Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year 2014 Greetings!

A Year had passed with many Events happening around as time brought out its own significant changes here, some for our betterment but a few not at all….

If we look back we quickly find that apart from the Economics of Living, lack of the Right Knowledge is the prime cause for the set backs around us as forever Knowledge is Strength, Knowledge is Supreme and Knowledge is Sacred!

And in the process of this 'Sacred Learning' it is said that the 'Speaker of the Truth' is a Wonder in Nature, the 'Listener to the Truth' too is equally a Wonder and both together continuously Learn at different Levels, these 'Great Truths' of Nature at the back of an 'Eternal Quest' in them to Learn and Spread the Message!

The Ancient Philosophy of Life forever values this Great Interaction between the 'Speaker' and the 'Listener'…. 
And here, the Entire Universe of the Almighty’s Creation Gears up to help out whenever this Quest for Knowledge is sincerely expressed and brings out on front line all the Channels of Access for this Learning….

Let this Learning Process continue in our lives with more and more vigor…. 
And let all of us determine firmly to move up this 'Eternal Ladder' by always Questioning the 'Right' in the World and never be satisfied  and limit ourselves with what we know today since this Questioning alone opens the Doors for further Higher Learning which truly speaking is a 'Limitless Entity!'  And through this Questioning alone, we forever experience the 'Best' in our lives.... No doubt here!  

Let this be the 'Wish' of all of us in this New Year and further let this 'Expression' around us too be supported with all Sincerity to see a better World of Tomorrow!

A Very Happy New Year 
To all my Indiblogger Friends and FB Friends 
 With whom I am able to actively 
Communicate through these Channels!

The 'Stamina of Youngsters' is definitely different….

“Take precautions everywhere!” was the message that an elderly Head of a joint family constantly used to give to the youngsters of the family.... But as usual, many times preparedness was lacking with them....

Once, all these youngsters had planned an adventurous 'Outing' into the nearby forest....  And the elderly was advised by other senior members of the family to accompany them.... Knowing well the attitudes of the young, the elderly silently carried with him all the essentials and known gadgets without revealing the same to them....

The adventure thus began…. Soon they were deep into the jungle valley, the time being past 12 midnight with incessant rain pouring and the temperatures touching the lowest.... And exactly there only, the vehicle gave way!  Self repair did not work and outside help was out of sight for the rest of the night....

The youngsters were totally dumbstruck in the situation....  The elderly smiled over their childishness, immediately took out all that he had brought and made them comfortable and safe for the rest of the night in the vehicle itself with some food, warm woolens etc without any need to venture out! The next day morning, they took some help, cut short their adventure and were returning home....

The elderly gentleman was all proud.... On the way, he said, “My dear! See how your lack of preparedness had brought you to a ‘No-Go’ situation!  Suddenly, you had to face pitch darkness where you could see nothing, hunger in the stomach which is a real pain, cold temperatures making you shiver and wild creatures if you venture out... Since I brought many essentials and safety gadgets, you were saved in time.... So always follow the Golden Rule…. Everywhere precautions and preparedness!”

One of the youngsters said very politely, “Dadaji, a similar incident happened earlier too.... Actually, at that time we had gone into much deeper trouble.... We did not tell the same in the house....”

“My God, you concealed all that!  God bless you....Then what happened?”

“We got the help too.... One kind gentleman gave us lift but unfortunately his vehicle too gave trouble when we had gone further deep into the valley to exit out!”


“That’s all! Nothing happened.... We bravely faced the situation without essentials and with no safety around that night and till next day noon.... Finally we were out at noon from there with some help!”

Suddenly, it struck the elderly gentleman that youngsters have an extreme stamina of withstanding a tough situation to the limits that helps them many times come out of dangers unknowingly they get into where people of his age had lost that long back!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why do many the so called, 'Welfare Programs' fade out soon?

A man was very much interested in doing a Service to the Society around.... Simultaneously, there were enough resources too with him for that Great Work....  He had specific time, sufficient finances and a little prominence around to get things done or make the issues move easily….

He, accordingly started his Sacred Service with that great interest....  in no time, men and material as required were deployed for the purpose....  And all necessary clearances and permissions could be obtained in time, if not easily….

Time moved on…. 

Slowly, the man started noticing that the pace of the activities had come down in time even though the activities themselves were going on and further noticed a deficiency in the 'Quality of Service' delivered compared to what was there initially as well as what the original aim was....

“I appointed the best people to do these jobs and they are equally doing the required job.... Also, my supervision through trust worthy Assistants is quite satisfactory as I see around.... I, myself am checking now and then and keeping the strings pulled in time where required....  In spite of all these cares, the whole program has slowed down.... I am unable to understand the ‘wrong’ that had taken place here....” Thus he was thinking constantly within himself....

One day, when he visited an elderly well-wisher and a man of wisdom, casually mentioned this issue with him and sincerely wanted to know the reason for the Program to slacken….

The elderly smiled and said, “My dear! No doubt your ambition was great and even now continues at the same level!  But, remember you have put in the direction of this 'Great Work' only your 'body and mind' but not your 'heart and soul!' Like wise, the others too with you are doing ….

Just sees simple case of  how a parent works for his / her ward.... He / she puts in the maximum resources sometimes beyond his / her reach, does many core jobs himself / herself leaving only the unimportant ones to others around, personally monitors the activities and sees that the welfare is done to the root level else he / she will not sleep.... And  not a single activity is let off without this total care!  To say precisely, the parent is ready to work 25 hrs a day, if required and if given, for the betterment of his / her child….That’s the reason, the child always grows up to almost the best personality in the world…. Are you and your people doing / able to do in a similar way or is it a 'secondary work' for all of you?"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It is Mother Nature’s Order....

A young man was in a difficulty….No doubt a great difficulty!

Every one felt sad for him and was trying to help him out recover from the misfortune.... That way life was limping back to normalcy for him.... At this point of time, a close friend of him  
unprecedentedly offered his physical help whatever that he could extend at that point of time and reiterated that as his duty.... The young man was really happy and his confidence boosted him to a thinking level that whatever may be the difficulty, life would be worth living as long as such friends were there... Thus he was relaxed a little and was active on his routine jobs….

During one of those days, the young man had a chance to meet one of his distant relatives, an elderly gentleman who was considered as a man of wisdom in his life.... After a brief meeting, the elderly enquired how the young  man was getting on in life in general.... The man at the back of his emotion answered that his friends were all supportive and a close friend had shared his burden partly helping him the maximum....

The elderly looked at him for while, paused and said, “I am happy to see that you are doing well and recovered from the mishap.... Your friends no doubt did a great job and are really doing that even now.... But I advise you to take control of the situation yourself, not to take things easy and relax further any more....”

The young man really felt offended.... Instantly, he was angry with the comment made by the elderly but controlled himself….

The elderly continued, “My Dear!  I understand that you are hurt.... There is nothing wrong done by any one of your friends and they are really doing the best in the situation.... But certain responsibilities of yours are always yours only....  It is Mother Nature’s Order here.... They cannot be delegated to any one on the earth as long as you are in 'Fit and Form' condition.... People are sympathetic and helpful to you but they can never take your problem on them including the closest ones.... Thank them profusely for all the help they extended so far, get up and get into action yourself!"

While departing the elderly gentleman said, "Whatever may be your situation, your own right doings out of your physical and mental exertions at the back of your own resources are still the best for you and others around you in your lives... If required, in such scenarios a 'limited buying help' can be treated as one of the options that can be used where required.... More than this, no other actions can substitute for actions of yours required at this moment!"

The young man was totally taken aback when the serious mistake he was doing at that point of time was revealed to him by the wise gentleman!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

True 'Self Respect'....

The Great Man said, “I don’t mind undergoing a punishment rather than be out of it if my actions do not bring in the True Justice to my people who are affected!”

To an information that His own friend was plotting on His life, the Great Man straight away went to meet the friend late night alone and when the friend opened the door for Him, gave a weapon to him and said, “I heard that you are planning to kill me…. I myself came here alone voluntarily to help you in that…. And I did not inform any one on this!”

That is the 'Self Denial' the Great Men on the Earth ever maintain for a 'Cause' They have taken up without caring for their own lives…. The Highest Personality Expression....

