Saturday, January 30, 2016


Two works around us continuously go on and in Sanskrit they are termed as 'Nitya Karma' and 'Ni-Nitya Karma' meaning the 'Essential Works' and the 'Non Essential works'.. And sure, in the absence of active Internet, the Essential Works of ours which very much depend on the Net would instantly come to a grinding halt.. 

Here we really become helpless as the modern tempo around, the speed of certain actions and the quick connections existing would be zeroed down instantly and seen in that way, our life truly becomes miserable.. So we should never expect great things to happen in the real absence of modern high speed Internet.. Seen thus, let us actively work together supporting the scientific temper behind it's existence and its future growth..  

Again seen from the point of view of human touch and human interaction, Internet with us serves as the instant tool greatly helping us cutting down the distances and other difficulties of physically reaching the remote places of the world and thus keeps our relations with our families, friends and all the other acquaintances intact which in fact is in the right direction of true human development..

But seen at the other side of too much use of the Non Essential part of it, we should sure come to attention, start teaching and guiding our children to leave that part of it as much as possible except for the limited relaxation purposes as this facility truly serves no great purpose when thus we glue our selves hrs together to our Laptops, Smart Phones and other latest Electronic Gadgets in the field totally forgetting our own required necessary interaction with Mother Nature and the our inter personal touch with fellow humans for a true Inner Personality Development..

This part of our very much forgotten life no doubt is a curse on humans with the advancement of high speed Internet and the related modern gadgets and here alone we would be truly freed when the Internet for a while gets off from us..

Looking back to my own experiences, there were few occasions in my life which are truly worthy of remembrance when the Internet was totally unavailable with no mobile connections too for few hrs..

One such instance was during our trip to Canada as we drove thru' the gigantic Rocky Mountains from Baniff National Park to Jasper National Park for about 3 hrs in the evening hrs with huge sheets of blue waters surrounded by snow clad mountains with no major settlements noticed all along equally with not much vehicular traffic seen on the road..

During that period, we 8 people in our vehicle were in total communication with the Nature around in its original state, freely exchanging own inner feelings and thus were totally together as a Unique Human Expression where Man and Nature appeared join in perfect union..

Such beautiful interaction with Mother Nature could be experienced for those 3 hrs just because all were freed from their gadgets and phones for those hrs without a say..

The next time, when we visited Ysoemite National Park in US where wireless life is ever forced out with

limited Internet facilities, our stay at the place was max towards the exploration of beauty of Nature around..

The third time on our visit to Hawaii Islands, on our return to Airport from Haleakala National Park we had to travel for about 2 hrs on the shorter Route thru' the back side of the National Park where except for a tarred road that too of an ordinary narrow one the rest was Nature as is with sea waters on one side,

tall mountains on the other side backed by spread of greenery all round with no wireless communication to the virtual world.. The journey was truly breath taking with such a natural beauty around which would have been never be enjoyed in full if active Wi-Fi would have distracted us in that time.. Truly a blessing in disguise..

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Friday, January 29, 2016


### It was the huge workshop in the premises of the Heavy Industry.. A Unit had to be installed on a platform where the fixing was found to be a little complicated as the entrance was narrow and had a sizable twist..

The young Workman was worried.. 

  • "To fix this Unit at the back, I don't have any access.. How to reach to that much depth, install the Unit and tighten the bolts? There's no go, I should design a special tool for this and am sure, if I put in a good effort it comes out as a sophisticated tool and will be useful in future in all such instances.. Let me do it.. It's a chance to show my capabilities.. Let me brush up a bit of my Tool Design knowledge for a while.." 
The Senior Workman was all cool..

  • He quickly enquired about the matter, directed the young man to bring the Unit, himself sat in a comfortable position at a height, slowly introduced the Unit into the tunnel like space positioning it on it's seating area, introduced a spanner into the duct and tightened the 4 mounting bolts with his experienced hands! 
### The Furnace in the Metal Industry was very hot.. The flame was bright, white in color and was glowing like anything simultaneously throwing out a lot of heat..

The young Technician was worried.. 
  • "At this point of time, I should take the temperature of the flame.. This Instrument appears sleek and how can take it near the flame and position it there? I should carefully do it.. I'll first read the Dos and Don'ts in this context, follow them meticulously with necessary precautions and then only go near to the Furnace.." 
The Senior Technician was all cool..

