Thursday, December 31, 2015


  • It was the evening hrs and a few clouds appeared in the skies.. A light breeze started, a dry twig broke and fell into the waters below causing a few ripples therein.. Soon followed a few more twigs with the small sounds of them touching the waters were distinctly audible around the near by area.. 
  • The clouds slowly became thick and dark with the wind speed going up steadily and soon a moderate drizzle started with the incessant droplets of rain hitting the waters continuously, winds blowing in all directions and a large number of twigs and leaves severed from the tree branches above falling into waters.. In no time, the scene in front was totally a different one compared to the earlier calm environment but had its own beauty with the various complex sounds, movements and all that related disturbance.. 
Seeing such a natural phenomenon of happening around, a young man thought..
  • “I'm seeing here that in the absence of the drizzle and the breeze, the sound of a few twigs falling into waters was distinctly audible with total calmness around.. But, when it started drizzling continuously with winds blowing in all directions and a number of twigs and leaves simultaneously breaking and falling into waters, no doubt the original clarity and calmness is totally lost but the new limited disturbance with the wind, drizzle and many twigs touching the waters making varied sounds instantly had its own beauty and my mind ever craved for that experience to continue!” 
  • “Seen thus.. In my life too, the disturbances and challenges at simmering level in fact are a welcome as they do a lot good to me to retain my mental balance and restore peace.. Since in Nature, routine disturbances are common, routine challenges have to be faced by me, routine tasks have to be completed and routine schedules have to be met.. 
  • Here, a complacent mind which is never ready to face such ripples of life and constantly tries to escape to a cool environment would definitely be unfit to face the real turbulent situations of life when they come up.. 
  • Seen thus, the right attitude in my life is sure to stand to such realities and live thru' ever solving the problems that come up one after the other!"

Dear Friends,

The story may go thus but the 
Ever Green Message 
here is.. 

Life forever is a mixture of a certain turmoil and challenges and our actions here on the earth should continuously keep this turmoil at simmering level neither letting off that to explode nor try making it zero, both of which sure are never a welcome sign for dynamic existence.. 

That living alone is the true beauty on this earth and it's ever our duty here to rise and steadily meet those dynamic moments of life fulfilling our dreams and aspirations in the process! 

I wish you all 
A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016
with all your such hopes and dreams fulfilled in abundance in the coming Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


A father had 4 sons..  
  • “Dad, that shop man gave me 50 Rs note extra by mistake.. What should I do now?””
asked the 3rd son one day..

  • “You did not take it from him.. He only gave it you.. Now he'll not remember that he gave it you as extra.. So it's 100% yours!” 
asserted the dad.. The 3 elder sons smiled and nodded their heads in agreement..

  • “Dad, he can simply return that Rs 50 note to the shop man.. Why to retain knowingly well that it belongs to someone else?” 

asked the last son.. The dad was silent..

  • “Dad, this 100 Rs note was found on the road.. What should I do now?”

asked the 2nd son on another day..
  • “You found it, you don't know the owner to give back and the owner doesn't know you to ask back.. So it's 100% yours!” 

asserted the dad.. The 3 elder sons smiled and nodded their heads in agreement..

  • “Dad, if we don't know the owner, we can equally donate the same for a Cause.. Why to retain knowingly well that it belongs to someone else?” 

asked the last son.. The dad was silent..

Soon the children grew up, the eldest got into a job and others were doing their graduation.. 

One day, the eldest was preparing his Travel Claim at home to submit the same in his Office the next day for the Official Travel he made a week back..

  • “You can just manage all these small bills.. A few rupees of extra claim here and there, no one will check.. And taking that small money as extra is no big sin.. So it's 100% yours!

asserted the dad.. The 3 elder sons smiled and nodded their heads in agreement..

  • “Dad, we have to claim the reimbursement honestly.. Why should we look for these small extra gains?”

asked the last son.. The dad was silent..

Time move on.. Days passed into weeks, months and years.. All sons were well settled with their own work and family responsibilities.. The father had become old..

The 3 elder sons continuously expected ‘Extras’ from their father apart their own earnings, it never stopped and the father was helpless.. But the last one was an exception there..

When asked by father for his unique behavior, the last son smiled and said..

  • "Dad, you only asked my brothers to make ‘Extras’ when they were young and now their habit continues.. I was never interested in those ‘Extras’ at anytime as I understood that they never belonged to me and my habit too, here continues!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Right from my young age, the passion that very much interested me within is to stand to the right as much as possible..

