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A young man was a firm believer all in himself..

“They say that what we think, we become that.. Meaning, if you feel that you can do some thing, you can definitely do it.. None can stop this phenomenon going on around you.. As I understand, this mechanism is truly built in Nature.. 

Thus we alone make our lives or equally limit too our lives! Why can’t one be straight away free from all theories and beliefs and work in a concrete way? That alone ultimately makes our life and not all that story telling or myself listening to it!”

An elderly Well-wisher of deep wisdom was hearing this talk for a while.. No doubt, he had all the appreciation for the young man's firmness but wanted to correct him gently on his ultimate faith in the materialistic things around.. Accordingly, on one of the holidays he just invited the young man home for lunch..

As the young man arrived, the elderly made him sit and relax a while and subsequently queried, 
“How was your day, dear?” 

“Great Sir.. Really fantastic!” said the young man feeling fully energetic.. 

The elderly with a smile further asked, “Was everything perfect since morning?” 

The young man said, 
“Yes, Sir! The day is quite interesting.. I, yesterday itself planned for the visit to your house and accordingly got up, had done all the required and reached here almost in time!”

The elderly said, 
“If you kindly permit me to intervene here, can you just tell me a few moments of today where something happened without your pre plan?” 

The young man got surprised at the question but said, 
“To my knowledge, nothing less happened, Sir!”

“Can you try to recollect minute by minute the exact small happenings where something you never planned?”

“It’s funny.. OK, let me remember.. Yeah! I got up, completed the morning activities, and took breakfast.. OK.. OK.. A few happenings.. 

  • I just slipped once as I was moving in my home but it was nothing as I instantly recovered.. 
  • I bumped into a man on the road and said sorry to him.. It was a bit funny.. 
  • Of course, the change given by the Conductor fell in the bus but I was in total attention to pick it up.. 
  • I forgot to carry my ID but that's OK.. It happens once in a way.. 
These I feel, are some of the happenings without my plan not worth mentioning or remembering but anything like that constantly happens in our lives and none is free from that.. Leave all that Sir, but why are you asking me all these questions now?”

“See, My dear! It means that what you never planned too happened.. Since those unplanned ones are of minor nature and are not in the way of your original plans, you are brushing them off so easily.. 

Just, imagine for a minute.. Suppose, these small happenings extend a bit more and block your major plans all of a sudden, do you still talk like this? An here, do you ever know that the Number one such major plan is our own aim in our life which equally can go wrong?"


Dear if you see in this way, we can easily understand that God alone is the Ultimate Planner here for all of us as, 
  • Nothing moves unless He Wills.. 
  • All our plans forever are at His Feet.. 
  • As long as His Grace Bestows on our Plans, then only we are smiling! 
So, let us Pray at this moment that the Almighty take care of all our Plans and even when certain Plans fail too, He gives us enough courage to face the Change and Re-direct our lives in the new environment.. This Ultimate Action alone is the 'Right One' in our lives, of course we all the while planning and doing everything from our side in the best possible way without fail!”

Concurring with what the elderly Well-wisher said, from distance on the loud Speakers Sloka 66, Chapter 18 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarvapapebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah.'

'Relinquishing all ideas of righteousness (the right and wrong as known to you), surrender unto me exclusively; I will deliver you from all sinful reactions (what your mind proposes), do not despair.'


The 2 Companions in our life that keep up one's weight under control are..

The No1.. is Living with that particular discipline which

  • Always does good to us and never means bad even in dream.. 
  • Gets us newer and newer friends as we move thus in our life who forever appear to be cheerful and rarely frowning.. 
  • Puts back our spirits and extend support all the day through its own grace in spite of ourselves being dull and moody that day morning.. 
  • Never gets turned off but welcomes us in whatever way we greet it at our level and capacity.. 
  • Invariably makes us smile at all people forever without making us distinguish between the rich and poor, the big and small, the strong and the weak.. 
  • Never lets us down with a disheartened feeling seeing the widening or narrowing, the twisting or straight or the limited or vast environment in front.. and 
  • Forever makes us keep contact with Mother Nature! 
And that very Companion is none other than the daily walk in our life!

The No 2 Companion is the discipline of daily consuming the right quantities of quality food..

A particular Belief in a corner of the world goes.. 

'It seems every individual comes onto the Earth to consume a fixed number of grains of their own staple cereal and when the last grain is consumed, one has to wind up own activities on the Earth!'

And equally the joke related to this goes.. 

'So there's wisdom in saying that when one eats less number of grains in a day more number of days are going to be there for one on the Earth!'

Thus, the consumption of nutritious and balanced food constantly stressing upon the 5 points related to it Viz; 
  • Wholeness is ever welcome; refinement is secondary..
  • Coarseness (Fibre) is ever welcome; smoothness is secondary..
  • Limited is ever welcome;large amount is secondary..
  • Freshness is ever welcome stored is secondary..
  • Variety is ever welcome routine is secondary..
ever keeps our bodies lighter and minds active..

And, these too disciplines together definitely maintain the optimum weight in one's life!