  • He noticed the young man's effort, signaled to him to stop that and said, "Note down the temperature I tell.. Now the flame is steady.. It's......deg C... The variation is just + or -..... deg C.... Yes! The color of the flame very much confirms that right temp required for us... Make ready the Items to be heated!" 
### It was a huge Library in the Central Area.. A Member entered and requested help for locating 2 books for borrowing purpose..

The young man at the Desk was worried..

  • He quickly brushed up his Learning, caught hold of the Index Nos for the books and straight headed to the related Shelves but found them not there.. He was in certain confusion when he equally found the status of the 2 books as not issued.. 
The Senior there was all cool..
  • He quickly enquired the matter, looked at his watch and said to the Assistant, "Go straight to the end, turn right, go to that end and search in the last Rack at the corner on the top shelf.. The first book will be there.. Again, do the same exact the opposite end, the second book will be there.. They are the places where the Regular Readers usually hide their favorite books!" 
The Assistant searched and the first book was just in the place his Senior told.. But not the second book.. When reported the matter, the Senior Man smiled and said,
  • "OK! Then tell the Member that it's with the visitor sitting in the corner to the right of the second Reading Table.. I think he had not yet left the place..The man is tall, thin, fair in color with thick spectacles.. The Member can request that gentleman in case he needs the book very badly!"

Monday, January 25, 2016


The gentleman staying abroad for many years was on a short visit to his Native Place and was welcomed with all warmth by his close friend at his Home for the stay..

“Welcome dear! Happy to see you here after so many years.. How are you? How's the family? What are the children doing? You should have come with the family.. We would've spent some nice time together and would have visited........

OK! Leave all that.. You must have got tired of flight delay, jet lag and the last 2 hr Road Travel.. Please freshen up, we'll have Lunch and you can rest for a while till evening.. We've some works to do, will be out for few hrs and would be back by evening.. And, this is your room.. Relax in this time and feel fresh by evening..

I forgot to tell you.. Please keep the windows closed.. We keep the front door open with the curtains pulled in so that cool air comes from inside.. Anyhow, this is winter so no fan is required.. Else you can never rest peacefully.. The noises of people around disturb you continuously..

We've this one problem in this house.. We should have checked well before buying it… The Market is next to this house.. The continuous conversations, screaming, shoutings and all those sounds…………. We made a life time mistake here..”

The gentleman soon had a small lunch with the friend's family, bid bye to them and went to bed to relax.. But the silence in the house never allowed him to fall asleep and kept him awake as he was accustomed to hear certain constant sounds while in abroad during his usual week end afternoon naps such as..
  • The sounds of starting, water splashing, whipping, again water splashing etc for almost half an hr of the Washing Machine.. 
  • The sounds of starting followed by the constant rotation sound and finally the machine coming to a halt making a screeching noise after some 20 minutes of the Dryer.. 
  • The continuous water sprinkling sounds followed by jets of water hitting the vessels and repeating the same for another half hr approx of Dish Washer.. 
  • A big start of motors followed by a continuous air blow sound of AC plant.. 
  • A continuous humming motor sound of the Air Humidifier.. 
  • Certain sharp conversational sounds and some Western Music on TV.. 
As those familiar sound were truly missing at that moment, he could no more lay down on the bed, got up and opened the windows facing the Market Area.. Instantly, certain cool breeze started blowing in from that side too making him feel refreshed followed by the sounds of continuous outside conversations..
  • “Sir! I can’t sell this for the price you asked for.. If I start doing that, what money can I take home and feed my family?” 
  • “Madam, these are the fresh items arrived just now.. You are almost the first buyer here..” 
  • “Give me Do Chai today.. My friend is here.. He has come after a long time..” 
  • “Let’s have a break.. Are you not hungry a little? Let’s have our favorite Chat at..” 
  • “It’s continuous holidays for schools for 3 days.. My daughter wanted to see the Market and buy something for herself..” 
  • “Ok! Dear! I'm going now.. Please, come home tomorrow.. I‘ll show you some of the……” 
Suddenly, it was an experience a totally different world.. No.. No.. Surely not the new.. A quite familiar one only not experienced for a long time.. May be noisy sounds that too not of less intensity but when felt deep in heart they were highly welcome, sweet, pleasant and cool on ears as if certain Enchanting Classical Music was being played on an old Gramophone Record Player.. 

In no time, the gentleman found himself highly relaxed, was soon back to his bed with all those sweet voices and familiar sounds pouring into his ears as Soothing Well Known Musical Notes and in no time went into deep sleep for few hrs forgetting all that strain of his travel till he was woken by the sharp tone of his friend abruptly..