Initially firming up thus, Whenever I encountered a situation, I used to stand to the right there..
  • Soon I found that standing to the right in front of people who are not party to the wrong seemed easy but not when you stand in front of the very personalities who are inclined to do a certain wrong justifying the same in their own way..
  • And, standing to the right in front of such real powerful people is a truly a threat to our life and if asked genuinely I had to say that there the path of medium way of living appeared to me the safest.. It's truly a mountainous job and if I have to really question the powerful, I have to sacrifice many many things in life and be ready for any action from them..
  • But the passion in me ever pushed me suggesting that why I should yield at least to those people of wrong who are actually not so powerful in the scenario (Equal Levels).. For some time, that appeared to be the right feasible path of living.. After all, why I should bother about those who propose wrong but in practice can't do much even if you keep off joining them there?
But fighting the wrong with those people too (Equals) who can't do much in opposing you is not so easy because if I can really keep off from such people then why at all I have a living relationship with them?

Means here too to establish the right, I can't straight away fight and be done with it but still I can fight here indirectly showing resistance of non co-operation till the other party sets themselves reasonably right..

This I found is the only of way living thru' presently keeping still my passion burning  to establish the right wherein I had to take blames many times for no fault of mine but can't get away from the people with whom I'm living..

This task should go on eternally..There's no go here and finally living thru' such life alone is the right to establish the right as even Prince Arjuna who happened to be the highly elevated Disciple of Lord Krishna too was advised by the Lord to fight the righteous war without fail (with Equals) and never to retreat even though it looks painful because..

'Matra sparsas tu kaunteya
sitosna sukha duhkha dah
Agamapayino nityas'

'The (mere) contact of senses with the sense objects produces the phenomena cold and heat, pleasure and pain etc.. But these things are temporary appearing and disappearing (They come and go).. 

'tams titiksasva Bharata!'

Bear them patiently (the only right way till the knowledge dawns on you)! 

I'm nothing in this life compared to the Disciples like Prince Arjuna but when even He was advised by the Lord to bear the up and down in life but never leave the Path of the Right, I feel it's my duty too here to do in this line my best taking as much of blame as possible without protest but never stop doing the right activities and thus live thru' this life with a Prayer offered to the Almighty at the end of each day for the ultimate safe sailing thru' all along..

And thus continues the passion in my life this day evergreen!
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Thursday, December 24, 2015


'What's this? Why is it like this?'

I put these questions when something interesting was found near by..
No doubt, got the answer but here my wish alone was fulfilled; nothing more happened!

'If you put your questions in the field of demand, you'll make an earning..' some one said..
Soon I had to do that and I did, the change was a fact and I became better!

'Had you put these questions with more devotion, you could have made fortunes by this time!' again said the one next to me..
That again motivated me, I did so and the change was a fact as soon I became much, much better! 

I continued that never thinking further, I was better off everywhere around 
But deep within there was a vacuum I found that never got filled in! 

There, none around had an answer so easily and I was left to myself with an assumption that it was a passing phase of life with an additional advice from few that diversion in the direction of suitable worldly interest will sure fill that vacuum.. 

But that never deterred me from the pursuit as going back to anything of worldly interest was soon found something that'll never fill this unique vacuum within.. 

'What's this? Why is it like this?' 

Thus again continued the questioning with more vigor but this time, entirely in a new direction.. 
Whether I found the answer or not is not the point here as that answer itself happened to be Part of the Questioner.. 

May be, the answer is in distance or 
May be, it'll never be found in this life but
Anyhow, that's immaterial as
The turn itself was truly the beginning of 
A new Chapter in my life..
As that pursuit itself appeared 
The great happiness of my life wherein
It firmed up 
One single belief within..

That the Almighty Exists and 
He alone is The Ultimate!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The young man fresh from College who joined a Company on appointment was posted as the Supervisor and made in-charge of a small Working Group..

That was a terror responsibility with him as he had a hell of problems with the people of his Group.. Soon, it went to such a level that one day one of his Assistants simply remarked that he was unfit in his new Position.. There was no go, he had to fight it out else the life itself would be useless and so having been cornered thus, on another day when an Assistant said, 
“Don’t interfere with my Work!” he just picked up 
all the strength, straight away looked at him and said,
  • “Dear! I will and that’s my job here.. I’ll stop you, I'll check your work and I'll instruct you further on what to do.. You are no one here to comment on that except obey to what I say!”

with the very responsibility bestowed on him which was feeling shy all those days to come out!  Instantly, not only the Assistant but all around were taken a back with those words from him.. 

And that very moment, a True Supervisor was born in his place!

Life went on thus, years rolled by and soon the man was a Manager of mid thirties..

The job in front was really tough, he had to answer very much on the Work Schedules, his Boss never left an inch of margin there and thus was driven everywhere around.. The Sub-ordinates in turn were sore that they were not supported, soon settled with the average work outputs which really created a burning problem with him until a day when one of his Sub-ordinates purposefully picked up a quarrel with a colleague of another Group and asked him to resolve the issue as the Manager there, 
he just picked up all the strength, straight away looked at him and said, 

  • "Dear! You ask me to resolve this issue which you yourself picked up? Tell me first of all, who gave you permission to go to that Group leaving your active work? I am issuing you a Memo on this indiscipline…. Please answer me in writing!”

with the very responsibility bestowed on him which was feeling shy all those days to come out!  Instantly, not only the Assistant but all around were taken a back with those words from him.. 