For a normal man like me, this is an impossible task and I am far, far away from this Great Strength…. Here, the best of way of Expressing my Personality is always living with the 'highest self respect' at a level where my decent living is not questioned....  And when this is ensured, accepting something extra out of greed is truly bringing down this 'self respect'…. If I am man of true 'self respect', I should take care to say 'No' here but that should never mean a hurt to the other man and his / her dignity is upheld all the time….

It is possible that I may be accepting some of these additional favors without never getting off from rule bound discipline here since straight away saying 'NO' to all these, at this level is sometimes too difficult and looks as if I am losing some thing…. So, let that go on since I am still within the accepted behaviors and discipline around but ever keep an eye open all the time with a thought, "Why not I say ‘NO’ here too and still be happy in life?”

If that happens at whatever level it may be, it is a big 'Credit' to my 'Personality' in this life making my 'Self Respect' go steadily 'UP' in the eyes of people around along with the Blessings of the Almighty from above!

A task Worth taking up in this life!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Unusual Cyber Experience....

The man of mid thirties was too enthusiastic....

“Now a days, I am not able to go round and make various monthly bill payments for the Services I am using as I am not getting any time…. That’s why, I purchased this Laptop and secured the internet facility…. With this, all these payments are at finger tips and I can leisurely do them in the evenings, night times and on week ends…. It is safe and secure…. I don't know why people still go and stand in long queues for these routine known bill payments....” thus was his instant talk and n
o doubt with a good facility in front….

So the man thought and on the week end, sat in front of his Laptop to do the initial payment transaction…. He opened the Web Page by typing the URL, Oh! a big 'Welcome!' sign appeared instantly and asked him to proceed by giving certain basic information including the Log In information…. The man was thrilled at this and in no time typed in the information….

A message appeared on the Web Page…. “Please wait…. We are verifying the details….”

It took about 3 minutes…. There was no change….

The man got worried and went back to the site and proceeded again….

The Web Page re-opened and the details whatever asked were again given....

A message flashed…. "Please provide Bill Number with date...."

When he wanted to give the Number, it did not accept the same but a 
message had flashed, “What is the amount?”

When he started giving the amount, it asked, "Please give the Account No........”

When he wanted to input the account No, it did accept but did not accept all the digits of it..…...

The man by that time was a little worried and started erratically inputting whatever numbers asked.... And in such a desperate mood as he tried hitting the Enter Key repeatedly, a message flashed on the screen, “You are no more allowed to proceed on this Web Page.... Please press the 'Back' button to begin!”

He thus repeated the process and after a time of half hr with no way out,  he got fed up and finally logged out of the Account…. Instantly there was 
a Success…true Success….

A face with a smile and waving a hand flashed the message, “Than Q .... You have successfully logged out!”

No need to say that the next working day, the man took leave as it was the last day for the payment, walked a km all along, stood in queue for an hr and with lots of sweat finally paid off the bill for the month taking in return a printed receipt….

Monday, December 9, 2013

In life, no Single Way is Sacred!

"A man of average income always carried an idea that life was to be lived through the 'Best'.... He opined that chances of development were in the hands of individuals and to reap the same one had to spend, see the best in life, learn and grow.... He thus stuck to this philosophy of living in the prime time of family growth with certain expectations.... Strangely all along the growth of his family remained only at moderate level but the expenses and the corresponding loans availed had shot up in no time.... Soon, a stage had reached, when he found it difficult to manage the money matters and the life thus had become really unhappy....

A better off man with good resources had exactly the opposite view Viz., Save as much as possible, spend the least and let the family members fend themselves with only the limited resources readily kept at their disposal....   He believed that this discipline ultimately would safeguard ancestral finances and family would grow the best on their own with minimum decent support.... Thus, he spent minimum every where and advised his children to follow only the cost effective measures for their development.... The family had grown to a reasonable level but the family members could not become better than that in spite of truly having sizable finances to support that growth.... There used to be moments of criticism in the family and the man was unhappy because of that...."

The Head of a Great Learning Centre in Ethics had narrated these two separate Events of life to a group of audience and asked them a question, "Can you explain whether  the two gentlemen were right in their actions or was something missing there?"  The listeners unable to get His point requested Him to explain further.... The Head continued, “Truth in life is a powerful Entity and no one can ever gain good by negating it at any point of time.... Here, in one case, the finances were limited but spending was beyond.... Convincing explanations were there saying spending would result in growth.... No doubt it would have happened but there were equally many pitfalls in that route.... Those were never considered and the necessary care in that context was simply ignored....

In the second case, the strict discipline in spending was good, the constant message to the grown up family members all the time ‘Fend yourself’ was no doubt equally good but still something better could have been achieved in that direction through expending some of the finances in the right time rather than saving the same.... That way, the beneficiaries i.e. the family members forever lost a golden opportunity of improving themselves to a much better state….

Here both were the Truths…. That, one of them had limited resources and the other some what more of them.... All along, each one of them should have followed a life taking care of this fact in spending rather than giving undue importance to the wild thoughts of their own minds.... Here, the Truth in fineness was never seen and hence the unrest prevailed in both of the families at certain point of time!”

In conclusion, the Head said, “Betterment of an individual always lies in gently living nearer to the Truth as much as possible.... The situation in life for each individual is different and further ever changing with time.... Thus no single way of living becomes sacred or safe.... We should try to experience and live in the dynamic moments of life backed by a sincere care as we pass through the same... There alone lies our safety forever!”

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Computer Gimmicks....

A certain man was advised by his well-wishers to buy an Anti-virus Software available in the market for installation on his Desktop to combat almost all Virus attacks....

"We see you constantly sending a number of on-line communications and doing various on-line financial transactions on your Desktop.... In these times, if any malicious Virus enters your machine and captures the sensitive information you are keying in, the secrecy is lost in no time and your monies too are great risk...." they used to say.... At length, the man was truly convinced of the necessity of installing a Anti Virus Software on his Machine but chose a not so standard one and the Supplier was contacted for installation.... The next day their Rep. was at his door step....

“Our Software fights out all types of Virus attacks on your computer and all the Programs and Web Pages are constantly monitored.... In fact, it physically creates a fort around the Web Page seen on the screen.... It protects all sensitive information like Login IDs, Passwords and other Personal Information.... Even though your computer is slightly slowed down during these thorough checkings, the unique protection offered here out weighs this small disadvantage!” declared proudly the Engineer cum Sales man as he installed the same on his System through an almost an hr job, all free of cost!

The Engineer having left, the man sat happily in front of his Desktop.… "Now I am fully secured against all types of Virus attacks, hitherto I was afraid of while down loading any file or opening any secured Web Page!" Thinking thus, he opened a Web Page...Lo! It was a wonder.... The powerful Software was already on its job seen providing the necessary protection.... By building a fort around, by providing checks everywhere and by allowing all sensitive information through its own Virtual Keyboard, what not? "Great!" thought the man….

The next day, he had to do some financial transactions on one of the secured Financial Websites.... He followed systematically all procedures of typing the URL himself, checking for the 'https://' symbol and padlock for security of Webpage, going through the Public Key Certificate for validity date, Certificate Authentication etc.... And, no doubt, the Anti-Virus backup was seen instantly active and providing all its background protection…. The man was quite happy and as he was trying to enter his Login ID and Password through the Anti Virus Software Virtual Keyboard, a message flashed on the screen….

"Beware! Some suspicious Software is trying to encroach in the sensitive information area…. Enter these informations only through the original Virtual Keyboard seen on the page opened directly under the URL!”

And subsequently, the web page allowed him to proceed only when he deactivated Anti Virus Package for a while and competed the job as usual he used to do before!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The depth of Honesty....

A young man was particular in being honest to the core in all day to day dealings that he used to encounter with others very often....

Thus, he used to remember even a small transaction where the giver himself was not much bothered about his receipt and used to pay the maximum attention till the return is done in the right way....  Whenever asked the reason for this extra care, he straight away used to say, “Where is the doubt here?  It is the right way; is it not? I owe him and I should pay him off!  I am exactly doing that!”

