Wednesday, January 31, 2018


“It is fact that many times, I'm not allowed to learn properly among my group of friends. I want to learn and whenever I ask a question in that context, I'm often ridiculed or bullied and then only given the right answer. People around me feel so much to part with their knowledge 'As Is' and I have to struggle to get it from them. In case I don’t ask, then also there's a problem.

I'll become a laughing stock in no time without proper knowledge and that squarely is going to happen amidst many which is sure a disgrace to my personality. So, knowing/learning alone is the answer here but there is a virtual price I've to pay for that. I'm sad!”

“See, dear! I understand what you say and you may learn by paying a price for certain knowledge but that's always limited because the general knowledge is never taught beyond. Moving with friends and learning through an active participation in many ways alone gives the right knowledge and makes one's learning complete.

But all along, there's a finer way of approach in this great learning process which many times you may not be aware of. Let me explain a little more here..

Whenever I move with people in my life, that active movement can be broadly classified as either

Intervention or

Squarely getting into one's personal affairs is interference and questioning somewhat extra is intervention. Both of these should sure be avoided carefully during any learning process because I should never inconvenience others in the process..

The right way here is proper interaction only. It means.. I carry the necessary respect for the other man for his/her extra knowledge which I'm presently lacking and which I want to make my own as that makes me ever a stronger personality in the world as well as helps me indirectly in understanding the Truth.

In this process, there's a lot I

Grasp and

At the back of certain unfailing

Patience and

From my end.. With such a dynamic attitude, when I make myself available to listen to what the other man is saying, I truly fit in the context of the Sacred Saying of the Universe,

'Ascharyo Shrotah! (The Listener is a wonder!)'

Without a say.. As I thus ready myself to take the best from the world for my uplift as well as for the world's betterment, in no time, the best speaker too emerges by my side to satisfy the teaching required therein equally fitting into the other part of the Sacred Saying Viz.,

'Ascharyo Vaktah! (the Speaker is a wonder!)

And thus continue his/her telling the exact required at that moment truly benefiting me in particular and the world at large!

Tell me, presently are you really disciplined thus at your end before learning the so called 'NEW' around you or simply approaching in a relaxed way giving flimsy excuses?"

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Monday, January 29, 2018


An elderly man was living with his big joint family. Many members were around naturally in their own way and partly in their own world..

He was unhappy for sometime as he felt that none of the members were listening to and caring for him the way they used to listen and care in the earlier days.

One day he happened to meet one of his friends who was a well-wisher and a deep thinker in his life. He just said to his friend,

“Days have changed and along with that my people too have changed. Now, they don't take that type of interest in me as they used to show earlier. Forget about the interest, even if I tell now something, they question back and will not accept so easily. If insisted upon, a few times it leads to unpleasant arguments and unnecessary rift..

Presently, I'm constantly perturbed by this indifferent attitude of my people and often feel bad within myself!"

The well-wisher friend comforted him and said,

“Dear! I agree with you that you are getting less attention from your people even though you are interested to advise and help them. May be you want to handover part of your responsibilities to them after educating them to a certain level on handling and taking care of these and that's not clicking in a way you expect them to react.. But i
f you see in depth there's a beauty here...”

The friend paused and continued..

  • “They are all your people and they believe you as their man. That still remains intact and it never vanishes from our minds as our attachments are very strong. Here you'll not leave them easily and they'll not leave you too!
Being aware of this emotional bondage at the back, my right advice here is..
  • Silently withdrawing yourself from the areas of their personal expression
  • Assist your people indirectly in their neck tight activities thru' your highly valued
  • Co-ordination and follow-up all along
  • Retaining your importance in their hearts as a true friend as well as indirectly
  • Educating them on the pitfalls they can't foresee often making it a joke and thus
  • Dedicate yourself to the cause with a certain sure
  • Warmth
  • Oneness feeling 
  • Regard and 
  • Kindness!
If you start doing this right from this moment, your present turmoil sure would never be seen as pain but a welcome work alone!"

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Saturday, January 27, 2018


On the day of his appointment with a total lost feeling when asked the newly introduced-first time- Boss if he could refer all his future problems to him and as the Boss replied with a sweet smile,

  • "Why not dear? You are 100% welcome!",
The then young man of nil work experience and no maturity believed the words of his Boss 100% without an iota of doubt!

On the day when he approached the Boss for permission to leave office early to catch his train and as the Boss said,

  • "Yes, dear! The train is just scheduled at this time to help all our early going people from work!",
The then young man of barely 1 yr work experience felt a bit strange with the Boss reaction as traces of maturity in him sensed something fishy in that talk!

On the day when the GM straight away wrote ‘Not Approved’ on his personal sanction note and subsequently handing over the same the Boss comforted him saying,

  • "Don't worry, dear.. Take it cool and get into your work now.. I know how to help you out in this matter!",
The then man of 5 yrs of work experience pegged his faith in the Boss talk at 50% with a certain sure doubt in what he said!

On the day when another equal Boss who assumed indirect power on him with all sweetness made him do his work for a short time and the Official Boss fuming in anger said,
  • "GM wants a written explanation from you on the dereliction of your duties!",
The then middle aged man of 15 yrs of work experience felt totally directionless for a while but further to that in a short time became an expert in answering all such indirect Bosses with smile!

On the day having asked for additional manpower to complete the new Project, when the Boss humiliated him saying,
  • “Dear! Don't you know that in our company whenever extra hands are required, seniors borrow manpower from their colleagues on mutual basis?” 
He, the then grey haired man of 22 yrs work experience felt sorry for asking thus simultaneously firming up his own course of future action in the matter!

On the day having requested the Boss for a bit long leave to celebrate a life time event and when the Boss said,
  • "What are asking me, dear? You must smartly manage both without going on too much leave!”, 
The well known man with 3 year’s service left out instantly felt for not able to rise to the occasion as by then he was able to understand well the requirement of the Boss and thus moved on with his work!