“Oh! you opened and forgot to close the windows? I wonder, how could you sleep so well with so many noises around? I'm sorry for the trouble..

We've this one problem in this house.. We should have checked well before buying it… The Market is next to this house.. The continuous conversations, screaming, shoutings and all those sounds…………. We made a life time mistake here..

OK, we are back now.. Please freshen up and we'll visit……..”

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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Infatuation may be the way of youth and that way as I remember, the 
True First Crush
in my life never came up till I attained mid thirties with the max family responsibilities attached and all of a sudden for the 
First Time 
am made to experience the direct contact with this 
Single Quirky Friend..

In the early years of my life, I remember I heard a lot about my this quirky friend and
read many stories in connection with that and the associated quirkiness as
some alone could keep this life time friendship and
some couldn't do so and ultimately became the simple acquaintances therein
as they weren't able to withstand this friend's quirkiness beyond a limit..

Soon I had developed a great Crush on this quirky Friend and
initially it looked nice and easy to handle the situation
but as time passed, this friend of mine became too tough and truly quirky and 
because of that, a few times I got into real crisis situations to deal with..

A few easy going people advised me not to go too close there
as the situation makes one eternally run round with no cool in their life,
but in my heart, a certain drive
prompted me not to leave this friendship whatever may be the outcome but
equally advised me that since I have a body to live which needed to be safeguarded for reasons unknown, 
the quirkiness might expose me to direct damages if not on guard and so
the middle path appeared truly safe for me where in the situation would become 
a Win-Win as I live thru' my life with a min cool..

Thus I firmed up a 100% in my mind to manage the issues in front on which I already committed without 
getting into additional new commitments 
and decided to move on in my life with this truly
of my life Viz., 
and the ever close Companion there in.. 
and never leave their company!

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Friday, January 22, 2016


An Ardent Devotee once approached a Great Saint in an Ashram, bowed to Him and said,

“Reverend Sir! Day and night, I constantly see many uncertainties around me ready to strike at any moment as I live thru' my life..

In spite of myself Navigating thru' my life with all care and attention, a particular uncertainty suddenly surfaces in front and asks a question,
  • ‘Have you taken care of me in the present situation?’ 
And here, I do not have a 100% answer to that as my care in that situation appears to be limited and with that limited entity as I proceed, the next uncertainty is seen in the queue with the same question..

Thus I find no way to be at Peace in my life at any point of time.. Unable to do anything here, when I start listing out these uncertainties, to my surprise I find the list really endless!

I am thus caught in my life and constantly live with the despair that springs up out of this turmoil.. Is there a solution for me?"

The Saint said,

"Dear! You can really do nothing in respect of this phenomenon of the Universe except continue doing your activities with all sincerity to the best known to you and not waste your energies with the futile attempts of dominating the Universe out of your inherent fears..

Here you may utilize your Navigation Skills in the direction of either
  • Continuously exploring the vast unknown around you through that known to you thereby doing a yeoman Service to the world at large 
  • Surrendering to the Almighty with a great devotion merging yourself with the infinite unknown within with an offer of a sincere Prayer which goes thus.. 
'You alone can lead me amidst this Ocean of turmoil and none else in the world.. I humbly keep up my Navigation Sails and steer my ship of life in the Path of Dharma as known to me at this moment.. I sincerely Pray to you to Show me the Light, Guide me and Take me out of this Ocean safely and thus make me ever Peaceful in my life.. I hereby surrender to You in Total!’

By living thru' one of these disciplines alone, you will truly find a solution to your present confusion thus paving way for the Ultimate Peace in you!"

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Thursday, January 21, 2016


The little boy was too demanding..

“I want a big car and I want 10 small cars. I want all now!”

The mom said,

“Why do you want so many cars? It’s too costly to buy like that!”

“No. I want!”

The mom said "Nothing doing!" and the child started crying.

“OK! This time it's allowed. One big car and only 2 small cars. We don't have so much money. Tomorrow we'll go to your Toy Shop!"

she consoled the boy and he slept for the day.

As promised, the mom took the boy to the shop the next day and they were soon lead to the place where different car model toys were kept on the display..

The moment the boy saw different colors and different sized cars, he was on to them, picked up his favorite models, the mom paid the bill, got them packed and they returned home.

The child was too happy. He got what he wanted! Soon the pack was opened and the child had gone beyond his excitement.

“Come.. Let’s play!”

