Wednesday, November 30, 2016


In twenties, 
as negligence and carelessness 
ruled the finances with small earnings, 
plenty of advices/reminders followed..

Take care of pennies, pounds take care of themselves..
Little drops make an ocean..
Save for a rainy day.. 
Money does not grow on trees.. 

In thirties, 
as care and follow-up
ruled the finances with increased earnings, 
more advices/reminders followed..

Penny wise, pound foolish..
The fool and his money soon get parted..
Money is a good servant but bad master.. 
Neither a borrower nor a lender be.. 

In forties,
as attention and recording
ruled the finances with sizable earnings, 
some advices/reminders followed..

There is plenty for need not for greed..
As you sow sow you reap..
The rich knows not his friend.. 
Money isn't everything.. 

In fifties,
as right understanding and handling
ruled the finances with shot-up earnings,
few advices/reminders followed,

The second honeymoon is getting over.. Counted your pennies?
Soon time to say.. 'Bye tension, Welcome pension!'
Tired of earning? No problem re-tire cool with no earning!
Sure going to rain.. Is the umbrella ready?

In sixties,
as ultimate control and mastery
ruled the finances with nil earnings,
no more advices/reminders followed!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


A man was of certain firm thinking,
  • “I never leave the benefit of bargain.. There's always a lot of cushion when a seller fixes a price or a worker working for you demands his/her payment.. If you firmly hold on to your stand, soon these people come back to the exact level or market level price.. That price alone is the right one.. I'll be strict here and never yield whatever the resistance they may show.. 

Thus I discharge my duty of respecting the Fundamental Law of Economics!” 

Another man was of a different thinking,

  • “I do not bargain when I deal with small sellers and small self employed people.. Instead, I always add a small percentage and give them as tips for the works they do for me.. I strictly bargain with the well off but there too, I tip the working staff when they deliver those goods/services to me.. I'm ever liberal here, as basically I'm better placed in the world compared to these people..
Thus I discharge my duty of respecting the Fundamental Law of Economics!” 

Finally the D day had arrived and both the men were at the Gates of Abode of Bliss.. The second man was freely allowed in where as the first one was squarely stopped.. The man protested saying..

"I strictly followed the Fundamentals of Economics in respect of earning, bargaining and spending as each work is to be valued at a certain level and rewarded only based on that.. 
Instead, your other man had broken this rule and given away his money without an equal return.. Your evaluation had forgotten this Truth!"

A Voice replied,

  • “It's agreed that it's one of the Truths.. But there's a Greater Truth behind all these actions which need to be equally followed for overall assessment!"
"What's that Greater Truth which I did not follow?"
  • "You've no right to hurt my Creation at any point of time in your life!"
"What are you saying? Being disciplined I helped your Creation by weeding out laziness.. Where as that man very much encouraged it!"
  • "Our Records say that's a small omission from his side.. The greater damage happened to you here because.. All along,
The needy who dealt with you cursed you behind as you used to leave their place where as similar people blessed the other man in their hearts as he used to do so.. That's a bigger yardstick for us!" 

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Monday, November 28, 2016


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Saturday, November 26, 2016


I was very actively searching for my soulmate 
when suddenly I had a big doubt, 
"Forget about soulmate.. First of all.. Where is my soul? It's not seen anywhere!" 
Thus my attention turned 180 deg to search for this unseen soul with me.. 
And it was very difficult for me to trace that soul of mine as I finally understood that it is neatly buried under piles and piles of my past experiences.. 

I initially thought.. 
"Let me dig thru' these experiences and take it out!" 
but in a short time I found that that's almost an impossible task for me at this stage of my life when the bundles of those my past experiences seen piled up to an infinite depth.. 

I was sad and restless for a while sad because I started with such a great ambition that I would find my soulmate straight but understood now that I should first find my soul itself and restless because I find no way to dig those piles of experiences with me to have a glimpse of this my beloved entity.. 

I looked into all ways of doing that digging.. But there too soon I found that all mundane attempts only cover up more that soul in the form of more experiences rather than clearing the earlier ones.. 