An elderly well-wisher and a man of wisdom who observed him for a while, at length decided to discuss the issue with him.... Accordingly, one cool evening he met him and after a few exchanges said, “My dear! I see straight away that you’re honest in all small issues of life to the core.... No doubt, it is a good discipline but I have a small question here.... Why do you want to be this much precise, remember every detail and be speaking on that till the issue is settled fully?”

The young man got astonished at this remark and said, “What Sir?  You are telling me this?  What is wrong to be honest in this way? It really helps me out and I am doing the best in my life.... Why are you questioning me on this?”

The elderly said, “My dear! The reason for my asking is.... Generally in life, I tend to be honest in small dealings but when major things are involved I may deviate under some pretext as the benefits would be too alluring.... I am not saying that you would be like that but you must test yourself repeatedly in respect of your actions in this direction.... If still your actions truly support honesty, it is established that the person’s depth of Understanding is different as he / she sees a direct link between his / her ultimate happiness and safety in life in being honest to the core.... But sometimes if the same Understanding had not set in me firmly, then I would be doing exactly the opposite when major issues surface as my 'self' always drives me towards the ultimate fulfillment which forever lies in 'possessing' alone!"

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The End of a Stress Relieving Exercise!

The gentleman was on his brisk walk in the walking path with his friend that day cool evening.... He was advised to walk daily for an hour in the evenings with aerobic breath in and breathe out to reduce the predominant stress levels in him and that was his first day…. The chirps of the birds in the bushy trees around echoed simultaneously with the rattling sound the dry leaves were making as the cool breeze moved the trees rhythmically.... The pleasant evening with right temperatures pumped in around was perfect for a healthy walk....

After two minutes of silent walk, the friend had slowly opened the conversation…. And the topic soon shifted to a burning issue.... “Dear! I was hearing this all these days from people but I never wanted to trouble you by telling it to you.... But now no go.... It reached the limit and better I speak out…. You know, your other great so called friend……. Of late, he had become too selfish and is constantly trying to talk ill of you.... My other friends told me this earlier but I did not believe till I over heard him yesterday talking to some one so openly…. Instantly, I felt very bad….  If he wants to say something, he should tell in front.... See! There, he has no courage and instead is doing back stabbing.... I think he will get back one day for all this non sense behavior and God will not pardon him....” said the friend as they just finished half a round....

The gentleman was instantly annoyed to hear the same and said, “Yes! Yes! I heard the same from others too.... This man needs a lesson.... I’ll not leave him; I am waiting for the right time….”

Just then his mobile phone rang aloud.... The gentleman saw the caller’s name and immediately blurted aloud on the phone, “Hi! How dare you do this? Are you not feeling bad to ring up to me now?  How can you talk ill of me at my back?  If you remember.... Long back, you came to me in a helpless state when you had a difficulty and I gave so much to you and supported you.... Have you forgotten all that?  Where is your gratitude for the help taken from me?  And, why do you ring up now and try to talk as if you are so innocent? I’ll soon see the end of your drama….” Saying thus he angrily cut the phone....

Silence continued for a few minutes.... Suddenly, the gentleman said, “Oh My God!  I forgot.... There is one more burning issue; I have to attend to it immediately…. See!  Already, I have my own thousand problems and this man is creating an additional headache.... Ok!  It's time, I get back home now… I’ll finish first the urgent pending work…. It may take 2-3 days time.... Then, I’ll decide what to do with this man.... But surely I am going to put an end to this drama.... I am not going to leave him…. Number one nuisance.... OK, Bye!.... Sorry for the change....  We can meet probably next week by which time these issues would be resolved I hope and then continue our regular walking program..... ” Saying thus he bid bye to his friend and to his walking temporarily and moved towards home with a mind full of tensions and hectic plans of action....

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Lighter Moments....

###  An earthquake shook the area and shortly after that within an hour's time, the Local Agency Office that kept a special track of quakes got a call to know the preliminary assessment of damages that had taken place around.... “The fan fell on me; the Office furniture was thrown apart; the corner window got shattered and I am seeing a big crack in the ceiling.... We have requested for an immediate Ambulance Service!” was the instant reply.... 

###   At a different place, an earth quake struck with a little higher intensity…. The Local Agency which monitored the level of quakes was immediately contacted to know the intensity of the quake…. There was an instant reply…. 

“We all just ran out of our Office…. Now the front door of our Office got jammed and we are unable to enter our Office…. We contacted the nearest Rescue Team half KM away …. Their vehicle could not come immediately as the road in front of their Office gave way with adjacent waters inundating the area…. They tried to arrange another Rescue Team from the nearer place which is a KM away but presently there, no one is picking up the phone…. The moment we get inside with the help coming, we read the instruments and announce the intensity…."

The man who enquired on the other side said, “Sir! There is no need to know further…. I already got the intensity measure…Thank you!”

###  A man had returned from a distant foreign land known for earth quakes and was relaxing in his home at Native place when the earth shook…. All neighbors ran out of their houses, but not this man! The radio echoed the intensity of the quake experienced as 4.9 magnitude.... When a friend asked the reason for him not to move from his house, the man coolly replied, “See! I have experienced much sever jolts in the place I visited, not once but many times…. All the time, nothing happened! See…These shakes are not to be bothered about!” His friend looked at him and said, “My dear! There, nothing had happened because their buildings are designed for frequent quakes.... But here the quakes are rare and our buildings are not that way strong!”

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great Sayings have their Own Place....

“Sir! I am interested in telling the 'Right Way of Living' to people around as I am living the same life with my own discipline…. I hope at least you agree with me on this…. But Why is that my people and people around many times do not agree with me that I am correct?  It appears I should never tell the 'Right' to them but agree with their own way…. Even if I do that, again they say that a man of my calbre should not talk or behave like that…. What is the wrong here?”

“Dear! the Rightness of our doings and the Correctness in our talk have always an infinite depth and for ordinary mortals like us this definitely becomes a limit in our life…. That is why, these conflicts forever continue to exist…. No doubt your doings and your advice are much better but whatever one may say, all these actions and sayings have a taint of self interest and it is impossible to make them known free of this entity… In such a scenario, the only time this Truth can percolate into others is when the level of Truth in me is much much higher to convey to an ordinary personality the good in them…. Then people may accept such preachings and follow to some extent…. But the simple question is.... If I am really blessed with such a high level of Understanding of this Great Truth, why am I still here along with my people doing most of the similar worldly activities?  I should have quickly moved out and gone in the way many Great People had done.... It clearly shows that I am not that Great but just a little better placed compared to others in respect of this Great Understanding....

Rightly speaking,  these Great Sayings and the related Discipline have their true meaning only when they come out of a Realized Personality in this Universe as per Divine Plan!  That Great Personality whose earthly interests are seen almost 'Nil' alone can Truly inspire many around but the Great Men too said in this context that 'True Change' is one's own wish and will and God's Grace on him / her and nothing else works beyond.... All our Sacred Books and Epics written by Such Great Men forever remind us these Truths alone….

Thus we can say that each of us is continuously progressing in this Path Up towards the Ultimate through individual own Investigation and because of this Great Thrust in every one of us, individual own way of expressing and living is the best for each of us and never the copying and following attitude.… Truly speaking inside all of us know this either clearly or sometimes discretely…. That's the reason some openly speak out and oppose you and some do not but definitely keep off from you!"

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Eternal Learning....

A Great Saint in his Monastery had daily Discourses and Prayers with  His devotees.... Many devotees used to attend the Programs regularly....  One devotee daily used to come in time, sit from beginning to the end of the Program for the day, do the Prayer and then only leave the Place.... All the days, the other disciples were sitting in groups leaving this man to sit alone.... He had a weakness with him which the other group never liked and so the fine segregation! The disciples repeatedly reminded the Saint that the man's presence made the area unholy....

One day the Saint smilingly told the disciples, “I see daily this man dot on time in his clean ironed dress with hair well groomed.... He sits in full attention till the last minute of the Program.... And I see none of you have this discipline.... Why don’t you learn this discipline from him leaving the rest of the issues?”

Yes! Every where I can learn and every one around can teach me; I am not so great!