Finally at the back of such valuable experience,

On the day of his retirement from the company when the Boss said,
  • “Go ahead.. It's your day today!”,
He, the then 100% matured man of around 38 yrs of work experience instantly became speechless with an over flowing emotion within for permanently leaving the so much adored place all those years but the next moment with a shaking tone saying,

"Yes Sure, Sir!",

Picked up and delivered the highly awaited emotional speech perfect fit to the situation non stop at the back of a thunderous clapping from his beloved staff and colleagues!

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Thursday, January 25, 2018


“I always feel for the condition of the less privileged. They work hard but always get less as return. That’s why I decided..

  • Whenever I employ someone or hire someone’s services who invariably have lesser finances with them I will be liberal in their remuneration for the work they do and give additional tips everywhere under one pretext or the other.
I'm sure the Almighty expects me to do this in this context and thus remain humble all along!”

Said the man calling disbursement of money frugally in such situations is ever a sin..

  • “I don't agree to what you say.. The economics of work and pay always remain harsh as monies are never available in excess and paid liberally. I get more because I struggled for that through my education and am further gifted with certain extra skills. These alone determine the more pay I receive at my work but not that I was paid more just like that.. 
  • Small earners exist around us because either they have lesser skills or their skills don't have higher demand. You shouldn't change this fundamental equation in life by simply paying them more for the less valued work turned out..
I'm sure the Almighty expects me to respect the Nature's Law in this context and thus remain rule bound all along!”

Said the friend calling disbursement of money liberally in such cases is ever a sin..

A well-wisher of both of them who was listening to that talk, intervened and said,

“My dear! You both have spoken certain facts of the subject matter but didn't speak fully.

The right way here is..

Let the man do his/her work honestly known to him/her and let him/her receive only that much as per the market demand and supply around. It's truly a sacred money with him/her and let me carry all the respect towards that..

But all along, let me put a question to myself,
  • ‘Can I help him/her who is equally a member of my 'Greater Home' in his/her growth and development indirectly?’
Today, God had given me more than these people and kept me in the society as an individual at a higher level of survival compared to them equally expecting me to be a part and parcel of their welfare thru' the better monies I receive.

Let me truly help here and see that these people can access all that easily and fully make use of the same for themselves and their families for their betterment and improvement and not think less of it at any time!"

While departing the elderly quipped,

  • Easy money concept is bad and the idea that I live for myself is equally bad. Living away from both these concepts is the true safety in our life and we should ultimately do that at any cost!”
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


A rich man living in his posh bungalow, after his daily 10-5 work, used spend rest of his time in

  • Offering extended prayers to God,
  • Reading many philosophical books, 
  • Attending various religious discourses,
  • Advising people on the right course of actions, 
  • Involving in extended charitable activities and 
  • Participating in the core home and social activities! 
At the end of the street, away from his bungalow in a small house, a mother having limited finances after her day's hard work used to spend rest of her time in
  • Cleaning and feeding her child as required, 
  • Playing with the little one in between, 
  • Rocking her baby to sleep in the cradle with all the warmth and care,
  • Taking care of her pending house hold work at the back of sincere support from her spouse with
  • No monies left out for charity other than wishing for good of others and
  • No time left out for a prayer to God other than acknowledging His Presence everywhere!
When the sincerity of devotion towards God was put to test, the Divine Blessings were more for the woman rather than for the rich man. To a question raised in respect of this different assessment, a Firm Answer came up..

“The rich man no doubt is my devotee and all along he is doing a good job in the world. But the mother with a limitless dedication created

The home which is the center of the baby’s gentle cries constantly soothed by her warmth and affection through the creaking sounds of the cradle thus helping in bringing up, may not be a rich but a good personality around who later in life would surely do many more similar good works and becomes truly helpful to my Creation!

Further to that,

The rich man’s doings are always secondary compared to the lady’s care towards her child as

  • The man is doing all that because basically he is comfortably placed in life thru' his inherited riches but never thru' his sweat 
  • The woman without any such back up is totally giving out her sweat for the baby's growth which essentially is the need of the hr!”
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


The grandma used to be too jovial with the little boy of 6+ on the daily distant video call.

"You are my Chand.. You are my Suraj!"

She used to call him with an unexplained emotion in her.

The boy many times liked it as he wanted that petting which invariably the grand parents alone can do max at that tender age but a few times when irritated a little with the forced discipline imposed on him by his mom, he used to say,

"They aren't my names. Call me.......!"

That giving back once in a way looked too soothing for the grandma and instantly she used to doubly assert her right of calling him thus alone.

There the boy could never answer beyond.

That night as usual, the grandma called her daughter on the video call and after few enquiries, noticing that her grandson silently was doing his sketching work not coming in front of the camera directly, said with a distinct emotion indirectly addressing the boy,

"Where's my Chand? I'm not seeing him!"

"It's lunar eclipse today. You can't see your Chand now!"

Aptly replied the boy taking care not to come in front of the camera.

The grandma was totally amused with boy's reply but continuing the fun, she said,

"Okay.. When the eclipse gets over, I can definitely see my Chand.. I think it's almost over now!"

The boy knew that he could never answer her there but was no less to react to the situation instantly..

"Yes.. It's getting over and you can see your Chand now!"

Saying thus, he switched off the room light and straight came in front of the camera.

Unable to see his face clearly, the grandma said,

"Hi! Why did you switch off the light?"

"Because it's night time. The Chand appears only in dark sky!"

The grandma had no way to pull him up. But she too was no less there.

"Okay.. When is the night getting over? I can see my Suraj when it becomes morning!"

The boy was surprised with that sudden twist in the conversation. For a sec, he was at a loss not knowing what to tell her as he knew she would sure pull him up to end the night. But the next moment, he sure had an answer there..