Totally lost, I looked into and studied various Sacred Books of Philosophy from end to end as they talk a lot about soul and luckily my attention caught hold of what the Great Personality of yesteryears had said to His devotee when He was posed with the same problem.. 

"Our minds in search of our souls are like the open books in front of us. We both can sit together and read our books. But here I can only read my book and you can yours alone. How each one of us understands our books and accordingly firm up our ideas and get into our own actions are purely left to us and none else can do this job for us!" 

That reading instantly left me with a great task of studying my mind in the first instance of this search all along doing my work with full devotion and thus goes as on date my this one life in search of my soul.. 

And when I thus settled in my life at the back this great task, another Saying of the Great Saint surfaced in my mind.. 

"As the ignorance piled up in one gets cleared in time with the glimpses of Truth seen thru' the Soul Search, the Oneness of Universe is directly experienced!" 

which understanding indirectly 
ended my incessant search for soulmate once for all 
as ultimately at the end of this Eternal Search 
the soul, soulmate and the intimate interaction 
merge together establishing 
paving way for 

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No doubt English is indirectly the universal language of communication in today's world and knowledge of the language truly helps one to deal his/her day to day issues with all ease..

Here, fluency and the right accent are a must if we decide to express thru' this language the reference forever being the contemporary dictionaries / grammar books where in the right spelling, pronunciation, accent and grammatical usage of each word, phrase and sentence are described thru' examples..

If thus one becomes expert in this language thru' speaking and writing, he/she definitely would be adored by others for such an expression and people would become more attentive to listen to what the person wants to say in the situation..

But that doesn't mean that true development comes thru' knowledge of this language alone as quite a number of prosperous countries in the world stick to their own local language, their mother tongue but still live their life happily dictating equal terms with their counter parts knowing English thru' their hard work and disciplined living safe guarding their interests.. Seen thus, these qualities alone ultimately bring real pride to the members of a group and never just speaking this one language well and doing nothing beyond..

Seen much further, whatever be the language and how fluently is that spoken, ultimately it's the personality behind that really matters in all interactions when less and less caring for self and more and more for others predominates with the examples like..
  • The communication between mother and child being so perfect, one look of the mother at her child without a language barrier, the child totally understands what she had meant and follows that a 100% and a single discomfort expressed by the little one again without a language barrier, the mother instantly knows and settles it to the perfection.. 
rising to the levels many times as we have heard/read/seen like 
  • The Great Personality changing the notorious criminal, 
  • A pet in our house being ferocious or docile depending on our personality, 
  • Ourselves visiting a holy place and a knotty problem troubling us getting off to a certain extent etc 
without any language intervention leading finally to the classic example of 
  • The yesteryear's Great Saint's advise given to the visiting person to His Ashram making him/her sit in front of Him thru' a silent gesture, further both meditating silently, subsequently enquiring the person silently through hand signals how he/she was feeling for which the visitor invariably used to nod his/her head in affirmation and thus bidding him/her bye thru' a silent hand wave without a single word uttered in the process forget about the particular language used therein! 
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Friday, November 25, 2016


For a while it was the distant Video Calling to the parents.. The daughter was at the other end..

"Yes.. We are planning to visit this summer, the historic tourist attraction......., spend 3 days there and go round to see........ We are travelling by ship........."

The little boy was too attentive all along..

"Mommy! Can I go to my play area there and play all the 3 days? And I want to have my favorite...... drink at..... Are you taking me there?"

"Yes, dear! You'll play there whatever time you want, we'll take you to beach and you can have your favorite...... at the Restaurant.. Also we'll buy for you few games.. On the ship, I'll take you to the deck.. It'll be funny.. Okay?"

The boy's excitement knew no bounds..

"Grandma.. am going.. I'll go on ship.. Play there.. Buy all toys and books... And am going to have my........"

he screamed addressing his grandma at the other end..

"But promise me.. After the trip your new teacher will come home to meet us.. We'll talk together.. You should answer whatever she asks and she'll be very happy.. I'll tell you about that on our return.. Okay?"

asked the daughter..


"And you'll be going to the new school with new bag, new lunch box and new water bottle we are going to buy during your trip.. Every thing is new for you.. Happy?"