At home, I constantly advise on these, provide conditions for these to take place in the day of our life like allotting a fixed time in the morning or evening hrs for a min 30 minute walk and buying the necessary and essential right foods in right quantities for home so that the required nutrients are constantly consumed thru' a habit..

The above 2 activities put together will surely go a long way ensuring good weight management for my wife and thus I can help out her in keeping up the same and maintain in turn good health for her!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015


A gentleman was traveling by train.. 

An old man sitting next to him had some conversation with him for a while but after sometime requested him to lend him some money and promised to return the same by MO back when he would go home.. And the gentleman instantly gave him that money.. The old man took the money along with his address and contact No and thanked him.. Soon his destination arrived, he got down and walked off.. 

A co-passenger who was observing all this, remarked, 
  • “Sir! The old man tricked you.. Where's the guarantee that he would send you back your money? You never asked for his phone No nor address for follow up..”
The gentleman smiled and said, 
  • Dear! All our addresses and phone numbers are with the Almighty and leaving Him we cannot move away anywhere to anyplace.. What I wish to say is that here the Lord’s Message is very much around, 'Help the next man in his/her problem and let the help be such that 
         It doesn't create nuisance around and 
         It's within your means.. 
     More than that do not think anything further!' 
  • Taking care of these 2 factors alone I extended my support.. The old man seemed to be in need and not a man who is there to trick and take away monies from us.. And what I gave him too is well within my limits of giving.. 
  • Now, whether he returns the money or not is purely left to him.. I feel that I've just done here the normal duty of mine towards my fellow human being!”
While getting off at his Stop, the gentleman quipped, 
  • “When it's time for us to wind up from this world, all these accounts have to be settled with the Lord Who forever sees the ‘Fairness of Action!’ at every stage and there, none can escape that Ultimate Assessment.. And here, I’ve just taken care of that too in the best way possible!”

Saturday, September 26, 2015


3 men of different natures and temperaments were living in the neighborhood..

The 1st man used to say..
  • "It's our Will Power and Hard Work that counts here forever.. I don't know whether God is there or not but they say that even the Mom does not feed her baby unless the baby cries.. That's how Nature's Laws go around forever whether we like it or not.. 
Wherever I go, I always lookout for Business alone; nothing else interests me!"

The 2nd man used to say..

  • "I believe in hard work and one's own effort.. I systematically built this Empire and it's my own make.. Am proud that I could achieve all this as I was careful all the time, mastered the pitfalls everywhere and…… My plans ever are perfect.. The man who started along with me is down today because he was careless and had no such concrete plans.. But here, I equally believe that God helps me indirectly and Blesses all along provided I do all this and continue doing the same.. 
Wherever I go, I always lookout for Business and Temples alone; nothing else interests me!"

The 3rd man used to say..
  • "No doubt, I believe in hard work and one's own effort.. And here, I equally believe that God helps me indirectly and Blesses all along in this Mission of mine only when in parallel I take up certain Service too to Humanity where the truly less privileged are helped to some extent.. Without this last effort, my Mission on this Earth is never complete! 
Wherever I go, I always lookout for my usual Business and Temples but beyond some Service Organizations too for this additional Contribution and I thus feel that I am complete here!"

Even though all of them were men of certain basic fear and pride in their life directly or indirectly, the last one alone did a better job compared to the remaining 2..

The reason being,
  • In the mind of the 1st man, pride indirectly ruled behind all his actions.. 
  • In the mind of the 2rd man, pride prevailed for major part of the day but soon fear too followed many times.. 
  • In the mind of the last man, in spite of the fear and pride over taking him out of his habit, many times humility too soon followed as the Service attitude therein instantly reminded him of that! 

The above conceptualized story ever makes me believe that that attitude of the last man alone makes me feel happy and ever connects me in this my limited life covered up with my own Ignorance where in my Actions at the back of a Humbleness feeling within me moves me forever in the Right Direction alone!

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Friday, September 25, 2015


  • "I strongly feel that what I think is just the right as that is alway out of certain Perception in me and never out of what my mind proposes.. Further to this, what I say and what I do too are again nearer to that right alone.. I can vouch that I will never do any wrong here with my own knowledge..
  • I, with all my sincerity can only tell this to any one who asks me on this but if the other man still does not listen to what I say and does something on his own, I feel it's purely his own wish and God decided him to be destined thus.. I can do nothing in such a situation except just remain humble and that itself is the max.."
Thus was saying a man often quoting his own Perception of the Right..

The 1st time it was an experience with the distant man.. Some thing went wrong there.. The man said,

  • "I told him the Right a 100 times but he never listened.. God alone should take care now.. I'm none to do anything here as that is beyond my purview!"

All others around who contributed their might to the cause felt indirectly that the best man spoke more in the normal situation but easily washed off his hands when such a crisis came up in front!

The 2nd time, it was with his neighbor.. There something else went wrong.. The man said,

  • "You know, being my next door man, How much I advised him on the Right.. I feel I just did what all was needed here.. None else in my Role would have done that much.. I sincerely feel that God has his own Plans.. And all of us just have to abide by that!"
All others around who contributed their might to the cause again felt indirectly that the best man spoke more in the normal situation but easily washed off his hands when such a crisis came up in front!