And that very moment, a True Manager was born in his place!

Time passed that way.. In years, the Manager was the Head of his own Dept..

There were Weekly Review Meetings, all Bigwigs used to sit in the Meetings questioning on the achievements of the Head and he was once again a small man.. For sometime he had to search for words, mutter a few and soon it reached a limit when on a particular day in a meeting when he was cornered as usual, he just picked up all the strength, straight away looked at GM chairing the meeting and said, 

  • “Sir! There's nothing less done here from my side and nothing else had to be done.. The actual reason is, your own man had just by-passed certain procedures and contributed for the delay.. I've every proof of that!”

with the very responsibility bestowed on him which was feeling shy all those days to come out!  Instantly, not only the GM but all around were taken a back with those words from him.. 

And that very moment, a True Senior Executive of the Company was born in his place!

In another 10 years, the man was the GM of his Division.. And the max responsibilities were attached to him in no time.. Soon, there was certain unrest in the Company and when the new GM alone had to resolve it, he just picked up all the strength, straight away looked at the Core Members of protest in front and said, 

  • “See my dear Members.. My Division has to show a minimum Profit of……… in this Financial Year and It can never be less of that.. Your demands very much eat up into that.. I can never afford this and if it happens I'm never here.. Listen to me.. I assure you of an internal arrangement.. It's between you and me alone.. The total monies outflow towards salary rise is already worked out by our Finance Group.. I’ll leave it you, how you want to distribute the same among all the levels of people working in our Division.. I’ll not question on this but any one asks me, I’ll direct them to you alone.. Please go ahead with your Plans within these limits and get me the result.. I'm with you here; else I've to look out for other means of getting it.. Hope you understand!”

with the very responsibility bestowed on him which was feeling shy all those days to come out! Instantly, the CEO sitting next to him as well as all around were taken a back with those words from him.. 

And that very moment, a True GM was born in his place!

Monday, December 21, 2015


The cute little child of two and half yrs was the center of attraction in the big joint family..

It was the time for the Little One to grasp, remember and speak out the names of his Mom, Dad, Grand Parents, Uncles and Aunts of the family.. Every one was fascinated by his talk and how he pronounced their names and with all keenness, each was correcting his / her name in the best way..

The Mom asked, "Dear! What's my name?"

The child paused but with no difficulty repeated his dear Mom's name so nicely.. The Mom's happiness was unlimited and she instantly hugged the child tight..

Next she asked, "What's your Dad's name?"

The child tried his best but made a small change which his Dad corrected gently and helped him out..

Next was the turn of young Aunts and Uncles around.. 

Each one started their own questions, the Little One was steady, never got confused, slowly spoke out their names so cutely and it was all fun for a while.. The young Aunts and Uncles were a bit aware of the child calling them different as they felt little embarrassed when others made fun of them and consciously each tried his / her best to correct own names in such a way that the embarrassment had gone and the new names looked more appropriate to their personalities..

Then it was the turn of Grand Ma.. 

The lady took the child, hugged him and sweetly asked what he should call her.. The Little One with a great amusement seen on his face said aloud her name.. She was instantly happy and said she liked him calling that way but softly taught him how to pronounce her name better.. And the Child did it in no time to the astonishment of all as that pronunciation, they never expected the boy of that age to make..

The last was the turn of Grand Pa.. The Grand Mom asked, 

"Dear! What do you call your Grand Pa?"

The child being told his short name which too looked quite complicated, said some thing quite odd which made every one laugh aloud.. The Grand Mom said, 

"What dear? You call your Grand Pa like that who buys you everything and carries you all the time? It's funny.... Say...." 

she helped him out.. The child tried that pronunciation twice or thrice but failed, never wanted to accept that and with a big smile pronounced his name as xxxxx hearing which every one around burst into a big laughter as that straight away conveyed a meaning of what an ugly man was the grandfather..

The Mom instantly said, 

"Hi! Do you call your Grand Pa like that? No.. He is a big man.. He did many things for our family.. He gives you anything you want...You should....."

Suddenly the Grand Pa sitting little away, instantly came forward with a smile stopped his daughter, took the Little One into his arms and said softly, 

"Yes! Dear! You call me like that only from now onwards.. I like it very much.. I give you everything you want.. You are the dearest to me.. Never change this my new Name.. I really love it.. It's such soothing musical note on my ears which I've experienced for the first time in my life.. Thank you very much for calling me like this baby!"

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Sunday, December 20, 2015


It should ever be remembered that leave from work is only a privilege given but never a right bestowed on the employee at any point of time during the course of his/her employment..

Every leave requested at work should be for one of following broad reasons alone..

