Tuesday, January 31, 2017


“Sir! No doubt I get a pat everywhere in my office but equally of late, my work never ends on a single day even though I maintain good work discipline and manage everywhere..
  • I well manage the activities of my Sub-ordinates by distributing the works equally among all and meticulously following up the progress, 
  • I indirectly manage by paying attention to some of their personal needs so that those needs do not come in the way of their active work, 
  • I equally manage the dealings with my Colleagues so that those well knit personal relationships help in smooth functioning of the day to day work, 
  • On the Customer front, I manage taking advance care so that the Client remains ever cheerful and co-operative, 
  • Back home no doubt, I manage my family affairs well so that the family members become self dependent and never interfere with my work and 
  • All along I manage meticulously all of my personal and health needs so that they do not hamper my work activities! 

I don't understand what else I have to do here more to lessen the burden of this unending work with me?”

“Dear! Have you blissfully forgotten one more management here?'

"What's that, Sir?"

"You've to manage your Boss too in a subtler way so that your man thinks twice before giving work to you?"


"Yes.. If you master this technique, soon
  • Your Boss sure plans and allots work equally among the Assistants including you and that way never burdens you beyond,
  • If work still remains pending, equally plans and make arrangements for borrowing extra men and machines for your office from friendly Colleagues on mutual basis and 
  • Further, will definitely pressurize the top Management for sanction of extra men and machines!
To tell you frankly as this extra management is missing in you presently, all others in your Office including your own Boss and the Higher Ups are taking their life cool by off loading part of their burden on to you by happily giving you an extra brand new bag in the name of a pat..

Why don't you straight away say 'No' to this extra bag and be at total peace in your work life?"

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Sunday, January 29, 2017


At 60 post retirement, I thought.. 

“I am retired doesn't mean taking rest all the day without doing much.. Let me move out with all seriousness, try finish some of my children's pending works and thus help them!”

Accordingly the next day morning after my grandson had left for school, I too moved out of my home on the planned errands for the day..

  • I decided to take the starting bus to my destination but as I could not walk fast to reach the Bus Stop in time, I squarely missed that.. 
  • I decided to board the through buses coming up but quickly found it too difficult to do so as the buses were full with passengers.. 
  • I was thus helpless for a while when a special bus came, I happily got in but as the bus moved on, I found to my dismay that I got into a wrong one when it took a turn into the next lane.. The kind conductor helped me get down and I had to walk back to my Stop.. 
  • To my luck, the next bus was empty and I happily got in and sat in a seat relaxing myself for a while.. 
  • I thus reached one of the places where I wanted to finish the first work of the day and suddenly found that I forgot to carry the file I kept ready in that context the earlier day.. 
  • Leaving that activity, I moved towards the next work but to my surprise I found a long queue there..
  • Fed up, I left the place and moved towards the 3rd work walking some distance and on the way it started drizzling.. Having thus become quite wet in that rain, at one of point I decided not to go ahead further but return home..
  • Unfortunately while getting down my bus on return, there was some haste, in the process I slipped and sprained my leg and I slowly walked back home with the muscle catch.. 
As soon as I entered my house, my little grandson opened the door and said with full excitement,
  • “Grandpa! I'm back early today.. I was searching for you all the time.. Where did you go? Right now, let's go to our play ground.. You have to help me in my cycling.. Are you ready?” 
The tired me was soon at the play ground for a while pushing my grandson on his bicycle.. And the boy started peddling endlessly screaming and shouting all along making his already tired grandpa further tired.. Having done that job for an hr, as I stood under a tree there for a moment with the boy continuing his half learnt pedaling happily, suddenly I found myself exceptionally cool and calm for no reason.. We both soon returned home and that night after dinner when the boy went to sleep, I was looking at his face for a while..

As few moments passed thus silently, it suddenly struck me that those special moments are forever the best moments of my life at 60 taking out all the strain, travails and failures of all of my earlier times in a fraction of second leaving me in a total blissful state!