The 3rd time, it was with his best friend.. The man was sad and said, 

  • "See.. How can I tell here that too to my close friend, something wrong which goes against him.. I can never think of doing that in my life.. He is my friend and I very much wish that sooner, he comes out of this bad situation.. I Pray for him, am ready to help him the max possible and am already into that!"
All others around who contributed their might to the cause felt indirectly the third time that the best man spoke more in the normal situation but easily washed off his hands when such a crisis came up in front!

But the 4 the time, it was his own close member that was in trouble..

The man was in total tears but

  • Instantly silently got into the total corrective action required there leaving nothing left to chance along with an ardent Prayer to God for quick Betterment and Ultimate Take care!
All others around who earlier contributed their might in the usual way, did the same this time too but silently to the cause in front along with the man!

God was smiling from above..

  • "Let there ever be no difference between your thinking, speaking and doing.. What you feel right at your own level, think of that only, speak of that only and do that only.. And that outcome alone teaches you further and elevates you more towards the Ultimate Right which is at infinite distance from you.. 
  • Why do you assume that you know that Ultimate Right initially itself and start living your life with an ever unknown pride in you which eternally keeps you off from this Greater Learning very much possible for you in this life at the back of your own wrong doings!"

Thursday, September 24, 2015


I very much remember.. That was the time, I was in Class 7th.. I had an option of speaking on a Subject in my Elocution Period.. I avoided giving my name.. My dad came to know about that, straight away met our Class Teacher and simply included my name totally against my wish..

"I don't like giving a Speech in front of my friends!"

was my protest at that age out of an unknown fear of getting humiliated in front of others..

"You should develop these Skills.. Avoiding is no solution here.. Select one of the Topics given, prepare well and speak out.. There's no choice for you!"

almost ordered my dad.. I was murmuring within myself..

I again remember, it was when I was in Class 9th and I had to give my name for a Voluntary Service.. I again avoided there out of fear.. My dad came to know about that, came to my School and straight way included my name..

"I have to concentrate on my Studies... These come in my way!"

I gave a fake reason..

"Try to manage both.. You should involve in such Works once in a way!"

clarified my dad saying indirectly that there was no go there.. I was angry but kept quiet..

I came to 12th Class.. I concentrated, wrote the Local Competitive Exam and was through.. My dad made me apply for other Competition Exams too where I was eligible..

"Why all these when I am sure of my Local Exam?" 

I had my doubt..

"You should know what Competition means and better you write every exam in front of you!" 

explained my dad..

"This way, I am confused!" 

I replied a bit dejected.. My dad simply kept his silence..

I had my selection of Job where in out of the two Local Postings I got, one had less Pay and 6 Month Training outside my City..

"This Company appears to be better than the other even though these people pay less initially and give Training away from the Headquarters.. Select this one only.. It's good to start your Career with this Company!"

said my dad..

"When the other Company is paying more and their training is just for 3 months that too only locally, why all this unnecessary trouble? I want to join only the second Company!" 

I asserted..

"Do what I say.. There's good for you in that in the long run!"

assured my dad.. I moved out reluctantly for 6 months, had my Training and was posted back to my City.. It was the first day of my regular Job and my dad silently wished me the best.. I returned late in the evening quite tired and was resting in my room.. My dad asked how was my first day..

"They showed my place, my computer and assigned me some Work.. I had to continuously do that all the 8 hrs till the last minute the Office closed except for Lunch and Tea Breaks.. That's all, nothing great!"

I said..

"OK, Don't worry, relax now!  All these days, my constant worry was to put you in this one line which was never a day's Work from your side as well as from my side.. It's a total build up from the time you entered your School.. You might have resisted many times, but finally co-operated and joined in every activity I insisted.. Today, you are fully the Right Personality to enter this field but remember this is not the end..

In the coming days, you'll be taking up many turmoils, stress and strain and cut throat Competitions around you in your field of Work and subsequently the later greater family responsibilities in your life too.. That way, the list may be endless but the foundation for the same is laid firmly and brought to this level.. Now the Superstructure of coming days is more of your own effort with my broad guidelines following all along.. That way, this growing up goes on eternally for ever and ever in your life.. All the Best for you; well done till date!" 

said my dad with a big smile on his face and an affectionate pat on my back..

I instantly became speechless when I saw the Eternal Love behind my dad's every action that truly helped me become the fittest person of my life.. I mused silently..

"I promise you dad, I sure will do my best here, get laurels everywhere, turnout gold and keep up the silent wish of your heart that I should be the best.. And thank you dad, for this Priceless Contribution of yours towards me enabling me stand as the Right Individual in my life!"

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  • Competitive Business is the core ingredient of human survival anywhere in the world.. 
  • A good Business means nothing is guaranteed and working may be endless.. 
  • When the rich spend, economic activity is sure augmented.. 
  • Sometimes the investment needed to acquire a capability is just a negative situation around.. 
  • Incidents around should not decide the direction of progress of work involving Business; the requirement alone should..
  • Every one can always do the own portion of a job and none else should do that part..
  • Lack of time to do things other than the 'core work' is sure a blessing in disguise in a Business Environment..
  • Competitive working in high demand field thru' quality Product deliveries to the Rich Customer pays the highest in Business..   