A night watchman was on his usual rounds at mid night....   He went round in the colony shouting aloud, “Be alert and keep awake!”  Every one woke up, looked out, checked the doors front and back, ensured that the outside light was on and after some time went back to sleep.... A Great Personality too sleeping like others suddenly got up with the watchman's loud shouting and instantly pondered over, “Am I sleeping in this life forgetting the purpose of my birth?” He thus came out of the house, moved towards forest to meditate and finally attained Realization.... That is the difference in learning of each individual from the same ordinary phenomenon around..... Here, The Great man's  fine line of Ignorance had gone with one line uttered by the night watchman!

We are all like dynamos in respect of our dormant potentials.... The incidents, happenings and the acts of people around are the only entities which will awaken us at different levels.... Thereby happens the Elevation of an individual and a great help to the world!

An ever going-on lively Phenomenon in Nature!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Forgotten Childhood....

As I was making my usual rounds of morning walk in the Garden adjacent in my locality, it was a scene of joy to see three screaming children happily swinging on three independent adjacent Swings in the play area, one cute little girl a bit elderly looking very smart and neatly dressed and two other active kids....

All smiles and excitement on their faces.... So happy in their lives at that point of time that even if offered a fortune, they would have refused instantly as the play in front was their 'Bigger Fortune' at that time.... The 'Best Scene' I could have ever seen in my life....

At the back of those lovely voices and screams, I moved on, made another round and looked out for the littles ones.... Yes! The 'Best Scene' was again in my front.... The three totally lost in their own world swinging and screaming.... 
I instantly remembered the famous Saying, 'God could not personally appear in front of every one on the Earth and so He created children around'.... Happiness is the Divine Gift and at that point of time, other than that nothing else was seen on the faces of those children.... A frowning man too, in no time will be cooled with such a scenario in front of him....The True Divine Blessings for our children!  

I, again moved on, made another round of walk and came back to the spot.... As I was curiously looking at the kids for a while, the elderly girl observed me for a single moment with extra care and instantly got down from the swing with full attention on her face as the other two kids continued their swinging....

The girl stood for a while but in no time rushed towards other two swings.... She quickly controlled the swinging speeds of the two kids, further had gone behind one of them holding the swing and herself moving along on the ground....

She then gave a smiling look at me but quickly became mindful of her work in front....

As I smiled and waved at her, my heart felt for the little girl when I understood that she was there to help other two kids on her routine as the parents of the two kids had sent their children along with the girl to the Play Area...

The innocent childhood was so evident on her face but a responsible work too by the side which invariably made her forget her childhood for a while at that young age....

And such children do exist around us….  May not be many but in countable numbers.... And the large economic differences around alone are the 'No One Cause' for foregoing Such Divine Gifts of Life originally given free to all us....

Let hope prevail that these few children too get their timely education to know their rights at the earliest and further are never put to a situation in their lives when their own kids are again forced to forget their Happy Childhood in front!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Number One Identification in life!

The youth applied for few jobs after graduation, received some interview calls but was straight away rejected by Company 1, 2 and 3….. “There is no use of going for these small jobs….The right way here is acquiring higher qualification….  If I get the next degree from the best Institution around.... That's all.... In no time, the prime jobs stand in front of me and there is no doubt in that!  Then why to delay unnecessarily?  Let me straight away do it!" thus the thoughts flowed in and soon materialized in the expected direction….

The Middle Level Manager was denied promotion in the right time…. After a few days,  a loud voice was heard in the Boss' Chamber…. "Mr…………..! This is my resignation.... I am happy if I am relieved right now and I am ready to compensate whatever the Management insists upon…. And do you see this Order in my other hand? I think, you know this Company…. I am sorry to say....... I regret even today for the mistake I've done in joining this Company and that too serving for so many years…. Any way….Good bye to you all either immediately or soon…. It all depends on the great decisions of the so called Higher Management of this Company!” Thus was speaking the personality who soon was out and was In-charge of a big responsibility in the next posting….

The very Senior Executive had certain allegations on him 'Charged wrongly' he thought but 'The right way' thought the Higher Management and was soon dismissed mercilessly from the Service…. Within a few days of his ousting from the job, he opened an 'Independent Business Venture' at his home premises with a big board outside written in bold letters…. “My shop is open 24 hrs and the Customer is a King here! Service is the first priority…. If not satisfied at any time, the monies in full will be returned instantly.… Please 'STEP IN'!”

The man at 60 was to retire on the D day.... A very warm send off was arranged by his Colleagues and Sub-ordinates…. “Sri………had worked in this Company for a long period of…. years and had contributed his best to the Organization and its people.... It is time he takes it easy now by handing over the responsibilities to his successors and spends rest of his life in doing what he wanted to do all these years for which he could never find time earlier.… We all wish him a happy retired and relaxed life here afterwards!" Thus went on the farewell speech and soon the man moved out of the familiar premises forever..... The next day he was at home relaxing himself but on the third day was heard on phone talking to some one, “Yeah! I got the letter of appointment as Consultant and Adviser at………. They say any time I can join…. I thought....Why to delay…. Anyhow, tomorrow is a Good Day…. Decided to go there from tomorrow itself and do you know what facilities this job offers?.............It is really a surprise...........”

This 'Pride' changes the 'Facts' in no time!

Two friends once visited a miserly rich man at his Bungalow….

They had some conversations with him and in that context, the rich man boasted himself how he was careful all throughout out his life to make the huge fortune behind him….

“It starts everywhere…. When you can save a few rupees by traveling in a normal bus, why to take a luxury bus? I strictly followed a discipline here……”

“Further, if you break journeys enroute to see places, always a circular ticket helps…. I made full use of these where ever they were available…..”

“If you can stop eat outs, you know much one saves in life? My god! if you calculate, you will not believe that…..”

“It is many times not advisable to maintain your own vehicle…. Just use the cheapest transport available…. Any way, the public transport is dead cheap…”

“Whatever concessions you get in life, never leave them…. If you calculate the savings…….”

“Old is gold in life…. Never throw away any used item or give free…. They have their own price…. What is wrong in asking for that…......?”

The talk was endless…

One of the visitors smilingly said, ‘Sir! You might have saved really a fortune…. With your habits, your earlier job in your active days and with the cost of living around I am sure, you must be having 5 houses apart from the one occupied by you presently, 3 sites in the prime areas, bank deposits to the tune of Rs…. your Bank and Gold to the tune of Rs….. in your Locker….Am I correct?”

The rich man with a pride smiled and said, “ How can you say so precisely? You are right…. I hold today what all you said…. Take the saving habit from me, you too will do that in your life!”

The vistor friends took leave from him and were returning home….

The friend who was silent all the while could no more control himself and asked his friend, “Dear! I understand that the rich man made a lot of wealth in his life time…. But how is that you told so precisely what he holds today? I am not able to get it!”

The friend smiled and said, “ My dear! it is very easy to say this and even you can say that if you observe the rich man a little more carefully!”


“I just told some figures which are definitely on the higher side in each of his holdings…. But you see the man loves all these so much that he can never deny what you say when you say more..... It is impossible for him to think that he has less than that.... Here, he felt proud that I guessed far more and instantly okayed it to satisfy his own pride!”

Monday, November 18, 2013

Habits truly die hard!

Two friends of fifties visited a Meditation Center on a Sunday morning to listen to the Special Speech of the Head of the Center on Ethics of Life.... The Speech was truly inspiring to all and the two friends too were carried over by the Spirit of the Speech.... After the close of the Session, the two started walking towards the car brought by one of them....

“It is really a Great Speech! How nicely the Great Man had told that one should care for people in the society, truly help his / her families allowing the members express themselves at their best and give charities at all appropriate instances and places.... He really guides people in their lives…. We should never miss His Program whenever the Authorities arrange for it!” said one with an awe on his face as they were walking....

“You are very much correct…. I am too, taken over by His speech.... He speaks to the point and explains so well the context…. His examples are really wonderful.... It is our luck that we are close to this Sacred Place!” said the other supporting his friend's views....

They both sat in the car and were about to start…. An old infirm lady asked for alms near the door of the car…. “Give her one or two coins and let's go…. Actually, the Authorities should not allow these people near these Sacred Places.... The discipline is missing!” said the friend in driver's seat…. And they moved on….