The boy instantly nodded his head in full affirmative at the back of great joy and got into readying his bag and his favorite soft toy for the coming up exciting travel..

Soon, having traveled on the ship for the first time with an explicable excitement,

they reached the destination and the Little One was totally into his activities of exploring, playing, and eating his favorite items..

Thus the vacation ended and on the next day the mom said, 

"Dear! Your new teacher is coming home this Saturday.. As promised, you'll nicely answer all her questions and get her praise.. And your new schooling starts from coming Monday and you are happily going to school as you promised.. Okay?"


said the boy engrossed deep in his play..

That student-teacher interaction too got finished successfully, the daughter called her parents that Sunday on video calling to tell about that.. As the grandma took the call, she instantly saw her grandson jumping on the sofa..

She asked,

"Dear! Did your new teacher come and meet you?"

"Yes.. She came!"

"What did she ask?"
"She said, 'Hello!'"
"She sat on the sofa!"
"She ate crackers!"
"She drank coffee!"

"I already told you.. Am busy playing now.. Don't want to talk to you!"

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


A King appointed a number of Experts in Official Positions working in various fields and reporting on day to day progress to him.

The King gave them all facilities and powers required to do the best in their fields that would do good for people of the kingdom, help them out in their day to day problems of life and thus make their life better. The Experts continued their working thus for a while..

One day a stranger visited the King’s Court. He bowed down to the King, looked at the Experts assembled there and said,

“Your Expertise no doubt may do good to people but that would never be complete unless you include my opinion too into your finalization!”

The Experts taken aback by such critical comment, instantly asked him how a novice with zero knowledge of the Expertise evaluated over years of experimentation could straight away talk thus.

“I agree that I've no proof of what I'm asking you to include but my intuition says that ultimate good accrues only when the Original is not forgotten!"

“What exactly is the Original you are talking of?”

“Life as is in the raw state!”

“What are you saying dear? Life has specific defects where in certain discomfort, unhappiness and sorrow are the facts. And here we are working with all devotion just to smoothen that negative part of life and truly help out people who are suffering.. What's the wrong in doing so?”

"Nothing wrong, provided you freely at the back of no threat/fear allow my supporters too contribute their bit whatever Mother Nature had in-built into their perceptions when such modifications are on the anvil and that Total Effort alone should finally roll out from your side as the Ultimate Beneficial Entity. 

Unless you allow this freely, I'm afraid to say that many times you may be doing your work more to satisfy yourself with the Right never given to man and a True Service surely missing!"

The King looked at the stranger and said,

“Yes.. I very much agree with you. And I assure you from today that yours as well as your supporters' say would be part of this Entire Expertise Development. By the Way, I forgot to ask..

  • Who exactly are you, What’s your name and where do you live?”
Your Highness,
  • I come here as the Rep of the common man of your Kingdom,
  • You can call me by name The Human and 
  • I'm sure I live in the hearts of every one of your Kingdom if enquired in depth!”
replied the stranger with a smile!
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Sunday, November 20, 2016