  • Sincerity in my job is the gateway for long time association in the field wherein the presence of greed there sure spoils the show sooner or later.. 
  • The very safe investment for ever lies in giving my energies partly for the production of the essentials too in parallel.. 
  • It's always safer to do a little extra work, pay a little extra attention or appear a little less at work rather than stick to the exact.. 
  • The gap between ‘I will do’ and 'What I do' is never less many times and I should constantly be aware of that difference..
  • If I firm up doing a job, time will be found even beyond 24 hrs of the day.. No shortage there!
  • At work, I should always stretch but never should break..
  • Willingness to work on my behalf brings its own unknown earnings as sweat forever is the safest..
  • The reason for my working is never to have great relaxation at the end of the day.. 
  • At 'work' small is ever 'beautiful'..
  • For a man of greater understanding, the difference between 'leisure time', 'free time' and 'working time' never exist.. 
  • A 'Good work' doubly sure keeps the 'bad man' away.. 
  • If Friday evenings are highly interesting, Monday mornings would be too sickening..   
  • It's a myth that a capable worker is easily available and if one is sure of that, there's a big problem.. 
  • No payment is enough for one to satisfy the whims and fancies of the Boss.. 
  • The Novice at work is always conscious of own achievements where as the Professional simply concentrates.. 
  • The Saying 'Time is money' is never for people without work.. 

Monday, September 21, 2015


The time was the morning hrs of Sunday and the place was on the other part of the Globe where luxury forever was on the higher side..

The child of 4+ years got up in the morning.. For brushing, he went to the wash basin and turned the tap.. The water started flowing out, but in no time the same tapered off and totally stopped.. The Little One got astonished..

"Mom! There's no water in the Tap!"

The Mom instantly came to bathroom to help him out.. Yes.. There was no water in the tap which was truly an astonishment for her.. In a country like that too, there's no water coming from the tap! 

The Grandpa was all along with them.. For a moment, he too got wondered why the water had stopped.. But his sixth sense quickly worked.. And he could sense some sound below.. He called the Grand child saying, "Come with me!"

The boy instantly followed him and soon they both came down the stairs to the point where certain sounds were heard..

Yes.. The Grandpa's guess was right.. There was the Boiler replacement going on below which supplied the hot water.. No doubt active work was under progress and there it would be taking a little more than an hr's time to complete that..

That must have been circulated in the Notice which the Grandpa remembered to have seen 2 days back but forgot to remind his people on that.. He instantly decided to make use of that situation to teach the child a Great Lesson in life..

"Dear! Do you now know that water is precious in our life.." 
he said..

"Yes! Grandpa!"
responded the child with all honesty.. "But why it stopped?"

"See! They are replacing the old Boiler which supplies hot water to us.. It takes some time to do all that and then only we get both cold and hot waters.. Hereafter the hot water will be very hot.. Should they not do it?" 
asked the Grandpa..

"Yes! They should do it!" said the Grandson..

"Then tell me.. What do you do now without water? How do you brush? How do you go for Pee or Poo? Can you do all these?"

The child was tensed up..

"We need water to cook our food too.. Where do we get it now?" asked the Grandpa..

"I need to drink it too! I'm thirsty!"

"That we will do as soon as we go inside.. No worry.. That water is different.. And we stored it.. But Dear! That water too comes like this only when people around work!"

The child looked at Grandpa with a strange expression..

"Now, Dear! Do you understand that water which is very important for us comes thru' good rains and many people together bring that to our home for our drinking, brushing, bathing and use for Pee and Poo cleaning.. Can we waste water?"

"No!" said the child with all firmness..

"So, we should see that always rains come!"

"Yes! I like rain.. I want to play in rain.. Mom makes paper boats for me!" 

"And all people should be there and bring water to our homes; is it not?"

"Yes! All should bring water faster!" said the child with an excitement seen on his face with 'faster' meaning 'in the best way!'

By that time, the work of installing the new Boiler being over, water started coming and the boy's Mom said from above, "Dear! Come up.. Water's coming.. You have to brush,take bath and get ready now to go to Market!"

Hearing her voice, both the Grandpa and the Grandson moved up the stairs with the Grandpa having satisfied over implanting a good thought in the Little One's mind at that tender age was mentally preparing himself to teach the next lesson to his Grandson on the preserving and caring for Essentials of Life which Mother Nature gives in abundance for right use no doubt but never allows misuse..

And the famous Quote of the Great man was in his mind all along..

"There's plenty on Earth for the need of every one but not for their greed!"