Yes.. Now's it's morning. Your Suraj is in front of you. But.. Sorry.. A badal (black cloud) covered him. You can't see him now!"

Saying thus, he covered the camera with piece of paper..
The grandma got exhausted with boy's smart play. Meanwhile, the mom got her boy some salad and snacks and seeing his favorite dish in front, the boy became too happy and instantly removing the paper in front of the camera said aloud with a beautiful smile on his face..

"Now your Suraj is fully in front of you!"

The grandma and others around were too mesmerized with the trick played by the boy making it ultimately a win-win situation!

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Monday, January 22, 2018


The son educated and employed was seen not disciplined in respect of his finances. At the end of the month, he asked his dad some money.

The dad gave him that saying,

  • "There's certain recklessness with you in not accounting your monies. Promise me to plug that weakness soon!"
That straight away hurt the young man, further to that he could see his shortcoming, soon found out certain surplus and returned one fourth of what his dad gave him saying,

"I did the job and found this as excess!"

The dad took that money saying,

  • "There's a certain looseness with you in not noticing your small spendings. Promise me to plug that weakness too soon!"
That straight away hurt the young man, further to that he could see his shortcoming, soon found out certain surplus and returned the second one fourth of what his dad gave him saying,

"I did the job and found this as excess!"

The dad took that money saying,

  • "There's a certain fickleness with you in not checking your crazy spending on luxuries. Promise me to plug that weakness too soon!"
That straight away hurt the young man, further to that he could see his shortcoming, soon found out certain surplus and returned the third one fourth of what his dad gave him saying,

"I did the job and found this as excess!"

The dad took that money saying,
  • "There's a certain carelessness with you in not noticing your earning capabilities. Promise me to plug that weakness too soon!"
That straight away hurt the young man, further to that he could see his shortcoming, soon found out certain surplus and returned the final one fourth of what his dad gave him saying,

"I did the job and found this as excess!"

The dad gave him back all those monies the son had given him saying,
  • "A certain greediness sure would have entered both of us to hoard more as I started advising you and you started correcting yourself all these days. 
Let us use this money as well as an equal amount from your end to plug that weakness in us at the earliest by doing charity and remain peaceful beyond!"

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


It was his first day in college.

The dad was a worried man all along.

'For the first time, the boy is leaving home and going away to stay, study and come up in his life in a totally new environment of hostel life. It does truly it's own good to him in ultimately molding the young personality to a certain level of capability from which point he himself can further pursue his living for his betterment.

But equally he'll miss the warmth of his home and love of his parents and siblings for a while. And a certain influence of new life will sure be there and that path is to be threaded carefully without falling into the clutches of the wrong!'

Thus were going on his thoughts and soon the dad had a certain frame work of discipline in his mind of what his boy was expected to do at the college which had the content..

  • 'Your parents have kept a great hope in you that you come up the best in your life. As such they invested their life time earnings on you to come up so. Let you keep up their expectations!
  • You are in an institution which lays a foundation and gives you the direction for you in pursuing your future profession. Let further a good name come to the college that it has turned out the best students!
  • You are in the process of learning your basic skill here. The start has been made. Let the initial phase go well. This skill can make a beginning no second time!
  • You should remember that a college gives a basic certificate on conduct which will be asked by your first employer without fail. Make sure your Principal writes there ‘good’ before signing!
  • Your college is a place to start interaction with peers. It is great but is complex. Beware of peers’ pressure beyond!
  • Your college is a place of start of learning the social behavior as you get into young adult life. Make a note and learn all the required etiquette!
  • You are likely to involve in certain adventurous life during this period. Let the adventures all be safe and let them be approved by your parents basically!
  • You are likely to exert a lot during this period. This is to be equally supported by nutritious food and proper rest/sleep simultaneously!
  • Your society and culture around are to be surely supported by you and your age group young people all round. There are many great values around us. A few may not be the right ones. Respect the age old culture with modifications here and there to improve the same to suit your times. Never try to get away from your culture at any point of time!
  • Believe in God. All is well that ends well. The Doer is the Almighty. Pray to Him to show you the right path all the time!'
The gist of the entire discipline he conveyed to his son repeatedly and thus left him off to live partly on his own.

All along for the mom, God had left only 2 tasks with her.

The first one was..
  • 'Bring up the child under your care with your limitless love and attention till the young one comes up to a certain growth level of protecting the self against anti-social elements and beyond lead a certain life on own!'
There, sure the boy's mom did a wonderful task all by herself with 100% success!

The second task given to her was..
  • 'Further to that, your child gets off from your physical presence and certain broad control and tries to express self still remaining immature and non dependable. 
  • Here, the cultural values and ethics play a great role and make sure that your ward when physically is with you is nurtured with these values so that the young one even away from you could never be influenced by the external agency in the wrong paths with those instilled values from the very beginning straight away streamlining the thoughts and actions there in the right direction!'
As the peers' pressure started drawing the boy turned young man towards certain activities which from society point of view are looked down and safety point of view better the young ones ever keep off..

Every one sure expected the mom to guide and control a 100% the boy turned young adult indirectly and silently from the distance weaning him away from all those dangerous indirect distractions putting him on the path of right growth and development

And she did it again!

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Friday, January 19, 2018


I looked at the watch and realized that it was still more than an hr to go to get to my destination. I looked at the young man on the opposite berth who was the only passenger with me left out in the train to alight at the last point and smiled at him. The young man instantly acknowledged my gesture and politely greeted me.

"What are you?"

I asked the young man.. He was silent for a while. I repeated my asking.

"Sir! My story is a bit strange. In life, I wanted to become...... but God is not kind to me and I'm in the middle of.........."

Suddenly I saw myself having more interest towards him. I comforted him saying..

"See dear! Life is a mixture of good and bad. Don't feel dull. What our Spiritual Books say is...."