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Saturday, January 28, 2017


In twenties, 
At the back of great energies and vigor thinking that I was all by myself as I started interacting with the world, I was corrected instantly and educated on the lines of minimum behavior required from my end along with a tail piece, 
"Do care for the other man in the process!" 

In thirties, 
At the back of the continued energies and vigor thinking that I had learnt all as I started interacting with the world, I was corrected again and educated on the lines of refined behavior required from my end along with the same tail piece,
"Do care for the other man in the process!" 

In forties, 
At the back of slightly lowered energies and vigor thinking that I've learnt everywhere as started interacting with the world, I further was corrected and educated on the lines of fine managing skills required from my end once again with the same tail piece,
"Do care for the other man in the process!" 

In fifties, 
At the back of definitely lowered energies and vigor thinking that there was nothing to learn further as I started interacting with the world, I was corrected beyond and educated on the lines of shrewd leadership skills required from my end repeating the tail piece message,
"Do care for the other man in the process!" 

In sixties, 
At the back of well perceived reduced energies and vigor thinking that I've learnt for a life time as I started interacting with the world, I was corrected again and educated on the lines of adjustment required everywhere from my end once again with the tail piece,
"Do care for the other man in the process!" 

In late sixties, 
At the back of little energies and no interest to learn as I started interacting with the world, I was never corrected further with others adjusting with me but the tail piece continued delivering the same message,
"Do care for the other man in the process!" 

Thus, I fully learnt all the 6 lessons of my life 100% but when seen at the tail piece which was there all along, that single lesson I don't know at what level I got ingested but even this day too that
One best lesson of my life is readily kept in front of me for liberal use if I wish so! 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The middle class senior citizen who lived thru' decades of democratic governing was asked to narrate his experiences of living thru' such a system.. The grey haired gentleman smiled and said,

“No doubt.. My Democratic Ruler guaranteed me many Services and various Freedoms in my life..

The 'n' number of Services sanctioned on paper and talked in air of course were sooner or later implemented with a ‘Bang’ taking immediate credits for bringing them out but subsequent to that..

  • Some Services never functioned even a single day, 
  • Some started functioning but soon were solely the privilege of few rich, 
  • Sizable numbers were exclusively for the less privileged for securing which they were seen struggling day and night endlessly and 
  • Only a few alone were available for people like me but there too, I had readily kept stand-by Units with me in good working condition as the original Services have an in-built mechanism of failing often! 
In respect of the precious Freedoms guaranteed to me, even though many were granted on paper, some freedoms alone are there with me till date because I indirectly agreed..
  • To make my own attempts to get an equal number of them as they were restricted for reasons unknown, 
  • To pay a price to secure sizable numbers, 
  • To firm up within myself that a countable numbers were never for me through out my life whatever attempts I may make and 
  • Finally in respect of one or two, I had no courage to look at them even once in this entire period! 
One of our members in great spirits when resorted to the constructive criticism of the Ruler that is freely allowed in a democratic system was all of sudden given a warning and equally lured thru' an offer saying..
  • 'Be careful; you are being watched.. Take these monies and keep off!'
Taken a back and without falling prey to their monies, when our member modified the criticism to a lesser hurting level aiming at the Junior Levels, he was again threatened thru' a message..
  • 'You seem not listening.. You regret later.. Soften on your stand immediately!'
Sensing the danger as the member friend modified his talk switching over to the praise of the Juniors, he no doubt got an applause but with a tail piece..
  • 'Good! Now take these monies, praise our man, and close the issue!'
Finally, we advised him to get out of the rut, do what he was asked to save his skin doing which the friend successfully concluded his so called constructive criticism freely allowed in our Democratic Ruling!"