The mom sat with him and in no time, the play was ON and went into full swing joined with his other toys.

The little boy was moving one of the small cars too fast. He shouted, 

“The car is jumping across the River. See!”

Saying thus, he moved the car too fast back and forth, it suddenly went off his hand and fell at a distance..

“No…. No…. No....”

Thus saying aloud, he picked up the metal car and threw it out of an instant anger within having failed in his 'Mission Impossible!'

As the mom was picking up other toys from ground a little away, the metal car straight away flew and hit her on her forehead. The impact of the child's throw was quite enough to cut her forehead skin a bit deep and leave her profusely bleeding..

She instantly got stunned with what happened, the lady of 30 who was all the time proud of her slim figure and beauty had a greater impact on her psyche as she got injured at the same place where the beauty really mattered.

She suddenly became wild, crying aloud pushed the child away from her with a certain force and was helpless for a while. No doubt, the injury needed immediate attention as the cut was deep. A medium size cut on one side of the forehead was clearly seen after the wound was washed. It would definitely be seen as black mark for months and months and in case if it stays like that for a life time?

She was instantly depressed with those thoughts and became sad but equally could do nothing in the situation.

But as the First Aid was given, she was told that the scar would appear for a while but ultimately would merge with skin in course of time. And for some time she had to put up with the mark and the time of healing might be a few months, she was told.

The child got stunned. He started crying. His Mom’s crying had its own impact on his Psyche too.. He could not bear that. He became totally silent with his Mother’s mood off.

Soon, the mom recovered. Whatever be it.The child knew nothing. It was not his fault. But it was the right time that he be taught the 'Right' without an exception. It was a little astonishing for other members of the family, as she in no time smiled at her boy, took him nearer and started teaching him the ‘Good Play’ while dealing with his toys in future.

“Dear! Here afterwards you'll not throw things as you like. People do no like it. From now on wards, I am going to see a nice child playing with toys and keeping them in order. Is that Okay?"

she asked the boy.

No doubt, that was the biggest boon for the child right at that moment and instantly he was overjoyed with his Mom’s mood back. He firmly nodded his head in affirmation and turned towards her extending his tiny hands. The mom instantly became emotional, took him closer, showered her endless kisses on the boy and hugged him tight!

The boy never knew the agony of his mother at that instant, forgot all that the next moment and further may not be remembering the same as he grows up but the incident and the mom's timely counselling indirectly brought an instant positive impact on his subconscious mind to see that he would never behave in a wild way at any point of time in his coming up adult life there by paving way for the growth of one of the


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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The Right Moment
was just in front of the man.. And no doubt 
That Very Moment
could have been sure filled with 
A Noble Thought, Word and Action 
The Thought 
could have 
Wished Good 
for the other Man, 
The Word 
could have 
Brought Cheers 
to the other Man and 
The Action
could have 
Straightaway Helped 
the other Man! 

But the
Hidden Hurt Within
squarely prevented the man from doing that whereby 
The Thought
A Planned One
the situation, 
The Word 
came out as 
Lip Sympathy
followed by a mild 
Deceptive Criticism
The Action 
surfaced as a simple 
A Wash off
where one can never be 
Pointed Out!

One Precious Moment passed thus taking away 
A lifetime Golden Opportunity
Excel in life
but sincerely paving way for 
Another Such Opportunity 
in the form of 
The Next Moment!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


The time was 3 PM, the close of Working Shift hrs.. The gentleman got up from his seat, closed his bag and was about move..

The telephone rang.. It was from the Boss.. The order was come to his Chamber after half hr.. And as the gentleman kept down the phone, his mobile phone rang.. The family too wanted him in half hr at home to take care of some urgent personal work..

The man was directionless for a minute.. But Thank God, he could quickly recollect what his elder well-wisher had said once upon a time in respect of such a situation in Work Environment, firmed up within, instantly over the phone arranged for family the support required and straight away headed to the Boss Chamber..

The Boss who had gone to GM's Office had not yet returned and the gentleman sat there awaiting the Boss arrival.. In between, he followed up with the family over phone for any major hold up in their plans, found everything OK and as he further started waiting there, the once said words of his well-wisher were ringing in his ears..

"Your working at any point of time during the Employment is never limited solely to working hours stipulated by your Organization.. 

The reason behind this is that when you enter into a Contract in respect of your work with your Employer, you carry a promise to him/her that his/her business / task for which you are compensated will not come to a halt, slow down, lack service support or suffer damage just because you are off from the work.. This promise invariably exists as you take up your Employment to serve the interests of your Employer..