"But, Sir! I told you.. My issue is a bit strange and......"

"Be brave and take up the task in front with a never failing spirit in you. All our Great Personalities forever affirmed this alone. If you become firm, you sure can move mountains.. Not these pebbles and small boulders you are talking of.....!"

Thus went on my almost a discourse for the next half hr without giving a chance for the young man to speak.

"Now,listen.. Follow what all I said. You sure will be out of your problem and...... And to tell you frankly to this day, this discipline remains the secret of my life which I followed meticulously to remain happy!"

I looked at the young man with a 100% confidence that he was inspired by my talk..

"Great Sir! You talked on the very right attitude required from us to lead this life happily. But..."

"Sorry.. No 'but' here.. Just follow what I said and you'll be....."

Reaffirming thus, I looked out.. The destination was 10 minutes ahead..

"But, Sir.. I can't do the way you told me because...."

Suddenly, I lost my cool..

"What young man? I took so much interest in you and wanted to help you but still...... I think I made a mistake here and......"

"That's not fair on your part to say so, Sir! I'm just saying that..."

"Enough dear! I don't want to listen to anything further on this. It's your wish. I only made a mistake here. Leave the issue now!"

Saying thus and not even bothered to bid bye to the young man, I took my baggage and silently got down from the train with certain no less anger simmering in me.

Further to that, I waked to the parking lot, got into my car left there while going and drove fast for a while till I noticed the fuel coming to the reserve.. I entered the nearest gas station, positioned my car and as the Service Boy came in front of me, said without looking at him.

"Premium petrol tankful!"

The Service Boy was seen still standing there. My anger instantly shot up. I madly shouted,

"Hi! I already said tankful premium petrol.. What else do you want me to say? Can't you understand what I said?"

Saying thus, as I turned and looked at the boy, I instantly saw him with a cheerful smile and all obedience signaling me silently thru' his hand movements confirming that the tank had to be filled full with petrol and further got into his job..

The God photo in front of me above my steering wheel was seen conveying me an Instant Message..

'These Precious Gifts of talking, hearing, grasping, understanding etc are given to you by Me to enable you listen patiently to others who are not up to your level, understand them at their own level and further advise them with compassion on what is possible for them for their good..

Leaving that Sacred Task in front of you, why are you taking reigns into your hands with all pride and ruling the people around you through these very Gifted Capacities with you?"

The post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Write a short story Situation: you spill out a secret of your life to an unknown fellow passenger thinking you will never see him/her again. Later realizes that you opened up with a wrong person. #shortstory

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


A businessman interviewed a number of eligible applicants for few Manager posts advertised. A common question was asked to each one of them as the selection criteria for the posts.

“What's your best strategy to remain in business constantly working for its improvement?”

Various candidates answered in various ways repeating what they had learnt earlier..

  • ‘Caring for the customer is the most important criteria to remain in business. The customer is a very important person on our premises. He is the back bone of all our activities in business. They say the customer is a king in our business but actually the customer is more than that; he is the god! Here alone....'

  • ‘The manger is the important link between the supervisors/workmen and higher officials. I see that the communication here up the hierarchy is ever kept smooth with timely information on the activities of….’
  • ‘I pay full attention to discipline at my work. Discipline alone works the best here as it cuts short the time and energy wastage. Whatever said and done, I meticulously oversee that ultimately no laziness creeps into my work area with any one by taking appropriate disciplinary measures….’
  • ‘Timely actions many times save us from getting into serious downfalls. Procrastination is the thief of time and here alone a manager has a great role to play. I've a plan of....’
  • ‘Financial discipline is the core ingredient of all business ventures. As manager, I meticulously follow up and see that….’ 
Etc.. Etc.. One candidate answered thus..

'At my work, the customer, both the direct and the indirect customers, the boss and the sub-ordinates constantly interact with me for the smooth handling of the tasks on hand.

In that context, I very much believe that spending a little more of my personal time, energy and monies for the betterment of these personalities than stipulated in my Code of Conduct at my work goes in the long way helping out preventing the recurrent hold-ups.

At the back of this additional contribution alone, I'll follow the rest of all that I learned so far such as....'

The business man gave one hundred percent marks to that candidate and selected him as one of his Managers!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


“Sir! I have a doubt. Whatever promises/pledges I make

To myself or
To others with me

In respect of bringing a change in me,

I'm finding that sooner or later I am back to my original behavior and style of living straight away putting my promise/pledge neatly into cold storage.

Not able to face that failure, I start giving fake reasons and thus cover it up nicely but never ever am ready to stick to my promise/pledge made with so much zeal and enthusiasm.

Can you explain how I should discipline myself so that I never break my promises/pledges at any time in my life?”

“My dear! We are individuals of certain personality and all our

Behavioral patterns,
Habits and
Styles of living

Are because of this inside personality built over unknown times. It's a product of my

Originality through my birth,
Hereditary acquired from my parents and ancestors and
Culture and habits acquired by me in the environment in which I have grown! 

Can I modify such a huge built-up of mine just thru' a verbal promise/pledge? Sure never! And without knowing the depth of this, if I promise/pledge in this direction, I will surely fail!

If at any time, I'm emotionally charged or ignited to make a pledge, I better quote to myself as well to others around me that it's more than enough if I stick to the already existing promises/pledges with me in my life like

  • When I exist, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Take care of the body towards good physical and mental health and protect the same from the impending dangers continuously!
  • When I join an Educational Institution, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Improve the learning and get a good name for the Institute of Studies!
  • When I join the Employment, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Work hard to earn a decent salary as per the skills and take care of the Employer’s interest in the best possible way!
  • When I have a Family, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Take care of the welfare of the members of the family the best with available resources and equally feel free and be happy!
  • When I interact in the Society, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Take care of the civic amenities around in the right way and interact and be helpful but not interfere and quarrel with the members of Society!