“I am hungry.... I did not eat anything in the morning because we were coming for the Speech.... What about you? Can we stop over somewhere for light refreshments and coffee?” one of them asked.... “Yes! I am too! The Restaurant in the next lane is the best one in this area…. Let us go there!” said the other....

They parked the vehicle at a place and entered the Restaurant.... After finishing snacks and coffee, the bill had to be paid.... “Let us not encourage paying any tips here.... I come regularly.... It becomes a habit for them.... Simply take the bill and pay off at the counter!” said one of them…. The other followed….

At the car parking, a man came and asked some money for taking care of the car in their absence.…“Dear! We never asked you to take care of our car.... More over, on the road side here, the parking is free for all…. How many places can we pay?” saying thus the man took out his car…. They both moved on….

On the way, one friend decided to buy a few vegetables for home….“This place is funny.... Many are only small vendors but they are very smart.... They some know that we are rich.... And, by seeing us they tell the price…. Try to bargain for two thirds and sometimes even for half! After all bargaining is our right!” cautioned the other….

At length, they reached their homes and as usual there were problems at homes....“I don’t want to listen to any one of you on this issue….I decide and I act and it is my wish….You have to listen to me here............” thus was flowing the Authority at both the homes and the voices of two families, in no time were silenced!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

At Work, the attitude matters a lot!

At a Corner in an Office the conversation on phone went on thus….

“Hello! Who is this? Oh! Is it you, Sir? Good morning! I want to tell you….We have done our job the best and if there is a problem, there is always a channel for you to address the same.... Please, Sir! report the matter there and your solution will be through.... The delay may be I am sorry to say, partly because you were not available for sometime when important decisions were taken at our end.... Everything of this is minuted and the copies are available at your convenience, if you want.... We sincerely agree that it is a health problem but sorry Sir! our rules do not permit a deviation here.... Regarding your deliveries, I cannot say when because so many factors are involved now.... We are doing our job the best.... You may kindly wait for sometime more and call us back.... Hope, I  conveyed the required from my side.... Now, I have other works to attend and I have to go…. Ok! Sir! Bye….”

A few minutes later a call was there on the same phone and there was a loud shouting…. “Hey! What are you thinking of yourself? You are all such irresponsible people in your Company.... Nothing comes from you in time.... But for your payments, you always come in time! And to tell you openly, all your supplies are defective one way or the other.... You will soon lose our Order permanently if you don't change here.... Don’t disturb me any more till all of you correct yourselves and come to attention.... Damn nuisance!”

At the same time, there was a different conversation at some other point in the same Office.... “Hello! Sir! Good morning! How are you doing Sir? I just want to inform you that we have planned everything in respect of deliveries of your items in time.... There was a last minute hitch but we followed up meticulously and had seen that it never escalated beyond.... For us you are the most important person on our job and all the attention is towards taking care of your needs in time; no doubt on that!   Sir! With almost a success of 99%, the deliveries are at your door step and that 1% is due to unforeseen God given situations.... We are compensating that 1% deficiency through a concessional offer of our price to see that our Customer is always happy and satisfied!”

After a while the same phone rang up.... “Oh! Good morning! Mr. Mahesh! I am Swroop this side…. How are you? Mr Mahesh, I want to inform you this….I am happy with all your works but your deliveries are delayed.... I feel for this and even if you say it is just one mistake, I disagree because my Customer in turn is delayed.... Please try to improve here and be with us.... All your other aspects of deliveries are in order.... OK! Mr. Mahesh! I have some work now and I have to go….We meet sometime.... Bye the bye you said today is your child’s birthday! Best wishes for her and for your family.... Bye….See you!"

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Better,say 'NO' in the first Instance itself!

On a Pleasant day…..

“Hi Mahesh! I need a helping hand in this work…. Can you just look into this for a short time and give be a feed back?”

“Sir! I already have the task of ……….. Assigned to me as my responsibility and my performance this year is going to be evaluated through the success of this work…. I need to concentrate on this…. No doubt I can be supportive for a short time for your problem but this moment, I absolutely find no time here…. I am sorry to say that!”

“But I am your Boss and it is your duty to take Orders from me and do the job given…. Are you listening?”

“I agree that I should take Orders from you as Boss but the Ethics at work say…."Reasonable Orders!”  I hope I could convey the meaning here…. Earlier, you yourself have Ordered me to do the work on hand and I am into it…. I think, I should complete this task successfully and that is possible only if I am not distracted here …. In fact, I am sitting on overtime to complete this work foregoing some of my personal needs and re allocating part of home responsibilities to other members of my family…. I am sorry, there is no way now…. I am back to my work, Sir!”

The next day….

“Hi! Suresh! I need a helping hand in this work….. Can you just look into this for a short time and give be a feed back?”

“Sir! I’ll do…. Tell me what to do…. I have to do that in parallel with the other main task you have given me earlier….”

“Thanks! See, first you have to spend an hr in understanding this small job and ………”

“Ok! Sir…. I’ll give my feed back by afternoon!”

“Good! You are a nice fellow!”

After one more day....

“Mr Suresh! One more help is required……”

“Sir! My main job is pending…. Already half day had gone…..”

“No worry! Dear! Just do this and tell me …….”

“Sir! OK! I'll come back to you by tomorrow morning with the feed back!”

A few days later….

“Yaar! I've for you this work…. Just help me out…..”

“Sir! My main job…… OK! Let me see…..”

After some time…..

“Hi! Suresh! A moment of your time…..”

“Sir! I am sorry….. I am on my job…..”

"Dear! How can you go away from me without taking my Order?"

“Sir! But I have to do my job…. Else you only will question me on that too!”

“Yes! I do ….I am the Boss! I question you there and I question you here too…. You have to take my Orders and do both the jobs…. Do not argue on this!”


Two months later….

“Mr Suresh!  How many times I told you to wait for me and be ready to give support  in the Morning Hrs? Where were you today morning? Further, your main work too has progressed very little so far…..”

“Sir! This distraction alone made me go slow on that…. You only….....”

“Hi! What are you talking, I say? Giving back to Boss? This moment, I will issue a Memo for in-subordination…. Further, I find you not co-operative at work…. If you could not complete the main task given to you in time, it is your problem…. Don’t say that time was not there….You had 24 hrs daily in front…. You could have done all this more efficiently through proper planning…. Sorry! This year’s Promotion……” 

Subsequently, heard his voice else where....

“Hi! Mahesh! Good News! You saved for the Company….. Lakhs worth of....... through your dedicated work…. I am very happy.... I already recommended you for Promotion this year…….Good job done!”

Friday, October 25, 2013

Am I 'Listening?'

A story heard by me....

Once a Saint was travelling with His disciples in a forest area.... He was teaching them Philosophy of Life all along the journey.... It was mid day Noon.... On the way, a Native Leader of the forest happened to meet them.... He, with all reverence took them to his Hamlet nearby, made them relax for a while, gave good food and some drinks to all as per their Custom.... The Master took whatever was offered and blessed the Host.... Seeing their Master at total ease, the disciples in no time followed Him.... Soon all were well relaxed and every one felt that 'Philosophical Way' of living was really interesting....

Further to that, they took leave from the Host and continued their journey.... They traveled a long distance and it became dark when they were nearing another Hamlet.... And they decided to rest there for the night..... 

As they approached the place, all of a sudden they were surrounded by an army of men.... The men blindfolded the Saint and the disciples and took them to their Chief.... The Chief ordered all of them to be tied to poles and given certain beating for a while.... The Master withstood all that with a smile but the disciples were totally shaken.... Subsequently, the Chief ordered some boiled leaves of poison, thrust the same in front of them and asked them to drink.... The Master without an iota of hesitation took whatever was offered with a smile on his face and blessed the Chief.... And the tired disciples could never proceed even an inch there and were totally helpless! 

I may end this oft repeated story here but sure with one learning.... 'The Absolute Spiritual Life' is never for me so easily.... Instead, 'Hard Work, Honest Living, Caring for the next man and A Prayer to God' are the 'True Tools of Spirituality' presently with me and here 'Expressing the Right Way' is totally my own 'Make!'   

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'Rational Explanations' have no Place here....