Thus, when you continue to be on the Contract of your Employer, all the time you should work with the discipline of helping out his/her task/business the best from your side and you are off from it only when such an absence doesn't hinder the progress there even a bit.. 

Specifically speaking, your Extra Working here at any point of time invariably is due to one of the 3 reasons Viz.;

  • Your Customer may need your help all of sudden and in order to achieve the highest Customer satisfaction which is the primary motto of a good business, you need to address that then and there itself..
  • You might not have completed your planned work to meet the Monthly/Qtrly Schedules set in advance and to meet all those deadlines and thus to take care of the Employer's planned deliveries.. 
  • Your Employer might have planned Vocational Training for you which you must undergo to acquire extra skills required at work all along your Original Work Plan remaining the same.. 
Thus Overtime Booking at Work becomes a truly a necessity..

Of course, seen from the side of the Employee's welfare, the Employer out of greed, may make an individual work beyond for better returns and thus may exploit the man at work through longer hours of work and work loads beyond..

With the back ground of all these facts, the State Rules ever stipulate 8 hours of work in a day with weekly offs, holidays and leave from work to take care of the welfare of man at work on one side and allows Overtime Booking too on the other side thru' certain extra welfare measures for the Employee such as..

  • Fixed Over Time hrs for the day,
  • Extra remuneration for the extra hrs,
  • No of days to work thus continuously without a Holiday,
  • Compulsory Holiday after that continuous working with the Overtime,
  • Immediate fixed time rest after the Regular Shift and before the start of Overtime for the day, 
  • Free Canteen Facilities during the Stay for the day and 
  • Free Transport to drop back home at the end of the scheduled stay for the day! 

And again to say.. These Rules are basically applicable only for all those Levels in the Organization below the Supervisory Cadre.. Supervisory level and above, the Employer generally may just compensate thru’ a 'Time Off' and nothing more and he/she is free to do that!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


In one of the old classic films as I had seen and remembered, the gentleman in the taxi would be discussing some serious subject and at the end of a certain say he confirms the same by repeating the word, ‘Right?' for which the co-passenger invariably nods his head as he truly understands the 'Spirit of the Right' behind the talk.. 

Like wise the gentleman says 4 times in approx equal intervals of time and when he looks out at the end of the 4th time, he would see himself at the starting point itself, the taxi driver all the while sincerely following each of his ‘Right Saying' for a 'Right Turn!'

The joke here may be too classic but ultimately seen from both the sides of the driver and the passenger, both were 100% right, none had done an iota of wrong and thus each carried their own strength and respect even though what materialized ultimately was something totally different!

Thus seen clearly, it can be 100% emphasized that ultimately the 'Right known this Moment' surely wins everywhere.. A perfect 'Win-Win' situation even though the result may be anything!

A few words here on this Right and the associated wrong too in parallel..

  • The Right Thought, Talk and Action with me are forever in perfect Unison without creating a tension in me at any point of time.. Whereas the wrong thought, talk and action each means something different every time creating endless tensions in my life! 
  • The Right in the world ever stands by itself as firmly as a rock.. The wrong here is eternally shaky without a base constantly looking at the Right for the earliest support.. 
  • The Right on the face of it may appear feeble but That alone ultimately drives out the seemingly strong wrong without an exception..
  • There's always a single Right Action in front of me to be completed at a particular moment of my life.. Where as the wrong actions are countless in number each luring me in its own way and equally creating its own confusion..
  • The single Right known to me for the moment may not be the Ultimate Right or the Absolute Right but that alone sure leads me there all along retaining my peace with me.. But the single wrong that initially lures me, makes me restless, drags me into countless other wrongs and finally leaves me as a corpse of confusion and nothing in this life!
  • The Right never changes because I wish It be something different, extra interesting, more rewarding or less troublesome.. That way, the wrong instantly suits me and goes according to my 100% liking! 
  • The world may never be behind me appreciating all along as I am into the Right but, the moment I do one single wrong invariably questions me endlessly and never leaves me go scot-free even once! 
  • Even if somehow I come out of the clutches of questioning for deviating from the Right which a few times may be possible, the fag end of my life in such a scenario would never be great and invariably zeroes me towards a state of total restlessness.. The less said here, the better! 
  • If dedication is missing in my Right Action, or It is not done in time or required energies are not put into It, the next Action needs more vigor which involves all that correction needed for the earlier non performance and the accumulation thus ever continues and never stops! 
  • Ultimately I alone have to pay back all that debt from my side with compound interest and without an inch of default as that is the Eternal Law of Universe which forever Guards and Regulate the Life on Earth where in I forever am a Registered Member! 