1. Sickness/injury of self or family and to discharge the core family responsibilities:

This reason makes the employee become eligible to get such a leave till he/she becomes well in case of self sickness / personal injury or minimum leave required for family to recover from the attack / mishap and the core family responsibilities are met.. At the earliest point of time when the emergency or urgency is met, the employee takes appropriate action in informing the approving authority the leave requirement.. The approval is automatic subject to the production of any Medical Certificates later if insisted upon and joining the duty back can only be with the Fitness Certificate in case of self sickness/injury..

2. Social obligations:

Here, the employee becomes eligible for such a leave which the society around feels that minimum social obligations from his/her side have to be met..This leave is applied in advance and sanction is taken as the obligation duties are always planned.. In this case, still the leave can be rationed within the limits..

3. Personal needs:

All types of personal works/needs to be completed by the employee which are of secondary importance in nature come under this category.. This type of leave is applied in advance and when sanctioned only the employee proceeds on leave.. Here the employer may ration the leave, may not sanction it or can call back the employee during leave period and ask him/her to join duty cancelling his/her leave.. 

  • Leave without pay too needs to be applied and sanction should be obtained as per the requirement..
  • Unauthorized leave of absence can make the employee loose lien on his/her job and he/she can be dismissed from service.. 
It is to be understood that the employer has kept his shop opened for employee and guaranteed him/her the employment for subsequent working days up to a period limit under the appointment terms and conditions.. Absence of employee cannot come in the way of the smooth functioning of the employer's business and if it happens a few days continuously, the employer develops the right to retrench the employee under the agreed conditions of employment..

In simplest terms the message is

  • The employee cannot be off from duty without appropriate permission as it may affect the employer’s business and can create loss on business which cannot be corrected subsequently.. 
  • Further, too much of leave for any reason in spite of being sanctioned appropriately gives a feeling to the employer that the employee has too many problems outside the employment and hence another one with less problems may do his/her job better.. This view cannot be avoided with any employer if the employee takes too much leave..
  • Again, except essential leave, unnecessary leave from job gives too much leverage to the dependents of the family of employee to neglect their portion of work / responsibility as additional help is readily available for them.. As such they either become ineffective in their own works or become dependent on the employee for their requirement.. This is nothing but interfering with natural living of a person and should be avoided at all costs.. 
Hence, rationing the leave is the only best way at work all the times.. No go here!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


The Great Man carried a sacred black thread (amulet) round his wrist all the time.. Some one commented, 

"You advocate all the time doing the right things in life.. Here, you alone are believing in this thread and carrying it round your hand!"

The Great Personality smiled and replied..

"This thread is tied on to my hand by my mother with a belief in her that it safeguards me from all evils.. Here, I'm no one to question her belief and as a dutiful son I honor her decision of having this round my hand.. In case, the thread wears out and falls off on its own, I myself will not tie another one in it's place as my mother never insisted me to do that!"

That's how the Great Man truly honored and respected His Mother's feeling and followed it 100% as a dutiful son..

Parents forever deserve this level of respect from their wards as the sacrifices done by them in their life time towards their wards especially when the children were young can never be gauged on any standard of scale available on this earth!

It's possible that at times, the parents may carry an authority beyond required on their grown-up children which any grown-up man will resist but that action should forever be soft-pedaled alone and should never be straight away brought out as an insult to the personality of the parent..

This soft-pedaling is often a trick to be played by me towards my parent whenever he/she advises beyond and questions me unnecessarily in my life..

A short story in this context..

A Saint was once beaten by a Rowdy Sheeter on the road and he became unconscious.. The disciples quickly brought Him back to the Ashram and one of them started serving Him.. When the Saint came to consciousness, the disciple asked, 

"Master? Can you recognize who is serving you?"

The Saint smiled and said, 

"The hand that hit me is serving me!"

Conveying the Message that He could not distinguish between the wrong and the right doers as His Love spreads on all uniformly..

This attitude may be the highest, may never be possible for me but a practice of it at least limited to my family if comes up can do real wonders..

So let me forget here the parent as the wrong doer, think him/her always as my well-wisher alone and then proceed to highlight my issues firmly without moving an inch back..

Here, again the parental reaction may vary but that is immaterial for me as.. 

'My parent is dearer to me and I should never oppose him/her at any time but oppose only the adharma part therein and here I never allow that adharma over take us at any time!'

If I firm up thus, my way is sure the way of safe path for me in my life and never less of it at any time with a single thought all the time in me that.. It's still Okay!!

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"Its Still Okay!")

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


'Bhaja Govindam Baja Govindam
Govindam BhajamuuDhamathe
Samprapte sannihitekale
Nahi nahi rakshati Dukrijnkarane!'

'Worship Govinda Worship Govinda Worship Govinda.. When the leaving time nears, rules of grammar will not save you!'