Etc..Etc.. It's always the wisdom with me that I

See these Pledges of my life more often,
Remember the same as much as possible and
Uphold them thru'


From my end instead of myself getting into unnecessary additional promises/pledges!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • Remuneration at work other wise called the compensation package on a job invariably is negotiable. 
  • Market conditions almost fix the broad range of all salary packages. 
  • Elements of the salary package include the basic pay, an element to compensate for the rise in prices, other perks and allowances and variable pay. 
  • Basic pay is the standard yardstick for many payments/calculations and is invariably to be paid by employer if profit is earned or not. 
  • Variable pay component depends purely on performance and profits earned. It's broadly supported by three variants of performance. 
    *Individual performance 
    *Group performance 
    *Divisional performance 
  • Further performance on job can be direct or indirect depending on the job done. 
  • Employee welfare payments include 

    *Contribution towards Provident Fund, 
    *Payment of Gratuity, 
    *Payment of Medical Allowance, 
    *Payment towards Leave Travel, 
    *Provision of subsidized food, transport etc.
  • Perks are part of employee motivational aids.
  • Over time at work invariably exists. 
  • It's because the customer may require the help all of sudden and by meeting his/her requirement the highest customer satisfaction is achieved which is one of the main aims of good business. 
  • It may also be because the employee is running out of time beyond planned, due to vagaries of circumstances and it's appropriate to complete the same in time by taking care thru’ stay over. 
  • In third instance, over time can be because of certain training planned. 
  • The Parliamentary Acts related employee welfare stipulate certain conditions for booking over time. This involves welfare of employee in respect of 
    *Rest after the usual 8 hrs work, 
    *Facilities in respect of food/transport and 
    *Extra remuneration for the hrs of overtime.

  • This is applicable only for those levels below supervisory cadre. Above this level, the employer generally compensates the employee thru’ time off. 
  • Extended overtime booking concept is working on weekly holidays/other paid holidays. The requirements and rules applicable are similar.
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Monday, January 15, 2018


A man who used to boast himself a personality of simplicity, ethics and spirituality in life once visited a distant place and extensively roamed around the areas there exploring the surroundings.

All along he noticed the people of that area of almost all ages..

  • Regularly doing strenuous body exercises not bothering for the time of the day, weather and other environmental factors to keep themselves fit and fine,
  • Being always conscious of high nutrition in their diet with many varieties of foods stocked in stores and on the table to satisfy that requirement and
  • Taking extreme care in presenting themselves the best way to the outside world!
On return, the man met one of his elderly well- wishers and casually narrated to him what he observed in the place of visit saying,

“Sir! This body is just with us to make use for our living. For that it's a wonder,
  • How much attention these people pay to remain fit and fine,
  • How many varieties of foods they consume to keep themselves healthy and
  • How much precious time they waste to make themselves look good and smart?
Do we need to do so much for a physical body which any how deteriorates in time? Why not they understand that a discipline of
  • Doing some simple exercises, 
  • Eating limited healthy food and 
  • Having a cheer on the face 
Do all the wonders required in life? 
I see no point in living my life in such a style!” 

The elderly, a deep thinker and a man of total understanding listened to all that, paused for a while and said,

“Dear! For people like us, many requirements in life are met easily with the casual work we do.. I mean to say, a work with lesser competition around! For people of the region you visited, it doesn't happen that way..

They have to face every minute the tough competition to secure even a small item in life. To face such a competition in their working, there is no go for them other than remaining trim..

That trimmed way ultimately is nothing but having a healthy body maintained through tough exercise and good nutrition and presentation through the best grooming.

And to make it a habit of the body and mind, one needs to train himself/herself in that direction from childhood itself else it can't be owned!”

Taken back by the revelation made by the well-wisher, the man said,

“OK, Sir! I understand what you say. My other doubt is.. 'How's that I'm not doing anything like that but still living my life well getting my day to day requirements? Don't you agree that these people have too many expectations in their life?”

The elderly looked at him, smiled and said,

“It's okay.. Expecting more may be a factor with them and that naturally would be predominant when one puts in so much struggle but when you say..

'My requirements are easily met!',

It indirectly means..

'My portion of work is being done continuously by someone else somewhere and I'm purely relaxing at his/her cost!'

Tell me.. What do you say to this and how would you react if the whole thing comes on you at a stroke?"


Saturday, January 13, 2018


3 young men have planned a great holiday trip deep into a distant jungle area for a week to relax and explore the surroundings. Naturally, the youth have that type of interest and energy with them. For that, they had to take leave from their work. Initially it was not so easy for them but at length somehow the three got their leave sanctioned.

"These Bosses don't understand that we need a holiday off from our work once in a way.. When I demanded my Boss, he simply said,

'Leave from work is not a right; it's just a privilege given to you!'

I argued on the point that LTA is one of the provisions of employment and as per those rules alone, I asked the leave. He had to agree finally as there was no go for him and he just sanctioned it.

A Holiday is must for us to rejuvenate and without that relaxation, we are sure never efficient at our work!"

"Your Boss is better.. Mine said,

'No question of leave for a holiday trip this time. It's given only once in 2 years. You took last year 15 days leave for that. Sorry.. I can't sanction that now once again!'

I argued on the requirement and at length I got it sanctioned. These Bosses simply exploit our skills and when it comes to helping us, they turn away their faces. How can we stay glued to our work all the 365 days?

Life is too boring without these routine holiday trips with us, isn't it? what do you say?"

"You should never yield here. These Bosses won't listen so easily. My Boss is never straightforward. Whenever I ask for leave, he says..

'OK, Dear! No problem. I'll take care of that. Can you just finish this small work first?'

If you fall in his trap, that's all. Those works will never be small, they really would be problematic works which................