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


I decided to make certain New Year Resolution for Yr 2017 and
As I looked back over years, I soon recollected my memory that I made many such Resolutions all over the years some, 
partly implemented, many never and the rest 50-50..
I got wondered.. 
'What's the use of these Resolutions when I rarely succeed in implementing them up?'
But there was an instant Message to me.. 
"That's exactly the reason why you should make the Resolutions every year and see yourself how determined you are when it comes to the daily actions in respect of those!"
Firmed up at the back of that strong Message, I decided on my single Resolution for the current year.. Viz.,

'Let me in every action of mine have a lesser say of mine making space for others, whatever be the situation all along keeping the tempo of Truth Ruling the maximum!'

No doubt I know I fail here sure and miserably too a few times, but unless this pledge is made on my behalf whatever be the age, whatever be the situations and whatever be the requirements, this life has no meaning beyond as what all I call my own very much propelled by the so called my 'self' will sure has to taper off with life in general taking over the charge..

Having firmed up in that line, I, the 'intuition' within looked at my 'self' and asked..
"Am I better?"
My 'self' within was laughing at me..
"Soon you will know!"
I was taken a back by such an answer and instantly questioned back
"What does that mean?"
I was never let off with a light answer but was smothered saying..
"People for centuries did these exercises and have fallen flat.. You are no great in that list!"
I gave back saying,
"May be I'm not great.. But somewhere, I have to make a beginning.. I think this is the best way known to me!"

And our further debate went on thus..
"Okay.. Have your resolutions.. No problem.. Who can stop you from that? But in implementation only, we know where you will be!"
"Leave that.. Even if I do partly, it's worth.. I don't need to be a 100% achiever here!"
"Okay dear!  We will see.. What that partly means.. I challenge!'
"Am not that gone.. Okay.. I too Challenge!"

The 'Wisdom' in me suddenly was seen holding me there and advising..
"You have already forgotten your Resolution in a sec.. What's point in talking further?"
I got bewildered and looked at my 'Wisdom'..

"Yes.. That's how your 'self' over takes you in secs and put you flat.. Here forever patience, perseverance and duty bound attitude alone are the virtues.. Take their help liberally, I am sure you sail thru' all such blockades safely and reach your destination..

Further, a firm belief within that 
'The Almighty alone Moves; I'm just a speck in that Eternal Movement!' 
Followed by an Ardent Prayer to the Lord 
at the end of the Day sure completes 
your upkeep of the Resolution!" 

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Saturday, January 21, 2017


The Great Saint narrated a story thus..

'The rich man of the town one night had a very bad dream.. In his dream, he suddenly lost his monies, name and fame at one stroke.. Further to that, he was arrested over some charges and straight away was put in a Cell.. The night became too cold and the man was utterly helpless in his Cell weeping all alone away from the warmth of his family.. He was looking at every corner for solace and nothing seemed helpful at that moment.. 

All of a sudden he woke up from his terrible dream profusely sweating and gasping for breath and instantly found himself in his own home with the comfort of his family sleeping by his side all his wealth, name and fame being intact.. The man felt highly happy and relaxed with nothing really lost and further went back to sleep blissfully for the rest of the night!

In a similar manner, One who is truly delivered and freed from the turmoils of mundane life with its own conflicts and sorrows thru' Perception of Truth i.e., Reality in life instantly experiences Eternal Bliss and remains totally Peaceful!'

Thus the Great Saint thru' the story had communicated to the world His Own experience of Reality or Truth or Divinity whatever name we may give which He truly had seen, experienced and lived thru' His Life but..

When applied to me in my life with my own limitations, that may remain a distant mirage as I, continuously busy myself chasing the unending issues of my life with their firm hold on me but if I could rise up a bit and start looking at my life from a different perspective, the story equally unfolds a Sacred Message to me too embedded therein at my own level which goes thus..

No doubt the Rose is beautiful
But it has its own thorn..
I may have no go here other than constantly living amidst such attractions of life which are dearer to me and feel comforted but
equally I can be conscious of the thorn by the side all along
thereby limiting my involvement
to a medium level of fulfilling simultaneously
practicing a certain renunciation from my end constantly meditating on the lines..

'I may be far, far removed away from the Reality as is but
that Known to me this day as Relative Reality I will not negate and 
live my life at that level thru' a certain definite sacrifice
and doing my associated duties with total dedication
and thus rise continuously!'