Seen totally with such back up, my 'muse' in my life is going to be forever the 'Sacred Right' alone known to me this moment as that one alone ultimately can truly 'Inspire' me in all my future actions!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016


  • My house may be broader; but the entry is ever a problem when my mind is not so!
  • My age may command respect but equally demands a responsibility attached!
  • Myself, happily living around strong emotions is like playing a gripping game with sharp swords.. 
  • I may say truth but simultaneously I should allow my people to hold, test, evaluate and then only accept what I say! 
  • Nature is ever the perfect umpire next to me in the clever life games I'm ready to play!
  • No great learning is needed for me to be at my peace.. Likewise, not having too deep faith in anything around is truly the opening gate of my freedom!
  • No one really had asked about me; I'm only presenting myself to them.. Likewise, no one had stopped me from leading a decent life; I only happily have embraced the indecent life!
  • The funny part of my life is.. My energy, time and capacity are always limited for the world requirement but never the other man’s and I openly say that! 
  • My wisdom forever lies in caring more for serious life making a joke of easy life!
  • I should ever meet the requirements but never the extensions!
  • When my relationship is a fact, easy pardoning should be a fiction with me!  
  • The depth of my liking is truly unknown to me.. Equally I don't know what I'm made of till a situation comes up!
  • My sincerity maintained and my respect earned are ever directly proportional!

Monday, January 11, 2016


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Saturday, January 9, 2016


There was a problem and all were trying to give a solution.. But no easy way was in front.. 5 minutes of struggle ensued.. The highly energetic young man of twenties intervened saying that he could do it and resolved it just like that.. 

"You should have done that earlier itself.. We were struggling all this time!" 

he was squarely blamed.. On another day, a similar thing repeated.. But the young man knowing the solution was just silent for a while.. Half hr passed and nothing progressed.. They asked the young man to try.. 

"I may not know.. Anyhow let me try.. " 

saying thus he coolly solved the issue..

"Great! You've done a job which none of us could do!" 

were the praises afterwards! The young man mused, 

  • "Sometimes, silence is the safe of way of living thru' a trivial situation!"
Years rolled by.. The young man grown to mid thirties visited a Saint in an Ashram one evening, took his Blessings and said, 

“Reverend Sir! I've a problem.. In my day to day life so far, I tried my best to excel but came out average in all fields.. I see around me many of my contemporaries who were lesser earlier suddenly going up the ladder.. What is the way for me to progress the best in my field?”

The Master listened to him, said, “Wait” and kept silence subsequently.. The man waited silently for the reply..

The Master never spoke to him for some time and continued His silence.. The man’s patience was running out.. He controlled his tension and waited for some more time.. But there was no word from the Great man except silence.. The man could no more hold and collecting all his strength just said, 

“Sir! You did not tell me anything..” 

But the Saint continued His silence..The man by that time totally lost his patience.. He politely said, 

“Sir! It may be time..  May I leave now?” 

The Master smiled and said, 

“Dear! What you decided to do now here, you should start doing in your personal life too i.e., Leave the issues that bother you beyond and get on to the next ones.. Now you see, how the determination came up in you even to leave me in whom who you had so much faith? So from now on wards, leave all this murmur and use the same comparative approach to see better things in others and learn how to grasp those capabilities as much as possible.. In that way alone you will get what you want and there would be no further unrest in you!”

The man partly understood.. 

  • "Silence truly does it's own wonders!"

Years went by further.. Finally there was a day, when the then man of mid forties faced the toughest problem of his life.. No end was seen in distant.. At length, some people advised him to visit the Great Saint of the neighborhood Ashram for a solution to his perennial problem.. Accordingly, he visited the Ashram and was lead to the room where the Great Saint was seen sitting in Meditation.. Along with the other devotees, the man sat in silence for a while in front of the Great Man..

The Great Saint continued His Silence.. At length, the Great Man called with a Silent Gesture and enquired the man in front silently through hand signals, whether he was feeling better for which the man without his knowledge nodded his head in affirmation.. They further sat for some more time in silence and finally as the man silently took leave from the Great Personality through a Silent Hand Wave and came out, to his own surprise he found himself extra calm in spite of his problem remaining the same which any how he had to live thru'..  