“Master! I have a doubt…. We hear about as well as we see around once in way the Great Personalities exhibiting Extra Ordinary Acts of Courage and taking up pains beyond humanly possible which hitherto no normal human had done or expressed …. How do we justify logically these happenings? To a rational mind, these happenings look strange and unbelievable…."

“My dear! I agree that such Events look strange for a rational mind as the rational minds in the world are many in number and what is experienced by one normal human being  in no time is confirmed by the next man…. Thus, normal behaviors look rational for the world….

But we should equally remember that a few Personalities in this world are different and their perception of Nature, Surroundings and Life is Unique by itself…. For these Personalities, the usual demands of body like hunger, thirst, avoiding pain, taking minimum strain, seeking comfort etc are much less felt when the inside ‘Thrust’ towards their Aim is in full swing…. Extending the Path Up, the highest Level of Living in this world i.e., the ‘Saintly Way’ will never perceive these requirements in their bodies sometimes and in such situations even Mother Nature around too adjusts Herself to accommodate the Great men’s Expressions as an exception since in those 'Great Activities' there is 'Immense Good' to the world which otherwise will never come through! That’s the reason people sometimes witness / hear about these 'Mesmerizing Acts' of Great Men….

The simplest comparative live situation to explain this Phenomenon is the case of a Parent who is attending to an urgency of his / her child with all dedication…. The parent here will not experience the feelings of any physical difficulty, pain, hunger, thirst, requirement of rest etc to a certain level all along when he / she takes care of the child in the best possible way with a one hundred percent attention on the Task in front!”

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Everything is not Rosy in so called 'The Best!'

The man of fifties once traveled abroad on a visit to certain Place where every facility was within the reach, where the Standards were super high and where the Rules were followed to the core…. On one of the days of stay there, he ventured out with his people…..

The day was cool and as he sat in his shared seat in the car, the driver friend announced with a smile, “You need to put on the seat belt when you travel by car!” He quickly adjusted in the tight surroundings, with difficulty searched for the belt lock and thus firmly fixed himself….

The drive continued….

He was tired and his body was aching…. The car zoomed and no where it could be stopped so easily…. He thus had to put up with his discomfort and finally they reached the destination after a miss of the same which made them go round and round for a while as no short cuts could be made there….

He decided to rest for a while as others went round on their errands leaving the car keys with him…. Everywhere sitting place was plenty…. He just sat in one place and slightly reclined his body for a while to relax further…. In no time, the Security Guard nearby spotted him and politely told, "Sir! The place is for seating…. No lying down please!” He immediately came back to his sitting pose but felt certain uneasiness all along….

After some time, he wanted to relax by being off from his shoes for a while…. When he did that, again he was advised that the decorum of the place was to be with shoes on and never be on bare foot….

By that time, his body was uncomfortable beyond…. He wanted to move from there and relax in the car parked at a distance but it was impossible for him to spot his car as about one hundred cars were parked around….

Thus he continued for some more time and started walking across to the nearby Rest Room…. He was advised that the path he was following was not the walk path and he had to follow that path which made him walk more circuitous to the Rest Rooms….

He was hungry but all around he could get only items which were plenty in quantity but not to his taste…. He just ate the minimum to fill the stomach and once again waited….

People moved around him busily, a few smiling at him, a few wishing him and some asking him how his day was but they had no time for him, walked past him all along, of course never disturbing him at any point of time…..

By that time his people returned, the ordeal of return journey continued with travel in small space till they reached home and thus ended his ‘Day out’!

After while, the man returned to his dear own Place…. Having, relaxed a few days at his sweet home, the week end he joined a program of outing with his people….

“I want some leg space in the car” he requested at the start of travel….

“Sir! No problem…. We will adjust in the front seat 2 of us…. You fully relax at the back for a while as we travel….” was the instant polite reply….

He thus comfortably traveled in the car…. No tight seat belts, no other conditions….

As he moved to the busy Market Area, other members advised him to sit for a while in a shade near to an Eatery as they finish their work .…

Accordingly he sat there and signaled to a boy working in the Eatery to come over near to him.…

The boy came to him and asked politely, “What do you want sir?”

The man said… "Please get me….…… freshly prepared…. Meanwhile can I have a comfortable seating here?”

The boy said, ‘Sir, Relax!  We will get you want you want…You look tired…. Behind this Restaurant there is a resting place of ours…. If you don’t mind you can comfortably be sitting / lying down for a while under a fan and read a few material around…. Please use the Tape Recorder we kept for soothing music if you want… You can rest till your people come back… Meanwhile, I’ll get you the hot, hot eatables there itself…. The bath room is next to you….”

Soon the man had a good rest there with hot tasty food served at the back of relaxed music…. He was fully comfortable…. In between the hotel boy came in and spoke for a while telling his back ground and personal problems….

Some hours passed…. It was evening…. His people returned by that time…. He thanked the boy through heavy tips, left the place and reached home well relaxed!

He thought thus…. ‘My Place may not have all those Comforts and Standards as the other Place has…. May not have all those facilities they have…. And may not have a every rule implemented as done there…. But people here communicate directly from their Heart, care for the needs of others within their limited facilities and resources and adjust to a great extent! This surely would be missing in one’s life when too much of materialism and enjoyments are sought around all along with a self asserted feeling that 'Nothing less, I'll accept!'”

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Inevitable 'Change in Life!'

The young man was having his own life style…. Money was not a problem….

“Any how, whose money is it? The father is earning and so the son has no problem…. Himself does nothing for an earning but his life style should be lavish!” were the harsh comments behind when he was out late night a few times soon after his graduation and when he was searching for a job….

That struck him seriously; soon he increased the pace of his search looking out for his own earnings through a good job…. He was smart and so getting a job with a handsome salary was not a difficulty….

“Now, this is my money!  I can do anything what I wish with this!” thus he thought….

"You should be careful in your spending.... Here, your habits too are important…. Too much of easy money in the hands of young people forever is a problem….” were the comments from others indirectly and directly from the parents.….

Soon he was a responsible man in the society with various duties with him…. At that point of time some sizable spendings were there on a few occasions….

“You should be vigilant here when huge monies go out…. After all these monies are very much required in future for you and your family…. Keep a watch!” was the advice from a few well wishers….

He was a man of mid forties…. With certain enthusiasm ventured into a business which failed…. Many sympathizers were around him….

“Dear! You should be careful in such Ventures… Money lost cannot come back! Check well before investing…. After all our monies are not huge but precious!” were the good advices and indirect comments….

In no time, he was in mid fifties…. Holding a Senior Role in his Company…..

“Why are you wasting your monies and energies late night outside? You young people should get into the discipline of life…. After all monies do not grow on trees…. Do you know how much hard you work here to get these monies? Be careful…. I am not telling more than this because it is your freedom…. But better be disciplined and come in time for work…. Next Monday if it happens, I will not keep quite…. ” were the words of firm Advice and Order directly from him finally when his subordinates were late for work on a Monday morning…. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Day's Travel on the Road....

The day was cool and pleasant in the morning hours.. I decided that it was time that I go out and finish a few important works in the city.. Accordingly, I took out my vehicle and started driving towards city.. Soon I was in heavy Office going traffic....

At a signal, I am supposed to take a right turn.. But I saw in front of me a board, 'No Right Turn' and as I got a doubt to turn right, I saw below 'For City Buses' in slightly small letters.. I got relieved, turned right and as I moved on, became thoughtful.... Means there is no fixed route for City Buses..

As I moved on, at a small junction I saw two riders of 2 wheelers following the rules; for left turn showing left hand out and for going ahead showing the hand forward.. The best way of making their intentions known around..

At a particular point, I noticed a driver sincerely showing hand out for right turn into a lane but the adjacent vehicle driver shouted at him saying, 'Don’t extend full hand out.... We can see if you just wave a little.... There is no space around....’

Suddenly, a speeding vehicle overtook me.... I was feeling worried about the over speeding, but Oh! in front of me a little distance away, the vehicle stopped altogether.... A ditch on the road saved in time; no more over speeding....

As I drove ahead, I saw the ditch and my thoughts continued.... A ditch is a convex type of speed breaker naturally formed on many roads....

