And as he slowly became aware of his surroundings, he found himself sleeping with his head resting on the lap of an elderly man who seemed never moved in the night else the youngster would have got up with that movement.

    While getting down, as the young man looked at him thankfully, the gentleman smiled at him in return and waved bye to him!

    Thru' this Post I decided to write for this week's IndiSpire Prompt Viz., 

    Choose a country you don't know much about. Now read up/ research about it. And tell us something interesting about it. Can be anything - history, politics, music or whatever tickles your fancy. #DiscoverACountry.

    about my country alone, as the 2 incidents mentioned here are nothing but the actual experiences of mine in 70s when I was returning to South after my Interview for PG admission at IIT Kanpur and when I traveled back home from Trichy after my job interview..

    The reason is.. 

    • I sincerely believe that even to this day I really don't know much about this vast country and the unique culture of it's people and this would surely be experienced as is when I start having active and heartfelt interactions with my countrymen traveling far and wide..
    • In this context, I should ever remember that when I proceed with a written off feeling that there's not much to talk about my own country, it's ever the one sided opinion in me that people forever are the same everywhere and there's nothing more I can learn here..
    • But when I'm off from such a pre-conceived idea, it sure opens up a new channel of understanding my people from a different angle which hitherto was not known to me even though I lived the best part of my life here making use of the services of these men and women next to me.. Thus seen, it instantly strikes me..

    What a cheerfulness these personalities had really exhibited as they involved in such chivalrous actions mentioned above, be it from the Northern Ganges Plains down Deccan Plateau to South all along carrying a Unique Attitude with them Viz., 'The Title of the Post!'

    Thursday, May 5, 2016



    The boy/young man of 19 seeing his dad a little more authoritative remarked to a well wisher that his closest friend would be caring better for him than his dad. The well-wisher straightaway asked the boy, “If so, why aren't you living with your friend?”

    The boy/young man got hurt beyond, instantly packed a few of his items and left to the friend’s place. The father was worried but the well-wisher was firm. On the 3rd day, there was a call from the boy/young man saying, "I'm with my friend!” The well-wisher replied with a smile, “Don’t worry! We're coming to pick you up!” And the reply was just silence alone!


    The boy grew up to a man early thirties. He was once transferred to a distant place and there a colleague of him repeatedly was inviting him home. Feeling for his friend, the man one Sunday traveled 2 hrs to the friend's place and as he pressed the calling bell, the colleague opened the door and seeing his friend instantly remarked, “Oh! You came all the way so much distance to see us? Really surprising.. Come in!”

    Back home when the man discussed the event with his well-wisher, the gentleman smiled and said, “Here when they invite thus, it’s just a formal way of greeting and bidding bye to others!”


    Soon he was a man of mid fifties settled in his own ground floor flat. "Here, I erected a temporary extended plastic roofed shelter to prevent some one above directly spilling liquids into my backyard which had become the order of the day. Yesterday only, I caught the culprit above and warned him and he promised not to repeat. I still doubt!" thus he was saying to his friend who visited him when they heard some rattling sound..

    The man fuming with anger for the top man doing it again came out with his friend and as they looked up, they saw 3 crows actively moving on the plastic sheet hopping in between for the dried up waste food material thrown earlier and in the process automatically cleaning up the roof area!


    Finally, one day the then man of 60s went to attend a Discourse. The Head of the Institute during the Discourse said.. "When the King remarked out of his pain in the heart, 'You have given a father the Greatest pain of seeing his son as Saint instead of a Royal Prince!', the Lord replied, 'I never gave that pain to you.. It is because you only believed that being a King is the highest in life.. Much, much Higher is the Sainthood!'"


    And thus saying the Head concluded..

    "None is truly responsible for the psychological suffering we undergo in our life because we forever understand the life in front as different from what it actually is.

    Here, it's better I try to see the Right at the earliest and in case I can't, I should go by the more knowledgeable man's words in the direction simultaneously myself experimenting there and evaluating it. And that is the Level of living expected of an ordinary man like me in the Society and is equally one of my duties here on the Earth.

    In the whole process, it's ever Right that I never point out others as the cause of my suffering since here I only believed in the False!"