I decided to cool off at my work and as I thus became a bit relaxed, I was advised firmly,
  • "How can you neglect and lose your earnings here when you are a bundle of desires which need continuous fulfillment?"
I regained my senses and instantly became disciplined at my work but as I started working day and night, I was again advised firmly,
  • "No doubt your work should be intact but before that you too should be intact as single piece!"
I decided to take easy my life and as thus became a bit liberal in my spending, I was advised firmly,
  • "How can you neglect your precious earnings and stop saving for a rainy day?"
I regained my senses and instantly became disciplined in my savings but as I started accumulating my gold day and night, I was again advised firmly,
  • "No doubt your gold should be intact but that never comes with you as the metal burns!"
I decided not to give much in charity and as I thus became a bit miserly, I was advised firmly,
  • "How can you hoard monies without giving when all these papers just burn on the pyre?"
I regained my senses and instantly as I became liberal in my giving I was again advised firmly,
  • "No doubt giving is important in life but indiscriminate giving indirectly promotes nothing but laziness!"
I decided to expand in my life and as I started enjoying beyond I was advised firmly,
  • "How can you neglect your health and safety when none including yourself can save you when the effects start showing up?"
I regained my senses and as I became disciplined cutting down all the enjoying, I was again advised firmly,
  • "Relax.. Your rigid discipline here is another trap as the tensed mind plays its own havoc in life jeopardizing the basic health and safety!"
I decided to be authoritative/power conscious and as I started controlling people around, I was advised firmly,
  • "How can you take reins here and go beyond when you have been asked to just do a job of questioning and nothing more as per your ordained duty?"
I regained my senses and instantly as I started going soft everywhere, I was again advised firmly,
  • "How can you just let lose people and become ineffective in handling your responsibility?"
I decided to be a good advisory every where as I started living thus, I was advised firmly,
  • "Who are you to advise others when all along they themselves can learn better thru their own interpretations and perceptions in life?"
I regained my senses and instantly as I became disciplined there by not opening my mouth, I was again advised firmly,
  • "God has given the gift of voice to you to spread His Message all round.. Why are you silent without speaking on the Right?"
I decided to be rational and as I started questioning the Existence of God, I was advised firmly,
  • "How can you question the Unlimited and Unknown thru' limited and known apparatus with you and expect the right answer?"
I regained my senses and as I became a staunch devotee of my Faith, I was again advised firmly,
  • "How can you get into blind faith and jeopardize your learning thru' the Sacred seven tools with you viz., why, what, where, which, who, when and how?"
I became very much perturbed and straight away asked, 

"What's this confusion in my life and who are you tell me all this?"

The instant answer was.. 

"Because you have a personality which sure needs to elevate in this one known life, you should adapt the strict discipline all along 
Because you have a body and mind which need continuous take care and protection you should equally go soft as you live through such a discipline.. 

I'm your own Inner Consciousness independent of your body and mind!" 

I instantly felt within.. 

"I sure agree with you my friend and thank you my Inner Consciousness.. 
You are the best friend of my life I ever had come across.. And from today, I call you as Jug of my life!'"

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Saturday, November 19, 2016


Sure, am no Specialist in Economics to visualize the plus and minus of the present demonetization, 
Equally am no Expert of Political Science to speak out on how this strategy will bring in development 
Again am no great spender in the strategic market areas except securing essentials and leading the limited life for the day myself being a retired member of the society, 
being an experienced man of living this life thru' certain ups and downs in various areas, 
I distinctly foresee the problems and solutions of the present situation continuing for quite a number of days from now

People standing in queues in front of banks losing their precious productive hrs, 
Small businesses struggling in securing and dealing with smaller denominations of cash making continuous adjustments with their customers, 
Banks trying to distribute the limited smaller denominations of currency amongst many of their customers on a rationed basis, 
The logistic groups working incessantly to deliver the required cash to the destinations with all the innovative methods 
Rest of the banking activities getting slowed down/ postponed depending on the cushion available thru' the revised concessions and time limits announced from time to time 
The dedicated banking staff rising to occasion helping out their suffering customers in time foregoing their own personal needs for a while 
simultaneously with 
The Authorities making the required changes as per the latest needs and problems of the general public equally trying to establish law and order in places where the situation goes out of control 
all along 
The honest citizen mostly making one time habit change to his/her lifestyle 
Extra co-operation 
Additional adjustment 
More sharing with the next man 
Foregoing a few comforts from his/her end thus very much upholding the concept of the 
Co-operative Movement 
for his/her ultimate happiness! 

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Friday, November 18, 2016


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


For certain personal reasons, I myself had to go to bank to exchange my old currency and accordingly I started for the same at mid morning of the day.. As I had few other urgent works in the city, I clubbed my exchange work in my bank branch nearer to that place along with those works..
  • To counter the shortage of lower denomination currency, I electronically transferred some money to the App based Taxi Service Agency and booked my taxi..
  • 10 minutes passed, the taxi on GPS was seen at the same spot not moving an inch.. As I rang up to the driver to know if I should cancel the booking, instantly the driver with all politeness answered me that it would take another 10 more minutes for him to reach me as he was in the queue at his bank to deposit/draw his money..
I understood the problem and assured him that I would wait so that he could finish his job and come to my point..