I parked my vehicle at a parking lot and as I was walking to cross the road, to my surprise I saw a signal of green and red pedestrian figures simultaneously glowing for my crossing.... May be saying 'See and go.... Much safer!'

As I moved on to my destination, I saw a man on 2 Wheeler with a family of two as pillion being charged fine for traveling three.... He paid off the fine but confidently continued as three on the vehicle.... May be with a clarity that he had paid fine for the day....

I entered a small road, once again I saw a long ditch fully cut across the road.... As I stopped there and was wondering how vehicles could move on this road, I heard the honking behind me as a small car driver requested me give way to go ahead partly on foot path to cross the ditch!

I finished my jobs and walked back to the parking.... Further, as I started driving back home, at a signal I got 'Green' to move straight ahead and as I and others started moving, a speeding car from opposite took the right turn and moved on putting me and others in confusion for a while.... The driver in the car of crossed confidently and waved at us conveying his 'Thanks!'  

As I approached home, near my house I noticed that a mistake done by an inexperienced driver provided ample time for others struggling to cross the road, make right and U turns to complete their tasks with thanks in their hearts to the erred driver....  And there was chaos and confusion in front of me for a while before I could safely conclude my journey!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Impartial Way of Living....

King Yudhisthira and his brothers were living in a certain forest area during their exile period....

At that time, as the story goes, one day the King sent his brothers one at a time to a nearby pond to fetch some water and Lord Yama in the guise of Yaksha stopped and asked them each to answer His Questions first before touching the water which they did not care to reply.... Thus they fell off collapsed near the pond!

Finally, King Yudhisthira went there in search of his brothers and faced Lord Yama.... With all due respect, he instantly replied all the Questions put to him.... Lord Yama fully satisfied, gave a single boon to King Yudhisthira; one of his brothers only would be brought back to life….

King Yudhisthira replied, “Reverend Sir, I am the eldest to my mother and I am alive.... My other mother had two sons and both of them are not alive now.... I pray, You please bring back her one of the twin sons, Prince Nakul to life.... That way both of my mothers will have their one son of each living here afterwards....”

Lord Yama pleased with the Dharma followed by the Great King, brought back all the brothers to life!

That is exactly the way one lives in an impartial manner! It is a great quality by itself.... It does the real good to the world and under its spirit every one lives with their full freedom of expression and dignity!

Duties are always sacred….There is no doubt at all in discharging these duties without an iota of partiality….And here alone lies the catch! If I get it, I am the Master and all around me including myself are the true beneficiaries in the process....

When the Great Personality was asked the question, “Suppose your son and another young man are exactly in need of your whole attention, whom do you attend first?”, the Great man replied, “In such a scenario, doubtless I attend to my son first!”

When questioned whether he was partial in that way, the Great man replied, “Under an exact situation, I have a more duty towards my son than to the young man!”

And the Path is truly so crystal clear with the back up of that impartiality....

No short cuts and modifications do a trick here!

A man at work was always self contented.  "It is enough if I get monies to lead a simple life.... Why this running after timely promotions and other perks at work?  Let them be on their own.... Whatever comes through, I am satisfied with that...." Thus he wanted to lead a simple life with high thinking.... Not a 'high thinking' at all in the right sense.... Life went on thus for a number of years.... The small Employer retained him at the back of his own self interest.... 

When the man was 40, the Employer suddenly died and the Firm in which he was working was closed.... Thus, the man became jobless at 40.... He quickly approached a few Employers in the field and all had given more or less the same answer....

“For the work you know, we get more energetic and sharp young people for lesser salary....To give you the next responsibility and appoint you in the job, you have no experience so far to handle that higher responsibility....”

That way, the 'Total Employment Arena' was out of reach for the man at that point of time!

Thus one's work experience is valuable only as the right experience for the right age…. Meaning.... The growth in profession can never be ignored!

Thus an individual with an initial skill grows through working and further learning simultaneously modifying his / her skill within certain limits to meet the dynamic market requirements and attains the Managerial and subsequently Senior Levels by adding at this stage if required, certain additional Managerial Qualifications to his / her Career.... He / she subsequently matures into a Specialist of valuable back up knowledge and experience and finally becomes the talk of town!

Should one aim at anything 'Less' here?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

All Coolness is never a 'Welcome' here!

A man was working in a Private Firm which was surviving in a tough competitive field and was the Supplier to a huge Non Profitable Trust on certain requirement which the Trust had outsourced to the Firm.... In order to retain the Orders and survive in the harsh competitive environment, his Bosses had almost driven him mad at his work which made him work till late night daily to finish the tasks in front…. Thus he was daily short of sleep and it was accumulating endlessly.... And naturally, that could not go on forever….

One day, he firmed up and decided…."The only way to remain in the field is to get into a similar job which the Trust is getting done through its own Company with one hundred percent Its Own Shares...." Having decided thus, he soon applied for a suitable job advertised by that Company and got selected with not much difficulty as he had a good experience in that field…. He felt very happy….

“The cut throat competition around will no more trouble me beyond…. Now, at least daily I can sleep better after my work!" he thought…. But soon he was found to be wrong!

Being in a Company job, there were again goals and deadlines, the man in no time was pushed to a corner to perform indirectly as otherwise the Company Bosses would become unhappy and that unhappiness of a Boss was never good for him.... So the daily tensions of keeping his Bosses pleased soon pushed him to the 'Worry Corner' and in no time and he started experiencing sleepless nights....

He finally firmed up, “The best way here is to get into the job which has no business motto at all but only a Service interest…. There, the work ends daily at at 5 PM and the next day is forever fresh as 'Do honestly but do what you can without wasting time' is the motto there.... A direct job with the Trust exactly satisfies this requirement and here I am well experienced to meet their needs!" Having decided thus, he applied for a suitable job with the Trust and got selected for the same with not much  difficulty.… 

Finally, he was totally relaxed and was extremely happy.... "Now I can sleep well" he thought as the job was really smooth, no spill over for the next day, no pressure beyond except following the Simple highly feasible Orders at work, hundred percent '9 to 5' Work Culture and a freedom to talk on the 'Wrong!'  What else one needs at work?

But strangely, he continued to have the sleepless nights again…. For a while, he was totally in a fix not knowing the reason for the same but soon found the answer…. Presently he had no problem from work point of view with so much coolness at the back!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Greater Emotions in Nature....

It was a cool evening…. The mother and child were walking on the foot path in their colony….. The child of 3 years was talking in his own language to mother and the mother was listening to him with extreme attention and joy and was equally communicating to her child in his own language which they both only would understand….. The scene was so heart filling for every one walking around…..

It was time to cross the road to go to the other side to reach their home…. The mother was concentrating on her bag and other items before crossing the road expecting the child stay there…. The child was a little more curious…. He saw some people crossing the road and he too put his foot on to the road and moved a little….A three wheeler from distance was coming at slow speed and the mother too got down the foot path after the child following him but seeing the mother behind, he started going ahead instead of waiting for her….

The mother became highly conscious of the danger involved and shouted instantly 'Wait dear!' The child took it more interesting and further moved on to the road and by that time the three wheeler was nearing….

The mother sensed the coming up danger.... That’s all! She screamed aloud in her own language, instantly closed her eyes and just fell on to the ground…. The slow moving three wheeler stopped well ahead of the child and the child stood on the road smiling at the vehicle….

Everyone around heard the big scream and instantly rushed towards the child…. One man pulled the child from the road and positioned him on the foot path…. A few started reviving the mother by fanning her and sprinkling waters on her face.... After a few minutes the mother got up and looked for the child who was in front and hugged him tight closing her eyes for a while muttering her own words to the child…. Every one waited for a while and seeing the mother and child safe left from there….

Someone commented…."The mom was too sensitive…. She should have been a little courageous enough first to run and pull the child aside…. Instead she fell off as she could never see the scene…. It is better, these emotions are checked a bit to practically work in a safer way! She needs some counselling on this....”