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The story that comes to my mind in this context, is narrated below:
  • “This friend of mine you know, is a real nuisance in my life. They say, 
'A friend in need is a friend indeed and a SINGLE HELLO makes you so much relaxed in life!'
  • But, that became exactly the opposite in this man's case. He never allows me to be free for a while. I've so many priorities in my life, my monies, time and energies are precious and I don't want to waste them unnecessarily on issues which bring nothing to me.. 
  • When I'm thus keeping a strict discipline with me in my day to day life, this man rings up to me almost daily and says that I should come out, join in some Social Event, Program, Function etc along with him and thus spend time with him.. 
  • Who the hell is he to advise me thus? I want to spend my quality time in my own way and for that he is squarely putting a brake everywhere. I'm not able to say this to him directly..
  • Anyhow these days, am somehow managing by pretending as if I'm busy but a few times that too is not working and invariably he interferes. Don’t know how to avoid him totally!” 
Thus was speaking a man of late 30s commenting on a friend whom he felt a nuisance and whose friendship, he couldn't openly cut off..

Just then the landline phone rang up..

“See, I told you! That man only.. He has no other work.. Forever on the prowl.. 
  • Hello, Yeah, Speaking! What? Is it so? God! Means there's a problem. Now, what will happen to our all those investments? Why did it happen thus, when everything was going smooth? It's really a bad news. OK! I’ll talk to you later separately. If required, I'll go there personally tomorrow itself and see if I can do something. See you then!” 
There was some silence for a while. But in no time, another call was there on the line..
  • “Hello, dear! How are you? What? What did the doctor say? Are you sure? OK.. No problem.. I'll be there, tomorrow evening itself. Don’t worry.. This is not such a big issue. Let's see what best can be done here. Meanwhile, take all the care required!” 
And soon, that was the 3rd call..
  • “Hello! Is it? How can that happen? You might have seen something wrong. I was sure my papers were approved. God! It means, I should once again go through the whole process and all my plans have to be worked back now. What a nuisance.. I'm just stuck now!” 
The man was totally down instantly and appeared as if he had no energy to say anything at all. But the phone never kept silent and it was the 4th call then.. 

Yes! it was the ultimate trouble there as the very friend on prowl was active at the other end of the phone.

But strangely, as soon as the same friend said, "HELLO!" the man without giving a chance for him to talk further, simply burst out,
  • “HELLO, dear.. 100 yrs for you! I was just waiting for your call and you rang up. Yeah! Tell me.. See.. We are close friends and we should be talking often. No.. No.. You are not disturbing me at all. In fact, you have a right to call me at any time.. 
  • Listen, I've few issues in front that suddenly sprang up and I want to discuss with you. If you are free, shall we meet in the evening? Come home and let's have dinner at our place and I'll tell you all the details.. 
  • I tell you.. You were my best friend in times of crisis and all these days you only stood by my side. Bye, dear! Am waiting to meet you in the evening. Don't forget me!”
Thus seen many times, it appears that I am 100% happy with my own 

Acquisitions and 

In my life and expect that I be left to all myself alone in holding these.. But the Ever Green Saying in life goes..

'Between a cup and lip there are many slips!'

And if my fate looks onto the other side, the next moment 

I'd be sure a totally lost man in my life!

In such a scenario, the only way in front of me is 

Start sharing my happiness and gain with my next man in my society without an exception and thus remain humble ever ready to take the life that comes up with its own ups and downs with an open heart! 

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire prompt Does society play a important role in our life ? What's your view ? #societyviews

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Saturday, September 19, 2015


A Great Personality was sailing across High Seas.. On the Ship, there were people of different groups and each group segregated themselves to their 'Own' and thus were continuing their activities during the journey effectively keeping off from other groups even though the same was perfectly feasible but their mental barriers kept them off from doing that.. And the journey continued thus..

But God's Plans were different.. On the way all of a sudden, an unexpected cyclone hit the ship.. It was terrible for a while and the ship was a tiny piece of man made item in front of the gigantic winds that were passing over the ship with terrible speed!  

Suddenly, the psychology of all the Passengers had undergone a dramatic change and all in no time, became Single minded and started Praying to the Almighty together chanting a single Line of Prayer..  

"Oh, God!  Do Save us and Take care!”  

The Prayer continued and the Typhoon too for a while but soon it was time for the typhoon to come down in its intensity to the relief of all and in a few hours later totally vanished from the scene, with the weather returning to normalcy.. 

As usual in further few hrs, people again segregated themselves to their smaller Circles and were busy in their own activities keeping off from others.. 

The Great Man thought, 

“How nice it would have been had the 'Togetherness' that was there sometime back continued in this normal time too!”

This is how I'm living on Mother Earth ever oscillating between the thoughts.. 'My man' and 'Not my man!'

At the highest level, life aspects are the Common Entities with all living beings.. That is the reason why all living beings are on Mother Earth; Humans, Creatures and Plants.. The Highest Oneness!  

Here, no doubt physical demarcations are needed between Human Groups as people of various Countries, States, Towns, Villages, Religions, Age groups etc etc.. where in the grouping has its own Purpose.. Viz., Right Identification and smooth transactions from Day to Day living point of view.. But between these Groups, in parallel walls are built successfully and divisions are ensured sincerely at the mental level too.. And that way seen, soon the list becomes endless with many, many such distinct marked differences..

Divided thus, Ultimately we reach a Unit called 'Family' defined as per the individual's requirements for one's own welfare.. 'Service to Humanity' is truly done when this Unit is 

  • Fully respected, 
  • Inside Members are rightly cared for, 
  • Attached Responsibilities are well discharged and 
  • The Development of members is properly ensued.. 