Thus said Sri Adi Sankara while passing thru' the streets of Kasi with His Disciples, when He noticed a Sanskrit Scholar repeatedly stressing on his students the right way of pronouncing one of the words in a Teaching Session..

All our family traditions have their true meaning in life only as long as this Truth is never forgotten when these traditions are followed and the man in front truly becomes the most important while following the same..

‘I am within my four walls all myself with my very freedom and my own expansion and my expression.... None can take a bit of this from me!’ 

thus goes equally the firm belief at times in man forgetting the basic fact that a little sharing with others alone is the Real ‘Me’, True Freedom, Growing and Truly Expressing in life.. And here  a 100% sure, our family tradition and values rise to the occasion to limit this selfishness and rescue him from the total degradation..

The concept of family instantly becomes a sacred thought in the mind of the man when he gears up, becomes attentive in his life and constantly discharges the responsibilities attached there in towards the core family members in particular and towards the people in general out side the family circle in a gradation manner..

When seen in this spirit, our original family traditions advocated by the Great Seers and the Wise who equally cared for providing changes in these with passing times are truly rich in certain values and disciplines and forever do good the self in particular and the world in general if diligently followed..

But as time passed, unfortunately these same traditions were interpreted by a few powerful people for their selfish gain who could forcibly bring changes to them.. Subsequently, it had become a hectic job for a few Great Men and Women to fight out these very evils that crept into our Culture if not in full and and brought them under control.. It has thus become a Great Job done by these Great People who reestablished Dharma in our Society.. The remaining coercive rules and regulations still in vogue this date are truly a black mark on the society and it's ever our duty here to fight these tooth and nail and see that our Culture is truly freed from these evils..

Let's take the pledge here that we do respect and follow our rich family traditions and rules to core where in the Good of Humanity stands as the ultimate aim and we never support again here when the Basic Freedom and True Expression of man is questioned even at an infinitesimal level!

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Monday, December 14, 2015


“A disciple once happened to see his Master in a certain environment in the odd hrs of one night.. He thought himself, 

‘Our Master always advises us to keep distance from the attractions of the world and we sincerely follow His Preachings.. But I wonder why, such a Great Man is seen in this environment?  Let me follow Him hiding behind the bushes and let me see the end of this drama..’

Having firmed up thus, the disciple secretly followed the Master.. But in no time, he was stunned to see his Master attending to certain works routine in nature.. He could no more keep his guilt feeling within himself and the next day morning confessed the same to his Master requesting pardon from Him..

The Master smiled and said, 

“Dear, No question of asking pardon here..  Yours is very much, the Right Spirit of Questioning everything around! Never leave this attitude anywhere, at anytime with whomever it may be and whatever may be the doubt.. That alone is the Right way of progressing in the line of Spirituality.. Never have a blind belief in this Path!”

The Head of a Monastery, when told this story to a group of devotees listening to Him, one of the devotees with all obedience asked him, 

“Reverend Sir! I have a doubt.. If you are saying.. 'Do not believe in anything but question everything around!'.. then, how is that the Great Men of the World repeatedly preached, 'Believe in God and have Faith in Him?'" 

The Head smiled at him and said, 

“Dear! What the Great Men spoke of Faith or Belief in God is not the usual word we use in world in respect of worldly dealings.. Questing in respect of the worldly dealings is the primary duty with us and establishing 'what is what' is the most important aspect in our lives..

But myself, questioning my Belief in God is similar to the grown up son questioning own mother on all her earlier actions she had done towards his growth out of her emotion towards him saying that there was no rationality in her behavior at that point of time.. The subject would be totally irrelevant at any point of time in the life of the son when the end result.. 

'He having become a fully grown up man with all capabilities to lead his life..' 

is very much in front.. Here, the son invariably touches his mother's feet and just pays his respects for all that she had done to him till that point of time without a second thought..

In a similar way, 

'I am today an embodiment of certain capabilities, health and strength in my environment on this earth..' 

is because the Almighty had taken care of me all these years and provided me with these precious entities to lead my life in the best way I would like to express.. Further, the Lord alone takes care of all this around me in the coming up life too.. Please tell me, what other feeling I should carry with me in this context, other than Offering my sincere Prayer to Him as a thankful gesture and further humbly request Him continue providing me these for the rest of my life? 

This is the exact reason why Great Men reiterated their stand of having Belief in God and proceed living our lives thus on this Earth!"

While leaving, the Head cautioned, 

"Of course, this Original Undivided Faith or Belief necessarily should follow only after the Right Actions are done from my side and It never permits me to be cruel to any life around and cause damage.. Having done that job perfectly in total alone, I have every right to have my Undaunted Faith here otherwise never!"