Within 20 minutes, the smiling driver was at my doorstep and soon we moved on to my destination.. On the way he was saying how it was important for him to save all those small denominations the customers pay for the day to make the ends meet by purchasing the essentials..
  • I was at a loss to tell him that I would not be paying anything in cash as my charges would be adjusted against the advance payment I already made.. Soon my destination reached and his smart phone showed '0' to be paid on closure of the trip..
  • As he bid me bye with a smile not revealing his tension, I felt bad for not able to directly handover his cash but decided to tip him liberally with smaller cash with me and accordingly did that and made him happy.. 
At the bank no doubt it was a serpentine queue, but all people had patiently put up with the pain of standing all along myself having located my position in the queue, sat in a chair watching the queue move slowly..
  • A small time Daily Wage Earner with a little kid in her arms came in with a single older denomination to exchange for the lower currency..
  • A good Samaritan quickly helped her with the required and people in the queue advised her straight go to the counter and take her money on priority so that the little baby was not inconvenienced as well she would not lose her precious work for the day.. 
The queue moved on but soon stopped as the cash got over and the Authorities informed that cash van was on the way.. Another 10 minutes passed.. Yes..
  • To the delight of every one, the van arrived and to quickly help out the waiting customers the driver, moved across the road to back the vehicle to the bank entrance door requesting the people around move the 2 wheelers parked there in a zigzag way, to make his way..
  • It took some time for that and meanwhile the traffic on the main road got piled up but none spoke a single word of protest supporting him do that job successfully.. 
In time my turn came, I happily collected my new notes, stepped to the side and as I counted them slowly, to my surprise I noticed one number less..
  • I instantly brought that to the notice of the Authorities who equally felt bad about that politely advising me to come back at the closing hrs when they tally the receipts and payments and can locate the missing note..
  • I had no go, waited there till that time meanwhile finishing the other works thru' another taxi booking and finally collected my missing note.. 
With the electronic money becoming zero, I was thinking of parting with my few precious denominations with the return taxi driver, when the god send cab driver smiled and said,
  • "Sir! I know your place.. Don't worry, I'll take you to the near by shop at your drop location, you pay there by card and the shop man will give me cash!"
With the novel idea the driver proposed, I instantly became jubilant and headed home thus successfully closing my activities for one of the days to be ever remembered in my life!

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Monday, November 14, 2016


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Sunday, November 13, 2016


My dear,

How are you doing? Got me and our all those close interactions which I'm sure are stored in your heart in a corner even this day too, if you ponder over deep? OK.. Don't worry.. I'll tell you..

Whenever things looked cool, I embraced you tight countless number of times with untold affection making you expand and speak all that what I wanted to say thru' you..

  • “Advised you so much to be careful but you've totally spoiled the show.. What a headache you gave me finally!”
  • “Don't believe so much.. He may not be what you think.. When you go closer, everything unfolds.. Presently it may look smooth!”
  • “I don’t care what others think here.. I do what I want.. Who's someone to advise me?”
  • “I want to pool up every pie and save.. It's my hard earned money and why should I lose here?”
  • “All this's because of my neighbor.. That man who forever interferes with others.. I never like him!”
  • “I can't give away freely like that.. People take from you just saying thanks but never turn up when you really need them!”
  • “Help? What help? As if I've no work other than helping people!” etc..etc..etc.. 
But the moment a tough situation showed up and you became utterly helpless, I, with my own Master Plan instantly made you repent to your Deity saying..

“God! Pardon me for all the mistakes done by me and take me out of the present trouble.. From now on wards, I promise I'll
  • Never point out others
  • Not doubt people at every instance,
  • Not expand myself beyond,
  • Not become greedy of possessions,
  • Never hate any one,
  • Ever show charity,
  • Be helpful to others etc.. etc.. etc.." 
And soon each difficulty passed and stability established, I mercilessly brought you back to the original tempo of talk every time thus ever riding over you apparently appearing all the time as the intimate bosom mate of yours!

Do you get me, now? 

I am,

(Request the Readers kindly read back separating the words given there to retain the suspense part of it, if any.. Sorry for the little inconvenience!)

Keywords: bosom mate, riding over

Friday, November 11, 2016


Ever responds to love alone and nothing less of it at any time that boils down ultimately to the basic work from the parent.. Paying the right attention! 