Thus, the man finally understood in full, 

  • "Silence is truly the Mother of all speaking, however valuable the speaking may be!"

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Friday, January 8, 2016


Last year, I opened my book and started gazing thru' it as the Great Philosopher had said to His disciples,

"I can never teach you anything except that we together read our own independent books separately ourselves, understand the content solely by ourselves and plan our own strategies for our betterment.. We can repeatedly do this day and night and that's the only way in front of us to know ourselves!"

Here are my related Q and A in respect of reading my that one 'Open Book' with me..i.e., My Mind!

Q: "I continuously suffer in my life as I feel weak from all directions out of an unknown fear.. Is there a way out for me?"

A: "I'm continuously unhappy in life because I don't see or not interested to see the real 'Great Strength' in me.. This 'Strength' within me is different from the usual physical, mental, political, social strengths etc as the same..

  • Can't be tampered.. 
  • Can't be destroyed.. 
  • Can't be misused.. 
  • Can't be bargained!" 
Q: "How to see and feel this 'Strength?' How to make use of it?"

A: "Yes! Interestingly, if I have to see/feel this strength in me, I should remain calm.. Can I remain calm for a moment of my time?"

Q: "How can I remain calm when I've to do so many things in my life? Time is money.. Without money there's no life.. If my time is utilized properly, my wealth will improve, my family and my people will be benefited including everything around too.. So, I should be whole and soul into my time!"

A: "OK! Let me leave it.. If that's not possible, the next best thing.. Can I at least allocate part of my time that's left out beyond the discharge of my responsibilities? This excess time is always with me as I keep special slots for my own enjoyment!"

Q: "Yes.. This option seems possible!"

A: "If so, it's better to allot part of this time however small it may be, on a daily basis.. In fact more number of times in a day is better!"

Q: "Why so?"

A: "The reason is.. This 'Spirit of Today' in me can soon be lost.. It's not strong..
  • It needs protection.. 
  • It needs fencing.. 
  • It needs augmentation.. 
  • It needs continuous encouragement! 
So 'Regular' is a better word here!"

Q: "I'm ready for that.. What next?" 

A: "Next, the 'Quality' of this time is to be maintained.. It's a must.. Without quality, the world will not move an inch.. In my time too which is presently allotted, this quality must flow in.. In this process..
  • Let me not be anxious.. 
  • Let me not be greedy.. 
  • Let me not be calculative.. 
  • Let me not doze off!" 
Q: "Yes, I got it!"

A: "Wait please.. You haven't listened fully.. In this time, there's no real 'Great Doing'.. If I thus remain without really aiming at any thing, soon I would notice that my mind never listens to me.. It's truly powerful and I'm really nothing in front of it..
  • It initially tries to educate me in its own line.. 
  • If failed, then it tries to lure me there.. 
  • That too failed, it gets into a bargain with me.. 
  • And I don't yield there too, it finally terrorizes me beyond! 
That way seen, I'm really small in front of my mind's plans!"

Q: "Then, what to do here?"

A: "I'm repeating.. There's no doing here..When I see my mind as such, I should allow it out first.. But equally gently should arrest it too, where possible by countering..
  • The 'Vicious' thoughts with the 'Pious' ones.. 
  • The thought of 'Self Pity' with the thought 'I'm not less..' 
  • The thought, 'I'm loosing' with 'It's OK.. The loss isn't to that level that makes me collapsed!' 
  • The thought, ‘There are burning problems.. What are you doing here?’ with ‘Only a few minutes.. I'm coming back!’ 
I should thus exist with a continuous feeling in me that
  • Everything is OK.. 
  • Nothing is going wrong.. 
  • Only small times are spent this way.. 
  • This'll not affect my general living! 
And all along 
  • I should remain gentle.. 
  • I should feel at ease.. 
  • I should be open.. 
  • I should carry respect for every other method of getting there! 
That very existing, indirectly is nothing but just claiming 'No Result' as much as possible in my living and that alone is ultimately seeing/feeling the 'Great Strength' in me which sure paves the way for 'True Peace' driving out the all those 'Unwanted Fears' within!'"