Friday, December 11, 2015


harthuryaathi na gocharam kimapi sham pushnaathi yathsarvadhaa
pyarthibhyah prathipaadhyamaanamanisham praapnothi vrudhdhim paraam
kalpaantheshvapi na prayaathi nidhanaam vidhyaakhyamanthardhanam
yeshaam thaasprathi maanamujgha tha nrupaah kasthaissaha spardhathe!

"Giving knowledge to others is the greatest service (on the earth). It cannot be stolen by thieves. It gives utmost happiness and makes one only resourceful. Such service does not diminish thru' time; instead it grows and can never be destroyed. The donations of a wealthy king may diminish and be destroyed at anytime but the knowledge spread by a wise man stays forever!"

(Bhartruhari Neetisathakam Verse 13)

It's ever the No1 Truth in life that every person around us is a dynamo of certain sure unique expression and limited noteworthy action.. And this expression/action has its own purpose in Nature where in again certain good will be done to the immediate group and to the world in general..

It's sure a noble gesture on one's behalf if this is freely brought out as much as possible from himself/ herself simultaneously encouraging the man next to him/her in the same direction..

The very purpose of whole blogging surfaces here alone and such a noble force of expression needs an approved forum to do so as one is ever limited in respect of expanding as he/she is often constrained by powerful ruling forces around which can definitely question him / her a few times for coming in their own way and once in a way, essentially may stop him / her from doing all that.. 
In spite of probably thus getting constrained too, it's still a duty with me here to express out as much as possible and further act too in that direction..

Here alone the Saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword!" becomes predominant and definitely it's true too as setting right issues thru' the use of sword meaning muscle power, however easy may look is always temporary compared to the real transformation that good blogging brings about..

This is the exact background that made me start blogging, become a member of Facebook, Indiblogger and later Blogadda and thus be able to communicate freely with my dear Readers..

Having started this activity around 2010, till date I could bring about 1000+ Posts narrating my life experiences and perceptions thus freely expressing myself equally noting down the valuable views of my Readers thru' which I could again correct myself in some of these expressions / actions.. This experience had become truly a unique one in my life as some concrete thing is done here for which I feel it's worth living this life..

There's no great materialistic achievement for me at this stage 
having retired and lead thru' my active life making decent savings for my future in front but it's not so for the young Bloggers in the field who sure have to make an earning out of their blogging and thus progress..

Let me conclude by saying that..

As Rome was not built in a day, changes around definitely take time to materialize but the effort put in that direction even of infinitesimal nature, never goes waste, sure accrues and becomes a huge force in time bringing significant changes for the good of the society in particular and humanity in general.. 

And I hereby wish all my Blogger Friends a continued happy Blogging thru' their these Unique Expressions and the Related Actions!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Once a medium sized gravel stone was lying by the side of a walk path.. A dry colorful leaf severed from the tree above had just gracefully landed by the side of the stone..

wished the tiny leaf with a beautiful smile..

said the stone with a stern face..

“Why are you so stern faced? Why don't you relax for a while and smile once?” 
the leaf asked..

“If you want, you do that.. I’ll not respond so timidly.. I am all by myself!” 
said the stone looking much stiffer.. 

The tiny leaf just kept quite for a while observing the Nature around.. Soon, a gentle breeze started blowing and the leaf was ready to move..

“Now you go, you helpless One! Even such a small wind shakes you up in no time.. I don’t understand the very purpose of your living.. Every moment is shaky for you.. You are ever a slave.. I have firmed my roots here deep into the earth.. Do you know since how many years I am here? Your wind however strong can never shake me even a little bit.. Go dear, go.. I don't know what for you are living on this earth…. I pity you!” 
said the stone with a great pride.. 

The tiny leaf simply kept quite and moved on with the breeze gently being rocked in its cradle.. The Little Boy playing around suddenly noticed the colorful leaf dancing above and mesmerized by its graceful movement instantly was pointing out the same and saying something aloud thus totally being in a state of joy..

It so happened subsequently that the child of one of the passers-by by bad luck was hit by the stone and the boy started crying aloud.. Instantly, the father became angry and hit away the stone much harder with his tough right shoe totally shaking it off from its roots..

Utterly confused, lingering in pain and cursing the man, the stone settled at the new spot under a tree.. To its surprise, it quickly found the dry leaf too lying there coolly taking rest..

To a question mark on the face of the stone, the dry leaf smiled and said, 

“My dear! We both were next to each other sometime back and we are again side by side towards the end of the day.. But, all along, I was knowing my limits, respected the mighty by my side and was ready to accept what came through in the process as that was all given to me by God and thus simply lived my life with ease and a smile.. In the process I could amuse and enchant the Little Boy on the way and that was truly a feather in my cap in respect of my achievements in this life.. 

Here alone you erred, expanded beyond without seeing the really stronger by your side and thus carried with you a false pride and a feeling of permanency.. In the process you were even ready to cause injury to others and damage their life..

The end result is.. 