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016


    When the Great Statesman got the workers freed from the clutches their masters and declared to them,

    "Now, you are free to go wherever you want to and do whatever you like.."

    some of them pleaded saying,

    "Where do we go now? We know only one thing in our life i.e., working for our masters.. We can do that alone even now!"

    That's the effect of prolonged oppression thru' restrictions imposed on one's freedom of expression and a Democratic Ruling alone can minimize that as the Ruled can at certain level question the wrongs committed in the Ruling by mobilizing a strong public opinion against the Ruler!

    But no System is perfect.. Here too, the story repeats as 7 indirect deadly forces of the System work continuously against this very freedom of expression which go thus..

    The best Democracy would be the one where the highest decisions are taken only after the issues are thoroughly discussed and debated through Committees and finalized for implementation only to find that the benefiting group ceased to exist long back!

    If the weak in Democratic Ruling are suppressed beyond, a leader will be born in no time to fight for them.. That's the true strength of democracy but equally the original story of birth of democracy too!

    In Democracy, the cry of common man may be heard the earliest but many times would be listened to only the last!

    In Democracy, there's no dearth for feeling max that 'I'm equal!' But there's sure less of it while talking, far less of it while doing and almost nothing of it while receiving!

    Some Democratic Leaders are not true to their Designation in their personal lives and habits die hard everywhere!

    People forever prefer Democratic Ruling because their freedom of expression is 100% guaranteed and they can be at ease.. But a few Rulers of the System invariably equally work back to sell off that freedom taking advantage of the same ease and the associated complacence with the masses!

    No wonder, the Ruling in the world started with Despotism/barbarism with zero freedom, moved up the ladder to Rule by His/Her Majesty, Rule by the Intelligent and finally Rule by the People bringing it to a 100% level but some times this movement may complete the circle if the Ruled are not careful!

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    A Dad's Love....

    • “This dress I’d love to have…. What do you say?” the daughter asked her dad at the Shop…. “If you like it very much, have it… But I wish you go for the other variety!” said the dad…. The daughter said “OK” and bought the other one….
    • “I want to gift my friend with this item” said the daughter on another occasion…. “Ok! But why not check with her before buying?” the dad said….
    • “Tomorrow is a very busy day at my Office…. I’ll not have time to go for my regular Lunch… Can you pack something for me?” asked the daughter…. “Yes!” said the dad and gave her the Lunch…. It was tasteless and the daughter ate it with an indignation on her face….
    • “Tomorrow I have to go early to my Office…. Wake me up at…..” said the daughter…. “OK!" said the dad but woke her up 15 minutes late…. She had to rush thru' the rituals, hired a Private Transport and reached office in time….
    • “This is the boy I’d like have as my Lifetime Companion....” said the daughter introducing her Colleague friend to her dad…. The dad was silent immediately but after a week said, “Right Choice… We will go ahead with this alliance!” “Thank God! I was thinking where you would say no here too!” said the daughter at the back of a great relief....

    The dad smiled and said, “No Dear! All these days I wished very much to tick your like only and help you there one hundred percent.... But in all those earlier instances which I would never forget, I could not see much good for you in going ahead and ticking your like….

    • In the first instance, I wanted to save sizable finances for you and create a good habit of controlled spending in you....
    • In the second instance, I wanted you to appreciate the idea of caring for the feelings of others instead of always firming up on your own....
    • In the third instance, left to me I could never think of giving you anything other than the healthiest food which naturally lacks the taste as the unwanted materials are very much removed....
    • In the fourth instance I was very much interested to see that you go to Office in time but seeing your tired face due to lack of proper sleep in the earlier nights, I firmed up to help you sleep a little extra as I knew that you would hire a faster Transport to reach your Office in time....
    • And the last one, which forever is an important selection in one's life where in our welfare and safety are involved, luckily you selected the Right Personality as I could foresee that thru my own assessment and indirect checks and that's why here I straightaway gave you a big OK!"

    The daughter was in all tears….

    The dad comforted her and said, “Dear!  At no time a Dad’s Love for her daughter can think of anything less than the highest GOOD, GOOD and GOOD alone…. Still in all the earlier situations, I just mentioned only the alternatives to you leaving the ultimate choice for you only.... And everywhere you listened to what I said; that's really great for me…. God Bless you!"