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


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In the morning hrs of Thursday, Dec 31st, 2015, as I was on my usual morning walk in the park near to my house, I noticed 5 cute little girls and 2 handsome boys aged between 6-8 in total attention near a fountain in half sitting pose keenly observing the ground around.. As I went close to them, I happened to peep in there and instantly noticed a medium sized caterpillar crawling on the floor tiles.. 
  • So majestically he was moving in different directions every time coming back to the same spot!  
I left the scene, made another round of walk and came back to the spot again.. The girls and boys were still active, sitting and watching the creature closely.. Mean while one girl ran and brought a big leaf lying on the ground at a distance.. Another girl tried to make the creature crawl on to the leaf.. 
  • But they were totally unsuccessful in that as the creature cleverly evaded the leaf every time they brought it close and moved away.. 
For a while, I too joined the children observing the creature.. “He is a Centipede!” a Little One told me with her eyes wide open.. “I've learnt about him in my class..” I assured the children that the creature is harmless and tried myself to take it on to the leaf.. 
  • No, he turned back.. For some time it was a graceful dance.. I repeatedly tried to push him on to the leaf expecting him to crawl, but every time he turned, rolled over and evaded the leaf so beautifully.. All great fun! 
The girls were in attention for some more time.. 
  • By that time, the creature moved to the side wall and started its further on ward journey.. 
As I made the final round of walk and sat on a near by bench, the children retreated from the creature and moved towards their usual play.. I continued sitting there for some time relaxing for a while musing over the finer aspects of life around.. 
  • How the Almighty had provided protection to the little creature crawling in front of those golden hearted children who all the time paid their attention to the small one on the ground in a unique manner without disturbing the creature's majestic living and at the same time learning their own lessons of Nature.. Such a wonderful built-in Mechanisms of Survival and Learning side by side!
As I moved from there, I firmed up.. 
  • 'This is sure the way of protecting our Nature as is around us as we live gracefully thru' our life with total satisfaction in our hearts and the little boys and girls have shown here in front of me doing 3 things simultaneously with a great happiness in their hearts Viz.,
  • Helping out the Nature around to be as is the max,
  • Learning Great Lessons in the process for self improvement and
  • Be content and joyful with just doing the right there!
If at all I'm carrying forward the Best Message to 2016, this alone is the Right One.. 
  • 'I'll never borrow the Little Ones' precious Future Gift God has given them as the Original Nature around for expanding myself and instead work towards preserving the very Nature for them as the Right Future Gift and nothing less of it at any time!
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Monday, January 4, 2016


A few months back last year, I was on my usual round of walk to the nearby Market Area to buy a few groceries and return.. I regularly prefer this walk of 1 km to the Market Area as the same is quite relaxing and invigorating in the mid morning hrs especially in the warm sunlight of winters..

As I finished my work and was returning home, a woman of late 30s sitting on the side of the road asked me something in her mother tongue showing a distant Cloth Poster tied to two poles advertising for admissions to a new Kindergarten School being opened in the neighborhood.. For a while, I couldn't understand what the lady was asking and I was dumbstruck..

  • The woman repeatedly asked her question showing at the Advertisement and I ultimately had no way of getting away from there and for a while, was trying to understand what her question related to the Advertisement was..
  • Finally, I just answered her speaking the content of Advertisement with a mixture of English and one or two words of her own language known to me and thus conveyed the gist of the Advertisement.. When I used those words, the woman nodded her head, thanked me in her own words with a smile and bid me a ‘Bye’..
As I started walking further, the thoughts continued in me on the woman’s interest connected to the Poster as the School was never for the people like her or me for our own children and thus could never conclude on her requirement..
  • Just then, a bus fully colored Yellow over took me with the people in the bus all dressed up in Yellow singing in chorus a Devotional Song.. It was pleasant to listen to their Song and when I took a small look that side, it suddenly struck me..
  • Yes! The bus was painted Yellow, the people in the bus dressed up in Yellow drapes and the Lady waiting for the bus and who enquired me about the Poster too was in her Yellow Costume.. That means, she is one of the Devotees of the Devotional Group.. But what was her interest in the Poster?
Another flash came up in no time and that really clarified my doubt.. Yes.. The cloth of the Poster too was Yellow in color!
  • Means, she wanted to know whether the same colored Poster by chance was carrying any of her own Group's related activities and if that was the case, she was worried whether she was missing participating in any one of them.. And squarely there was a language barrier for her as she could not make out anything written there in English..
But being educated too, I was not great at that moment as the color insensitivity had taken over me at that point of time!
  • I felt instantly so good to know that the Lady Devotee who was next to me sometime back had such a deep Faith, totally believed in the Almighty in her own way, never wanted to do anything less there and sincerely was filling up all gaps in the Devotional Program which was 'On' for that entire month and would go thus during the Winter periods of every year!
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