Forever is unrealistic but as the mother alone believes there 100%, gets the right answer from her in a minute including the moon if required!

Faithfully in the right moment finishes that one activity when the mother sits for her meal thereby demanding a 24 hr attention in a day! 

Straight away claims the first school as the lap of the mother alone thereby learning all that quickly which none could have taught on the earth at that point of time! 

Ever believes and observes never forgetting the minute response and complacence from others making that go into memory and work to perfection in later life! 

Expects nothing but continuous attention, nil pity and no help in issues of nil danger from others instantly busying in exploring the world in front!

Takes all that required development thru' play alone shunning all along the targets if any imposed! 

Other than allowing mild saying here and there, forever shuns disciplining straight away demanding the parent to be disciplined first and last! 

If imposed upon a milder discipline too, tries to deviate expecting the parent allow a part of that forcing him/her eternally guide, discipline, allow concession, restrict again and thus continue! 

Expects instilling confidence beyond health and safety care to enable learn max in the early years beyond which it's mostly repeating and copying alone! 

Sure expects the parent take pains and monitor the daily schooling work rather than aim at looking the Progress Report in end! 


May not say against the parent's advices but would sure be watching the actions therein which would be memorized in total ever expecting the parent do the right first and say all that! 

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The young man of mid 20s on his new Appointment was heard saying.. 

“We 4 friends have taken a modest accommodation for rent on sharing basis opposite to our Company.. The rents are quite cheap here.. The place may look a little isolated but as I see in few years, our city is sure going to grow faster and this place will soon be in the middle of the city.. Why stay in the busy city area now and pay high rent? 
Whatever, presently I very much need extra money to cater for certain essentials with me!” 

10 years later, the then man of mid 30s was heard saying.. 

“Now I am a family man, you know.. The area where I was staying had grown beyond and the rents have gone up there.. I shifted here just a distance of 3 kms away and here the rents are quite cheap and anyhow, soon this area too is going to grow.. Why to stay in the busy city area now and pay high rent?   Whatever, presently I very much need extra money to cater for certain essentials with me!” 

Next 10 yrs passed and the then man of mid 40s was heard saying.. 

“You see.. The family has grown and the responsibilities have increased.. I shifted here as my children can travel to their Colleges easily and I too have a straight Transport to my Office.. You know, the rents in the old place have shot up beyond the limits.. Why to stay in the busy city area now and pay high rent? 
Whatever, presently I very much need extra money to cater for certain essentials with me!” 

Another 10 years passed and the then man of mid 50s was heard saying.. 

"It’s time to settle in my own house.. A few years back, I purchased this piece of land and made my modest house.. Any how children are not here and I've only 5 yr of Service from now.. I can travel to my workplace by change of two buses from here and manage.. It seems, soon this area too is going to come under the Corporation limits and.. 
Whatever, presently I very much need extra money to cater for certain essentials with me!” 

In next 10 yrs, the then retired man of mid 60s was heard saying.. 

"You see.. The Real Estate prices had shot up in my area and as I wanted some extra money after my retirement, I sold my earlier house for a good price, purchased a ready made flat in these Suburbs for half of that money and settled with my retired community around.. 
Whatever, presently I very much need extra money to cater for certain essentials with me!” 

Economics, middle class living

Monday, November 7, 2016


Dear Zindagi,

Initially with full of energy and vigor, I thought without a single doubt..
  • “Life is wonderful. Every moment of it has its own glitter and glamour. It's no wisdom, if that moment is spent doing nothing. One moment gone never comes back and the ‘chance to enjoy’ is lost forever! What's the use of keeping quiet folding hands when everything is in front and even if not, can sure be secured through my efforts?
  • Let me expand, explore and enjoy here all the new experiences and thus truly live the life of a King Size. In this process, I'm still rule bound, live at the socially acceptable level and further would be regularly praying to God for the 'Ultimate Take Care'.. Am doing the best in my life!”
I know you smiled behind those thoughts of mine and appeared kind for a while giving me all support. But that you could never do for long as I understood later and thus I suddenly got into a sizable difficulty but still well under control.