As ultimately that alone is the Spirit of a 'Good Family!' 

But Alas.. Here too sometimes, the differences continue!

Friday, September 18, 2015


  • Feeling safe: As a child, he was the weakest but never felt so.. His Mom by the side was in total action there taking max care..
  • Identifying: As a kid himself knowing and emotionally identifying was again totally the work of hers, the beginning of which was never known to him in his life time..
  • Interacting: As a boy, he was fully into it from the day one as his Mom started responding instantly there, the beginning of which was again unknown to him..
  • Speaking: As a grown up he could speak fluently in that one language of his Mother and truly speaking he never knew how he picked it up..
  • Growing Up: It's the vast learning imparted to the boy by his Mother from scratch to almost 22-25 yrs who all those years left not a single stone unturned in the process!
A Mom silently but with all her love and dedication provided her child with those attributes in his life and made him truly the right Personality which the world had straight away accepted without a single objection.. A No 1 Sacred Task done in this world!
  • Chasing: “What's this boy doing? Where's he now? What happened to the work I asked him to finish today?” 
  • Ordering: “What’s your problem? Straight away go to the place, wait till the man turns out, talk to him and tell him strongly…..” 
  • Fixing: “I don’t want to listen to any thing here.. You know, in your age I was having a huge responsibility of….... That way seen, this's nothing for you.. Tune up yourself…….” 
  • Warning: “No one comes to your door and feeds you.. You have to struggle in this world, face the difficulties and live your life.. Don’t take it easy, my dear.. You'll soon be fit for nothing!’’ 
  • Pulling up: “OK! You might have done this now but don't think that life is all this alone.. From tomorrow, I want you to get into….....” 
The dad appeared harsh and no doubt, he alone forced himself into that role, took max pains, never left a single stone unturned there and finally gave to that basic Personality of the young man what was called in the world's own words.. The Status comprising of a built-in capability to standup on own feet and boldly express himself.. A No. 2 Sacred Task done!

Thus forever, go on the works of the parents in this world towards their wards a few times, the tasks getting over-lapped/interchanged but whatever be the situation, the 2 Tasks will always be done to perfection in total! 

The Epic Story says that when Lord Ganesha went round His parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and touched Their feet, it was treated as if He won the race of going round the Universe and thus could become the Primary God of Worship..

On the eve of this Ganesh Chaturthi, let us Pray to Lord Ganesha for the welfare of all of us and our families and along with that let us equally remember that every parent on this earth even though he/she is a normal personality in the eyes of the world to his/her own ward, he/she forever is someone special and of worshipping level and it is truly the great quality of an individual who carries this respect for his/her parents and thus remain humble towards them all along their life!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


In initial stages, the untruth alone used to occupy the man's mind a 100%.. And there, the man too was equally happy with all that..

But soon a few happenings in the life around raised the man's doubts on following the untruth for his ultimate good.. And that was the 1st miracle in his life as the Truth could secure a small place in his mind along with the untruth.. 

Days moved on thus..

As usual, the untruth went on showing its
enchanting colors and mesmerizing effects to the man but then the Truth ever by the side was standing as the symbol negating all that thus keeping the man under check..

Days would have gone thus further but the man was a bit more fortunate there..That helped the Truth there to stress upon a bit more with an eternal question in him,

"How much is this untruth correct in all its sayings?"

That was indeed a big turn in the life of the man and the Truth in no time was more established in him with a sizable strength of questioning many things around..

The untruth soon sensed it's weakened position and quickly opened up its attractions more and more but under the influence of Truth, the man was not that much yielding and equally started questioning at many places where the untruth proposed..

The untruth by then saw the real danger for its existence and without a doubt leashed out an unimagined terror on the man..

The man, no doubt with the help of Truth was stronger by that time but still was not wiser and so straight away started attacking the untruth on the face of it directly..

That was the limit there and the untruth's anger knew no bounds, soon gathered all of its strength and showed to the man what it could do to him in the form of en masse damage if he did not listen to it..

The man was doubly angry..

"You are actually nothing by my side.. You exist because I nurtured you and brought you to this stage and you now try to attack me thus? I'll see your end.."

And sure he would have tried doing that had the Truth in time not awakened him saying, 

"What are doing? Have you forgotten that this is the game being played by untruth in provoking you so that it can easily end you from its side.. This is all its Master Plan!"

The man instantly got the message there thru' the 2nd miracle of his life else that would have been his end or yield.. Thus having become strong in a different style, he looked at the Truth..

The Truth was smiling..

"My Philosophy of life is stay by the side of untruth, never yield beyond but equally never oppose beyond.. Thus stay medium, I'll exist by your side and with this discipline you'll immediately survive as well as progress in this inevitable life!"

That was truly the hat-rick with the man.. He instantly took that message in the right spirit, looked at Truth with an awe and said, 

"You are wise and you truly opened up my eyes.. But the last doubt.. I may be living this life like this from now onwards.. But when do I start living with you in total?"