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.' 
(Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged.. Better is even death in one’s duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

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Friday, January 20, 2017


That evening, the Little One was extra fussy.. He refused to eat his food saying,
“Want that!” 
Pointing at the moon in the sky..

The mom quickly showed him the moon in a small mirror and said, 
"See, dear! I got the moon for you!"
The boy was extra smart.. He alternately looked at the moon in the mirror and in the sky and said, 
“That one.. That one!” 
pointing at the moon in the sky and confirming that the old trick would not work with him.. 

“OK! I’ll get the moon for you!”
Saying thus the mom instructed her brother to position a ladder on to the nearby compound wall, go up the ladder, wield a rope with loop and pretend for a while as if he was catching the moon..
As her brother soon started doing that in front of the boy, she looked at her child and said, 

“See, dear! even with a rope also the moon is not coming down.. What else shall we do now?" 
observing his reaction all along..
The Little Boy was totally amused with all that.. Seeing that, the mom continued..
“I've a Plan.. We'll finish our dinner and wait here.. When the moon slowly comes nearer, we'll suddenly catch him with the rope.. OK?" 

No need to say that the boy was thrilled beyond with the mom's loving words exactly fitting his the then understanding level and instantly agreed to eat his food.. The Little One soon forgot all that, played for while with his mom and fell asleep in a short while.. And the Mom carefully stored the ladder and rope for such questions expected from the Little One in the coming days..


Days passed thus and in no time the boy turned to 5+ school going..
One day as the grandma called the family on video chat, started conversing with her grandson who all along was seen busily concentrating on something and commented on the chill winters prevailing around saying, 

"Dear! Your place is too cold compared to ours.. I don't know why is so much cold at your place!" 
The boy continuing his work without raising his head instantly replied to her with all firmness.. 

"That's because I am far, far away from equator grandma and the sun's rays are more slanting here!" 

That cute answer from the boy instantly mesmerized every one around at the back of his reasoning skill which had solely grown in him from a zero level as the mom behind worked incessantly in grooming her boy instilling the timely inputs required in the process.. 
A great job sure done with 100% sincerity! 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


10 days post demonetization was a hectic period with every one keeping themselves busy with the deposit of their old currencies and withdrawing the new 2000 Notes released along with 100 Notes as well as the lower denominations over the bank counters..
  • Simultaneously switching over to the card and internet payments wherever possible!
Beyond, as the days moved on with the cash crunch actively playing its role at the back of hectic criticism from various News Agencies and News Channels, it was a great excitement to hear all of a sudden that a few ATMs in the neighborhood were calibrated
  • Making available 2000 Notes, limited to issue of one note per day/per account!
For a while, it was again a hectic activity of constantly being aware of which ATM near by was loaded with 2000 Notes with change problem all along persisting on a day myself noticing a man in front of me in the queue
  • Sighing and saying that he had just Rs 1800 in his account!

The 3 wheeler driver with me as his passenger requested me on a day to accommodation his 14 yr son too along with me to leave him for a while at a specific ATM on the way to keep his queue number as he could complete a few near by trips and
  • Wait for a call from his boy that his turn was due!
As days moved on thus, soon news was around that 500 Notes too were out and the next day, myself with a great enthusiasm got the limited first 4 new 500 Notes issued to me by the bank for the day