An elderly wise man smiled and said, “Dear! Because of such uncontrolled and for-no-reason emotions of all of our mothers, we are standing at this point of time with fully grown matured personalities at our back ready to do the best for ourselves and to the surroundings…. No doubt, the emotion of hers has no meaningful explanation but the little one alone senses the true love behind her expressions and out of that love he will be a full individual tomorrow in his life as he grows up…. And this emotion is a Gift of God for every child from its mother! Let us all at this point of time, thank the Almighty that they both are taken care today and further humbly Pray unto Him to extend this take-care for all, all the time!”

Monday, September 30, 2013

Let me never, never curse here however demanding it may be....

“Work, work and work…. I am tired of hearing this word…. Every one says work hard, don’t waste time and all other routine preachings…. But no one really understands the tension and turmoil behind this activity…. No doubt we have to work and that too work efficiently and competitively…. But others should equally feel for the person who puts in this hard labor, let it be physical or mental…. One is surely tired at the end of the day with his / her work…. Each has his / her own ambition in life…. Does he / she have no right to speak of that even a bit? For that to happen, one should be off from the psychological occupation of this work…. Work in the working time but do not go on thinking of it even after that….That’s the best policy…. Sir!  Am I wrong here?” thus was commenting and asking a young man of thirties over his work and the advice from an elderly well-wisher  in general….

The well-wisher listened to him, paused a while and said, “Dear! I understand what you say here.... You sure are getting tired of your work and at the end of the day no one is seriously appreciating you except that they always expect you go to your job the next day…. It looks like a thankless struggle on the face of it and that is why you are speaking like this.…” the elderly paused and continued….. "But you should remember that this work is a must in life for all else our bodies cannot sustain on the earth and no one is an exception here…. But imagine….There are quite a number of people in this world like the old, the sick, the difficult people who too need constantly the inputs from outside but they by themselves cannot support it through work as these people can never strain like the young or may not be able to strain at all at some point of time in their lives.... The pains of the body you experience at the end of the day through your hard work, these people may experience without that strain itself....But their body needs are a fact and no one gives free…. Tell me, what these people should say in this context?”

“So let me not say that I am driven to a corner through work and more work….You are lucky today because your body permits that without giving any problem to you except that it gets tired by end of the day…. In fact, you should contribute a little more daily and donate the returns for the cause of these difficult people who are straight away deprived from that and in addition experience much more pains which their bodies give without doing any work itself…. Leaving all this, expressing pity on yourself is definitely never a healthy sign in respect of the 'Sacred Work' in front of us!”

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Inner Strength is Infinite!

A man was into a big trouble and every one expected him to be down for a while and recover.  But to the surprise of all, he took it cool and instantly was back to his normal works….

Time passed…..

Again the man got into a problem, this time the one which could make any one paralyzed instantly  and recovery depended on the inner strength of the person… But the man stood calm during that trifling time too and soon was normal doing his own works simultaneously attending to the recovery process…. People around wondered at the stability of his mind even in such tough situations….

Some more time passed….

This time the man faced the toughest problem and every one thought he was gone as none could imagine a recovery at all in that tough situation… A few critics even remarked….”All these days, he was be putting up to show off…. So far he had done thus….Now the Gods too have seen his pride and now gave the biggest problem…. His life is partly gone with this catastrophe.  We should be humble before fate and always express our smallness which is a reality…. 'Pride goes before fall', they say and this is a practical example…. Now, let us watch the drama here!”

To the utter surprise of every one, the man was not much perturbed in the situation except a day's down and was back on the track quickly with every inch of energy going towards the recovery process which was no less in volume….

The people around were totally at a loss not knowing what was happening in him…. On a day a few took some time off, approached him with all coolness and said, “Dear! We feel a lot for the biggest losses you suffered in life…. But it appears nothing can disturb you so easily…. What is the secrete behind this strength of yours? We want to know!”

The man smiled and said, “My dear friends! No doubt the problems I faced in life are not of lesser magnitude…. But when such a problem struck me,  each time my wisdom awakened me saying, ‘What do you do if fate aims at a hundred times serious one compared to the present one which is still possible?' That thought immediately used to bring me back to senses and I always thanked the Almighty for saving me from a bigger peril.... Thus I could come back to normalcy and was able to do the required work in that situation for recovery….”

The problem big or small is a relative feeling in one self…. If you can perceive a bigger problem in life which is perfectly feasible in spite of our safeguards, the problem in front always looks small and you are likely to take it light!”

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 'Sacred Five' in Work Arena....

To have a steady job in the job market, five 'Entities' are a must....

  • I should have a basic skill which has a potential value in the market or which I can sell for exchange of my needs....  The selection of this basic skill is generally done through a college Degree each of which has a certain value.... What many people choose here may be a guide but 'many' means crowd and the limited things are always distributed….Finally, my share may remain less or I have to wait in the queue…
  • I have an interest in me!  It is better, this interest and my skill match…. Else my skill may not be the best and perfection may not exist in my work.... The deep interest in me not the superficial one is to be seen as quickly as possible…. But, not too late!  In some individuals, it may be dormant but in some it may reveal in the very young age itself.  Identification of this interest in right time is sure an asset....
  • The basic skill with me needs refinement and this will be and has to be done continuously in time to meet both the dynamic requirements in the market and my requirements in life which come up at various stages….
  • A good health and safe practices alone retain the job as the skills are expressed the best at the back of these practices only.... Devoid of these, the life may have a U turn in many aspects and  the job is no exception here!
  • The last and the most important discipline is my sincerity at work.... It is a name by itself, it keeps everything with me throughout my life and it never fails me.... Short gains are the real traps in this area. ...

The above entities together alone make a Good Pudding…. And the taste definitely will be good in eating It!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Ideas have no Takers!

A man of certain Intuition got a brilliant idea on a particular issue.... He decided to share the same with people around and was making arrangements for a public presentation....

The expert next to him who was working in that line sternly questioned him on how he could bring out the idea without a concrete proof….

The man behind power in his area stopped him saying that he was the Rule Maker and the idea should definitely be useful for establishing more of his power....

The man who is on the business lines using similar expertise intervened and said that no one should come in the way of his profit making....

The man of Intuition was thus halted but some how he convinced all of them…. He pleased the expert with his skills, pleaded the powerful to allow once and gave necessary assurance to the man in business that he would not make any money there.... Thus somehow, he could make his way to bring out his idea in front of public....

Soon he fixed a day for the presentation and made a few arrangements in that context.... But when he physically went to the Site to give his speech, to his surprise found only few people in the audience section.... When enquired on that, one of the members said, “Sir! We are all tired of being constantly under the influence of the expert, by saluting the powerful and by parting our hard earned monies with the man in business.... Finally, we are left with minimum energies and finances to fend ourselves.... All of us have no energies to listen to anything now as we have to rest for the day and go to our work tomorrow.... That’s why many of our friends have dropped off.... If you cut short your speech, we too would like to go back quickly.... Or, if you drop your presentation, we will go now itself!”

(Based on the Original Concept of one of our Epic Stories)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Costly Mistakes….

The two mistakes I may be doing  in my life often….

One is....Advising some close person forcibly out of my own self satisfaction even though the other person shows up firmness that he / she would not be interested in that particular way of living which I like very much as my advice itself suggests it…. Here, on the face of it, the advice may look benign and welfare oriented but indirectly, it has the same effect as a coercion would have in making the other party do in the particular way which I approve and thus achieve more of my own satisfaction by forcing the individual to a corner …. This is the serious mistake I may be doing once in a way or frequently in the name of welfare activity….

Here, I should forever understand that even though a large part of good appears to be there in such an advice, it never does its worth unless the other person accepts it in the heart and if not more harm only will be done…. Allowing the other man, good or bad to do as per his / her wish is ideal in all such cases as long as the basic issues are under control….

The other mistake is.... When one advises me thus, I, the receiver a few times react to the force behind the advice, decide to follow the same on the face of it with an in built anger on the activity as well as on the person who advised and accordingly start working in that line with a total silence around…. This, any how will not work out and soon gives way as the 'inside of me' is different but knowingly or unknowingly I react thus temporarily and start behaving accordingly…. This is another serious mistake I often do when cornered by the so called well wishers' advices….

And I should never allow my reaction to such an advice which can work on me in no time if allowed bringing down my efficiency in the work I am presently doing thus losing from both the sides simultaneously!