The Truth smiled and said, 

"This is the 3rd time you fortunately listened to me.. Now you are a different man and almost all by yourself.. Your further Right doings and Taking care of the needy ones by your side alone make you strong in your life to drive out this untruth as much as possible from you and giving more and more space for me.. But..."

"But then what?" 

 asked the man anxiously...

"Be calm and continue thus.. My 100% descending on you is never possible here with this mundane body and mind of yours by your side as they too are part of this untruth only.. So at least, do you now understand who am I?"

The man suddenly got a flash in his mind, instantly bowed down to Truth and said..

"I very much got You Oh, the All Benevolent! You are none other than the Lord of the Universe.. I Pray You Bestow your Eternal Blessings on me and further Guide me in this life here afterwards!"

And thus moved on the MAN's LIFE in this world with the ENQUIRY SPIRIT 'ON' eternally! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


“I've so many issues in front which need to be addressed..These issues are of crucial importance in my life.. If the results of these are not favorable, the curtains are going to be down soon and all this drama would end in no time.. So, nothing should go wrong here.. 

But Sir! My constant worry here is that these results are never in our hands.. Anything can happen at anytime.. And if a single link goes missing somewhere, the whole chain is sure going to be affected sooner or later.. 

With so many responsibilities attached along with no absolute control on a single happening, I feel totally in a fix and finally reached a stage of understanding that if the day goes well, that's good enough for me; nothing more required! And these days, my daily Prayer to God is exactly on these lines..

And I understand here that I should solely depend on the Lord alone and thus humbly Pray to Him that He takes care of me in all my plans.. That alone makes me feel better at this point of time.. Else, this is all a real misery in my life!” 

thus was speaking a man of mid thirties pouring out his woes in front of an elderly well-wisher who happened to be truly a man of wisdom and deep thinking.. The elderly looked at him, paused for a while and said, 

“Dear! What had happened to you? I am finding you talking like a man of lost self respect and dignity.. Why did you allow yourself let down like this?”

The man got offended instantly, controlled himself and said, 

“Sir! I don’t understand what you are talking of.. It's for the first time am seeing you talk like this.. Is something wrong with me?”

The elderly looked at him, smiled and said, 

“Yes Dear! First of all, pitying ourselves is no solution to our problems and there never lies the true devotion to God.. We are the God created personalities of fullness and of nothing less in that direction.. And here, we should ever be thankful to the Almighty for keeping us intact in that way..

Having thus been given these weapons of sound body and sound mind to you, where is the right action from you in the present context making use of these in the best way?”

The man looked at him dumbstruck.. The well-wisher continued.. 

“Dear! The Almighty is ever happy only if I approach Him with a basic discipline from my side comprising of that 
  • I've completed the required actions of the day well to the best of my knowledge and belief without giving place to any laziness, complacence or coercion from my side.. 
  • I approach Him with  the right attitude in my mind Viz., Having done my day's work, I'm just waiting for His directive for executing the next day’s Program of mine as per His Plan.. 
With the backdrop of these two disciplines alone, I should Surrender myself to the Lord and just Pray to Him for the Eternal Blessings for my ultimate betterment! Any other approach towards my problems here only amounts to ultimately negating His Presence Everywhere which I should never do and thus close the issues for the day relaxing all along!”

In line with the Advice given by the well wisher, The Pavamana Mantra of Brahadaranyaka Upanishad was heard being chanted melodiously on the distant Loud Speakers with the meaning explained in parallel..

'asato ma sad gamaya, 
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya,
mrtyor mamrtam gamaya,
om shanti shanti shanti.'

'Lead me from the unreal to the real
Lead me from the darkness to the light
Lead me from death to the immortality
Let there be peace, peace, peace.'

Saturday, September 12, 2015


For a long time, I was putting these questions within myself in an expanded way and I thought that I'm fulfilling the real dream of my life in meeting all this.. 
  • What's the best way of making max money in short time?  I got to be rich! (The feeling of Accumulation) 
  • Which Class Item is worth securing for my level? I need to show off my level(The feeling of Comparison) 
  • Who can do this other than me? I'm not less here! (The Feeling of Pride) 
  • Why will it not happen? I will not give up! (The feeling of Certainty) 
  • When is the time I bowed down? I don't want to yield here! (The feeling of Superiority) 
  • Where's the opponent for me? Am too equal! (The feeling of fullness) 
  • How dare he question me like this? I'll teach him a lesson! (The feeling of Anger/disgust) 
'Yeah!  I'm living my life to the fullest!' 

I thought firmly.. And  days moved on thus..  

And in time... A few happenings around not so pleasant have raised my own doubts in chasing the very same dream of mine in full.. 

But the inside force was not less, even when I restrained myself a few times not be in that mode, I was soon dragged towards that life.. Here, quickly and very rightly I understood, 

'This isn't my dream; but I can't get away too from this!'

That lead to an extensive investigation and search from my side.. And that really was endless for a while..

But suddenly there was a Miracle.. On a fine day, there was flash in my mind..

'There's a better dream worth chasing.. Chase that your ultimate dream but allow the inevitable too by your side; of course feed not this inevitable beyond!'

Yes.. The Message was very clear.. And my real dream too was doubly clear by then.. Quickly some additional questions joined in that context and the list doubled..