  • Which were instantly preserved carefully for exigencies!
The next outlook was for these Notes to be available in ATMS as by that time availability of 2000 Notes had become routine but that didn't take place for quite sometime except getting a few more 500s at the bank counter and thus sailed the life when suddenly the news spread like a wild fire that 
  • A few nearby ATMs were loaded with 500 Notes with the daily limit simultaneously enhanced to Rs 4500!
For a while, it was a hectic effort to draw all the 500 Notes with this limit in long queues all along 3 times operating each time inputting Rs 1500 and carefully see that 500 Notes alone were given for the day requesting the next man in the queue for patience with some one in the queue making a witty comment on the first day..
  • 'Let's hope the machine does not dispense one old 1000 and 500 Note each!'
Having mastered that technic of fast operation, on a day as I selected the Fast Cash of Rs 1500 in an ATM, instantly a message appeared on screen saying 'Requested Cash cannot be dispensed'.. Thinking that there were no 500 Notes in the Machine as I was about leave the place waiting for the green light to come up..
  • Suddenly the machine made a big sound and to my surprise straight away delivered a 2000 Note!
On another day a young man behind me in the queue appeared to be not much aware of such an operation, when asked me whether the Machine was giving 500 Notes, as I proudly explained to him how to input 3 times to get all his 500s for the day, he just said,
  • 'I can draw one 500 Note only as my account has just Rs 700 balance!'
And those were the days whenever I started approaching my bank ATM during bank off hrs, some person there invariably used wave and say if Notes were available or not from a distance itself..
  • Thus saving my precious energies of walking up to the ATM and return empty handed!
Time moved on thus and with the dead line for deposit of old currencies being over, the bank staff had a breathing time
  • To answer me on other banking queries with the life coming to a semi normal state!
Whatever be the aim, as the plus and minus of demonetization went around thru' hot debates in all TV Channels and News Papers..
  • One issue was crystal clear during this 10 weeks time that passed Viz.,
The life style of the super well-offs as well as the well-offs seen going on totally smooth undisturbed as the common man with no such extra means by the side sure taking a certain extra pain in supporting the cause and streamlining his/her life indirectly confirming the oft quoted Democratic Saying..
  • 'In Democracy all are equal but some are more equal!'
Without an exception!

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Monday, January 16, 2017


That night as I tossed on my bed restlessly pondering over the sizable charity I did for the day and the unfortunate loss of equal money I faced that evening as a trickster outsmarted me and made me part with that, the Wise Man in distance was heard advising,

"If you give in charity wholeheartedly, you sure get back much more return!"

Hearing that, I screamed at the top of my voice..

"It's straight away a double loss for me here!"

The Wise Man smiled at me and continued..

"You have basically forgotten that people are with you in all your actions.. When you interact with them thru' charity, those interactions go on at 3 levels Viz.,

  • At mind level as a routine when you are left with a feeling that you did a praiseworthy job as per your status..
  • At heart level as an emotion when you are left with a satisfaction that you could help some one who truly needed help in the situation and
  • At personality level as a certain deep Understanding when you are filled with a unique feeling that 
God indirectly reminding you that you have more and asking you live with less!

And in a situation too where that parting happened to be a forcible one, such an Understanding broadens to a feeling of

Educating yourself on the care missing from your end 
and pardoning the wrong doer at a certain level!

All this ultimately culminates to a state of mind of negating your own with the gap between the feelings of giving and losing becoming smaller and smaller tending towards the Ultimate Reality in Life Viz.,

'I'm neither a Giver nor a Loser as nothing is truly mine!'

Why don't you rise yourself in that line of thinking and be at peace?"

With the strange dream ending all of a sudden, I got up, instantly felt an unknown calmness within bereft of all that untold misery I experienced that night and the next moment got readied myself for that day's busy activities!

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Saturday, January 14, 2017


"You know dear! When you were small I once made you repeat your Prayer and kneeling before God asked to you to say.. 
'Baba..Take care of me.. Jai Sairam!' 
and as I stopped at 
due to unexpected cough, you waited for a sec and hearing nothing from me continued saying.. 
'Baba.. Baba.. Black Sheep.. Have you any wool?' 
and we all burst into a laughter!" 
"Yes, grandma.. I was a baby then!" 
"Will you do such things now?" 
"No.. I won't.. I'm a big boy now! See.. Am helping Mommy in storing 
Her fruits and vegetables.. Babies can't do these works!" 

"Yes, Mom.. He had grown now.. Sure understands the context!" 