I know this and so I equally play a trick. I simply en-cash on certain weak points of my man. I used the same and that's it.. There was no go for him and I got my leave sanctioned without a word further..

After all, without a routine holiday trip, what's the meaning to our life?"

Thus went on their talk of making fun of their Bosses for a while and soon all were in their own jovial mood to get out of the killing monotony within.

The next day, they were out on their long journey to the most remote area talked of. Deep into jungles where everywhere the nature was truly interesting..

Finally, they reached the camp area, got some help from the locals who were few in number and camped at the designated site.

The next day morning, they ventured into the thick forest area through a number of bushy plants and giant trees as they traveled in their vehicle. In the mid of that jungle, they met a man who was doing some work with his 2 children playing around.

The younger one, the boy was trying to fly a small kite with him but he was unsuccessful all along. His elder sister was seen helping him out learn how to fly a kite.

Seeing their struggle, one of the young men helped the boy fly the kite and in no time the boy was very happy seeing his kite flying quite well. The elder sister was curiously looking at the 3 young men.

The young men spoke to the man for sometime enquiring about his living there saying that he was lucky to live amidst such natural life. When asked, they explained to him that they were on a holiday and were exploring the area and the surroundings..

The man listened to all, paused for a while and at length spoke..

"I understand what all you spoke and my Boss too won't listen to anything so easily. He allows me leave my work only when myself and my people are not well, that too for a minimum time. Further, for any important local or family activity, he allows those hrs to leave my work and join back. Nothing more, he gives us and beyond that

We don't ask,
We can't ask,
We don't know what to ask and
We don't know too where to go after asking!

Ok.. Here, from what all you said, I understand and I know how the Boss would be tough in our work never leaving us for a minute but just one word, I couldn't make out. You said, 'The holiday'..

What exactly is the meaning when you say that you are on a holiday?"

Just then having suddenly lost it's balance in the mid air straight in front of the sister,

The Kite fell on the ground. She said, ‘Wish it had strong wings!’,

Took her brother closer and instantly comforted him!

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an initiative forIndian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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Friday, January 12, 2018


This week's IndiSpire Prompt is on the topic 

Giving birth to a child is not a greater thing but taking care is most important and also making a child a complete man .....#parentsresponsibility

In this context, I sincerely believe that a certain well laid out discipline with a parent sure helps his/her children grow to the best of their abilities and become a fully grown up individuals ultimately becoming useful to themselves as well as to the society around and to the mankind at large..

That discipline with the parent starts the moment the child is born with the required attention to be given in respect of health, safety and well-being of the child taking full advantage of the facilities offered by the State as well as according to the parent's own financial status.

Soon, the siblings too will be there in the family and a unique reference, a certain confidence and a togetherness feeling in those young minds need to be instilled by the parent/s from that stage..

At school going level, as the children start expressing themselves more and more with their small requirements, their inherent fears and their own little ambitions along with their school activities, it sure becomes the most important duty of the parent to take care of all that with all sincerity..

That discipline with the parent/s till the children grow up to the full fledged individuals in their life if goes broadly on the following lines, it helps the children a lot in their life. As told within the self, that internal discipline of a parent goes thus..

  • "My Dear Children, daily I'll see that you are made ready to go to your school in time by giving you all the support required. After school hrs, I've fixed your required daily play time and study time.. 
You'll play with your friends in that time, come back and sit for studies after eating your favorite evening healthy snack!
  • The studies go for the prescribed hrs which are easily possible for you and during that time, I too sit by your side with my regular work required to be done for the day..
If I finish earlier to you, I'll still sit by your side doing nothing for a while as you are studying!
  • When we all finish by the time set, it's our entertainment time, followed by dinner and later bed time.. 
In this time, I'm going to be always with you, I never get away from you unless some family/office works come up in the way!
  • Our week goes thus. On Holidays and Sundays, we'll have studies for minimum hrs in the morning slot and I will again be with you during this time. After that the whole day is yours. We go round to see the places where you like to go and have fun or visit few close families well known to us, of course.. 
All within our financial limits and to the places where children generally go!
  • Thus goes our week and the next week follows. And later months follow and in between it would be exam time. We continue the same discipline then too and thus you write all your exams.. 
In between above all activities, you are equally free to relax the way you want too but it would sure be limited and we would quickly be back to our works!
  • Then follow the results and summer vacation. I promise it will be a new place then where you'll like to go and spend your vacation or spend time with friends and relatives. Regarding the results..
You will hear that but I don't bother about it except join with you there!
  • The report cards do come every quarter and after the final exam. Just tell me..
Where to sign as the parent, I simply do that and I promise I don't ask any questions further as you have done your job the whole year with all sincerity.
  • Thus together we move through this wonderful childhood time of yours, I too would become a child here when I'm with you except that I know more than you and can guide and monitor your work where required. Otherwise, we just move together and do all the remaining works. Here..
I promise I never get away from you at any time on my own except for health and family needs and work requirements. And, you too will have your immediate exceptions due to exigencies, health problems including your own boredom a few times but within the limits!
  • My sincere feeling is that this works the best here and in this process we all forever are together living under one principle..
The elder always helps the younger and the younger ever respects the elder!

  • I'm just a friend and a care-taker alone here all along and I promise that no authority would flow from me at any point of time as that's ever a duty with me in this context. And this alone is going to be the way I'll bring you up whatever be the situation around.. 
Further to the same, I sincerely believe that what comes up to us, I would like to take it as the Gift of God to me and I advise you too to do the same and be at peace forever!"

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


“My people expect too much from me. Many times they put me under so much pressure and I'm confused on how to meet their demands. If I don't do that, they become sad and I too feel bad for them.

In such a scenario equally at times, they rebuke me saying,

  • 'What happened to you? Can’t you do this much for us?' 
That truly irritates me as I'm already struggling my best here but it's not clicking. I'm totally clueless and at times am wondering why I'm in this sad state!”