At the end of the day, I could sincerely accept what came to me with a smile where as you sure failed there frowning and cursing all the time but reaching the same place finally.."

The leaf concluded, 

“Dear! In life too, each man is given certain strength with his limits well defined.. One who becomes aware of that and makes use of it for betterment of the world and thus starts respecting in the true sense is forever a happy man in his life but that one who without caring for the same tries to expand and assert himself beyond invariably faces resistance from the surroundings and suffers eternally.. Ultimately, it is we alone that make our life or mar our life; none else can or will do it for us!”

Monday, December 7, 2015


It's sure a long, long journey in front.. But no go here.. The journey need to be performed.. That too steadily and safely.. And beyond again, I should sure reach the destination.. 

And that's equally my life here on the Earth this moment..

  • Stops under shade may be comforting, alluring and interesting.. But I should optimize quickly, leave each stop as per plan and steadily continue the journey else precious time would be lost and I'll be late at my destination..
These are indirectly nothing but the pleasures in my life and I should ever be moderate here, quickly come out of their influence and soon be in my discipline..
  • Break-down stops are inevitable, the repairs have to be necessarily addressed and I should be equipped to carry these repairs on the spot without much disturbance to the plans in front and my journey thus need to continue steadily..
These are indirectly the basic issues of health, well being and feeling safe in my life.. And ever I should be prepared here to face them and steadily progress thru' towards my recovery..
  • No doubt, rough paths, steep climbs, down slopes and sharp turns come up in the way.. Sometimes a turn means steering with a greater force.. Here, the speed would sure come down and further journey could continue only through stretching, care and attention with the vehicle in trim and extra good condition to face these hurdles.. 
These are the problems and difficulties of my life that come up sooner or later.. And I should ever equip myself both physically and psychologically to over come all these hurdles, stand to the situation and thus move on in my life..
    • A good driver a few times may not be a good navigator and in addition may be an individual of bad temper.. One may drive well but should equally reach one's destination.. A constant look-out and observation alone makes one a good navigator and the rule bound driving forever will cool one's temper..
Likewise, the path to my ultimate destination in my life is known only through constant attention and learning thru' my mistakes.. And discharging my duties through a discipline will sure change my built in resistance to accept ‘What Is' in front as much as possible!
  • Finally in spite of all the above care and discipline, God’s Grace alone truly makes one complete the journey safely and reach the destination..
Here too, the Universal Prayer offered to the Almighty at the end of each day of my life sure makes me the Complete Man ever fit to perform this Eternal Journey of Life steadily and safely!

Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niramayah
Sarve bhadrani pasyantu
Ma kashchit duhkha bhagbhavet
Om shantih shantih shantih!

May all be prosperous and happy
May all be free from illness
May all see what is spiritual uplifting
May no one suffer
Om peace, peace, peace!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


He was the boy who had just entered the twin digit age.. Too straightforward, inquisitive and experimental in nature and ever ready to learn the 'Right' alone.. 

His Mom said, 

“Go to the Temple, Pray to God and come back.. The Almighty sure takes care of you!”

Along with that she reminded him of all the procedures to follow there..

The boy was too enthusiastic.. And he believed his Mom a total one hundred percent there..

Accordingly, he went to the Temple and exactly did what his Mom told him but for the final ringing the bell, he had to jump and do that as he could not reach that height..

That way, he did it twice but when he was jumping the 3rd time, he was harshly told by the Authorities to go away from there and not to jump and cause nuisance in the Premises.. 

Leaving the young mind totally confused and tensed up for a while where he believed beyond!

He got a lower Grade in one of the Subjects of his Half yearly Exams which earlier he claimed at home having answered the best..

The Mom sent his elder brother to the Institute to enquire about the low marks..
There, the elder brother quickly found that his brother had wrongly assessed his own marks as the scoring given appeared right only when the same was showed and explained to him by the Authorities with a vengeance and hurt feeling in their minds for pointing out unnecessarily.. The hurt continued, the anger was no less and when the boy not knowing all that was actively playing inside in the Compound area, the washed waters of lunch box were thrown on him as if the boy was unnoticed..

Leaving the young mind totally confused and tensed up for a while where he believed beyond!

He was interacting with the best friend of his father who even though appeared the best man was expecting a favor from his dad.. When the dad did not yield there and followed the right procedure, the man who appeared as dear friend till then turned too hostile and as he could never do anything to the dad, showed his wrath and pent up emotions in front of the boy scolding him and his dad beyond the limits.. 

Leaving the young mind totally confused and tensed up for a while where he believed beyond!

The boy was travelling.. They were waiting for the transport at the Central Area around 8 PM.. Meanwhile the boy had to attend to the Nature’s Call.. He told his Mom and walked a little away towards the bushes on the side.. When he reached there, the tall heavy built man guarding the area suddenly caught him and asked him to follow him.. The boy was in total tears in front of the hefty Guard who made him walk some distance away from the place where his Mom and dad were waiting, took him to a Corner when the boy's heart beat increased beyond the limit and straight away showed him a well illuminated clean place marked as 'Public Bath Rooms,' gently guided him to use the place and advised him never get into the habit of dirtying the Open Areas.. 