"What dear, you are telling me? He is just 5 yrs kid and I know how kids of this age talk and respond.. Whatever you say, a kid is a kid.. Wait.. I'll show you his kiddish mentality in a minute and how he believes in what I say.. Dear! I need a favor from you.. Come nearer.. I want to hug you!" 
"Okay, grandma.. I'm here.. But that's not a favor!" 
"Oh! Is it? Right.. Now do this favor.. Help me in arranging...." 
"That too is not a favor.. It's a help!" 
"Oh.. You know so much.. Okay.. Leave that.. Tell me.. Sometime back, I taught you the Sloka 
'Ramaskandam Hanumantham..' 
and asked you to repeat it daily in the night before going to bed.. Are you doing that?" 
"Good.. Lord Hanuman is helping you drive away your bad dreams.. Isn't it?" 
"But it doesn't work always.. Sometimes I get bad dreams and I don't like them!" 

"I told you, Mom.. Now a days Kids are different compared to your generation children.. They are extra smart everywhere thru' questioning and learning.. Don't you agree now?" 

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Friday, January 13, 2017


Before talking of any past specific dream I had in my life, I constantly muse of over the below mentioned funny talk between two individuals.. Two men were conversing..

“I invariably get few dreams when I sleep!”
“So nice of you! Must be having sweet dreams?”
“No! Almost all the time they are bad dreams only!”
“I see! It’s OK.. Any dream is always worth having!”
“Not just bad dreams.. Many times, they are very bad dreams..”
“Is it so?”
“Yes! And of late, some of these bad dreams are turning out to be nightmares too!”
“Oh! It's strange!”
“And some of the nightmares are too scary.. When I wake up from such dreams, I'll be simply lost for a while!”
“My God! Are they so bad?”
“You don’t know? Don't you dream in your sleep?”
“How nice? You are really a lucky man!”
“Actually, not so!”
“I’ve a chronic Sleep Problem.. Most of the times I don't sleep at all and if slept too, it's just a disturbed one many times!”

Having thus understood the priority of sleep over dreaming, it never mattered to me all along what dreams I had in my life as long as the pestering problems of life don't rob my basic sleep since those problems in reality are stranger than dreaming myself unable to come out of those noose tight nets..

All said and done, still my mind craves for a life of total freedom and peace and when I pondered over a way that to materialize, I could narrow down to 10 disciplines of life if I can follow to whatever extent would sure ensure me that Viz.,

  • The Real achievement in my life is the ability to leave a few issues as they are!
  • There's no worse action on my behalf other than the one imagined by me!
  • None can elevate me; I've to do it myself! 
  • Someone else should not define my life!
  • The force that brought me into this world won't listen to me so easily!
  • When destiny strikes, it always strikes to awaken me; unfortunately I only miss that opportunity every time! 
  • None is going to become better in relation to me by myself doing an extra for him/her! 
  • The obedient and the rebelling personalities loose in the long run.. Let me ever be away from these extremities!
  • I may not be smart but I can well survive in the world by allowing the smarter ones overtake me.. Have I thought of this? 
  • People who talk aloud, shout and appear unreasonable ultimately come down in their approach when I remain calm and express the exact requirement!
That in fact became the dream of my life, no doubt in the past, partly fulfilled when my attention was at peak and equally watered down when the self interest overtook that attention in a fraction of time and thus continues this day too!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Have you ever seen an interesting or strange dream? Have any of such dreams come true? Do you try to figure out the meaning of your dreams? #Dreams

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The Sun had set for the day and the evening breeze started cooling off the day's heat.. The man rang up to his friend..