Thus poured out his agony a man of mid forties, to one of his well-wishers and expected him give a solution to the same.. The well-wisher comforted him for a while and said,

“I understand your state of mind, dear and I sympathize with you for the suffering you are undergoing presently in your personal life.. But I tell you, you should make a note of one important point here.. i.e.,

Whenever you interact with people around you, you should take special care to see that they don't get into an attitude of having too many expectations from or hopes on you.

That's because, when you start creating a belief in them that it's possible to possess or get more if things are done in a particular way, they soon develop a faith in you that you are their savior capable of doing anything and expect you continue your working in that direction to get what they want.

But since nothing is really guaranteed in life, it is not be possible for you to continue to provide that and soon you have to back out. That situation really produces a great unrest and disturbance in your people who are already charged to see that happen..

In such situations, people unknowingly get into blame games and the associated vengeance and enmities sure come up there without a say.

If they are closely related where vengeance has no place, a type of feeling that they have been taken for a ride or let down comes up in them. It happens at the core family levels too and makes our life unhappy all along..

Instead, if you constantly encourage your people to exert and get what they want forever remembering that your job is only providing the feasible environment for that doing in the situation and nothing more thus

‘Nipping the wrong hope in the bud stage itself!’

It may be a pain to do so initially depending on the person in our interaction but the dust settles soon and further activities in life will be streamlined in no time..

Remember.. It is said,

'Satyameva jayate nanrtam!'

And so at any point of time,

Promise what is just feasible and be done away with it!

As Lord Buddha the Prince turned Saint, soon after His Realization, walked thru' the streets of the kingdom along with His disciples and came right in front of His once upon a time Palace, the King unable to bear the suffering of seeing his son thus, came down and said to him,

  • "You, as a son gave the greatest pain to your father!'
The Lord said,
  • "I am not the cause of your suffering. You thought that being a king alone is the highest in one's life. Much higher is the ascetic life thru' renunciation of that very title!"
Thus seen, forever it's greater wisdom in me to live a life of Truth alone as applicable to me which many times looks so ordinary and uninteresting rather than try pleasing my people thru' false promises endlessly leading to nowhere!”

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


People around me most of the time are aware of the important aspects of my personal life however much I cover up them..

  • Let me do the right straight away and be at peace as no other way of living does that magic!
Whatever I get from the world is always earned thru’ my goodness and parting with something from my side..
  • Let forever the goodness in me be in abundance and let my parting be wholehearted!
I may be having a deep rooted anger in me towards my close person but most of the times it's my emotional need that stops me from directly hurting that person..
  • Let me know that I'm not all that lovable and let me constantly question here!
I continuously live with 3 groups in my life Viz;

The family group,
The working group and
The socializing group..

Whatever the conflicts in that context be, there's

No need to transform them;
No need to fight with them;
No need to ignore them too..
  • Let me just serve them wholeheartedly and that'll do all the required wonders!
Violence continuously builds into my relation when I stop sincerely listening to the person in relation..
  • Let me lend an ear to what the other wants to say and thus help him/her to the extent possible!
My tradition is the outcome of my own fear of loosing the small holdings of my life which indirectly keep me happy..
  • Let me be ever ready to forgo these holdings if that happens rather than become the blind believer of everything!
The highest fear in life can't be overcome by myself having fear in not following my tradition..
  • Let me know that my tradition helps me sail smooth in my life if non injury is truly practiced therein but not an inch more than that at any time! 
The biggest prison I'm living in is.. I want people’s praise/recognition..
  • Let me try my best not to fall a prey here forever remembering that at a certain point of time in His ascetic life, even the Greatest Sage too could not escape from the charm of that praise and had to repay heavily for the distraction!
Discharging my family responsibilities to the core is forever the best for me even though that's not the Ultimate in my life as not discharging the same to the core would never open up the Golden Gate to that Ultimate..
  • Let me be extremely attentive here as distraction from that core duty can happen in a fraction of sec making me redo things again and again keeping me off from reaching the Golden Gate eternally! 
The best way of interacting with grown up family members is to advise them gently on issues that do good to them. Equal number of times, they may not show interest in that and insist on their own..
  • Let me here be with the path they propose unless the same comes in the way of my duty at that moment all along taking care from my end that I never discretely implement my rule there quoting it as my duty!
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Monday, January 8, 2018


Before discussing the welfare measures of an employee at work, the measures available at work for redresal of grievance or problem on either side of employee and employer have to be understood clearly.

Striking Work is the right available to the employees under collective bargaining to stop or abstain from work till such time the right of employee with respect to employment is addressed to the justified level as per labor laws of the state.

The employer should agree to the demand of employees if the strike is established as legal and the employer has to pay back the wages of employees for the period of strike. In case the strike is established as illegal, the employees may lose wages for the strike period with a penalty.

Lockout is a measure adapted by the employer to temporarily lock the gates of the company from employees entering the premises when it can be reasonably established that there is a danger to the property/business if the employees are allowed in the premises and lift the same the earliest the danger/damage signs vanish. During the period of lockout the employee receives no wages.

Layoff is a measure adapted by the employer to cater for lesser demand in the market for services/skills of employees temporarily and is resorted to such a time the demand reestablishes in the market.

During layoff, the employer should constantly be considering how to redeploy the employees and pay them the minimum wages as stipulated by law for survival of employee at a dignified level. The employees should wait patiently for the change without resorting to any unlawful activities or may quit the employment as per the rules laid down.

Employee welfare measures are such steps taken by the employer ensuring welfare of employee in a reasonable way without disrupting active, profitable and productive work.

Welfare at work is a concept in which the employee does his/her work with devotion and the employer takes care of some of the specific measures related to the employee where in if not done, the employee’s health and well being and hence his/her rightful living are affected and the work output in turn suffers.