That was the most difficult time with me as I was never mentally prepared for that, recovered as if a miracle had happened and was back to normalcy in time with almost a shaken personality for a while. Soon I learned the hard Lesson No 1 of yours and further thought..

  • “The life in front is no doubt great, but it's equally laced with sizable problems too when we get into a reckless enjoyment mode. Let me enjoy and expand in my life moderate simultaneously taking care of certain constructive activities around wherein I'll take proper care of my own health and welfare and beyond become useful too to the world at large.
  • Thus I express myself and be the all rounder in my life. Beyond, remembering that 'God is the Ultimate' let me be established in a Prayerful mode for sizable portion of my day!”
I know you again listened to all that and were kind for a while giving me all that support. But that too you could never do for long as I understood further and I got into the second sizable difficulty still well under control.

Having thus stressed inclusion of everything in moderation too still I had to suffer at the intensity of the hardship, was directionless for a while, surrendered more to the Almighty and thus recovered in time slowly. I thus learned Lesson No 2 of yours and then finally firmed up..

  • “No doubt, I've a life and it should definitely be lived through in the right way. Here health related, a minimum wealth improving and a few welfare activities are a must and necessarily have to be part of my life.
  • Leaving these, I find no meaning to the so called 'Enjoy and Expand' concept except getting into a few mind relaxation activities which the world may call enjoyment as I've no go there at this stage of my life.
  • That way seen, this life is never a bed of roses and problems too are part of this living. So, let me limit myself in these involvements, start doing a service to humanity that is possible and beyond be ever in a Prayerful mode as the Ultimate Savior is He alone and what He Plans for me, I should be ready to accept with full heart!”
I know you again listened to all that too and were kind for a while giving me all that support. But that too you could never do for long as I understood further and thus you suddenly gave me the third sizable difficulty but still well under control.

This time having advocated the simple life, I faced the hardship steadily, sustained the same patiently, recovered soon and was back to normalcy in a certain time. Finally I understood the ultimate lesson you were trying to teach all along..
  • ”I no doubt give unique problems to man but the strength to put up with the same is ever proportional to how much one advocates the concept..
'Minimum(To the extent feasible) for self, rest for others!'"

Your ever loving friend,

Sreedhar Bhattaram.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016


For quite sometime in my life, I was feeling highly despondent at the back of a set of complex fears like 

Fear of being sidelined, Fear of being neglected 

Fear of being humiliated 

Fear of being criticized, Fear of being looked down upon etc.. 

which kept on haunting me day and night, to overcome which I equally had to invent many instant solutions by keeping myself ever armored with certain intense defense strategies like 

Being careful in all my dealings, constantly projecting myself on my achievements 
forever keeping update my knowledge bank, 
being ever conscious of all discrete criticisms, developing methods of cutting down all pointing out talks etc.. 

and thus was living a half-hearted life until a day, I got the message of 
Sloka 62 and 63, Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita 
deep in my heart which forever asserts saying.. 

'dhyayato visayan pumsah sangas tesupajayate 
sangat sanjayate kamah kamat krodho bhijayate 
krodhad bhavati sammohah sammohat smrti vibhramah 
smrti bhramsad buddhi naso buddhi nasat pranasyati!' 
'By brooding over sense objects (involving in self gratification), attachment develops, from attachment desires come up, from desires (when not satisfied) anger comes up, 
from anger delusion occurs, from delusion bewilderment of memory takes place, after that discrimination capacity goes and losing discrimination one perishes!' 

As I simultaneously started searching for a solution for the same, I equally happened to remember 
Sloka 9 of Bhajagovindam 
in respect of truthful living which forever asserts.. 

'sastangatve nissangatvam, nissangatve nirmohatvam 
nirmohatve nischalatatvam,nischalatatve jeevanmuktih' 
'From the company of seekers of truth (Living thru' awareness) non attachment develops, from non attachment comes freedom from delusion, from the freedom from delusion develops self steadiness and that self steadiness (alone) leads (one) to true liberation!' 

With such a discipline, attitude and related 'Right' doing in my living, I could keep off the feeling of despondency generated in me due to these fears thereby finding partly a true meaning to my life! 

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Fear, discipline