  • "Yaar! It's already 6 PM.. By the time we reach the Market and finish our buying...."
  • "Just 10 minutes, dear! The last part of the work.. It took 2 solid hrs to complete this work which looked so simple in the beginning.. God! What pressures our bosses are bringing on us these days!"
  • "Mine too was not less.. Luckily, as I anticipated this and started my work yesterday itself, I could at least come to this stage.. Rest of it.. Am doing tomorrow only.. I need to shop a lot for this festival.. We can't miss anything here.. What do you say?"
  • "You are right.. I tell you.. Our Bosses need to plan well in advance.. If they really do that, most of these stayings beyond shift hrs can be avoided and if not the time of each stay can at least be cut down.. See.. Tomorrow is the most important festival of ours and we are still hanging to our Office at this odd hr.. Okay.. Let's move on.. I know.. This story never ends!"
Soon the two friends moved to the near by Market Place and parked their shared vehicle in the parking area.. The next 2 hrs they were totally busy with their purchases and finally entered the last shop at 9 PM..There was none seen in the shop..
  • “Hi! We are interested to buy a few........... Seems none is here to attend to us.. We need to finish and go quickly and have no patience to wait........”
The Owner busy in a corner instantly attended to them saying, 
  • “Sir! Please be seated.. We are there in a minute.. Mr. Dilip! Where are you? Come here quickly!”
And went inside.. A soft voice was heard requesting..
  • “Saab! You know.. My Mom is not well.. I need to go now and take care……”
  • “Dear! Let's not do anything to displease our Customers.. Then I'll lose them and you'll lose your job.. Just two last Customers.. Attend to them and make them happy.. Meanwhile, I’ll speak to your Mom and find out if she can put up with an hr's delay.. Then, I tell you.. We would have sure done a good job for the day.. Okay?” 
The tough voice was equally heard counselling and demanding!

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


"How was your experience in shifting to your new home?"

"Oh! It was a hectic effort all the way to take care of my precious items and move them safely to the new house.. I was physically present on the spot from the time the manpower and the vehicle arrived.. Soon I was following up the activities as the men 

  • Loaded the items into the huge transport truck all tied up,  
  • Carefully unloaded them at the new place and 
  • Positioned them neatly in the respective rooms temporarily.. 
In spite of such a care too, in the process,
  • One man broke an item, 
  • Another spoiled the function of another and 
  • A third carelessly dropped the third..
I never yielded and straight away deducted the respective costs from the money I had to pay them as I clearly remember to this day too, how much I struggled to 

  • Survey and search, 
  • Locate and select and 
  • Pay and move those items home..

Subsequently, I sent the labor away so that I could at leisure open the packages and re arrange my items to my satisfaction without any disturbance.. 

"Okay.. You too shifted to your new home some time back; wasn't it?  How was your experience then?  Was it similar?"

"No.. Not at all.. Mine was totally smooth and care free.. First of all, I didn't have too many items with me.. The people working for me at the old place and the men who helped in my shifting expected something from me.. I gave them away

  • Some of my unused items freely, 
  • Few old useful items for a negotiable price and 
  • One new piece for the Service and Help I got without which I couldn't have completed my job of shifting.. 
  • Asked me to be at my own ease, 
  • Arranged all my essentials and other decorative pieces in the right places, 
  • Wished me all the best in my new house and went away contented.. 
All said and done, I had nothing to do further and retired to my bed early that night with a feeling of
  • Lightness in my actions, 
  • Happiness in my heart and 
  • Contentment with my people who helped me in the job! 
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Friday, January 6, 2017


One evening as I was looking up for some Spiritual Guidelines on my Laptop thru' browsing a number of documents, all of a sudden, 
the word 'discriminate' on the 12th Page of 
Bhaja Govindam PDF online document 
took my attention and that night further reading and introspection gradually lead me to think myself elevating in the line of salvation which subject I found very interesting..

As I thus started discriminating between the real and unreal understanding the methodology of the same, I soon got an impression that I am sure for that alone as I could see many around me not showing a bit of interest therein.. 