Welfare measures are defined many times in various measures depending on the ruling authorities. It is difficult to define welfare measures at one stretch.

The capitalistic economies define welfare in one way and the socialist economies define different from this. Economies of socialist groups have broken down where the implementation of welfare measures could not be checked or allowed to exist beyond the means. Economies of capitalistic groups have prospered but only at the exploitation of the weak.

Countries which follow mixed economies have broadly adopted certain welfare measures and related Parliamentary Acts have been passed. In India, the following acts generally take care of employee welfare in the organised sector 
Read here..

Welfare is a measure to be remembered by both employer and employee the right way. It helps the business to grow and both employer and employee are happy and become prosperous. If misused, both the parties would get affected and in general the economy of the state will be under threat..

The Employer has primarily invested his/her wealth in the business for earning a decent profit after meeting the cost towards employee welfare and grow the same. He/she always wishes to withdraw his/her investment if his/her business is not profitable and if the law of land does not permit that, first of all he/she will not invest. The employee should ever remember this at work and never demand beyond what can reasonably be afforded..



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Sunday, January 7, 2018


The specialists and experts from different fields had a meeting in a picturesque resort on a hot day in a mango plantation garden with the ripened fruit hanging all over from the mango trees.

The main topic of the discussion was..

  • How to improve the health, safety and well-being of an individual thru' dedicated research and investigation in the various fields of science and technology and bring out the best to the mankind!
Towards the evening tea break, the sky became cloudy with few dark clouds passing at low levels resulting in occasional drizzles with the cool breeze by the side taking off part of the heat of the day. As the participants were relaxing in the cushioned chairs sipping their steaming hot tea, they could watch an interesting thing happening in distance.

Two small boys were climbing the compound wall of the garden carefully looking out for the watchman. Making sure that he was not in the vicinity, the 2 jumped down the wall into the garden, quickly walked up to one of the trees full with ripened fruit. 

The elder one signaled to the younger to remain on ground, himself slowly climbed the tree and soon reached the branch from where he could lay his hands on the ripened mangoes near by. He quickly plucked a few and carefully dropped them down to the boy below to pick up.

Without loosing much time, he got down the tree and both started running towards the wall with the mangoes in their hands. Just when they reached the wall, the watchman noticed them and instantly shouted.

Hearing that, the two boys quickly climbed the wall. The elder succeeded but the younger slipped and came down. The elder gave his hand and pulled him up. When the little boy just reached the top, a few loosened bricks on the top suddenly gave way but to the boys' luck the whole mass fell outward throwing them off instantly to the other side.

It was purely a chance that the bricks slipped outside for the boys to get off. The two quickly got up, grabbed the scattered mangoes and started running away from the place.

In a little distance away, they both were seen walking slowly homeward rubbing off the dust stuck on to their fruit as well as on to the small wounds they sustained in the process all along eating their precious mango fruit with the juice freely dripping down their arms and on to the shirts that had already become dirty equally unmindful of the fact that they should refrain themselves from stealing. The watchman murmuring within returned to his place.

The specialists and experts who happened to watch the entire episode were silent for a while but an Ultimate Great Message was instantly seen percolating into their minds at the back of the day's hectic discussions..

'Within the limits of legal boundaries, every human being basically knows what he/she wants in life, tries to get it to the best of his/her abilities within the limitations set around him/her and becomes the happiest with the fruits of such actions in a natural way..

However risky the attempts be,
However tiring the processes be and
Whatever be the end result!

Broadly such processes alone are the best for an individual. Trying to soften those attempts and cushioning the processes involved under the guise of getting the 'MAX' out of everything is to be truly made a note of and any research taken up to improve the living standards of individuals should..
  • Never try to tamper with these natural processes as much possible except for a smaller percentage of them where in the temporary set backs of mankind are addressed and the actions are streamlined for the good of every one! 
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The Factories Act, 1948 stipulates clearly terms of employment, working conditions at employment, measures to form employee unions and bargaining rights for employee etc and other related issues. 

The Payment of Wages act, 1936 broadly describes the right of employee to receive the wages for the work he/she has done. 

The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 says that no employee should be paid wages below a level wherein his standard rightful living gets affected. This minimum wage is revised from time to time. 

The Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 is a welfare measure for compulsorily saving part of employee’s monthly earnings along with an equal contribution from employer for meeting the following requirements of employee during the period of service/layoff/post retirement viz., savings for retired life, savings for discharging social responsibilities/duties, savings for medical needs, savings for house making etc.

Extension to this act is The Employee Pension Scheme(EPS) where in, instead of giving lump sum to employee at the time of retirement, a pension will be provided progressively over certain years so that monies are available for employee thru’ out his/her life for a maximum period. 

Through The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, the employer gifts a long standing employee of the company for his/her service at the time of resignation/retirement provided the employee was honest on his job. But there is a minimum service requirement to become eligible for gratuity to be paid. 

The next welfare Act is the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 thru' which the employee makes a small contribution every month and the state provides essential medical care and leave salary to the employee during times of unexpected illness/injuries to self/family. 

Through The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 the employer shares part of the profit with the employee every year as the employer is making sizable profit out of contributions of employee but paying him/her only limited salary. It is mandatory for the employer to pay this bonus to all employees below certain level specified in the Act. 

The Industrial Disputes Act,1947 mainly provides for redressal of all disputes between employer and employee thru’ arbitration and settlement thru’ labor courts. 

The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 defines the responsibility of employer in respect all compensations for various types of employment injuries in which conditions the employee has to be reasonably taken care by the employer and compensated in respect of the monies involved, the leave to be sanctioned and the rehabilation package in case of termination of service due to loss of work capacities. 

The following other acts cover some of the welfare measures related to specific categories. 

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976
The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986
The National and Festival Holidays Act
The Weekly Holiday Act, 1942