Leaving the young mind totally astonished and relaxed for a while where he feared beyond!

Friday, December 4, 2015


The foreign born and brought up Little One was at his grand parents' home on vacation.. And the grandpa quickly taught him when the boy visited the rest room for the first time..

"Dear! On the top of the flush there are two buttons.. One big and one small.. The big is for poo and the small for wee.. OK?"

"Yes!" s
aid the boy straight away.. 

It was the wee first and after finishing that the boy pressed the small button to flush out..

said the grandpa in appreciation.. 

By lunch time, there was poo requirement.. The elderly man lead the boy to the rest room, the Little One finished his job and pressed the big button..

said the grandpa in appreciation.. 

The Little One smiled, waited for a while and pressed the small button..

"Why did you do that? Already it was clean!" 
said the grandpa..

"There was wee too!"
said the boy with all sincerity..
In a couple of days one evening, the mom visited the near by big toy shop with the child.. In a short time, the boy pulled out a big package containing the latest car model, slid it on to the shopping cart and said, "I want this!"

He never listened beyond and asked his mom to move to the billing counter.. The mom had no go there but the cost was beyond her means and equally she never wanted to pamper the child.. As she stood in the queue, she slowly removed the big packet from the cart as the boy was busy looking around.. She billed the remaining and simply came out..

Back home, she narrated the incident to her father but the elderly gentleman said, 
"It's never the right way here.. Don't worry, I'll correct it in a better way.. The only thing is you need to have some patience here.." Further to that, he patted the Little One and said.. "Dear! We'll go to your toy shop tomorrow and I'll get you a beautiful car!" 

As promised, the gentleman took the child to the same toy shop, created a certain interest in the boy to look at the cheaper car models and as the boy selected one red car, he neatly got it packed, billed and brought home.. No need to say further.. The child was beyond his happiness all along playing with his favorite car the grandpa bought him..
The daughter was leaving, she counted all those currency notes left out with her as they would not be useful in the foreign country, made a big bundle of money and told the Little One, "Go and give this to grandpa!"

The child speedy came running to his grandpa, just handed over the cash to him stressing the word
"Money!" and ran back with the same speed least bothered about the value of what was in his hand..
The family returned and it so happened that the mom forgot many of the child's play and schooling items at her parents' home.. She was a little bothered about that as they were needed for the child's use daily.. The grandpa said in the video call, "Don't worry, dear.. I'll try to send those items to you when some one is coming from here!"

The Little One was in tears..

"What did you miss?" 
asked the grandpa..

"My blue balloon!!!"

The grandpa looked around and found at a corner the blue balloon the child played all the time when he was there.. His heart instantly felt for the Little One and in no time, he assured him with all love.. 
"Don't worry dear! Right now I'm packing this balloon in a small cover and posting it to you.. When you get it, you have to just blow air into that and play.. OK?"

"The sending cost is too high.." 
remarked a family member.. 

The grandpa was firm.. "Seen from my end, the money is not that much.. But my boy values his balloon beyond and expects me to act quickly and send it to him.. I'll do that without say.. It's the heart that speaks here and not the item or the money!"

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


There are 2 Types of Forces of Actions around me that act thru' in this Universe eternally..

  • The No 1 is the Force of Action independent of my wish and will..
  • The No 2 is the Force of Action based on what I wish and will for..

And the Reality is.. The No 1 Category takes place continuously in the direction of the average of all Forces of Actions of No 2 Category of all Living Beings of the Universe..

Here alone a certain conflict continuously exists in me as my No 2 Force of Action clashes with the No 1 Force resulting in unexpected happenings..

These unexpected happenings often is the major concern of my anxiety and tension in my life as my No 2 Force of Action may not take place a 100% of what I hope for or expect every moment..

But the situation can't be changed even a bit because, Mother Nature out of Her own Love for all the Living Beings needs to act impartially to the requirement of every Living Entity here on this Earth..

Thus seen crystal clear, if I have to avoid conflict in my life, the right way here forever is to allow my Force of Action from my side towards the Basic Welfare Activities of mine where in the Universal Force concurs a 100% with that and beyond let me rise, be considerate and divert my those left out energies in the direction of the Universal Good both of which again are indirectly supported a 100% by the No 1 Force..

It ultimately means that.. My Energies forever should go in the direction of my Basic Self Expression with full Dignity and with all Vigor and beyond those left out should go for the Betterment of the Universe in general thru' a Service to the Humanity and Cause for Living!

Why not I, from this moment start living this No/Least Conflict Life here as long as my life is planned on this Earth?