Thus passed the
Jan month of 2017 thru' finding the way and 
Feb, practicing the same with a great discipline.. 
In March, I increased the pace of that practice and got established and 
In April, I started talking a lot of it with ease.. 
Without a bit of laxity, 
In May, I took up active preaching on the subject and 
In June, extended my preaching horizons and stretched myself to elaborate austerities and rituals involved there in.. 
In July, there was innate thrust in me making me lookout for faithful followers and got many of them registered to my faith and 
In Aug, I started supporting the advertising of my philosophy far and near and could enroll more followers in the process.. 
Thrilled thru' the great impetus I got for my original start up, 
In Sept, I made an attempt to rule my followers indirectly which with no difficulty was accepted by them and with that hold 
In October, I could challenge my rivals in field by snubbing them or making them surrender to me.. 
No need to say with pride ruling behind, 
In Nov, I started ruthlessly suppressing all those who opposed my philosophy and 
In Dec, I was straight away titled or forcibly made others do so as none other than 
The One descended from Heaven! 

As I was thus relaxing in my chamber on 12th floor looking thru' the window in the early morning hrs of 1st Jan, 2018 at the back of countess followers wishing me the New Year Greetings, I noticed the humble worker on the roadside carefully unfolding his belongings for the day's work seen smiling at me hitting at my firmly layered ignorance which made me forget the fact that I am far far away from 
The True Spiritual Life! 

Suddenly I woke up with a jolt from my sleep and it took some time for me to recollect what had happened to me in my scary dream I had on the first day of 2017.. I instantly came to full attention and with all humility bowed down in front the Lord's Photo in my room asserting within.. 

"Whatever be my level of understanding on Spiritual Aspects, it is not the Absolute and that Absolute has no way of reaching thru' finite steps in this life unless I continuously make myself surrender with the sacred thought in me as reiterated by of the Great Personality of our life.. 
'If all Living Beings of the Universe stand in a queue as per their strengths, I forever wish to stand behind the last tiniest One therein!' 
And thus live a Humble Life!" 

The Post is written in line with the 
IndiSpire Prompt 

True Spiritual Life

Thursday, January 5, 2017


The conversation and the silent communication therein when the Heart rules..

"Dear! Here is a surprise (Really a surprise) gift for you which I purchased when I was on my tour abroad last month. I specially went round the place you know.... A big store.... and selected this special one.. (A good useful item) I know how much you like it.. (My heart alone knows that) It's here!"

"Oh, what a nice gift! (Whatever you give, it's truly priceless..) Sorry, I can't take it now.. (How can I trouble you thus?) Why should you give such a big item (I can't value it anything less here!) now? You gave me so many times so many things (My heart alone knows the list) and am already indebted to you.. (Never I can repay your love behind this doing!)"

"No, I specially got it for you only.. Please take it.. (How can I send you empty handed?)"

"Oh! You are telling so much and I can't refuse it here.. OK.." (Takes it and hugs it to heart..)

"Now you shouldn't go back like that at this odd hr.. (I can never do that in my life!) A lunch is arranged for you.. Come.. I specially cooked for you........." (Truly a good lunch comprising of the other's choicest dishes specially prepared..)

"Oh! So nice of you.. I can never forget your food.. (Even though cost wise not much and items were not many..) Bye!"

The same devoid of that warmth..

"Dear! Here is a surprise (Already known) gift for you which I purchased when I was on my tour abroad last month. I specially went round the place you know.... A big store.... and selected this special one (A sale item kept in a corner..) I know how much you like it ( Am actually not bothered..) It's here!"

"Oh! What a nice gift! (You could have found a better one!) Sorry! I can't take it now.. (Anyway you will give it to me..) Why should you give such a big item (An ordinary item..) now? You gave me so many times so many things (Nothing worth mentioning!) and am already indebted to you.. (But the total amount is just barely Rupees....)!"

"No, I specially got it for you only.. Please take it.. (I want to close this issue as quickly as possible!)"

"Oh! You are telling so much and I can't refuse it here.. OK.." (Takes it immediately..)

"Now you shouldn't go back like that at this odd hr.. (I'm just caught here..) A lunch is arranged for you.. Come.. I specially cooked for you........." (Nothing great!)

"Oh! So nice of you.. I can never forget your food.. (Such a dry and tasteless stuff..) Bye!"

conversation, communication