  • What's the Right Path of action for me? Humility is the best here! (The Disciplinary mode) 
  • Which achievement in the world is really worth? Everything is limited! (The Understanding mode) 
  • Who am I? Not definitely what I know at this stage! (The Enquiry mode) 
  • Why I fail in spite of being all attentive? The Result is not in my hands! (The Investigation mode) 
  • When does the Almighty have mercy on me? I'm just waiting all the time! (The Prayerful mode) 
  • Where's the peace with me? Self is the culprit here! (The Ultimate Doubting  mode) 
  • How's that I am great here? Everywhere limited! (The Surrender mode) 
Thus continued eternally my chasing of the Special New Dream in my life with a Humility feeling backed by more weightage given to the last 7 and the inevitable minimum weightage to the first 7 at the back of a New Energy and Zeal, of course closing the activities for each day with a sincere Prayer to the Almighty for His Ultimate Take care! 

*** We are often told that the Entire Universe can be probed by just putting the 7 questions starting with What, Which, Who, Why, When, Where and How everywhere and every moment of our life with a constant improvement incorporated there.. And from whatever angle seen, that alone seems to be the Original and the Ultimate Dream of our life!  Another take on this Week's
Topic #MyDare!


"These days, I'm not at all happy in the way my grown up children are behaving.. No doubt, they are grown up and are handling........ But seen from broader perspective on some of the trivial issues, they are deciding too quickly and acting with double the speed........

If this continues I'm afraid, they soon may be caught at crucial points in their life, from where working backwards may be too difficult and already in some issues they are facing.......

I many times tell them to be careful in such cases, but they don't care for my advice and if insisted upon, are ready to shoot back......

I'm fed up with all this and finally decided.. 

'Let them face what they want.. After all, they only created/are creating all this.. They alone should answer.. I'm never a party to this make.. As you sow, sow you reap.. I'm happy at least, I'm never the cause here!' 

Tell me what else parents can do, if grown up children decide to act like this on their own?"

Thus was speaking an elderly man with quite a bit of disgust seen on his face about the reckless behaviors of his own grown up children to a close friend and an all time well-wisher of the family..

The well-wisher smiled, patted his friend and said, 

"Dear!  I understand your agony and worry when you see your children taking their decisions on important issues which if go wrong, is never good for any one in the family and there already something had gone wrong.. It's OK.. Take cool and relax for a while..

But I very much advise you not to leave here your advicing to the extent possible without any one losing their cool in the battle of words.. This becomes the most imp duty of yours at this stage and never you should do a less here.. I too try to advise them, but mine forever is limited and yours as a parent is never less.."

"Yaar!  You are too much.. If these people ask so clearly not to bother what further work should I do here?  Isn't all this their own creation? Where, did I tell them to do the wrong at one time?  If I'm not allowed even to talk, what's that you say not to leave the matters and be advising them?  When they alone created or creating all this mess, still do I own some thing here?  I see no point in what you are saying.."

"Just a minute dear!  I very much agree that all these are 100% your children's decisions and they alone created or are creating all these.. But do you know, you are not a free man here and you too are very much a party to this creation?"

"What do you mean?"

"My dear!  Long ago when you were single, you were totally free all by yourself but you never remained thus which was equally possible for you, got into all this and created the so called your family.. Then morally speaking, are you not a party to this latest creation too which is definitely part of the original creation seen from your side?"


"My dear!  Our responsibilities towards the world never end as long as we live including towards ourselves.. And there's no safe way of this living here other than discharging our these responsibilities to the core and be done with them, of course with reasonable ease falling neither on the laziness side nor on too much vigor side rather than keeping off from them.. 

That medium way of living alone finally secures true peace of mind in our life both immediate as well as in the long run.. Rest no doubt, the Almighty alone decides through His Grace and there of course, all of us are bound to abide by His Ultimate Decision without a single one left out as an exception!"

Friday, September 11, 2015


Oh Time..

How much constrained am I in my life when I imagine the vastness of your expanse?

I dare not chase into your Past beyond as I know
You have brought down the Empires and Leveled off the Mighty without anyone's prior consent..

I dare not chase into your Future beyond as I know
You will equally be bringing down similar Power Mongers and Expanders too of today again without anyone's prior consent..

I'm just courageous enough only to chase into a little of my past but in that small time I feel I am very great in spite of having many of my own setbacks existing by the side..

Based on this little experience of an achievement in me which is nothing in front of the whole movement of yours, I chase into future that too a little ahead only projecting myself to be a super hero with many many things to do on hand..

You with all all your kindness allowed me to chase and expand myself into this really infinitesimal small part of your infinite existence bearing with all of my that meaningless pride and senseless feeling of achievement..

How lucky I would be if I could get a glimpse of your vastness within which my life seen as just a speck of moment and thus could become truly humblest in my this limited life turning all my attention forever towards doing the Right alone!

I deeply Pray to the Almighty to Bless me with a little deeper Perception cutting thru' my Ignorance so that I at the earliest, would be getting into this concept of leading my further life ever remaining Humble and Peaceful!

( The Post is in line with the IndiSpire Requirement #MyDare)